Hyrule Dungeons is a spinoff Zelda game for the Nintendo 3DS. It is a roguelike puzzle game featuring chibi versions of classic Zelda characters. It also features randomized dungeons. The events of the game are non-canon.


The day of celebration is upon Hyrule. The many races are gathering in Hyrule Castle Town to celebrate the world the goddesses have given them. Unfortunately, disaster strikes. Vaati shows up out of nowhere, showing up by Zelda's side, and instantly blows away all of the nearby knights with his wind magic. He starts dragging Zelda with him towards some planes. Link gives chase, and encounters the wind mage standing in the center of the planes.

Vaati begins to explain that, on the day of celebration, the Jigsaw of Hyrule, a relic that can alter the very structure of Hyrule, reveals itself. Only those carrying the blood of the goddess can so much as touch it, and he intends to have Zelda alter the lands to form a pathway to the Light Force. Before Link can stop him, the world shifts and a tower springs up from under the wind mage, carrying him far away from Link's reach.

After that, Link is approached by a terrified Impa, worried over Zelda's being. Link quickly explains what happened, Impa gets more worried, and the ground around them starts to shake. Suddenly, archaic hallways pierce the ground, tearing up some of the town. Impa then posits that these passages may be paths to the Light Force, and if Link is to stop Vaati, he'll have to go down them and find him. Before he goes down the first passage, Impa warns him that, with how Vaati's altering the Jigsaw of Hyrule, the passageways may be arranged in any imaginable way. She suspects no two ventures would be the same. Link nods courageously, and travels down one of the passages, with Impa following behind.

Upon entering the first boss room, he encounters Vaati, who's using his magic to hold a petrified Zelda and a round, glowing relic resembling a sphere with a bunch of pieces shifted about. The orb is obviously the Jigsaw of Hyrule. Vaati states that Zelda tried to trick him by transforming his straight line to the Light Force into a labyrinth. After his boasting, he states that, though he'd ordinarily brush off pests like Link, he figured his persistence would prove to be troublesome, so he summons up Gohma (HD).

After defeating Gohma, Link and Impa run down the pathway Vaati ran toward, and found themselves suddenly at Death Mountain.


The game is a 2d dungeon-crawler using grid-like movement. Link is automatically equipped with a sword, with which he can slice enemies directly in front of him. Other enemies have grid-like movement, however they can sometimes jump multiple squares, or even attack from far away. Enemies only move when Link does. Unlike previous adventures where Link carries items from dungeon to dungeon, he can get multiple items in the middle of dungeons (their placement randomized), and loses them after finishing the current dungeon. Each item has varying effects and ranges.

On top of getting items, after traveling through a dungeon, he'll end up in another area in Hyrule, where he can recruit famous species from other regions. They each have their own items, attack range, and abilities. They can be used to solve some puzzles quicker than usual, and hold off enemies while Link does his thing. Link can only have one partner with him at a time.

At the end of each dungeon is a boss fight. Each one has a randomized boss room, and each require a certain item to defeat.


Image Name Description
In Progress Boomerang It travels up to 5 squares forward. It stuns enemies it comes into contact with (if they're weak), collects items from afar, and returns to Link in a straight line, carrying the same affect as it travels back.
In Progress Bomb Link can either place the bomb on the square he's standing, or throw it four squares forward. After a while, it explodes in a circle, with a radius of 2 squares. It does a lot of damage and breaks less stable walls or blocks.
In Progress Bow and Arrow With this, Link can fire an arrow forward. This is used to damage enemies from afar or strike switches from afar.
In Progress Hook Shot With this, Link can either pull smaller enemies towards him, or hook onto wooden objects and pull himself towards them. It tends to stun enemies a little larger than Link, and has little effect on heavily armored enemies.

Between Dungeons

After completing a dungeon, Link ends up following a path leading to another part of Hyrule. He'll go from Hyrule Castle City, to Kokiri Forest, to Death Mountain, to Zora's Domain, and more. At each area, a slew of services will be available to him.

  • Shop - From here, players are able to buy potential upgrades. Certain upgrades increase stats, enhance weaponry, or other affects for the duration of the next dungeon.
  • Partners - You'll find your partners between dungeons. Certain partners will follow you without any prerequisites, while others need to be bought.
  • Training Grounds - Here, players can pay a substantial amount of health to permanently increase stats of either themselves or their partners.




Each partner has their own weapon and range of attack. The orientation of your partner is important. If you hold the right shoulder button and choose a direction, you can have your partner stand in that position, whether it be by your side, behind you, or in the front lines. Partners will automatically act, attacking enemies in their range and interacting with puzzles. By pressing the A button on a partner while Link's facing them, he can alter whether or not they stand still. Link cannot proceed to the boss room without his partner.

