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Hibiki Tachibana
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Hibiki Tachibana (立花 響 Tachibana Hibiki?) is one of the six main protagonists of the Senki Zesshō Symphogear series.

She is a Symphogear user and wields the Gungnir relic.


Hibiki (響?) - The term Hibiki means "a sound", "a ring", or "an echo". Used as a verb, it can mean to resound/resonate.

Tachibana (立花?) means "standing flower".


Hibiki has orange eyes with short light brown hair fastened with two red clips on either side of her head. She is most often seen wearing the uniform of Lydian Music Academy.

Hibiki has a scar on her chest in the shape of a 'forte' from when Kanade's Gungnir fragment pierced her chest on the day of the Zwei Wing concert.

In G, Hibiki wears a sleeveless beige vest with an orange sweater and a brown pleated skirt with a white petticoat. She also wears a pair of light brown boots with deep blue kneesocks.

In GX, Hibiki wears a white & light blue striped, off-the-shoulder top with yellow overall shorts with a large blue bow and a pair of white & orange shoes.

In AXZ, Hibiki wears a white & yellow top with short white & gold striped sleeves and black shoulder straps. She has a pair of denim shorts with white & black shoes and red socks.

Hibiki's S.O.N.G. uniform in AXZ.

Hibiki's S.O.N.G. uniform in XV.

Hibiki's second casual outfit in XV.

Hibiki's school uniform in G.

Hibiki's school uniform in G and AXZ.

Hibiki's school uniform in XV.

Hibiki's swimsuit.

Hibiki's pajamas.

Hibiki as a child.

Hibiki in middle school.


Hibiki is outgoing, friendly, and perhaps overwhelmingly optimistic. She treats everyone with kindness, even those that used to be enemies. She doesn't want to fight unless she necessarily has to and wouldn't want to have pointless battles when she believes the problem could be talked about calmly first. Otherwise, she gladly dons her Symphogear in order to help people who are in danger that otherwise can't be used by ordinary means. At other times, she is sensitive about certain topics - her father and her past, especially the past being two of them. She also has a softer side, frequently hides her feelings about specific things and rarely shows herself being sad to anyone whenever it's a problem related to herself, even her friends, but can also be touched and easily cry if hearing sad stories. In this regard, she forces herself to keep a smile for others. The only person that can normally tell she's putting on a facade is Miku. This can hinder Hibiki when in battle, as she allows her emotions to get the better of her. She can also make a bad habit of running away from her problems and bouts of self-doubt.


Two years ago, while attending a Zwei Wing concert, she was nearly killed by the Noise, barely surviving thanks to the sacrifice of Kanade, who taught her never to accept death. Years later, when she becomes cornered by the Noise, she sings the same song she heard Kanade sing and ends up gaining Symphogear powers due to a fragment of Kanade's armor that entered her body that distant day: a fragment of The Third Relic - Gungnir. However, since it was only a fragment, she possesses less armor compared to the original and has no weapons or Armed Gear, but she is able to defeat most Noise with her fists. When she becomes really angry, she sometimes enters a state of frenzy.


Season 1

Zwei Wing Concert

Hibiki is first seen in Episode 1 as picture in front of a grave. She is presumed to be dead as Miku is visiting her grave. Flashback to two years ago and Hibiki is seen standing in front of a stadium that Zwei Wing's concert is to take place while on the phone with Miku. Miku is unable to make it and Hibiki exclaims in surprise as Miku had invited her. She is later seen buying glow sticks from a booth with the Zwei Wing logo on them. As she walks into the concert hall, she smiles in amazement at the stage. Hibiki activates the glow stick as the concert starts and waves it in the air excitedly.

As the Noise attack and the people flee, Hibiki stands in her spot watching the two singers fight the Noise. A collapse of the stage causes Hibiki to fall to the ground and injure her knee. As the Noise approaches her, Kanade jumps in and saves her, telling her to run. She gets up and limps away however as she does a fragment from Kanade's Gungnir pierces her chest and almost kills her. Kanade runs to her and tells her to open her eyes. She does and Kanade proceeds to sing her Superb Song. Hibiki witnesses Kanade's death and falls unconscious. She next wakes up when they are performing surgery on her, realizing that she is still alive.

Back in the present, Hibiki is seen singing the Lydian Private Music Academy Anthem. She is then scolded for bringing in a stray to class. Afterwards, she is in her dorm room on the floor as she talks about how tired she is. She then runs over to a table and picks up a magazine with Tsubasa Kazanari on it and remembers that her CD goes on sale the day after. As she thinks, Hibiki pulls at her shirt to look at the scar she gained from the day of the concert two years ago. She continues to think and ponder about what actually happened two years ago as the news had reported something much different than what she had witnessed. Later that night she is seen sleeping in the same bed as Miku.

