Herodads: Showering Force
Developer(s) Flaming Games
Publisher(s) Flaming Games
Platform(s) PC
Genre(s) Action
Series Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015
Predecessor Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2015
Successor Shower With Your Dad Simulator 2020
Release Date(s) 3/31/16
Mode(s) Free For All, Shower Madness, Team Stinkmatch, Dad Cleaning
Age Rating(s) T

Herodads: Showering Force is a shooter released for PC 3/31/16. It was made for TheFoxyRiolu's Series Swap Day 2016, as a combination of Heroforce & Shower With Your Dad 2015. Critics have called it "By far the most fucking idiotic game ever to be released on Steam". It has Online Multiplayer and Singleplayer. There is no story, but there is a fuckton of weapons. It costs $20 and was created by Flaming Games.


Herodads: Showering Force has multiple different modes playable in Singleplayer or Multiplayer. In multiplayer, you can choose either local or online. In singleplayer, you face bots who take randomly generated dad skins and weapons. The modes range from Shower Madness where you have to  be the first one to finish showering in the golden shower at the center of every map, to Dad Cleaning where each dad tries to clean eachother the most without killing the other dad (which will make them lose a point) but every dad gets dirtier every second. 


The gameplay consists of using various weapons to make the other dads extremely dirty, while keeping yourself clean. The weapons range from Shit Bazookas to Worm Traps which will cause worms to crawl all over whatever dad goes on it. Instead of medkits, you can find bowls of water. However when you walk over a bowl of water to use it, you have 3 seconds of vulnerability while you quickly dump it over your dad and your character reaches for whatever weapon you held last. Instead of the dad dying, the dad slowly cries himself to sleep as he gets dirtier and dirtier and then respawns at a random respawn point. Each map also has one secret weapon hidden in it that will spawn halfway through the round. Each weapon also has one special ability you can use once you've gathered a crystal shard (obtained by making 5 dads in a row dirty). Killstreaks are called Cleanstreaks in Herodads: Showering Force.


There's a fuckton of weapons in Herodads: Showering Force so this is not the full list. There are 4 different types of weapons: Gun, Healer, Melee, and Trap. (Special is reserved for the secret weapons in each map)

Name Special Ability Weapon Type Unlock Criteria Normal Ability
Dirt Pistol Shoots a dirt rocket at the nearest Dad. Gun None Shoots specks of dirt at dads.
Ion Sponge Sprays every dad on your team with water - every other dad gets sprayed with dirt. Healer None Sprays the nearest dad with water or dirt.
Worm Trap The worms will also disable the Dad's weapons for 10 seconds. Trap None Covers whatever dad walks over it with worms for 5 seconds that slowly deal damage.
Used Towel Will stun dads for 3 seconds. Melee None Has a chance of spreading a disease to a dad.
Shit Bazooka 2 more shit rockets get shot out of it. Gun Reach level 5 Shoots a shit rocket at a dad that deals a ton of damage, but is easily dodged.
Water Gun Whatever teammate you hit with it will get fully healed. Healer Reach level 5 Shoots a small spray of water at a teammate, healing them.
Leaky Faucet A shark will come out of it and eat the dad whole. Trap Reach level 5 When stepped on, it causes a spray of contaminated water at the nearest dad.
Moldy Soap Will cause the dad whacked to rapidly lose health up to 1 HP. Melee Reach level 5 Causes bacteria to get on the dad with a higher chance of spreading a disease than Used Towel.
Golden Shit Bazooka Shoots 5 shit rockets at once. Gun/Special Find it in the "Shitty Shape" map. Shoots a homing shit rocket.


There's various different dads to be unlocked. The only difference is what they look like. Just like the weapons, not all will be listed.

