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Dr. Ilunios, a Male Hydelga

The Hydelga is a species in the Boundless Fantendoverse. They're known to be very technologically advanced possessing futuristic medical technology. Many of the medical inventions that the Hydelga have helped their species and the galaxy as a whole. The Hydelga's history even to the present is very contentious among the rest of the galaxy. This is due to unethical treatment and procedures that continue to present day.


The Hydelga are a humanoid species with dark brown skin. They're covered in thick coats of fur that conceal their skin. Male Hydelgas have a thinner second coat of fur than the females of the species. Hydelga also have long claws on the four digits of their hands. Their legs have a slight hooved appearance with two front toes and one back-facing.

Hydelga have a flag nose with pitted nostrils like serpents on Earth. The canine teeth of the species are also much longer than the rest of their teeth. These teeth often appear outside the mouth of the individual, unless worn down. They have horizontal slits for pupils, helping them evade their ancient predators. It is typical for a Hydelga's eyes to be golden or green in colour, although rare cases of white or grey pupils exist.


Although advanced, the Hydelga's culture is quite spiritual. Ancient Hydelgan society was often struck by plagues. Many followed the beliefs of the Churches which incited medical advancement. In seeking divine intervention against the plagues, they achieved great medical breakthroughs.

In the modern day, the Hydelgan culture revolves around paying penance for health. Many view the sick as sinful and must undergo ruthless procedures. The Hydelgans believe in the absolute purge of virality. They're known to use DNA manipulation to prevent viral genetics deemed malevolent.

Within the Hydelgan hierarchy of power, the Curers sit atop most. In spite of their value towards medical tech, the Hydelgans don't value the role of patient care. It is rare to see many give empathy outside of immediate family in Hydelgan culture. It is also sometimes seen as unnecessary outsider influence. This is due to the Hydelgans believing that compassion is more deserving in other areas of life.

Due to fusing with medicine, many Churches of Hydelgan society remain a powerful force. Unlike other cultures, there is no dominant religion on the Hydelgan homeworld. It's estimated there are over 400 major religions in Hydelgan society. The interpretation of medicine differs somewhat between the religions. Many also find their roots to ancient religions that began thousands of years ago. Failed efforts in the past attempted to unify the religions of the Hydelgans. Divergence in interpretations of the gods made it impossible to please the faiths.

Currently the two oldest religions, Atapotalism and Chromasofi serve to guide the masses. Forming two-thirds of the Spearhead Triumvirate (ST). The ST formed to establish a universal form of healing. Using the vast sources of wealth from the two old religions, they acquired 90% of the Hydelgan's medical facilities. The third member of the ST rotates on a two-year contract. They serve to resolve disputes between Atapotalism and Chromasofi.

The Spearhead Triumvirate

The Spearhead Triumvirate established itself ~650 years ago. The founding two religions of the organization were Atapotalism and Chromasofi. Frequent wars the Hydelga became embroiled in led these religions to become wealthy.

Atapotalism's held a rather unique viewpoint of Evolutionary competition. They hold a rejection to genetic manipulation. This was during a period when the Hydelga were suffering a prolonged war against Genetically Enhanced Individuals (GEIs). Atapotalism's beliefs were influential and spread creating new interpretations of other religions. This also lead to the failing of many old religions that supported the GEIs. With the fall of the GEIs, the viewpoint of Atapotalism spread to Hydelgans and other species.

The Chromasofi's success stemmed from The Brotherhood. A separate division that began with the Chromasofi. The Brotherhood is a male-only organization that ensures loyalty through blood oaths. They produce some of the most versatile Hydelgas in combat, guile and skill. Many modern day Curers originate from this organization. The Brotherhood is rather unique as they don't align themselves with Chromasofi. Despite this, the Chromasofi's word often reverberates through the Brotherhood's actions.


Hydelga don't present with any superhuman abilities. Although their Curers are of high intelligence, the general population is nothing special. Hydelga are an accelerated species, able to quickly adapt to new environments. They achieve this through their extensive medical knowledge and Self-Mitosis.

Self-Mitosis is the closest thing to a unique ability for the Hydelga. Their advanced technology allows them to evolve through a psuedo-reproduction method. Hydelga that perform Self-Mitosis can evolve necessary qualities to survive. The Hydelga were once known to use this technology to thrive although it was later outlawed for that purpose. As such the Hydelga's use of the ability is strict in its use only for survival and adaptation of the lowest need.

History in the Fantendoverse

The Hydelga's history is well documented through their faiths, although embellished. The many faiths that exist make it is easy to discern what is accurate to their history. After they entered the galactic stage, the Hydelga's influence was immediately felt.

To this day, many medical practices in the OTF, NTC and CMC can trace their roots to the Hydelga. The OTF viewed the Hydelga with disgust for their other practices. In particular their treatment of new medicine on patients. As a result, the OTF banished the Hydelga from their faction. The Hydelga quickly found common allies with the members of the CMC, joining them. The Hydelga brought crucial medical tech to the CMC ensuring they didn't implode from loss of life.

Although the Hydelga aren't as militaristic as their CMC allies they do still engage in war. Until recently, the Hydelga would often use the weaker members of the CMC for testing new tech. In recent years, the CMC has shifted their need for the Hydelga towards chemicals. This has left the Hydelga in an uncertain position. Due to their strong belief in medicine, chemicals are a lower priority in society. Movements have begun to crop up for the Hydelgans to leave the CMC. Currently these movements are quashed by the ST. The rise of the Territory of Free Planets presents an opportunity for these movements to gain new traction however.