The next day as Miku reads the news report, she is seen eating and hastily stands as Tsubasa passes by. She is nervous as she comes face-to-face with the star as Tsubasa points out the rice stuck to the side of her mouth. Later in the day, she whines to Miku how Tsubasa probably thought that she was a weirdo and the latter replies that she is right to think that. Miku reminds her that Tsubasa's CD goes on sale that day and Hibiki tells her that it is a status symbol. She is then seen running down the street to a store to buy her CD chanting a mantra to herself, however when she gets there she sees nothing but the black Carbon dust, a tell-tale sign of Noise.

She hears the scream of a little girl and goes to save her. They run away from the Noise and jump into a river and later find high ground to hide out. However Noise soon gathers around them, where she starts singing, in which she activates the Gungnir fragment inside of her, fusing and changing her system.

Episode 2 starts with Hibiki staring in surprise at her new Symphogear. She begins to sing and protect the little girl by jumping off the roof. However, due to her lack of experience, she is unable to fully control her high distance jumping abilities. As the Noise attack, she realizes that she can in fact destroy the Noise with the use of her new Symphogear. Tsubasa arrives and tells her to protect the girl as she goes off to fight. Hibiki stares in amazement as Tsubasa effortlessly destroys all the Noise. However a larger Noise comes to attack them and Tsubasa saves them.

After the battle, Aoi hands Hibiki a warm drink in which she gratefully accepts and drinks. She then de-transforms and falls, spilling the drink, Tsubasa however is able to catch her. Hibiki thanks her and tells her it is the second time Tsubasa has saved her, in which she expresses confusion. Hibiki then mentions leaving as Tsubasa stands in her way to prevent such. She is then cuffed by Shinji and escorted to the Mobile Disaster Response Corps. She is then told by Shinji to hold on. As the elevator drops, she is heard screaming. As they arrive, she finds that Genjuro has thrown a welcome party for her, much to her confusion and surprise. Ryoko then asks for a picture and she declines on the ground of it would be depressing since she is handcuffed. She then asks how they knew her name as she has never met any of them. She later thanks Shinji for removing her handcuffs.

As they do introductions, Hibiki asks them to explain everything that had happened earlier. She then screams in dismay as Ryoko asks her to take her clothes off. She then returns to her dorm room and Miku expresses much concern over her lateness. Hibiki then watches the news about Tsubasa's possible overseas debut. As they lay in bed, Hibiki thanks Miku as she is the only one who would worry about her. She then hugs her and tells her that she is the sunshine that warms her. She then falls peacefully asleep.

The next day she is seen being called 'Bikki by Kuriyo and is invited to Flower. However she declines as she is busy that afternoon. After they leave, Tsubasa comes to retrieve her and handcuffs her again. She is then informed by Ryoko that her check-up results were fine and there was no permanent damage. She then asks them to explain how she got that power. Genjuro and Ryoko both explain to her the workings of relics and she recalls her activation of Gungnir. However, as they continue to explain, Hibiki tells them that the entire explanation went straight over her head. She then realizes that she didn't have a relic in which Genjuro shows her the X-rays with her injury from two years ago. The fragments of the Gungnir that belonged to Kanade were too close to her heart to be removed and were just left there. Ryoko told her to think of it as a parting gift from Kanade. She then asks if it really needs to be kept a secret, as Genjuro tells her that she needs to and she thinks of Miku.

Hibiki then agrees to use her Symphogear to fight the Noise; she then goes out to speak to Tsubasa. As she speaks, the Noise alarm goes off as Noise have been detected. As Tsubasa leaves to fight Hibiki tries to go too, however Genjuro stops her as she is not ready; she leaves anyway as she has the power to help people. Hibiki tries to help Tsubasa and tells her that even though she might've gotten in Tsubasa's way she wants to fight together. However Tsubasa then raises her blade to fight her.

Battle Against Noise

Episode 3 Hibiki tries reasoning with Tsubasa thinking that she misunderstood, however Tsubasa knew what she meant and refuses to fight alongside her. She demands that Hibiki prepares her armed gear, however Hibiki cannot understand as she does not know what an armed gear is. Tsubasa tries to attack Hibiki but Genjuro comes to her protection and deflects Tsubasa's attack. As Tsubasa is helped up by Genjuro, Hibiki states that she knows that she is useless right now, but she will try to replace Kanade. Unfortunately, Tsubasa denies it as Genjuro notice her slaps Hibiki.

She is later seen with Miku as her phone goes off, telling her of a meeting with the Response Corps. As Miku questions her and offers to cover for her, she promises not to fall behind on her reports. Hibiki struggles with undressing and Miku helps her. At the meeting Genjuro asks her about her knowledge of Noise, to which she replies that she only knows what the news and school tells her. She then receives her first business card from Shinji who she now knows is Tsubasa's manager. As she comments that it's scary to think that someone was sending Noise toward them Ryoko comforts her.

