Hinweis is a story telling RPG adventure game based on the fairytale of Hansel and Gretel, developed by Dollhouse Games and released for PC and Mac on Steam and Origin. The game follows Hansel and his sister Gretel after their encounters with the evil witches Maldehyde and Süsshilde.


Hinweis incorporates elements of action, adventure, and role-playing games. The player controls Hansel and Gretel from a flip-screen overhead perspective as they travel in the overworld, a large map with varied environments. Throughout the game, various characters aid Hansel and Gretel by giving or selling equipment and clues. These people can be found in houses and stores around Hinweis, and interaction with many of them is required to move on to the next act.

Barring Hansel and Gretel's progress are demons and monsters they must battle to proceed with their mission to fight Maldehyde. The game features many locations known as dungeons, where a main demon lives. Each dungeon is a unique, maze-like collection of rooms connected by doors, openings, and secret passages. Dungeons also contain useful items that Hansel and Gretel can add to their inventory, such as a bow and arrow for retrieving long range attacks, and a sword made of a deep blue metal.


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Main Characters

Character Description



A kind and caring young man, Hansel has a strong soul and a compassionate attitude. Hansel strives to do his best and wants the best for him and his sister Gretel. Hansel is a bit of a scaredy cat but if push comes to shove, he is able to confront his fears.



Gretel is a smart and determined girl. Her fiery personality is often overshadowed by her reclusive and secretive nature. A skilful widdler, Gretel hopes to sell and make a profit in Hinweis.



An evil witch and sister of the deceased Süsshilde. Maldehyde is responsible for opening the Book of Schatten and releasing the demons from within it. Maldehyde has a strict moral code of an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.



Maaike is a milkmaid from the outskirts of Hinweis. A shy and reclusive girl at first, Maaike is a hopeless romantic at heart and is looking for her knight in shining armour. She is the main worker at her father's farm, looking after her ill mother and heading into town every day for her father's back medications.
Ottoname A fun and bubbly man, Otto is a gregarious soul who loves nothing more than making friends. His attractive personality and charismatic actions hide is social awkwardness and clutz extremely well.



A barmaid at the local tavern, Freja can come across as a little dull at first, but only because she's a bit of a loner. Freja only really opens up to people when she feels she can trust them and knows them well enough.



Gladys is a travelling thief girl, living in a treehouse in the Black Forest. She owns a bow and arrow which she uses to rob those who take a trip through the woods and is extremely stealthy and cunning.



Wolfgang is the blacksmith's son. He pretends to be a lone wolf and a hardass but in reality, he longs for conversation and communication. A true pessimist, Wolfgang goes out of his way to see the bad in the best of things.
Gunthername Gunther is an innocent yet idiotic boy, often forgetting things and misunderstanding situations. Gunther is a simple soul, and anything more than 1 + 1 gives him a major headache. Despite his stupidity, Gunther is extremely handy, being able to fix almost anything.
Marisolname A traveller who is aspiring to be the first non-witch to learn and perfect magical abilities. Marisol travels around from country to country, city to city, and town to town, with her assistant Lili in hopes of finding a place to settle down and open up the first potion shop ever.



Lili is a girl from Denmark who met Marisol while she was travelling. Lili decided to stay with Marisol and help her with her work. A strong willed woman and skilled painter, Lili has been working on graphics for the store she and Marisol plan on building one day.
Sonianame A pirate who had to retire prematurely after losing her arm, Sonia now lives in the small town of Hinweis. Due to her experience on a pirate ship, Sonia is fairly strong and is rather ambitious. Her past occupation, however, has left her with a rather prominent habit of kleptomania and materialism.



Working in the local bookstore, Cosima is extremely unenthusiastic. Her ability to read fast and do quick math helps her in sticky situations. Cosima has a passion for all things space and owns her own telescope. Her favourite planet is Jupiter, as she feel's its deep red eye relates to her personality well.
Larsname TBA
Hugoname Hugo is the local gravedigger who works closely with Hinweis' embalmer, Morticia. Nobody is quite sure where he lives but rumour has it he spends most of his time in a series of catacombs underneath Hinweis' grave sites.


  • The game was originally planned to be set in 1980's America, rather than 15th century Germany.
  • Hinweis already has 2 planned sequels:
    • Dear Sweet Sister, a short story about two little girls who run into a wizard deep in the Black Forest.
    • Brambleberg Diaries, about a small abandoned ghost town past Maudlin Meadows that Hansel, Gretel, and a selection of their friends decide to investigate.
  • Ferja's hair is based on the hair of Clementine, a character from Telltale's The Walking Dead game.
  • Originally, the game's main antagonist was Süsshilde, who had dragged Hansel and Gretel into the spirit world as revenge for killing her.
  • The game makes many references to the moon, it is later elaborated upon further during the events of Dear Sweet Sister.
  • The game uses many 8-bit variations of already existing classical music, for example;
  • There is currently a Hinweis AMA going on at Thread:1265666


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