Hellfire Fighters is the first in the Hellfire Fighters series, and is the replacement for the Multiversal Series. It is an Umbrella game of the fighting genre.


Game Modes

Machine Empire: The story mode! Up to 3 players can play, and it is based off of the SSE from Brawl. 

Hellfire:The multiplayer mode, which plays like Brawl from SSBB. However, Final Smashes aren't present and you can switch between life bars or damage counters in the options menu. Up to 6 players can play.  

King of the Hill: You choose a character and you fight all of the other characters one at a time, each one has a different hazard based on the character's franchise (e.g: If you fight Mario, Koopas and Goombas will walk around and attack you.) 

Minigames: It works similarly to the minigame mode from Sonic and the Secret Rings. 

Story Mode

The story mode is called Machine Empire. It is about Rosalina hosting a tournament of the stars, but it is ambushed by a mysterious army of robotic warriors. The leader claims to be a deadly computer virus bent on controlling earth named XANA.

Hellfire Fighters/ The Machine Empire

Playable Characters


There will be 60 default characters.



Character Description Franchise
Super Mario ! Mario The mushroom hero is here to fight! He is a balanced fighter, and uses his Go-Kart, Koopa Shells, and his powerups.  Super Mario Bros
292px-Luigi - Mario & Luigi Dream Team Luigi Luigi joins the fray! He fights with his Poltergeist or can use his Go-Kart like Mario can, and he also can get help from Polterpup or the Luiginoids. Super Mario Bros
RosalinaSSB4 Rosalina The princess of space pretty much, she fights with magic and can get help from Lumas. She also can shoot Star Bits or use her spin attack.  Super Mario Bros
Boo Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour Boo Boo joins the battle! He is a bit of a joke character, as he can't do damage without using an item, or he can temporarily possess the body of another player on the field. However, this only works when there are mor than two people on the stage, so if you are playing as him without items on, you're screwed. On the flipside, he takes a bit less damage than the rest of the cast, being a ghost. Super Mario Bros
Mariosonic sonic Sonic Sonic speeds in! He fights with his spin dash attack, or can use wisp abilities. He isn't that strong though, but he is one of the fastest characters in the game. Sonic the Hedgehog
Ctails Tails Sonic's best pal joins the fray! He fights with weapons like his Arm Cannon or Gummy Ring Bombs, and can fly. He also can use his Mech from Sonic Adventure 2, which slows him down but gives him a great boost in power.  Sonic the Hedgehog
Cspiderman Spiderman The friendly neighborhood Spiderman swings in! He attacks with webshooting, wall-crawling, and is more resistant to pain then other fighters. Spiderman
250px-Mega Man SSB4 Megaman Capcom's mascot, but you wouldn't be able to tell by the way they are treating him. He attacks with his mega buster and can use his robot master weapons, like Metal Blade, Crash Bomb, Flame Sword, and more! Megaman
RaidenMK Raiden The god of thunder, he uses electric blasts to attack as well as his staff, and can teleport. He, like Mario, is an all-around fighter.  Mortal Kombat
Johnnytranmkinferno Johnny Cage Whoever messes with this guy is GONNA GET CAGED. He fights with nut punches and film stunts.   Mortal Kombat
Scorpion-mkvsdc-white Scorpion The face of Mortal Kombat, Scorpion joins the brawl! He uses his two swords to attack or his classic "Get Over Here!" spear.  Mortal Kombat
Hulk-2 Hulk HE SMASHES. Hulk attacks with strong powerful blows. He is strong and has great recovery, but isn't very fast. The Avengers
Iron Man Iron Man He is a founding member of the Avengers, along with Hulk. He attacks with repulsor blasts, jet rockets, and all that fun stuff. The Avengers
Thor png by qwaseer-d4ukrkj Thor The fierce god of thunder joins the brawl! He attacks with his hammer, which he can use to either deliver blunt blows or shoot lightning out of it. The Avengers
DipperGFArt Dipper Dipper joins the fight! He attacks by hitting people with golf clubs and gnomes, or can ride the Multibear.  Gravity Falls
Grapplin hook mabel Mabel Dipper's sister, Mabel is here to battle! She fights with her grappling hook, a bedazzler, and can use her kitten fists. She also can go into Sweater Town mode for a short time, which increases her strength, speed, and durability, but is a bit harder to control.  Gravity Falls