As she ponders why they had to wage war, Ryoko starts to display some of her sexual tendencies at Hibiki. The next day as they sing the school anthem, Hibiki spots Tsubasa and stops singing, leading to her being scolded by her teacher. Later on as she writes her report, Yumi and Kuriyo are feeding her. As the girls leave to play badminton, Miku stays behind to help her. Later that afternoon, Hibiki turns in her report that the teacher allowed an exception for. As she exclaims in excitement, her teacher tells her to quiet down. Since now she can go watch shooting stars with Miku, Miku runs off to get their bags and Hibiki comments to herself at how fast Miku is. Her phone rings and she answers.

She calls Miku and tells her that something had come up and she had to leave. She transforms and begins to fight the Noise as she waits for Tsubasa to arrive. She fights aggressively and angrily as she had to break her promise with Miku. Her bestial side starts to emerge as she tears the Noise apart. It disappears as a Noise attacks her and she chases after it. Looking at the sky she sees a shooting star. However it turns out to be Tsubasa. As she tries to speak with her, Chris appears, clad in the Nehushtan Armor.

In Episode 4, Hibiki tries to stop Tsubasa from fighting Chris as she is human like the two of them. The two however both yell at her and is pushed aside as Chris attacks. While she watches the two fight, Chris summons Noise to attack Hibiki who runs away. As she is caught by the Noise, Hibiki continues to watch the fighting. As Tsubasa and Chris move on to fight in the area around the clearing, Hibiki tries to call for an Armed Gear, however it doesn't form.

Later, Tsubasa sings her superb song which allows Hibiki to be freed from the Noise. After the effects of Tsubasa's superb song subsides, Hibiki runs towards her and trips just as Genjuro and Ryoko show up.

At the hospital, she is sitting in the waiting room as Shinji shows ups. He gives her a drink and tells her about Tsubasa and Kanade's sacrifice from two years ago. Hibiki understands the sacrifices that Kanade and Tsubasa made, and that it must have hurt Tsubasa's feelings when Hibiki said she wanted to fight with her in which she starts to cry. On the roof of the school, Hibiki thinks about Tsubasa and Miku approaches her. Having noticed that she has been very solitary lately Hibiki starts to ramble and Miku takes her hand.

She asks Miku to give her space and thanks her as Miku agrees. Miku then tells her to remain herself, as she doesn't have to change and is irreplaceable. Miku then asks her if she wants to watch the Lyra Meteor Shower and offers Hibiki her phone. However, due to it being a cell phone video, Hibiki is unable to see the meteor shower at all, causing them both to laugh at the absurdity of it.

She is then seen at Genjuro's home asking him to teach her how to fight. He agrees and asks her about action movies. Together they watch movies and train; she also goes out singing with her friends and eats a lot more and watches the sunset with Miku.

At the start of Episode 5, Hibiki is once again training with Genjuro. As she focuses on a punch, she knocks the punching bag off the tree branch sending it into the koi pond. She is next seen with Genjuro after her training. After Aoi gives her a drink, Hibiki apologies to Genjuro for the question and proceeds to ask him if there were any other methods of fighting the Noise that do not require the help of young high school girls. As Genjuro tells her about the secrecy of the Symphogear, Hibiki realizes that she hasn't been very mindful of that. Aoi reassures her that leaks were also part of their jobs.

Having listened to the entire explanation she then asks about Ryoko, in which Genjuro informs her that she had gone to the government building. After Ryoko returns and everyone is informed on the movement of Durandal, Ryoko sends her home to get rest, where she is scolded by Miku for being gone the entire day. She apologises quickly before running out with a bag in hand. Later as she sits in Section Two's headquarters, Hibiki opens up a news paper which contained a picture of Tsubasa with false information about her hospitalization.

Shinji appears and the two talk before Hibiki runs off. Later she is seen with a group of agents as Genjuro briefs them on their mission. As they drive, Hibiki calls out to Ryoko as a portion of the bridge crumbles. After the car is flipped over, Hibiki retrieves Durandal and tries to run with Ryoko to keep it safe however an explosions forces her to ground. As Ryoko defends them, Hibiki transforms and begins to fight, however she trips due to the heels on her Symphogear and breaks them off, allowing her easier movement for fighting. As she fights she displays that the training she has undergone had been effective and now fights the Noise much more easily.

She is caught off guard by Chris and is kicked to the ground as Chris tries to obtain the Durandal. She knocks Chris out of the way and grabs a hold of Durandal activating and restoring the relic. Her beastial side begins to emerge and with the use of Durandal causes massive damage to the plant. Later she wakes up, still holding Durandal with Ryoko fixing her appearance.

