Hero (SSB. Amplified)
Universe Dragon Quest
Official Debut Dragon Quest III (1988)[Arus/Arusu]

Dragon Quest IV (1990) [Solo] Dragon Quest VIII (2004) [Eight] Dragon Quest XI (2017) [Eleven]

Availability Unlockable
Final Smash Gigaslash

"Hero" are veterans in Super Smash Bros. Amplified from the Dragon Quests games in the Dragon Quest franchise. They are the sole fighters of his franchise. They are unlockable. All the voice actors of the Dragon Quest Heroes reprise their respective roles.


The Hero has an MP meter which means Hero must be careful of spell use. His Smash Attacks can 'crit' at random times, but it's not as strong as before.

Special Moves
Neutral Special Frizz/Frizzle/Kafrizz Sends out a fire spell that can be charged.
Side Special Zap/Zapple/Kazap Sends an electric bolt for Zap. Zapple launches a bolt outward like laser. Kazap enchants swords and spin slashes for moderate damage.
Up Special Woosh/Swoosh/Kaswoosh Creates a wind that propels upward.
Down Special Command Section The Hero thinks of random abilities and spells and uses the selected one.
Final Smash Gigaslash
Down Special Techniques and Effects
Technique MP Cost Description Chance to appear (in %)
Zoom 8 The Hero zips to a random location on the stage. 15
Metal Slash 6 Does low damage to normal state foes. Does moderate damage to metal characters. 7
Oomph 16 16
Whack 10 Sends out a bolt of curse magic that has a formulaic chance of KOing foes. Lower Stamina health and high percent damage increases the chance. Can be absorbed, shielded, and reflected. Cannot appear alongside of Thwack. 1
Thwack 30 Sends out an AoE bubble of curse magic that has a chance of KOing foes. Pulls foes in, but it can be absorbed, shielded, and reflected. Cannot appear alongside of Whack. 1
Bounce 14 Creates a magic barrier reflecting all projectiles from all angles. 16
Snooze 16 Launches a projectile that puts foes to sleep. Can be shielded, reflected, and absorbed. 17
Hatchet Man 15 18
Kaclang 6 5
Bang 9 16
Kaboom 37 20
Kamikazee 1 Self-Destructs, instantly KOing self. Does fixed unblockable damage of 40%. Last foe to hit Hero is awarded the KO. 5
Kacrackle Slash 11 18
Sizz 8 16
Sizzle 20 20
Hocus Pocus 4 Causes random effects. 3
Magic Burst All Magic Points in possession 5
Psyche Up 14 16
Flame Slash 12 18
Heal 7 Heals Hero for 11%. Can use only twice until Hero is KOed or scores a KO. 7
Acceleratle 13 Trades in some weight and launch rate for higher speed. Can almost match Sonic. 16

Ground Attacks


Side Tilt: Bashes out with shield, then slashes overhead.

Up Tilt: Slightly hops to overhead slashes

Down Tilt: Lunges out to kick foes.

Side Smash: Does an overhanded slash.

Up Smash: Raises his sword up.

Down Smash: Does two sweeping slashes. One forward and one back.


Get Up (On Back):

Get Up (On Face):

Get Up (Trip):

Get Up (Ledge):

Air Attacks

Neutral: Circle

Forward Air:

Back Air:

Down Air:

Up Air: Kicks upward.









Wall Cling/Jump:

Tethering: No

Jump Number: 2

Standing Still:

Idle 1:

Idle 2:

Entry: Lands on the stage with Zoom.

Special Animations

Up Taunt: The Hero raises his sword, triumphantly

Side Taunt:

Down Taunt: Stumbles over a Slime, then a Slime wanders off.

Victory Animation: Hero raises his sword, delivers two horizontal slashes, and poses.

Victory Animation 2: Hero sheaths his sword and sits down, taking a break.

Victory Animation 3: Shows three Slimes, then slightly pans out to Hero walking towards the Slimes.

Trophy Info


The young man who's the new Luminary. He sets off on his destiny of the Luminary to take on the Darkspawn, but led him to many events along the way from getting accused of being Darkspawn and prompted arrested, to meeting new freinds along the way. The Luminary is the main Hero of Dragon Quest, here. Don't worry, there are three other "Hero" people that are showing up with him. They'll fight the same way as well, so pick and choose your favorite.

Hero (Alt)


Gigaslash summons the unplayable "Hero" characters to grant a pepped/high tensioned Hero with a lot of power. The Hero then delivers a powerful slash towards their captured foe. Different cosmetic effects happen to each playable Hero, but it results in the same attack and result. The Luminary has blue pep energy, Erdrick has DQ3 NES sound effects when he slashes, Solo has some 'retro' lightning when he slashes, and Eight has red pep and his bandanna flies off to look similar to Erdrick.


The original Hero to bare the title of Erdrick. Arus is the Hero who first earned the famous title "Erdrick" for rescuing Alefgard. Some descendants of Arus would eventually be Heroes of their own right and one even bares the title "Erdrick" as well. This hero was born to a well known champion named Ortega. "Erdrick" will be a very prominent title for many Heroes and equipment to come.



The Hero of Trodain. He's silent, brave, willing to help those in need, and always ready to deal with threats. Eight aims to protect King Trode and his daughter on his travels to defeat Dhoulmagus. Dhoulmagus is the one who stole Rhapthorne's staff and cursed King Trode and his daughter. Eight looks very plain for a Trodain guard, until he learns of his own heritage. No matter the heritage, Eight's willing to stop Dhoulmagus and Rhapthorne's power to free Trodain and it's royalty from their curse.

Alt Costumes/Palettes

Alternate Costumes
Default Eleven/Purple The default outfit of the Luminary from DQ11. Is the purple outfit made for his adventure.
Palette Eleven/Red The Luminary's color scheme matches DQVIII's Angelo.
Alt Arus/Blue Arus and the default outfit.
Alt Arus/White DQIII Hero's color scheme matches the DQV Hero.
Alt Solo/Teal The DQIV Hero, Solo, as he's advertised.
Alt Solo/Orange Solo's outfit matches the color scheme of the DQ1 Hero. The Slime Earrings turn metal.
Alt Eight/Yellow Eight and his default outfit.
Alt Eight/Blue Eight's outfit changes to DQVI's Terry's color scheme.

Special Attrib.

  • Kirby gains Arus's headgear and Frizz line of spells as his Copy Ability.
  • All Heroes' victory theme is the Dragon Quest overture found in most, if not, all Dragon Quest games.
  • Hero has a MP meter, which limits spell casting. It will slowly regen overtime, but not while Hero gets hit.
  • If Whack and Thwhack were to meant to KO a hit foe, but it was absorbed, the healing from absorbing them will fully heal the target.
  • The critical hits sounds in the Smash attacks are taken directly from the respective games of each Heroes.


  • Eight losing his bandanna throughout his high tension mode in his Final Smash is a nod to Dragon Ball fans that play Smash. The director says that the Dragon Quest Heroes are the closest players are going to get to anything Dragon Ball related.
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