Hyper New Super Mario Bros. Rainbow Blast Adventure



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Developer(s) MetalChaosIncLogo
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 3D Platforming
Release Date(s) TBA 2013
Mode(s) 1 Player, Multiplayer, Coin Battle
Age Rating(s) ERating
Media Included Wii U Disk
Hyper New Super Mario Bros. Rainbow Blast Adventure is a 3D adventure Mario platformer that has been developed and published by Metal Chaos Inc. and Nintendo. The game will be released for the Nintendo Wii U and Chaos Mega System. The game features multiplayer up to 4 Players at the same time and the gameplay and style are similar to Super Mario Galaxy. The game is only released in the USA.


Mario, Peach, Luigi, and a few Toads were taking a walk. An explosion came out of Peach's castle, and Bowser appeared in his Koopa Clown Car to attack Mario, but Mario threw a fireball at Bowser's face causing the King to twirl around and crash in Peach's castle and completely destroy the castle. Bowser Jr. arrived in his Koopa Clown Car, knocking back Mario and Luigi and took the princess. While Bowser Jr. was leaving, the young Koopa pushed a button in the car which a robot arm with a bolt for the elbow joint with a magnet on top of it. Bowser was still inside the Koopa Clown Car, and the magnet pulls with force to attach Bowser's Koopa Car. Bowser's face has ashes on it as he shakes his head to remove the ashes and laughs at Mario and Luigi's failure. Mario said "You stupid piece of koopa! I will get her!" as he was firmly shaking his fist. "Mario," said Luigi "I think this is our important task ye--" The ground was shaking as two cannons come out of the ground. "Good luck, heroes," said a Toad. "We'll do our best," said Luigi as him and Mario jumped into separate cannons. Both of them are sent to space and landed on some kind of rainbow planet. Mario found a sign. "Luigi, come here!" yelled Mario. Luigi arrived to Mario as Mario pointed at the sign, which has text that reads in capital letters "WELCOME TO STARBIT ROAD!". "Hello, brothers." Mario and Luigi turned around and Rosalina was there. "I can help you on your quest," stated Rosalina. "Thanks, Rosalina." said Luigi. "We better go, and fast!" said Mario. Mario, Luigi, and Rosalina set off to save Princess Peach.



Image Name First Appearance Description How to Unlock
Super mario by mintenndo-d62lh70
Mario Donkey Kong (1981) It's-a him, Mario! Mario has to save Princess Peach (again) in this rainbow world he just visited. Mario must find out about this planet and save Peach before the Mushroom Kingdom gets taken over by Bowser. Starter
LuigiSSBB by mintenndo-d62lh70
Luigi Mario Bros. (1983) Luigi of course joins his brother on another adventure! Luigi doesn't know anything about the planet nor anything about Bowser's plan. Starter
Rosalina Super Mario Galaxy (2007) Rosalina helps Mario and Luigi save Peach. Rosalina visits Starbit Road every 2 years, so she might know almost all the locations there. Starter
Wario Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins (1992) Wario joining the Mario Bros? Wario was looking for coins when he was shot to Starbit Road! Beat the Coin Island boss and collect the cage key for Wario's cage.
175px-Yoshi MP9
Yoshi Super Mario World (1990) Yoshi has been captured by Bowser Jr. while Jr. was saving Bowser! Yoshi probably got knocked out when Bowser crashed in the castle. Defeat the Sparkling Falls boss and collect the cage key for Yoshi's cage.
Waluigi Mario Tennis (2000) Waluigi the cheater, of course! Waluigi was looking for someone to trick, and found a cannon. Waluigi thought there would be foolish people to trick if he entered in the cannon, so he did. The bad news though was that he has been tricked and captured. Defeat the Purple Waste boss and collect the key for Waluigi's cage.
Maria New Super Mario Bros. Omega (2012) Maria is just an unlockable character and she isn't part of the plot. Buy her at the Character Shop.
Luise New Super Mario Bros. Omega (2012) Same thing as Maria, she isn't part of the plot but is a playable character. Buy her at the Character Shop.
Mewshi Super Smash Bros Overdrive (2013) Mewshi is now an unlockable character! But he isn't part of the plot, though. Buy him at the Character Shop.
Waddlenote Mewshi's Adventure! (2013) Waddlenote joins Mewshi as an unlockable character! Buy him at the Character Shop.
Koopa the Quick Super Mario 64 (1996) Koopa the Quick is his name! The speed rival of Mario is now playable! Buy him at the Character Shop.
Dark Bowser Mario and Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story (2009) The dark version of King Koopa is now an unlockable character! Buy him at the Character Shop.


Image Name Item to Access Form
Small Mario N/A
Super mario by mintenndo-d62lh70
Super Mario
Fire Mario
Ice Mario
Penguin MarioSMLTLT
Penguin Mario
Poison Mario
Poison Mario
Poison Mush
Mparty6 rainbow mario2 1024-1
Invincible Mario
Raccoon Mario


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