Mario's trusty steed is here to fight! His main method of attack is throwing Yoshi eggs, or can swallow you and turn you into an egg, which Yoshi can throw at other opponents.  Yoshi's Island
Fafunten Unten The mascot of Fantendo is here to join the Hellfire! He attacks with his abilities to absorb Elemental Orbs, and use their elements to attack. He is a quicker fighter, but not the strongest.  Fantendoverse
Donutsteel Donut Steel A crime fighting weapon made by the masters of the Fantendoverse. He fights by exploiting other character's unoriginality and using it against them.  Fantendoverse
DataYE Data The cyborg hero is here to fight! He attacks with his arm cannon or can transform his robot arm into many different weapons. Fantendoverse
Mika sho 2014 Mika Sho The young mutant joins the battle! She attacks with her control over fire, and is thus immune to fire based attacks (e.g: Mario's fireball)  Fantendoverse
NCritic Nostalgia Critic Also known as That Guy With The Glasses, NC reviews crappy movies because he does. He attacks with his gun or can use Mega Voltronic Optimus Primo.  That Guy With The Glasses
GroverTrasparentSamSt Grover Grover comes in to the fray! He's a bit of a joke character, as he can only attack with morals and lessons, or he can fly into people as Super Grover. Sesame Street
DitzyDerpy Derpy Everyone's favorite derpy pony. She attacks with muffins or can knock herself and the opponents down like a domino. But this also damages her.  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle The main character of MLP: FIM. She attacks with magic, or can get help from Spike.  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic 
Rainbow dash flying Rainbow Dash The second fastest character in the game (take a guess who the fastest is.) She can headbutt people, or  use the Sonic Rainboom.  My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Pinkiecore Pinkie Pie The happy go-lucky pony attacks with party cannons and other party things. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
7652 render lucario ssbb Lucario The fighting-steel type pokemon, he attacks with both strong physical attacks and aura blasts.   Pokemon
Zoroark3D Zoroark Zoroark shifts into battle! He can use shapeshifting or can attack with powerful shadow abilities. Pokemon
Furno Brain Attack Furno XL The robot creation of the Hero Factory, Furno XL is armed with a flame sword and shield which he can use to combat opponents.  Hero Factory
Pit KIU Pit The witty hero of the heavens. He fights with his bowsword and has great recovery.  Kid Icarus
PalutenaBrawl Palutena Palutena is the goddess of light, and she attacks with powerful light blasts or her staff.   Kid Icarus
LinkSmash Link The hero of time is ready to battle! He attacks with his Master Sword, bow, boomerangs, and bombs. He also can get a lift from his Loftwing. Legend of Zelda
Zelda Player 2 Zelda Princess Zelda of Hyrule joins the battle! She attacks with magic spells and her light arrow.  Legend of Zelda
ManOfSteelSuperman Superman You can not justify being on this wiki without knowing who this guy is. He fights with laser vision, super strength, and his freezing breath. He also has super speed and flight. His laser vision needs to go on cool down after a while, though, to prevent him from being even MORE broken.  Superman
Jlu-flash The Flash Faster than a speeding bullet, Flash is the fastest dude in the game. He attacks with super speed and can phase through  solid matter.  The Flash
Jack Frost Jack Frost One of the guardians, he attacks with his staff, both as a melee weapon or can make ice from it, and can get help from the other guardians.  Rise of the Guardians
Shantae HalfGenieHero new shantae design 9671669863 l-1 Shantae The half genie hero joins the battle! She attacks with dancing, which stuns the opponent, or she can make like Sindel and whip her hair to attack.  Shantae
Spyro ROCU Spyro  The dragon protector of Skylands is here to battle! He attacks with claws, can fly, or shoot fire out of his mouth, like any good dragon should.  Skylanders
Kirby L Kirby Poyo! Kirby attacks by sucking other players up and using their attacks. He also uses his hammer or can use attacks from enemies that he fought in his games.  Kirby
VillagerSSB4 Villager The happy go-lucky hero of Animal Crossing. He attacks with nets, shovels, and can chop down trees. He also has a unique gimmick: bells will appear randomly on the stage when you play as him, and if you collect these bells, you can level up: gaining  more strength or speed.  Animal Crossing
ASDFMovieGuy ASDFMovie Guy ...Who invited this guy? Anyways, the ASDFMovie Guy attacks with bombs, pineapples, mine turtles, pianos, and a lot more random stuff. ASDFMovie
Wreck it ralph Ralph HE'S GONNA WRECK IT.  Ralph attacks with strong blows from his giant fists. He is strong, but has poor recovery.  Wreck-it Ralph
Steve SMSS2AB Steve The hero of minecraft joins the battle! He uses tools or can get help from his pet wolf.  Minecraft
Calvin Calvin The main protagonist of the comic he stars in. Calvin attacks with water balloons, snowballs, or can eat Frosted Sugar Bombs to boost his speed and regenerate his health. Calvin & Hobbes
Mainchar hobbes Hobbes Calvin's best friend, he attacks with pounces, baseball bats, and croque hammers. Calvin & Hobbes
Cfinnjake Finn The main protagonist of Adventure Time. He attacks with his sword, or can get help from Jake. Jake can be used as a human, err, dog shield, or his stretchy arms can help Finn in battle.  Adventure Time
FoxSSB4 Fox Fox attacks with his trusty blaster, his reflector, or can get help from the Star Fox fleet.  Starfox
Nessness Ness This kid can use his bat and his PK powers to fight.  Earthbound
MASKEDMAN Masked Man Porky's minion, the Masked Man attacks with his arm cannon and can use PK moves, like Ness. Earthbound
Beck Beck The 9th Mighty Number, he attacks by turning his arms into powerful weapons.  Mighty No. 9
Ashura Ashura The famous glitch from Sonic the Hedgehog 2 (I think,) Ashura uses glitched versions of Sonic's moves and can mess up the stage to give him an advantage (because,well,glitch) N/A


