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Hood'ems is a series run by Zwölf Elf Sieben. It is so far, their most successful series of them all.


The series got so successful, that Mogwai decided to make more than just games.


The series started off as a one off game idea, but UltimateMogwai (tbc) ended up getting more and more ideas, that he couldn't all fit into one game.

Theme Park

After the first two games were made, Mogwai tried his luck of getting Hood'ems into Fantendo Land, but as it was new and not so well known, it was rejected, leading Mogwai to make Hood'em World of Fun. World of Fun was very successful, because of its wide range of fun rides, but it was critisized once for having only 1 calm ride, so Zwölf Elf Sieben added some more calm rides, and one mini-golf course. Another was added and was awarded the record of the world's longest crazy golf course. The park had a build your own roller coaster game, and the parts you could use are the parts that make the real rides. The park was sponsered by Lucosade, after the park made a ride based on energy use.


The original game Hood'ems got some merchandise that was sold at Fantendo Land and Hood'em World of Fun.


The series then got its own gaming console, which evolved from the Nintendo 3DS.


The first game got hardly any attention, apart from by GemGames Co. (before they joint together), which lead to Mr. Sew'n being put into Fantendo All-Stars Racing. Hood'em-ario Kart got more responces, but because of the game's storyline, this wasn't liked as much as big games like Mario Kart Wii, but people found Hood'ems through it, so it ended up being a success, even though it was a bad idea. One or two got confused on the fact that they are shapey, but this was not as big as the other confusion. Some people started flaming Zwölf Elf Sieben for including hoods, a commonly recognised sign of Kenny from South Park. Zwölf Elf Sieben replies "No, Hood'ems are from Hood'ems, whether you like it or not." After more and more people said hoods are South Park, Zwölf Elf Sieben replied again with "Hoods are for life, Kenny is for 3927 minutes. Unless you watch them twice, and so on." Some even clamed it to rip-off Minecraft and Roblox, but still it is denied to this date

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