Hibiki is seen training on a track with Miku in Episode 6 as she recalls the events with Durandal. Later on, they are in a bath together as Hibiki apologises for dragging Miku along on a Sunday morning and comments on Miku's track experience. When Miku brings up her change, Hibiki admits she never intended to. She agrees to treat Miku to food at Flower later on as repayment for dragging Miku along.

Later while at Lydian, she is on the phone with Shinji who was tied up with another assignment. She accepts as she sees Miku waiting for her. Hibiki declines her offer and apologies before running off. Later on, she is seen holding a bouquet of flowers as she visits Tsubasa. Upon seeing the room in disarray she assumes that Tsubasa was kidnapped and questions if Tsubasa is okay when she shows up.

Later on, after the room is cleaned Hibiki is folding some clothes as Shinji had asked her to take care of Tsubasa for him. Hibiki tells Tsubasa that she perceived her as someone who did everything perfectly. As Tsubasa asks for the reason why, Hibiki answers that she didn't really know, as helping others was kind of a hobby. And speculates that she possibly is fighting because of the concert two years ago. As she wanted to be useful to someone at the very least.

As they speak on the rooftop, Hibiki recalls the many events since becoming a Symphogear user as she explains her thoughts. As she runs off, Hibiki receives a call and meets up with Miku, but the two are attacked by Chris. Transforming, she saves Miku and leads Chris away from Miku. Away from Miku, Hibiki begins to list off things about herself as she tries to get Chris to talk, not wanting to fight.

She tries to materialise an Armed Gear but is unable to and comes to the conclusion that if she cannot form one, she could channel it into her punches instead.

Hibiki is still trying to reason with Chris in Episode 7 as she doesn't want to fight. Hibiki is beaten back by an angry Chris before and after Chris transforms. She runs from the attacks before being protected by Tsubasa. As Tsubasa and Chris fight, Hibiki jumps in the way and destroys a Noise that was aiming for Chris. She is caught by her after landing. Later after a check-up with Ryoko, Hibiki stumbles slightly and is caught by Ryoko. After the check up she thinks about Miku briefly before Ryoko pokes her chest, near her heart and is informed about Gungnir's fusion to her tissue. Hibiki returns to hers and Miku's shared dorm to find Miku reading, as Hibiki tries to speak to her Miku expresses her anger at Hibiki for keeping secrets.

The next day, Hibiki spaces out in class as she stares at Miku and the teacher picks on her. At lunch, Hibiki asks to sit with Miku who ignores her. Hibiki chases after Miku after she runs off. She finds Miku on the roof and apologies for all the secrets.

Hibiki is speaking to Genjuro about a Noise attack in Episode 8, in which she learns that Chris had also been in that area and had been fighting them. She worries for Chris before hanging up and finding that Miku wasn't in class. Later on, Hibiki is on the roof wondering about Miku before she sees Tsubasa. The two talk and Tsubasa tries to cheer her up. Hibiki argues back to Tsubasa that instead of a song of destruction, her songs had been what had saved her two years ago.

Having been given order to deal with the Noise, Hibiki also finds Miku in an abandoned building cornered by a giant Noise. As the Noise reacts to sounds, Hibiki isn't able to transform without putting them in danger. As Miku distracts the Noise, Hibiki transforms to find Miku and the Noise, thinking back to the conversation that they just had. Hibiki destroys the Noise and saves Miku before having her transformation cancelled. The two make up and take a picture together.

Later that night the two are once again sleeping in the same bed as Hibiki playfully pretends to fall asleep quickly.

Hibiki shows Miku around the secret base in Episode 9 before she sees Tsubasa and introduces Miku to her, she comments that it was weird to have Miku in the base with them. Hibiki becomes exited about hearing Ryoko's epic tale of love and assumes that it was an amazing fairy tale with princesses and knights. She swears to one day get secrets out of Ryoko. After Ryoko leaves, Hibiki proposes that they all go on a date.

The next day, having overslept, Hibiki causes herself and Miku to be late in meeting with Tsubasa. During the date, Hibiki swears to win the toy that Tsubasa wants for her, who comments that she was getting too into the game. She exclaims that the game was rigged and wants to transform and wonders if her anger will finally summon an armed gear. At the Karaoke place, she expresses excitement about singing with a real pop star. The next day she is given a ticket for Tsubasa's upcoming performance at the same stadium where she was attacked.

The night of the concert, Hibiki is once again running late as the Noise had started to appear. She gets a call from Genjuro and is asked to fight alone as she wants Tsubasa to be able to do her show. She comes to Chris' aid and the two fight together.

