Hidden Palace Zone
Sonic running through Hidden Palace Zone in Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Greater Location Angel Island
First Appearance Sonic 3 & Knuckles
Location Type Temple

Hidden Palace Zone is a location in the Sonic series. It has made appearances in Sonic & Knuckles and is the ancient Echidna temple.

Fanon Appearances

Sonic Heroes 2

Hidden Palace Zone makes an appearance in Sonic Heroes 2. It has fallen into a state of disrepair due to the Echidnas clearing out into Mystic Ruins North and therefore the only inhabitant since has been Knuckles. This changes upon Knuckles and Shade falling in love. They are not, however, the only visitors. Team Archaic play Hidden Palace Zone en route to Sandopolis, where they intended to practice in solitude unaware of the presence of a sunbathing Tiara Boobowski. Their storyline ends at Hidden Palace, as they decide to see what would happen if they set Naughty Nack's shrinking technology on the by-this-point-already-stricken Egg Carrier while it was stuck in the volcano; the result was, as they promptly found out, that it blew up with Chaos Emerl still on board, causing the volcano to erupt; not so much adding insult to injury as adding earthquake to injury. Team Eggman traverse Hidden Palace en route to Sandopolis, where they are searching for a Chaos Emerald.


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