Human Devastation: Guinea Pigs and Hamsters
Developer(s) Terrariaboss
Publisher(s) Terrariaboss
Platform(s) PC, Wii U
Genre(s) RPG
Series Human Devastation
Predecessor Human Devastation
Release Date(s) Pc: October 29th 2015

Wii U: December 1st 2015

Age Rating(s) 10+

Human Devastation: Guinea Pigs and Hamsters is a spinoff of Human Devastation released for PC and Wii U in 2015 for TechBreloom's series swap day. Unlike Human Devastation, it is a RPG game.


The year is... five years after the original Human Devastation. Guinea Pigs now rule the world. Little did they know that a secret organization of Hamsters have been planning their doom ever since they began to take over. Now that the hamsters have begun their attack, you play as one of five guinea pigs who must help defend against the attack of Hamsters. You could also play as one of three hamsters going to attack the Guinea Pigs...


The gameplay is like any other RPG. In the overworld, instead of random encounters the enemies will attack you from the overworld and thus are visible and avoidable. You have to defeat certain bosses to get to the next area of the war.


Guinea Pig Side

Name Class Description
Lars Warrior A fan of the board game Guinea Pigs and Humans, Lars keeps believing that this is all just some kind of live-action fantasy movie. Lars is your standard well-rounded character
Steven Archer Skilled in little Guinea-pig sized Bows, Steven is the weakest out of all the guinea pigs but can hit enemies from farther away
Ethan Thief A famous Guinea Pig thief, He's the most agile out of all the guinea pigs but cannot take many hits. 
Valerie Healer One of the few female guinea pigs fighting in the war, Valerie can heal allies and herself in battle, but cannot deal that much damage to enemies.

Hamster Side

Name Class Description
Gary Warrior A heavy-hitter, Gary can break through any windows in his way. He deals the most damage, but is extremely slow.
May Thief A Hamster that steals important files about Guinea Pigs thanks to how quiet she can be, May can go invisible for a short amount of time and is extremely fast, but isn't able to deal much damage to enemies and doesn't take that many hits.
Nate Archer Able to hit enemies from far away, he can deal good damage but cannot take that many hits.


  • The part of the title, Guinea Pigs and Hamsters, is based off of Dungeons and Dragons.
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