Battle Against Finé

A day later, Hibiki is seen with Miku in Episode 10 as they walked out of a room. She immediately stops walking to listen as soon as she heard the Lydian School Choir singing their school's anthem. Later on, Hibiki is talking to Tsubasa and Genjuro via transmitter. Hibiki reassures Genjuro that Ryoko is fine for she's likes him which Tsubasa contradicted saying that Ryoko doesn't have any power nor fighting ability. Afterwards, Hibiki talks about Kadingir with Tsubasa, Genjuro and Ryoko. Closing the transmitter, Hibiki informed Miku about their subject of conversation before she was called again to respond in a Noise attack. Hibiki left Miku after saying that the latter is her sunshine and she'll always come back for her.

Hibiki was dropped off by a helicopter to fight the Noise together with Tsubasa. The two were joined by Chris who came for their aid as Genjuro stated. She helps Tsubasa and Chris settle their argument and formulate a plan of attack in the midst of the battle. After fighting, Hibiki hugs Chris before she receives a call from Miku saying that the Lydian Music Academy was under attack.

In Episode 11, Hibiki, Chris and Tsubasa arrived at Lydian Music Academy which was already destroyed. They see Ryoko transform into Finé. Hibiki asked Ryoko if everything was a joke and Ryoko answered her by telling her what happened to the real Ryoko. Hibiki and the two fight Finé to the point that Chris sacrifices herself to stop Finé and Hibiki cannot do anything but to watch.

In Episode 12, Hibiki gets angry from what happened to Chris, to the point that she goes berserk and relentlessly attacks Finé and Tsubasa. She is stopped by Tsubasa, who uses shadow weave to return her back to normal when Tsubasa destroyed the Kadingir. Lifelessly, Hibiki was attacked by Finé and she didn't even defend herself. She regained her fighting spirit when she heard the Lydian Academy's Hymn being sung. Hibiki activates her hidden power which manage to restore her, Chris and Tsubasa's strength.

Hibiki, together with Chris and Tsubasa in Episode 13, fight Finé and demolishes her plan. She, along with Chris and Tsubasa, fly to the moon to stop the falling moon, Finé's last resort plan, saving the Earth. Later on, the three are considered dead.

However, a later on, the trio emerge again, having just faked their deaths to avoid complications.

Symphogear G

Hibiki was first seen fighting Noise along with Chris as they protect the Solomon's Cane and handed it over to Dr. Ver. When leaving to see Tsubasa's performance, the two were held back as the Noise attacked the facility where they left the Solomon's Cane.

Later on, Hibiki was seen riding the helicopter together with Chris and was in shock as she saw a black Gungnir. They arrived at the exact time Tsubasa was cornered and began helping her.

Symphogear GX

Symphogear AXZ

-Destructor God Hibiki-

In Episode 12, separated from its previous host Tiki and transferred to the new vessel of God, Hibiki Tachibana, the Power of God manifested in silver colored mayhem. A giant of light. It's official designation is "Divine Weapon type2_Hibiki" but was also given the "Destructor God Hibiki" name out of convenience. In Tiki's case, her obedient and blind love for Adam Weishaupt created a convenient weapon (woman) for him to use. However, in this irregular case, the Power of God was overlaid upon the God Killer curse that was affixed to Gungnir. As a result, the manifestation stopped at a level far from even being considered a demigod, and would perhaps be more likened to that of a newborn god. Even so, the power of the giant was fearsome, in particular the beams shot from its mouth were more than enough to lay waste to the surrounding area. In fact, analysis revealed that these beams are its voice applied to a directional melody and released with high density and compression. In other words, they were a plasmified "song".

-Reactive Contamination-

In Episode 13, thanks to Saint Germain and the information she handed over regarding the Lapis Philosophorum, the reactive contamination cleansing process was sped up considerably. When it came time to rescue Hibiki from the Power of God, Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika's converter units had already been decontaminated. Thus "Operation: Birthday Party" was able to begin with all participating members in perfect condition. However, just after they managed to recover Hibiki they were forced into an even more dire situation and eventually found themselves facing down Adam Weishaput for the last time. At this point Hibiki's converter was the only one that had not been decontaminated and that made it like a ticking time-bomb. Unfortunately it exploded with the worst possible timing, right as she went in for the final blow. Her Symphogear instantly became dysfunctional (Gungnir_Status Ailment) and she was unable to rely on its abilities. With its output falling drastically, the gear turned grayscale and became nothing more than shackles upon Hibiki's body. With her unable to even move, Adam prepared to deliver his own final blow. At that moment, Tsubasa and the others converted the armor of their cleansed gears into energy and released it at Hibiki. The outside energy was able to compensate for Gungnir's low output and thanks to that quick thinking, Hibiki was able to escape the impending attack. Although Gungnir remained greyscale, her friend's thoughts and feelings became a rainbow-colored phosphorescence that surrounded her. Further, Hibiki's ability to "connect" gave her limited access to the other gear's attacks and abilities.