Name Unlock Criteria Appearance
Big D Kill the same dad 5 times in 1 round. Is a white nude old man who keeps grinning.
Little D Kill all the different dads in 1 round. Is a white old man wearing dusty clothes who's facial expression is blank.
Tony Clark Kill 10 players. Is a black man who looks like your everyday dad and has a grin on his face.
Ness Win 5 rounds in a row. Is a white man who's wearing a belt with a yoyo attached to it for no reason at al..
Jeff Bangs None Is a black man with short brown hair who looks like a businessman.
Patrick Bar None Is a white man with long blonde hair that looks like a plumber.
Danny Laira None Is a black man with short red hair that looks like a athlete.
Fat Elvis Lose 5 rounds in a row. Is a fat bald white man who is nude.
Ralph Marle Get a special weapon in a round. Is a skinny black man who looks like your everyday dad.


There are 10 different maps to be found in Herodads: Showering Force. Some need to be unlocked to be played on in singleplayer, while on multiplayer you can play on any map.

Name Unlock Criteria Description
Shitty Shape None A place made out of multiple shitty shapes, it's famous for Circle Plaza and Square Tower.
Dusty Bathroom Kill 20 dads total. A bathroom full of unused towels, broken toliets, and sinks that spray out dust. Only the manliest of men can use this bathroom.
Spirit's Path None A ghosty realm for the dads who were unable prevent getting dirty and dumped.
Crappy Rocket Play the game 5 days in a row. A rocket in the middle of space that's cramped and has ladders into space.
Sewers None The dirtiest place in the world, just standing still will make you become dirty.
Plaza of Dads Kill 50 dads total. A plaza full of mannequins that look like dads, this is where lonely dads talk to their fake friends.
Movie Theater None Full of popcorn, dropped sodas, and stains that could scare any dad away. Atleast the movies are good!
Exploding Skyscraper Lose 5 times in a row. Run up the stairs quick, it's slowly exploding from the bottom!
Pity Party Lose 10 times in a row. A party where no other dads came, making you the only dad. Except for the other dads.

Hot & Steamy DLC

On 1/20/17, a DLC was released for the game called Hot & Steamy for $10. It includes new maps, weapons, and four new dads. Matchmaking Lobbies were also added - these seperated servers with the DLC enabled (players will be kicked if they don't own the DLC) and servers without it enabled (even if players own the DLC, the new dads and weapons are locked. You can't do any of the new maps.) Matchmaking Lobbies also come with a practice mode - while waiting for the game to begin, you can practice against bots from levels 1-10 and you get to customize the weapons they use, you use, and the map it's on. The Hot & Steamy DLC is also the only way to get dads with special effects.


Name Unlock Criteria Appearance
Pizzaman Pat Get a Cleanstreak of 10 in the map Pizza Palace. Pizzaman Pat is wearing a Pizza suit, which he never takes off. Rumor says that he even has sex in the Pizza suit.
Hotdog Hank Get a Cleanstreak of 10 in the map Hotdog Kingdom. Hotdog Hank is a nude man wearing a Hotdog costume. He has a long and skinny penis, which has a 10% chance of spraying the dad who lost attacked him with "Mustard".
Fatass Frank Buy the DLC. Fatass Frank is the hardest dad to use. He's the fattest dad, wearing pajamas. Some say that if you manage to win Dad of the Hill with him, you're professional at the game. He's also the slowest character.
Shithoser Steve Get attacked by the Golden Shit Bazooka eight times in one round. Shithoser Steve loves to take shits next to the toliet and smear it all over the wall. If you hit him with a melee weapon, he puts his hands in your face, causing you to get dirty.


Name Unlock Criteria Description
Pizza Palace Buy the DLC. Pizza Palace is where kids go to drown their sorrows, and is home to the beloved mascot Pizzaman Pat. Sometimes, kids throw their half-eaten pizzas at the dads, causing them to slip and get dirty.
Hotdog Kingdom Buy the DLC. Hotdog Kingdom is an abandoned Hotdog diner across the street from Pizza Palace. Some say it was closed down because the mascot was engaging in sexual activities with kids. Others say it was because of the fact the bathroom smells and slowly makes you dirty the longer you stay in there, despite being the safest spot.


Reception for Herodads: Showering Force has been mixed. Some say that it's good enough, and others say that it's a piece of shit game that never should of been created and the creator was obviously on some drugs.


  • According to the creator of Heroforce, Pyrostar, a Showering Force custom is confirmed.
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