Hotel Mario 2
Developer(s) Philips
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Philips 4500
Genre(s) Puzzle
Release Date(s) 2015
Mode(s) 1-4 players
Age Rating(s) E
Media Included CD
Hotel Mario 2 is the second game in the Hotel Mario series published by Philips for the 4500 in 2015.

The game Follows the Mario bros as they go to have a party wit h there friends. When browser returns with his kooplings and kidnaps them. Now its up to the Mario Bros to save them from bowser. After the Mario Bros save all there friends, they are rewarded with a group hug and are kissed by Princess Peach and Daisy. Then everyone says to the Player "YOUR THE BEST PLAYER EVER!".


The gamplay is slightly changed from Hotel Mario. The player's goal is to get all the keys.

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