-Limited Model_Alchemic Gold-

The assistance from Tsubasa, Chris, Maria, Shirabe and Kirika combined with the strong wills of Saint Germain, Cagliostro and Prelati took the form of a radiant, golden Symphogear. It is the result of Hibiki Tachibana's blooming courage as it broke the boundaries between friend and enemy. The fruit of her labour: Limited Model_Alchemic Gold. Adam referred to this phenomenon as "gold transmutation," however in reality it is different from the physical creation of gold via cold fusion that he had performed before. This was a more pure form of alchemy, a true "transmutation to gold." It seems that the crushed Spell Caster's energy which normally forms the Faust Robe became active during the violent exchanges of the final battle and acted as the catalyst. The Lapis Philosophorum that was the power source for Saint Germain and the others does more than just cleanse impurities. Legends say it also has the ability to transform base metals into precious metals, or in other words to directly turn imperfect things into their perfect form. In the instant that Hibiki's Symphogear turned completely golden, her body temporarily became a type of living alchemic reactor. And similar to when her body was a sacrist fusion, she demonstrated explosive power far beyond the norm and it completely overwhelmed Adam even in his full powered final form.

Symphogear XV

Attacks & Abilities

Holy Chant

Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron

MENU [1] 0:00


Hibiki's X-Drive in S1.

Hibiki's X-Drive in G.

Hibiki's X-Drive in GX.

Hibiki's Burning X-Drive (concept art).

Hibiki's Ignite Module.

Hibiki after activating both her X-Drive and Ignite Module.

Limited Model_Alchemic Gold, from AXZ.

Hibiki's Amalgam.


Hibiki owns the Gungnir relic as a fragment inside of her. As a Symphogear user, she has the ability to fight Noise with the use of the anti-noise armour that clads her in battle. As a candidate for the Symphogear, she can activate relics with her song and summon armed gear in battle.

Since Hibiki's relic is but a fragment of the Gungnir relic originally owned by Kanade, Hibiki does not have access to the lance-type Armed Gear characteristic of other Gungnir users. However, she does not need the lance, as her Armed Gear, as described by Genjuro Kazanari, is her own hands, a "knuckle-type". This appears to gradually become more literal, as by the time Season 2 comes around, she is able to transform the gauntlets that would normally detach into more powerful weaponized forms. By the time Symphogear G comes around, Hibiki's increased control over her armor allows her to utilize rockets and automatic pistons, eliminating the drawback of needing to manually pull the pistons back for each punch and giving her a wider array of attacks. In GX Episode 13, she develops her own "Armed Gear" when she absorbs the X-Drive energy from the Armed Gears of other characters into Gungnir's Armed Gear. This forms the basis for Glorious Break.

Despite her Armed Gear is knuckle-type, Hibiki is the only Gungnir user who does not show names for her attacks in the anime, with the exception in XDU. Hibiki uses martial arts learned from training with Genjuro, combined with channelling the energy normally used for an Armed Gear into pistons created out of her gauntlets to produce extremely powerful punches.

Hibiki has pistons attached to her legs called Power Jacks (パワージャック Pawājakku). Mainly they are used when falling from high altitudes as a damper to alleviate damage from impact, however it can also be used to create a burst of acceleration or amplify the power of kicking attacks. The shock wave it produces can also be used to "kick in" the air which allows the user to move through the air in a limited capacity.

The energy consumption of this move is much larger than it appears, however, and considering the cost and risk involved it was never sanctioned as a proper usage of the equipment. In Symphoger G, by channeling the energy created through pushing the depth of her relic fusion to the limit, Hibiki was able to use this technique consecutively in coordination with her vernier thrusters to raise her maneuverability to equal terms with the Shénshòujìng Symphogear's ionocraft ability, thereby unfolding a faux dog fight in the skies.

However, at the end of G, Hibiki no longer has the shard of Gungnir in her chest due to being purged by the Shénshòujìng. However, Maria gave Hibiki her Gungnir to replace it which she uses in a normal manner as a necklace to transform and fight. Elfnein theorized that Hibiki being able to progress from a human-relic fusion to a full-fledged attuned so quickly was because the Shénshòujìng also purged her of the Curse of Balal.


  • Gungnir
  • Durandal
  • XDU Exclusive
Image Description
Hibiki Style: Spear Thrusting Strike(我流・撃槍衝打 Garyū: Gekisō Shōza?)

Hibiki's first made up attack; by gathering and concentrating energy, she can extend the Gear of her arms, before releasing it after connecting her fist with her opponent.

Hibiki Style: Earth Penetrating Power(我流・大地浸透勁 Garyū: Daichi Shintōkei?)

Hibiki uses Hibiki Style・Spear Thrusting Strike toward the ground, making the ground below the giant Noise rises, making it lose its balance.

