Hoot Sprite
Hoot the Owl is an owl from Mario 64. He lives in a tree and carries Mario when Mario wakes him up. He returns in Mario 3D World with the same role, but he comes out of Hoot Blocks instead of trees.


Super Mario 64

Hoot the Owl picks up Mario and can take him up into the sky so long as the player holds onto the action button. Letting go will release Mario. Hoot can only carry Mario so far before he drops Mario off, complaining that Mario should "lay off the pasta". When released, Hoot will fly back to the tree where he originated.

Hoot's drop off mechanic is confusing for a couple of reasons.

  • Hoot does not drop Mario off in the same direction he faces. Rather, he drops Mario off in a reflected direction instead. The game does not visually show Mario facing in the direction he will actually be launched in.
  • While Hoot resets most of Mario's momentum across the 3D axis when flying so that he drops Mario at the correct spot, Hoot does not reset Mario's stored horizontal momentum and thus can cause Mario fling much further than intended if Mario is moving when he talks to Hoot.

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