There will be 40 secret characters.



Character Description Franchise How to Unlock
1186px-Bowser HUGE Bowser The king of the koopas is here to fight! He attacks with fireballs, his koopa shell, and can also get help from Koopas, Goombas, or Hammer Bros. Super Mario Bros Win as Mario 50 times.
Princess Peach Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Peach The princess of the Mushroom Kingdom, and is pretty much the template for any cliche Disney-esque princess in need of saving. She fights with turnips, random sports items, and can get help from Toads, much like how Bowser can get help from his Koopa Troop.  Super Mario Bros Win as Rosalina 55 times. 
Cat Goomba Artwork - Super Mario 3D World Cat Goomba Wait, WHAT?!!??!?!?! Anyway, this little guy attacks by biting and jumping and diving down. It takes more damage than other players, but can heal itself by getting a Super Bell. Super Mario Bros Beat the Story Mode
Dream Boy2 Dream Boy A lame purple yoshi who uses his dream glove of lameness to fight. He is a prime example of a joke character, as all of his attacks do little damage to the opponents, and some of them even damage him or heal the opponents a bit instead. (and the ones that do any significant damage are stolen from other fighters, mostly Yoshi's) I don't see why you would want to unlock him. 

Yoshi's Island


Lose as Yoshi or Unten 25 times. 
Unknown Photo An IP  Some dumb IP found it's way into the fight. He attacks with random rage outbursts that unsuprisingly don't do a lot of damage.  Fantendoverse Lose 100 times.
Flip 44 Flip The happy frog is here to battle! He attacks with his banjo, his cap, or can get help from his pal Cobby.   Fantendoverse Win 150 matches as Data.
ReggieEnjoyingDat3DS Reggie The president of Nintendo of America is here to join the fray! (god forbid he gets put in an actual Smash Bros game.) He fights with the Wii Remote and Nunchuck, can use Purple Pikmin, or he can transform his skin into solid iron, which makes him invincible for a short time.  Nintendo  Win on the Miiverse stage 60 times. 
Rumble Sprite 1 Rumble The main character of Fight Fighters, Rumble is here to battle! His attacks consist of Fireballs, punches, and kicks, and he can eat a Taco to heal himself. Gravity Falls Win as Dipper 80 times. 
Gideon-gleeful Gideon Gideon is ready to rumble! He attacks with spells from Book 2, and can also temporarily shrink the other players.  Gravity Falls Win as Mabel 90 times.
Bill appearance Bill Cipher The dream demon joins the battle! He can shoot lasers out of his eye, can levitate, and can manipulate the stage to give him an advantage. Gravity Falls Beat Story Mode
300px-Trixie Trixie Like Gideon, Trixie is a show performer and villain at the same time. Despite being a skilled magic user, she mostly attacks by boasting.... and boasting.... and boasting... My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Win as Twilight Sparkle 90 times. 
Legendary Pop-Fizz Pop-Fizz Everyone's favorite soda-drinking Skylander! He attacks by throwing sodas, or he can drink special sodas that can increase either his strength, speed, recovery, or turn him into Beast Pop-Fizz  Skylanders Win as Spyro 100 times.
Samus SSB4 Samus The skilled Metroid slayer joins the battle! She uses her arm cannon to deliver laser blasts, ice beams, and missle. She can also use crash bombs or the Screwattack.  Metroid Win as Pit 100 times. 
