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Hexagon Koopa is a community Koopaling character shaped largely like a hexagon due to a birth defect.

Physical appearance

Hexagon Koopa resembles a typical Koopaling, besides having a huge, hexagon-shaped body. His shell is hexagonal as well, with a bright orange-yellow carapace and sharp polygonal spikes. Because of this, he is prone to falling over onto his back. Hexagon has orange-red hair and eyes as well.



Hexagon is pretty edgy, due to his six edges. He does not get along well with people who don't share his interests. He buys bottled water from the coffee shop.

Likes and interests

Hexagon is a huge fan of edgy hipster bands, like Linkin Park and the Beatles. He is a fan of hyperrealistic shooter games like Splatoon; and his favorite Squid Sister is Callie, because she is more relaxed and not as loud and peppy as Marie.


Hexagon Koopa does not like hexagons or hexaflexagons—he sees them as a sign that the universe is mocking him for his condition. It does not help that he lives in Bowser's Castle, where shell-like hexagon patterning is all too common.

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