Hunting Trip
Developer(s) FlameKing Enterprises
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Go
Genre(s) First Person Shooter, Hunting, Sports
Series Duck Hunt Series
Predecessor Duck Hunt
Release Date(s) Late Summer
Mode(s) Single Player, Practice Shots, Worldwide Scoreboard, Options
Age Rating(s) ESRB: Everyone 10+

PEGI: Twelve Years and Older CERO: Ages 12 and Up ACB: Parental Guidance Recommended

Media Included Nintendo Go Cartridge

Hunting Trip is a Hunting Game for the Nintendo Go, taking full control of it's Gyro Sensors. However, for those who have health issues and can't really use the gyro sensors, this can be turned off, and played just with the joystick and buttons. Unlike it's predecessor, Duck Hunt, this game is in full 3D and HD. However, the dog will still laugh at you for missing your target, which will be a duck, goose, deer, jackal, or rabbit.

This game will come out in Late Summer 2015, as a Launch Tittle for the Nintendo Go, along with other games.

Game Modes

Single Player

In this game mode, you try to shoot various targets, like ducks, geese, rabbits, jackals, and deer. The dog will award you with points for every target hit, but when you don't hit the target, it will laugh at you. This is the common game mode, and is the one people will usually play.

Practice Shots

In this game mode, you practice by shooting flying frisbees. However, this will not add any points to your online rating. This mode is usually used for beginners getting used to the game, along with resetting the Gyro Sensor Control, in case it's acting weird for some reason.

Worldwide Scoreboard

It shows how many points people have gotten from single player all together. It puts everyone in ranks from lowest number to highest number. This mode will only be made avaible once the player gets an account on Miiverse.


Her, you can adjust in-game volume, look at all the points you've gotten from single player all together, and even erase your data.

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