Huxxabu is another planet in the Fantendoverse. It is home to Trip and Hexa, as well as the rest of the Cor Gaurid Squadron. The planet had been ruled by Tisir, who had outcast his brother from the throne. The brother, who went by the name of the Shadow Throne, was sent to the Outlands, a wasteland where any rebels against the Tisir empire went. Hexa managed to defeat Tisir and disband his empire, where his brother went to rule afterwards.

It is the primary setting of FantendoQuest. In FantendoQuest, the planet is expanded out in detail greatly, revealing it's highly diverse amount of species and locations.


Huxxabu has three main continents: Zuahos, Aepogai, Qeotulin. Zuahos is the most explored out of the three, with varied landscapes such as a thick glade, flat plains, desert areas, and oceanic ridges. Aepogai seems to be more jungle infested continent, where as Qeotulin is the largest continent and ranges from mountain ranges to purple and pink volcanic forests.


Huxxabu is host to a ton of different species, many having migrated there over the years due to it being in proximity to many other planets with various life. In particular, Humans and Sparklings seem to mostly dominate the planet in numbers, although Huxxabu is host to various Pokemon species as well.

Notable Inhabitants

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