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Umbrella Waffle art

The Helper Bubble is an item initially appearing in Umbrella Waffle, slated to appear in Ninkancho LUD umbrellas as well. It acts like an Assist Trophy, and summoning a helper from across the multiverse to help whoever popped it.

Helper Bubbles form randomly during fights and float through the air rather quickly. A player touching one will pop it. If not popped by a player after a while, a bubble will either pop itself, or float off-screen if it hasn't already.

Their origin is currently unknown and will be revealed at a later time.


Helper Bubbles can summon a variety of helpers in the games in which they appear.

Umbrella Waffle

The main section for this topic is on the page Umbrella Waffle, in the section Helpers.


  • Helper Bubbles were conceptualized to fill the Summoner Orb's role, as Umbrella Waffle takes place in the Mainverse as opposed to the Fantendoverse.
  • The inside of each bubble seems to contain a transparent beveled circle made in PowerPoint, with several images of space layered beneath it.

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