If your partner loses all of their health, they'll retreat from the dungeon, meaning they'll be unavailable until you exit the dungeon, either through the way you came in, or past the boss room.

Image Name Description Stats
In Progress Impa Impa acts as a bodyguard to Zelda. She adopts her Skyward Sword look in this game. She has magic, and is able to attack with light magic sent down directly in front of her. Her rays are able to strike enemies in front of her, no matter their elevation. When you prompt her to stop, she leaves a ball of energy that'll explode in a like a bomb, except it has no affect on the environment.
  • Hearts: 3
  • Attack
    • Rays: 1 heart
    • Energy Ball: 1.5 hearts
In Progress Darunia Darunia is the sage of fire. He is known for being as hard as stone and hitting with the force of a bull with a single swing of his fist. He can punch enemies harder than most early weapons can, he can shatter weak rocks with a single punch, and he can take more hits than most partners early game. He can also trek through lava without being harmed.
  • Hearts: 6
  • Attack
    • Punch: 3 hearts
In Progress Mipha Mipha is an introverted Zora princess. She is renowned as one of the best fighters among the Zora. Her spear-work and healing magic is revered and respected. She's frail, but, with her spear, she's able to attack enemies up to two squares away. Her spear can also push enemies away to make sure they don't get too close. In addition, she can help Link cross water and, once per dungeon, restore Link's health after a fatal hit (if she loses all of her health before reviving Link, she leaves the dungeon).
  • Hearts: 3
  • Attack
    • Spear Thrust: 1 heart
In Progress Revali Revali is a Rito known for his archery skills. He's infamously vain, but he has the skill to back up his boasts. Revali is capable of firing three arrows at a time, one forward and two diagonally forward. He can also fly over pits and carry Link up to 8 spaces forward.
  • Hearts: 3 hearts
  • Attack
    • Arrow: 1 heart
In Progress Yeta Yeta is a yeti living up in Snowpeak Ruins with her husband. She's a very kind lady that'll assist Link if he asks for some help. In this game, she retains some of her powers from Blizzeta, meaning she'll be able to use ice to her advantage. She can call forth ice-y spike balls to slam down in front of her, slid forward belly first, and create an ice storm that attacks all squares around her. She can also freeze water, but takes double damage to fire attacks.
  • Hearts: 5
  • Attack
    • Ice Spike: 2 hearts
    • Ice Storm: 1 heart
    • Belly Slide: 0.5 hearts
In Progress Midna Midna is the Twilight Princess, warped into a weaker, imp-like form. She was forced to assist Link in order to overthrow the usurper and reclaim her previous form. When she follows Link, she's able to reach up to two squares away. She can do a hair swipe, hair slam, and can even pick up and throw smaller enemies 5 spaces away.
  • Hearts: 4
  • Attack
    • Hair Swipe: 1 heart
    • Hair Slam: 2 hearts
In Progress Ricky Ricky is a kangaroo known for his boxing ability. When he is purchased, he follows you into dungeons, boasting his boxing gloves and painful combos. If Link walks into him while he's prompted to wait, he can climb into his pouch. This limits his combos, but enables him to jump farther. His whirlwind attack can travel forward 5 squares.
  • Hearts: 4
  • Attack
    • 1-2 Punch: 1-2 hearts
    • Jab: 1 heart
    • Whirlwind: 0.5 hearts
In progress Dimitri Dimitri is a friendly dodongo that can assist Link when he is purchased. He'll follow the hero into dungeons. He takes up two squares(front and back), and is known for his rough skin. He'll take a turn to inhale in order to charge up a fireball. The next turn, he fires a powerful fireball forward. If Link walks into him while he's prompted to wait, he can ride the Dodongo, though all attacks are in the hands of the creature.
  • Hearts: 8
  • Attack
    • Fireball: 3 hearts
In Progress Boosh Boosh is a winged bear that can assist Link when he is purchased. He takes up two squares (left and right), and is known to fly upwards before slamming down on enemies. There's one turn to fly, and one turn to slam. If Link walks into him while he's prompted to wait, he can ride him as he flies, though all attacking will be left in the hands of the bear.
  • Hearts: 6
  • Attack
    • Ground Pound: 5



Name To unlock
Ricky Purchase Ricky
Dimitri Purchase DImitri
Moosh Purchase Moosh
Zelda Defeat Vaati for the first time
Tingle Lose a cumulative total of 200 hearts
Beedle Spend a cumulative total of 9999 rupees
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