Poster humanity
Box Art
FEB Studios
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Wii U
Genre(s) 1st Person
Series Humanity
Release Date(s) December 11th, 2016
Mode(s) Campaign, Multiplayer
Age Rating(s) 16
Media Included Wii U Optical Disc

Humanity is a game released for the Wii U and takes on a 1st Person shooter-like gameplay, however, the game is not all a full-on shooter. The game's plot revolves around the main character, Homonis being a man who lives for eternity and is essentially the embodiment of all humans on earth.


The plot centers around the protagonist: Homonis who has the gift of being able to live for eternity. As such, the game starts off around the time of the Ice Age and then progresses with each new part of the game taking place in a different time period/age. However, as the plot does progress, Homonis finds out more about who he is and what his purpose is in the form of 2 recurring characters who go by the names of "Archolus" and "Serdia".


With each section of the game taking place in a different time period, the weapons and combat slowly changes between each of these sections, for example, the game starts of with spears and stones as the main weapons but then becomes swords and shields, then guns and bombs and eventually futuristic weaponry. The Wii U gamepad can also be used for many different things including a communication device for Archolus and Serdia, an inventory and a map display as well as some other minor uses. The game also features an online multiplayer with 15 different maps which are unique as each map has different weapons specific to their time periods and, the 2 teams also have different weapons, specific to their raise.

Main Characters

Name Description
The main protagonist who essentially represents humanity itself and has the ability to live forever. However, he doesn't instantly know who is he is or what his true purpose, and so he must find out for himself as the game unravels. His appearance also changes throughout the game as he starts of as a young boy at the start of the game, and then an elderly man towards the end.
A mysterious recurring character who often informs you and hints to who Homonis is and what will happen in the future. However, he is not a seemingly trustworthy character as he often pulls evil tricks to cause disasters but still makes Homonis need his help in order to progress. He also can somehow live forever, but denies being called a "human" despite his appearance.
An angelic woman who is rarely seen in person but still communicates with you and always warns you not to trust Archolus. She can also help out by lending you some of her powers in combat and is basically your "good" companion throughout the game.
Mulier Mulier is essentially the Female counterpart of Homonis and serves as the embodiment of women and is also gifted with the ability to live forever. She is introduced later in the game and like Homonis, is in search of answers as she is unsure of her purpose.
Canem Canem is a dog/wolf, who is tamed by Homonis himself, and after travelling with this dog for awhile, Homonis soon learns that this dog is just like him; Canem is an embodiment of all dogs. Canem is a friend to Homonis though, and can sense who Homonis is. As such, he serves as a companion throughout the game who can help you in ways such as sniffing out danger as well as attacing enemies for you.


Each section of the game comes in the form of different age and time period. While the locations do change, certain areas are revisited in some of the time periods, but the landscapes have obviously changed over time. (Note that the dates given aren't exact or accurate but are just around that time)

Age Location Description Sub-Locations
Ice Age (100,000 BC)
Temple of Birth
Fertile Crescent Drawing towards the end of the Ice Age, there is still some snow and ice scattered around but with it melting, the Humans are able to final set out and explore for a more fertile area in which they found the Fertile Crescent: The birthplace of Humanity. A strange temple resides here although no Humans built so it was possibly there since the beginning somehow. Only wooden tools are used in this period and the weapons are only intended for killing animals, since the tribe living here are unaware of any other humans.
  • Temple of Birth
  • Tribal Settlement
  • Fertile Plains
Stone Age (Around 10,000 BC) Fertile Crescent Though still in the Fertile Crescent, In this time period, humans have began using stone tools and somewhat mining in natural caves. There's no sign of the Temple of Birth here (apparently it was lost somehow) however, more tribes now live around this same area and so they are in competition and always on the verge of fighting over food, land and materials. Humans have also tamed dogs at this point as well.
  • Natufian Village
  • Stone Cave
  • Fertile Plains
  • Nomadic Village
Bronze Age (Around 4000 BC) Fertile Crescent Though still in the Fertile Crescent, things have changed quite a bit since the previous age, and is in a area further away from the previous age's location (around about Syria and jordan). Humans have now learnt how to extract metals from ores and so they have begun making tool using Bronze. There is also signs of civilizations now in which villages and towns made of stone have been built and the first forms of currency have emerged.
  • Akmar
  • Valley of Jordan
  • River Jordan
Iron Age (900 BC) Southern Europe Taking place in early Europe where well-known civilizations such as Rome and Greece emerged and in turn, conquering and full-on wars break out. This also when humans have began using Iron and steel for their tools and weaponry including swords and shield as well as mastering farming.
  • Gaul
  • Rome
  • Mediterranean Sea
  • Athens
Dark Age (500 AD) Europe At this point, Rome is at its near end after being attacked by the Visigoths and so Europe has lost control and chaos breaks out such as disease, wars and crusades. This is also the time when Europe becomes mostly Catholic however, technology takes a step back with a lack of weapons and other supplies.
  • The Danelaw
  • Frankia
  • Rome
  • Scandinavia
Middle Ages (1200 AD) Europe Unlike the previous age, humans have now become more recordable in their events and new technolagies have been made. In this time period, the first gunpowder is discovered, making for some early guns.
Age of Exploration (1500 AD) Latin America In this time period, not too long after Christopher Columbus discovered America, the focus here is mostly on the Spanish Conquistadors arriving in Central and South America, to conquer the civilizations such as the Aztecs and Incas. Here, weapons such as canons and Spanish Swords are used, but the Aztecs and Incas are still using mostly Stone age tools.
  • Cuba
  • Lake Texcoco
  • Tenochtitlan
  • The Andes
  • Cuzco
Age of Revolution (1800 AD) North America This location/time period takes on a western setting during/after the American Revouluton, and thus the start of the USA. Basic guns such as pistols, rifles and shot guns are the main weapons, although the native americans still mostly use bows and such.
Early Modern Age (1900 AD) Northern Europe This time period takes the player through 3 different wars throughout the age: WW1, WW2 and the Cold War, all of which slowly change to have more deadly weapons such as tanks and more powerful guns and bombs.
  • Northern France
  • Berlin
Technological Age (2050 AD) River Nile At this point, the earth has become warmer due to climate change, however, because this has made dry places dryer and wet places wetter, a war has broke out between Sudan and Egypt over the water in the River Nile. Natural resources have also began running causing some smaller conflicts between other countries. Gun technolagy is mostly the same, but with more powerful and destructive adjustments.
  • Valley of the Kings
  • Blue Nile
  • White Nile
  • Khartuom
Preparation Age (100,000 AD) At this point, most of worlds natural resources have ran out such as coal and oil, and species such as panda have become extinct. The world is also a much colder place due to an ice age. Countries are now at war over the last resources on earth and those not fully involved with the war now live in fear of those who are. While the richer countries have futuristic weapoinary, the poorer ones have nearly nothing due to the lack of resources.
Age of Rapture (1,000,000 AD) Fertile Crescent At this point, the world has been ever suffering through the events of a super-volcano erupting, in which the sun is blocked out and thus a volcanic winter has spread upon the world. There are little existing humans still on the earth at this point and must use natural energy sources to survive, since there are no other resources left. 
  • Fertile Tundra
  • Glaciated Caves
  • Temple of Birth

Multiplayer Maps

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