A Super Mario Bros. styled Horostar in Super Mario Maker Phi.
Item Type Other
Kind of Item Star
First Appearance Super Mario Maker Phi
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker Phi
It is used to open paths through time
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Super Star
Power Star
Shine Sprite

A Horostar is an item introduced in Super Mario Maker Phi's Chrono Missions. Mario and friends must collect them in the past levels of the series to progress, similar to Power Stars. They unlock more missions in the other eras in the game and are key to finishing Chrono Missions.

They were created by Themis during the events of Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration when he went through time and messed up past events. They had to be collected during the events of Super Mario Maker Phi.

This item is free to use for any Mario fangames so long as you don't take credit for it.


The Horostar looks like a normal Power Star but has a black coloring with lime green eyes.


During Super Mario Bros: Multiverse Degeneration, Themis was able to send Bowser and Mario into the past. After defeating Themis in his god form with the help of the God Mario form, Themis left behind hundreds of Horostars in the past, which act as ticking time bombs if they aren't harnessed and taken care of. Princess Fusee enlists the help of Mario and friends to get the Horostars.

Game Appearances

Super Mario Maker Phi

Horostars play a vital role in the Chrono Missions for the game. They can be collected by selecting missions ala Super Mario 64/Super Mario Sunshine/Super Mario Galaxy. Each Horostar has a different assignment put on them in the levels.

Super Mario Bros.: The Lost Worlds

Horostars make a return appearance in the game's "Letter" worlds, which are unlocked after the player defeats Blossom Bowser. They appear as part of every new game playthough, fitting next to the coins in the hud. The player must make multiple playthoughs to collect all the Horostars in the Letter Worlds to complete the game 100%.

Super Wario & Kirby Maker

Horostars are set to return in Super Wario & Kirby Maker 's Horostar Adventure mode, where Wario and Kirby are tasked to find and return the Horostars spread across time to Princess Fusee.

Super Mario: Elemental Journey


Super Wario Odyssey

The Horostars make a return in Super Wario Odyssey albeit with a different name and appearance; they are now called Horomoons and look similar to Power Moons but with the traits of the Horostar, such as their completely black color and green eyes. They only appear in the Painted Kingdom's Artist Alley level; and are found in the paintings sold by Paintburt.

Super Mario RPG: Silent Stars of the Arcane

Horostars are confirmed to make a appearance in Super Mario RPG: Silent Stars of the Arcane, although it is unknown what role they play in the game.

Super Mario Spikers

Horostars appear as Support-type items in Super Mario Spikers. When used, the Horostar will begin floating around the user for a short time. When collected, the Horostar will slow down all opponents, making it harder for them to save and spike balls.


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