Hopeless Adventure is a Turn Based strategy game for the Nintendo Silver and 3DS. It stars Zen, as she purifies the world from darkness.

​ Story

At the beginning of time, there were 10 gods. They were Hypnos, Apollo, Hermes, Kefka, Nyx, Clotho, Mercun, Desto, Zeus, and Kronos. They created the world and Mount Neverend, a home for all gods. One day, Nyx created the first monster, Prick, and released it onto the world. After much bloodshed and the extinction of the dinosaurs due to Prick, Nyx was banished inside a dark ring. Nyx has been holding much hatred torwards the gods and goddesses, but couldn't release her wrath.

In the year 2040, where hover technology has just been invented, China has taken over the world, and monks are seen as protecters of hope, a monk by the name of Zen, is at her peaceful home in Hypner Village. Zen finds a ancient dark ring and makes the mistake of cleaning it. This releases Nyx and her hatred, which takes the form of evil monsters. She tries to defend herself, but Nyx easily defeats her. Nyx puts a curse on Zen, turning half of her into a zombie. More to come...

​ Characters

Main Characters

Image Character Description Element
Zen A monk who is on a journey to destroy the night goddess, Nyx, and remove her curse that makes her half-zombie. Light
Moley Zen' s pet mole. He is very energetic and loves using drills and other technological devices. Animal/Tech
Presto A good Clowner that dreams of opening a circus. He uses both healing magic and ice magic, as well as his own skills. Magic
Sárma A talented Samander that is very good with axes. She is reckless, but has extremely high attack. Shock/Boxing
Desto The God of love and destiny. She has noticed what Zen was doing and decided to join in her journey to destroy evil and spread love. Magic/Light

Minor/Recruitable Characters

You can get these characters from creating them at the Angelic Assembly. There are over 80 createable characters. The creatable characters have 6 ranks, each rank being stronger than the one before it.

Image Name Description Element
Prickle A thorn demon that hides in the grass. As it goes up in ranks, it begins sprouting flowers. They are descendents of the first monster, Prick. Grass
Clowner A crybaby clown that represents cowardice. It gains higher ranked fire spells as it ranks up. Fire/Magic
Prinny A penguin creature that is destined to be a servant. The Prinny God is the highest rank. Water
Ice Clowner A Clowner that is ice-cold and is good with Ice spells. The higher the rank, the better spells he learn. Water/Magic
Hypa A servant of Hypnos, the god of Dreams and Visions. It is a peaceful sheep that gets better healing spells the more it ranks up. Light
Chromo A computer virus that has manifested into a monster due to Nyx releasing it on the real world. It can use more powerful tech skills the more it ranks up. Tech
Empousai Vampire cheerleaders that use special magic that can boost stats for other players. They gain better magic as they rank up. Dark/Magic
Fighter A humanoid brawler that uses fists, swords, and spears to fight. It can use more powerful skills as it ranks up. Boxing
Samander A race of salamander pepole that use spears, guns, and axes to fight. It is the best character to equip a spear too, due to it learning great spear skills as it ranks up. Fire/Light
Monk A priest of China that uses healing magic, books, and staffs. As they rank up, they get better magic.


Fluff A sweet cloud creature made by Zeus to protect the Ozone Layer. As it ranks up, it gets better skills and a happier face. Wind/Light
Keffer Magic Golems made by Kefka to hold magic. As it ranks up, it gains better rock magic. Stone/Magic
Golem A stone automaton that is run on steam power. It has better skills as it ranks up. Stone/Tech
Archer A agile bowmaster that is skilled with Bows, Guns, and Staffs. As she ranks up, she gets better archery skills. Ranger
Scanna A futuristic cyclops ghost that has the ability to shoot lasers. As it ranks up, they get better skills. Tech/Ranger
Jack A scarecrow that is possessed by a demon. As they rank up, they gain better skills and more mobility. Ranger/Grass


Skill Description Element
Slash The user slashes at the opponent. None
Cutter Blade The user slashes at the opponent in a X pattern by splitting into 2. None
Y-Slash The user slashes and makes the air concentrated. The air slashes in a Y pattern at the opponent. None
Overkill The user makes a giant sword of plasma and slashes it at the opponent a million times. Light
Creation Slash The user concentrates all energy and slashes a beam of light at the opponent. Light



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