Hibiki Style: Extra-Large Spear Rush(我流・特大撃槍 Garyū: Tokudai Gekisō?)

With her X-Drive, Hibiki can perform a greater version of her Hibiki Style: Spear Thrusting Strike by extending the Gear much further, the destructive power used against the falling frament of the moon.

Hibiki Style: Spear's Violent Destruction(我流・撃槍烈破 Garyū: Gekisō Reppa?)

Hibiki can now transforms the Gear of her arms, adding rocket at the end of her arms, to strike with a rocket-punch which can release a second impact upon contact.

Hibiki Style: Sky Hammer Kick(我流・空鎚脚 Garyū: Sora Tsuchi Ashi?)

Hibiki land forcefully on the special dragon like Noise, before extending the Gear of her legs to deal the killing blow with the additional impact.

Roar Wearing Madness(狂装咆哮 Kyō Sō Hōkō?)

While in her Berserk state, Hibiki jumps in the air, transforms her arm into a giant spear, and lands on her opponent before piercing their body with it.

Hibiki Style: Super Rank Spear's Violent Destruction(我流・超級撃槍烈破 Garyū: Chōkyū Gekisō Reppa?)

In her X-Drive form, Hibiki can now transforms the Gear of her arm in spear-like form, still linked to her arm, thrusting and dealing with the high numbers of Noise around her.

Hibiki Style: Star Stream Spear(我流・星流撃槍 Garyū: Seiryū Gekisō?)

In her Ignited form, Hibiki transforms the Gear of her arm, before punching the air, creating a torrent of fire, collliding with Carol Malus Dienheim and crashing her in a wall, Hibiki then emerge from the fire toward the sky before charging anew while transforming the Gear of her leg and activating the propulsor to deal the fatal blow with a burning kick.

Blue Flash(蒼ノ一閃 Aoi no Issen?)

After gaining power from Tsubasa's Ame no Habakiri, Hibiki was able to use the attack against Adam Weishaupt.

Armor Purge(アーマーパージ Āmāpāji?)

Hibiki used it on Chris' advice, freeing herself from Adam Weishaupt grip.

Energy Shield(エナエギー シエルド Enaegī Shierudo?)

After gaining power from Maria's Airgetlám, Hibiki was able to form a triangular shield to protect herself without her knowing.

Extreme Σ Style: Forbidden Full Moon(非常Σ式・禁月輪 Hijō Sigma-Shiki: Kin Getsurin?)

After gaining power from Shirabe's Shul Shagana, Hibiki was able to use the attack against Adam Weishaupt.

Kill Juliet(切・呪リeッTぉ Kiru Jurietto?)

After gaining power from Kirika's Igalima, Hibiki was able to use the attack against Adam Weishaupt.

TESTAMENTThrough the help of Saint-Germain and the other alchemists, Hibiki was able to Rebuild her gear enhanced with Golden Transmutation while being powered by the other five gears. She then unleashes a flurry of strikes powerful enough to dent Adams chest and slowly lift him into the air and finally launch him through the roof. She then explosively activates her jets to fly upwards and embed her fists into his chest, dealing the finishing blow with the gauntlets charging up and punching straight through his entire torso.
Hibiki Style: Offensive Spear Vajra(我流・金剛撃槍 Garyū: Enka Suisei Yari?)


Hibiki Style: Flameflower Comet Spear(我流・炎花彗星槍 Garyū: Enka Suisei Gekisō?)

Hibiki, in her Burning X-Drive, performs a powerful punch with her fist covered in flames while flying at high speed, its force is three times stronger compared to that of a nuclear warhead.

METANOIABy gathering all the Phonic Gain of humanity into her palm, Hibiki becomes able to break through Shem-Ha's attack. She then hugs her, expelling Shem-Ha out of Miku's body.
Twin Star Hammer -DIASTER BLAST-(双星ノ鉄槌 -DIASTER BLAST- Sōsei no Tettsui -DIASTER BLAST-?)

From the Season 1 manga. A combined attack used by Tsubasa and Hibiki.

Certain Love Duo Shout(必愛デュオシャウト Hitsuai Dyuo Shauto?)


S2CA Tri BurstTo win against a Noise with a very high growth ability, Hibiki, Tsubasa and Chris sing their Superb Song. The energy created, which destroys most of the Noise, is then taken upon by Hibiki with a great effort of her part, in which she combines the Gears of her arms together to form a new one on her right arm. Once the energy is fully concentrated in it, she jumps towards the main body of the Noise using the Gear of her waist as rocket, and punches it while her Gear spins furiously to make the final thrust, creating a rainbow light tornado destroying the Noise completely and rising high in the sky.
VitalizationA six-member combination attack accessible only with the X-Drive, which forms a pair of large arms out of Gungnir and Airgetlám's armor components that deliver a combined punch fuelled by the energy of all six Symphogears.
Glorious BreakIf the armed gear can be said to be the embodiment of the users will, then Hibiki's armed gear, which appeared for the first time here, seemed as if it had precisely the form of a hand, tightly gripping the feelings she connected and tied together. "Glorious Break" is an attack carrying the power of 5 relics and Gungnir, which displayed enough destructive power to surpass the assault of Carol's final battle form, the Green Lion Machine.



