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Hitomi Otomi Yamamoto
Hitomi Yamamoto, a young woman with mysterious powers
AGE 19
ZODIAC ♊ Gemini
BIRTHPLACE San Francisco, California
ETHNICITY Japanese-American
Krystal Pérez (friend), Tayshaun Fitzgerald and Amy Jackson (allies, Tayshaun is also her love interest), Kenji Yamamoto (brother), Nick Anderson (ex-boyfriend)
SERIES SSB TayshaunandAmy.png

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Literally or figuratively?

Literally for a spell, but figuratively the rest of the time.
Hitomi and Ashlee Murphy, (Alex) Schmidt Happens

Hitomi is a human from Earth. She is famous for having an elemental power that can't be pinpointed.


Hitomi is a rather short 19-year-old girl of Japanese descent. She has pink hair with blonde streaks in and wears an orange t-shirt, blue jeans and pink trainers. Her eyes are a turquoise-mauvelous-green-cordovan mix. She also has "hipster" glasses.


Hitomi was born in San Francisco, to a recently estranged mother. She grew up around California and met many new people. Hitomi's life is heavily influenced by more recent events. Everything started to south for her after she discovered that she had a rare, unknown element she apparently possessed. After that, she met Tayshaun and Amy who both requested her help for saving the world, after finding out about her element.

Shortly after the events of Amy vs The Future, she quickly had her world flipped around after helping Tayshaun, as her element opened up a portal, that looms over Earth and had been sealed shut for 50 years, to another dimension. Hitomi, alongside Tayshaun, Krystal and Amy, chose to go into the new dimension. Upon first entering the dimension, also known as the "new Fantendoverse", they found Unten, whom Hitomi freaked out over upon meeting him, after being caught off-guard.

Her powers are still to be discovered, but they are thought to be portal powers, upon scientists discovering the huge one Hitomi made. She has developed a love interest in Tayshaun recently, falling head over heels over his heroic actions. Her life has been more upbeat since the Fantendoverse visit, with her becoming the optimistic team member.


Hitomi is cheerful and fun-loving. She generally avoids negative aspects but in the world she lives in, it's hard to avoid that aspect. She is very preppy all the time. Hitomi talks quite a bit and is seen as funny by some other characters with the stories she has to tell. Hitomi is generally seen as the "big kid" of the team with the way she tends to joke around and do things.

In (Alex) Schmidt Happens, she says she's "usually innocent but has done far from innocent things". She is also very energetic, and gets very excited often. Hitomi is very open to conversation, although it usually ends with the other people in the conversation walking away with a disturbing image in their head.


Hitomi is agile and can get places quickly. She uses this to her advantage when getting away from enemies. She also has an element that no one is sure of. The powers have confused scientists since she started using them and they're the reason the RTAverse is connected to the Fantendoverse. Hitomi tends to use her powers for personal things more often than not, for example in Living Like Caballero, where she uses her powers to grab snacks without going to the store itself. However, if the situation is rather dire, Hitomi will use her powers in order to transport herself and any allies that may be with her to a safer place where they won't get hurt. Hitomi has near-full control on where her portals go to, but sometimes they can wind up going somewhere completely different from where she wanted. She also tends to use her "cutesy" appearance to get out of problems she had ended up in.


Kenji Yamamoto

Kenji and Hitomi are brother and sister. They love each other as siblings but Hitomi is more loose on some things, such as swearing, which causes friction between the two sometimes. Kenji also believes Hitomi has bad taste in who she dates/wants to date.

Krystal Pérez

Hitomi and Krystal are best friends and get along well. Hitomi briefly dated Krystal before she started college.

Nick Anderson

Nick and Hitomi are boyfriend and girlfriend as of (Alex) Schmidt Happens. The two are very close and get along near-perfectly, but Kenji's disapproval is a spike in the road for their relationship. The two broke up before Three Strikes, You're Out, for reasons never mentioned.

Amy Jackson

Amy and Hitomi are good friends. Amy finds Hitomi's powers intriguing and always tries to find a way to see them used in action.

Tayshaun Fitzgerald

Hitomi and Tayshaun are close friends. Tayshaun finds Hitomi to be funny and kind, while Hitomi finds Tayshaun to be rather attractive.

Blaze Zednik

Hitomi is fascinated about Blaze's abilities. She wishes to be just as athletic as Blaze and has much respect for her. The two tend to chat often, more often than not off-screen.


Tayshaun & Amy

Fantendo crossovers

  • Fantendo - Mansion - Hitomi appears as a shopkeeper in Fantendo - Mansion.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory - Hitomi is a playable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Victory.
  • Fantendo Smash Bros. X - Hitomi is an assist character in Fantendo Smash Bros. X.

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Hitomi Yamamoto
Amy vs the Future (2015)

Hitomi is a young woman from San Francisco with bizarre powers that allow her to create portals. These powers are the main reason her universe wound up connected to the Fantendoverse. While Hitomi may appear innocent, she's anything but that. She tends to be too lazy to do most things and uses her powers for all sorts of things, like grocery shopping or brutally murdering her enemies. Mess with her, and you'll got a lot more than you bargained for. Hitomi tends to act somewhat childish, but can be mature, albeit very rarely.


  • Hitomi is named after a character in her creator's favourite game.
  • Hitomi's eyes are notably different from most other RTAverse characters.
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