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Hyrule Heroes is an upcoming battle royale game for the switch that will be released on October 9, 2019.


Players fight in 3d areas and deplete other players health. Like other Battle Royale games, the arenas start large, then shrink as the match goes on.


A Attack
B Attack
Y Jump
X Jump
ZL Use Shield
ZR Use Shield


Each character has stats that determine how they fight.

  • Speed: How fast the character is.
  • Power: How strong their attacks are.
  • Guard: How damage resistant they are.

Special Skills

Some characters have Special Skills, which grant them extra abilities.

  • Swim: Characters with this ability can recharge health one time when touching water.
  • Armor: Characters with armor are very damage resistant, but when they have taken enough hits, their armor runs out and it will be like fighting a normal character.
  • Shield: Characters who carry shields in game, such as Link or Urbosa, can use their shield by pressing ZL or ZR. Shielding will block damage.


Runes are special attacks that are activated when found by a character. They appear around the stage in blue orbs, and are activated when they are broken.

  • Stasis freezes nearby players for a few moments.
  • Remote Bomb puts motion activated bombs around the battlefield.
  • Amiibo drops large chests on nearby opponents.
  • Cyronis cause large, climbable pillars to appear for a few moments.

Weapon Types

There are 3 types of weapons, with one subcategory:

  • Swords have medium reach and power
    • Tridents have longer reach, but the same power
  • Arrows have long reach, and are stronger the closer they hit
  • Magic has a short reach, but is more powerful


Link - Alt.pngZelda - Ultimate.pngGanondorf - Ultimate.pngLana GalacticBattle.pngImpa - Hyrule Warriors.pngLinkle - No Hood.pngLink - Ultimate.pngRuto -.pngMipha.png

Character Info Special Moves


  • Weapon Type: Sword
  • Weapon: Master Sword
  • Speed: 3/5
  • Guard 3/5
  • Power: 3/5
  • Special Skill: Shield
  • Other Info: Link is a balanced character, a good choice for beginers.
  • A: Slash: Link delivers a slash that deals average damage.
  • B: Charge Slide: Link will charge power for a moment before quickly sliding forward.
  • AB: Spin Swing: Link will spin around with his sword drawn.
  • BA: Drive: Link will jump into the air before plunging the Master Sword into the ground.
  • Charged Attack: Courage: Link becomes imbued with the power of the Triforce and slashes three times. Each slash deals high damage.

Zelda SSBL.png

  • Weapon Type: Magic
  • Weapon: Sealing Magic
  • Speed: 4/5
  • Guard: 1/5
  • Power 2/5
  • Special Skill: None
  • Other Info: Zelda is a weaker character who moves faster.





Lana Obliteration.png

  • Weapon Type: Magic
  • Weapon: Magic Tome
  • Speed 5/5
  • Guard: 1/5
  • Power: 3/5
  • Special Skill: None
  • Other Info: Lana is a speedy character, a good choice for players who need speed and power.
  • A: Tome: Lana fires a blast of magic that deals average damage.
  • B: Magic Orb: Lana throws a large ball of magic that can be charged. The longer it’s charged, the more damage it does.
  • AB: Deku Staff: Lana jumps up before plunging the Deku Stick into the ground. This causes the Deku Tree come out of the ground briefly before disappearing.
  • BA: Magic Circle: Lana creates a magic circle which damages enemies who walk over it. It dissapears after it is stepped on or after a few minutes.
  • Charged Attack: Power: Lana creates 6 pillars of magic and jumps between them before shattering them. The jumps and the break deal heavy damage.


  • A: Mipha stabs with the Lightscale Trident, which deals average damage.
  • B: Mipha spins her trident in a circle, dealing damage.


Impa Hyrule Warriors.png


1200px-HWL Linkle Artwork.png


Revali by phido senpai-dazte24.png

Link (BOTW)









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