Akira Tachibana - Her father, due to the aftermath of the Zwei Wing concert, he left her, her mother, and her grandmother because he was unable to cope with the pressure, however in deep of his heart, he still cares for Hibiki. Following their sudden reunion, Hibiki at first didn't think that it would be possible for their broken family to be restored, but after he saved her from Carol, and reminded her that he had been the one who taught her the words "Fine, totally fine", they appear to be on the road to reconciliation.


Miku Kohinata — Miku is Hibiki's roommate and best friend. They have been friends since at least middle school, and have become near-inseparable since, to the point of sleeping together in the same bunk bed. Hibiki says that Miku is her sunshine and that it's warmest by her side. Though Miku is in love with Hibiki, while Hibiki sees Miku as her most precious friend, she does not seem to reciprocate that same love for the majority of the series. However, XV Episode 13 strongly implies Hibiki has come to realize the true extent of her feelings for Miku, and that she wishes to become good enough to respond to Miku's "eternal love" someday.

Tsubasa Kazanari — Hibiki tries her best to become friends with Tsubasa, but she keeps pushing her away because she thinks that Hibiki cannot replace Kanade. She eventually opens up to Hibiki and allows her to be her friend.

Kanade Amou — As Kanade died shortly after a short-time meeting Hibiki, but there isn't much of a relationship. However, Kanade imparted to Hibiki to never accept giving up on life.

Chris Yukine — Former enemy. Genjuro helped her open up and is now an ally. She still finds Hibiki annoying and an idiot but remain friends.

Genjuro Kazanari — After Chris' attack on them with the use of the Nehushtan Armor, Hibiki requested him to train her in martial arts. He has shown to have a lot of faith in Hibiki and her abilities and trusts her judgement.

Ryoko Sakurai — Ryoko — or rather, Finé — showed inappropriate interest in Hibiki and occasionally sexually harassed her, even when in front of others, to which Hibiki responded with obvious shock and discomfort. Ryoko even assembled a stalker shrine made of photos of Hibiki in her laboratory.

Saint-Germain — Although she is her enemy, Hibiki still wants to understand her and her way to "save mankind". Hibiki thinks Germain is stubborn but understands the pain of her tragic past. In the end, Hibiki truly wants to be her friend, finally acquiring her newfound power of friendship.


  • Hibiki's battle song genre is Celtic music.
  • The Scar on her chest bears similarity with the symbol "forte" f , which in music dynamics, means a louder, stronger note. The shape is also reminiscent of the holes in a violin.
  • She's never had a boyfriend in her life.
  • She is a big fan of Zwei Wing.
  • Her favorite food is rice.
  • Hibiki's battle songs often contain the word "future" (mirai) (未来). The alternate reading for this kanji is "Miku."
  • The scarf that her Symphogear gained in Senki Zesshō Symphogear G onwards is based on the wings that her X-Drive had at the end of Season 1.
    • The scarf her gear has in Senki Zesshō Symphogear XV is a reference to the alternate world Hibiki who wraps the two scarfs around her neck like a muffler.
  • Hibiki's punching style is designed by Fumiaki Kouta. Kouta himself has also worked in designing characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, notably Jotaro Kujo, Dio Brando, Jonathan Joestar, Noriaki Kakyoin and Josuke Higashikata. Hibiki's punching style and ability are strongly influenced by Kouta's previous works in the JoJo's series, with Kouta himself even illustrated a Hibiki's copycat version of Jotaro.
  • Hibiki's G design is reminiscent of Junk Warrior from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, and one of her attacks (specifically, her finisher in the first episode of G) is an almost shot-for-shot recreation of its Scrap Fist. The two series have the same director, Katsumi Ono, who noted the homage on his Twitter the day the episode aired.
  • In an interview with Hibiki and Miku's voice actors, they consider the two characters to be like a married couple.
    • At the Symphogear Live 2018, Aoi Yuuki jokingly refers to Iguchi Yuka as her wife.
  • During the training montage with Genjuro she is seen in a white martial arts gi and a red hachimaki around her neck similar to Makoto from the Street Fighter series.
  • Like many of the other wielders, Hibiki also references other mecha shows: In her berserk state, her movements and poses closely resemble those of a berserk Evangelion Unit, most notably Units 01 and 03