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I'LL MAKE SURE YOU MONSTERS PAY FOR WRECKING MY SHIP!!! Oh...err...sorry about that. I'm kinda in a bad mood right now..."

-Helmer's first line when meeting Luigi.

Helmer is a character introduced in Super Luigi Odyssey. He is a Bonneter that joins Luigi on his quest to find mario. He's the owner of an airship shop located in Bonneton.


Helmer resembles a black builder helmet with with small blue hair sticking out. He has green eyes and bellow the helmet is a white ghostly body like most other Bonneters. Like them, he can transform into any headgear he wants.


He is the owner of the airship of Bonneton. He has a very short temper wich makes him intimidating to most Bonneters (and people who fear ghosts). He's prone to blowing his stack if something goes wrong, but as long as you stay off his bad side, you'll get along with him with no trouble.


Like most Bonneters, Helmer can shapeshift into different types of hats and is capable of being thrown like a boomerang. He's also capable of capturing enemies and using them to his advantage.



Luigi Meets helmer in the Cap Kingdom at the start of his journey. He briefly takes out his anger on luigi before apologizing. he decides to join luigi on his adventure in order to get revenge on Bowser and His army. The two get along pretty well. Thanks to luigi's shy nature,luigi manages to avoid making helmer mad.


Helmer doesn't interact with Mario as much as he does with Luigi,but the two are still on good terms with each other. After the events of Super Luigi Odyssey, Helmer thanks Mario when he finds out that he already took care of Bowser and most of his army.


Helmer and Cappy are on good terms with each other. The two do occasionally argue thanks to helmer's short temper,but they still manage to retain their friendship and work together when something isn't right.


Tiara and Helmer and on good terms with each other. While Helmer isn't related to Tiara and Cappy,he still sees Tiara as a little sister and stands up for her if someone tries to harm her.

Game Appearances

Super Luigi Odyssey

Helmer makes his debut in Super Luigi Odyssey. In this game, he's Luigi's main method of attacking and he's the one who gives Luigi access to the capture ability. The reason he joined Luigi on his quest is to get revenge on Bowser for destroying his airships.

Super Mario Capture Masters

Helmer returns as Luigi's partner, with the same abilities he had in Super Luigi Odyssey. He is unique among the Bonneters due to giving Luigi a higher bounce that Luigi spins in the air from, descending down slowly.

Super Speedstar RPG

Helmer returns in this game as an NPC. He lost a battle against Sonic and wants to get revenge.

Super Mario Spikers

Helmer appears as a playable character in Super Mario Spikers, appearing as a Balanced-type captain. Like the other Bonneter captains, he Captures an enemy to make himself stronger on the court - in his case, a Para-Hammer Bro., allowing him to throw hammers and fly around the court. His emblem is a silhouette of Top Hat Tower from the Cap Kingdom, but with a helmet instead of a top hat, and his theme is British Soul.


Luigi/Helmer Artwork

Captured enemy Artwork


  1. Helmer's angry and aggresive personality is meant to be a contrast to Luigi's cowardly and shy personality.
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