Parent School(s) Hydromancy
Element Blood
Date of Creation  ???FC
First Appearance Blood Trance
Latest Appearance Foregone
Opposing School(s) Sarcomancy
Notable Mage(s)
Coronos Williams
Paladia Viscoe
Hemomancy is the school of magic for manipulating the blood of oneself and others. A wizard who practices Hemomancy is known as a Hemomancer.

Hemomancers often cut themselves in order to use their own blood as a weapon, leading many Hemomancers to have scars all along their arms. Another common trait amongst Hemomancers is for their eyes to turn red, as their eyes begin producing the pigment which makes blood red rather than their natural eye colour's pigment.


Hemomancy is an offshoot of Hydromancy, discovered when water was first successfully isolated from blood. Many Hydromancers, armed with the knowledge that blood contained water, began to practice and refine the art of Hemomancy, but those who were first to master it were of lower moral integrity, using it as a form of torture. Eventually, other wizards began to master it and the Scirevicis Academy began to teach Hemomancy as a magic for self defence and healing (where it worked particularly well alongside Sarcomancy).



Name Description Statistics
Mancer Gun TBA
Fire a projectile of blood from the palm of your hand.
Impact damage
Rupture TBA
Tear through the enemy's skin with their own blood.
Stabbing damage
Cat of Nine Tails TBA
Whip an enemy with a thick strand of your blood.
Stabbing damage
Bloody Needles Your enemies won't know how to deal with this...
Use the blood from your wounds to stab your enemies.
Targets all enemies
Stabbing damage
Damage increases with Health damage received during battle

Finisher Moves

Name Description Statistics
Heartbreaker You didn't need this, did you?
Tear their heart right out of their chest.
Impact and bleeding damage

Combo Finisher Moves

Name Description Class Statistics
Involuntary Donation We appreciate your business.
Drain an enemy of all of their blood.
Hemomancer Bleeding damage
Freeze an enemy's bloodstream.
Cryomancer Cold damage


  • Hemomancy's origin story is similar to that of Bloodbending from the Avatar series, as they are both blood-based abilities which originate from a similar water-based ability (Hydromancy and Waterbending respectively).
  • Many of the abilities are references to the Branches of Sin from the manga and anime series Deadman Wonderland, such as the Mancer Gun (based on the Ganta Gun).
  • The Bloody Needles ability is a reference to a similar ability used by the character Crona in the manga and anime series Soul Eater.
  • The Heartbreaker Finisher Move's name is a reference to Heart's weapon in the original 3.14 games
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