Hizza is a giant two-headed snake that Luigi fights during his adventure to assemble the Marvelous Compass and rescue Princess Éclair. During the events of Paper Luigi, the people of Plumpbelly Village are forced to sacrifice young maidens to the monstrous snake Hizza. Eventually, the mayor's daughter is the next to be sacrificed. As such, Luigi puts on the young woman's dress and travels (with his new partner Jerry) to Hizza's lair. During the epic battle that follows, Luigi manages to trick Hizza's two heads into eating each other, thus destroying the creature for all eternity. As a result, the citizens of Plumpbelly Village no longer have to live in fear, and the mayor gives Luigi a piece of the Marvelous Compass.


  • HP: 30
  • Attack: 2
  • Defense: 1
  • Location: Hizza's Lair
  • Tattle Log: A giant two headed snake. Hiz is on the left and Samuel is on the right.
  • Tattle: That's Hizza. The head on the left is Hiz and the head on the right is Samuel. I guess HizSamuel didn't work out, so they decided to be called Hizza. Anyway, this freak can attack twice a turn and it's bite can poison you. Watch out, Green bean!

NRL Player

Hizza appears as a member of the Luigi Sidekicks team in the wii multiplayer sports game Mario Rugby League. He is the strongest character on his team, he use his tail to steal the ball if the opposing player is close enough.