Wilhelm is the highest ranked inventor in the Himmelmensch Family. His contributions to the Human Alliance have been immense, and holds alot of sway over his people. He first appeared in Kirby: Onslaught as a victim of Mind Matter, and later made a cameo in Kirby: Dark Fury.


Wilhelm was born in one of the Human outposts, located southeast of the capital city. Like all young Himmelmensch, he had to choose to be a driver or a pilot (both learn engineering), and chose pilot. Although he was a good flyer, he was most noted for his engineering. Even the highest ranked engineers were impressed, and sometimes baffled, by his designs. During this period, around the age of 25, he met and married his wife. He became the highest ranked engineer in the world with his designing and building of the Goethe, the first Human airship (similar to the Halberd), which according to some information, has more recently been to other planets. After one year of his success, his wife died in a machinery accident, and ever since he has closed himself off from alot of social contact and has become a workaholic. He greatly aided his brethren in the Demonic War by designing revolutionary weapons, but was later inhabited by Mind Matter. He was freed of Mind Matter's presence by Kirby and friends. In Kirby: Dark Fury, Wilhelm saved Vladislav from execution.


Wilhelm is probably one of the most curious Humans. He is also very open minded for a Himmelmensch, evidenced by his friendship with several higher ranked Gor'kiy. However, he is an extreme workaholic, always putting work before anything. Otherwise, he is mentally and emotionally stable.


Wilhelm has a pale skin color, due to his many hours spent in his dark workplace, moderately long blonde hair, and blue eyes. In Kirby: Onslaught, he is depicted has wearing a long black trenchcoat with a high collar. Underneath is what looks like some sort of mechanical armor. In Kirby: Dark Fury, he is depicted has also wearing an eye-patch, perhaps due to his encounter with Mind Matter.

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