This game is based on the Phillips CD-I original game Hotel Mario.

Hotel Mario:Search for the Princess
Developer(s) Nintendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) DS
Genre(s) Platformer/Puzzle
Release Date(s) TBD
Mode(s) Single-Player, Co-op Multi-Player
Age Rating(s) Everyone
Media Included DS Cartridge


Mario and Luigi are invited to a picnic by Princess Peach. But Toad delivers a note from Bowser that says that he's kidnapped the princess and she is being held captive at one of Bowser's 8 hotels. So they go to rescue Peach.


In each world there are regular Super Mario Bros. stages and hotel levels which are like castles. In each hotel you have to complete the level and then solve a puzzle minigame to get inside each boss's arena and defeat the boss ruling each world. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Toad or Yoshi, pick things up and it shows each character's contribution level. (just like SMB2)

World 1: 3 stages and Larry Koopa's Suite Hotel

World 2: 5 stages and Morton Koopa Jr.'s Oasis Hotel

World 3: 7 stages and Lemmy Koopa's Haunted Hotel

World 4: 9 stages and Wendy Koopa's Icy Hotel

World 5: 11 stages and Roy Koopa's Pipe Maze Hotel

World 6: 13 stages and Iggy Koopa's Magic Hotel

World 7: 15 stages and Ludwig von Koopa's Dangerous Hotel

World 8: 17 stages and Bowser's Fireball Hotel


Mushroom - Turns you into Super Mario

Fire Flower - Lets you shoot fire balls

Ice Flower - Lets you shoot ice balls

Raccon Leaf - Lets you hover in the air

Propeller Suit - Lets you fly and hover longer

Penguin Suit - Lets you slide, shoot ice balls and you don't slip on ice

Star - Makes you temporarily invincible

1-Up Mushroom - Gives you a life

3-Up Moon - Gives you 3 lives

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