Ridley brawl by starwaffle-d3dam4y Ridley Samus' arch enemy! He attacks with his razor sharp tail, can claw enemies, or fire breath. He can also get help from fellow space pirate-dragons. Metroid Clear King of the Hill as Samus
BatmanChristianBale Batman BATMAN IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! He attacks with bataraangs, grappling hooks, or any other weapons he can find his belt. He also can use vehicles. Batman Win 150 matches as Superman.
Alpha Alpha The main protagonist of the popular web series TOME, Alpha attacks with his abilities that are based on the greek gods. He can also transform into Demon Alpha, who is much stronger but if you use him for too long, it starts to slowly take away Alpha's health. TOME Win 170 times as Steve. 
Nylocke Nylocke NYLOCKE! MASTER OF BEING A PLAYABLE CHARACTER! He attacks with his blade of ice, and can use dramatic entrances to distract opponents.  TOME Beat King of the Hill as Alpha.
250px-AmyRoseColorSharpEditDuck Amy Sonic's stalkerish girlfriend. She attacks with her hammer or can use flickies against enemies.  Sonic the Hedgehog Win as Sonic 190 times
Eggman pose 29 Eggman Sonic's arch enemy. He uses his machines, like Tails, but also can get help from his minions, like Bowser. Sonic the Hedgehog Win as Tails 190 times.
Shadow3D Shadow The darker, SO EDGY counterpart of Sonic, he uses chaos abilities and vehicles to attack. Sonic the Hedgehog Beat King of the Hill as Sonic
Ganondorf, The Evil King Ganondorf The ultimate Lord of Darkness (other than your's truly) leaves the competition in the dust! He uses his dark powers and his sword to fight.  Legend of Zelda Beat King of the Hill as Link
What Does The Fox Say Ylvis WHAT DOES THE FREAKING FOX SAY?!??!?!?! Yilvis attacks with wacky dances and can summon animals to aid him in battle, usually Foxes.  Music Beat King of the Hill as Fox
Ash Ketchum Ash HE WANTS TO BE THE VERY BEST. Ash attacks with Charizard, Pikachu, and Squirtle. He also can trap the enemy in a pokeball for a short amount of time. Pokemon Beat King of the Hill as both Lucario and Zoroark. 
Donkey Kong Artwork - Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze Donkey Kong The hero of DK island. He is a strong fighter, and can use his coconut gun or barrel rockets to attack.  Donkey Kong Country Beat King of the Hill as Mario
CrankyKong Cranky Kong The original Donkey Kong, he attacks using his cane or he can get help from Rambi the Rhino or other of his animal friends.  Donkey Kong Country Beat King of the Hill as Donkey Kong
HawkeyeFull Hawkeye The marksman of the Avengers. He attacks with different kinds of bows, as well as other SHIELD gadgets. The Avengers Beat King of the Hill as Iron Man
Goku Goku The saiyan warrior joins the battle! He uses energy beams, can teleport, or go Super Saiyan. He also can ride Nimbus and heal himself with a Senzu Bean. Dragon Ball Z Win 9001 matches.




Stage Name Description Franchise
Nintendo2012report-graphic2 Miiverse The network that brings Nintendo fans together is now a playable stage! Hazards include angry kids rampaging around the stage that Cloud Strife or Master Chief won't be in the next Smash Bros. game.  Nintendo
Mushroom Kingdom 3D by Kritter5x World 1-1 The iconic first level of Super Mario Bros. Hazards include Goombas and Phirana Plants, and Mushrooms will randomly spawn throughout the level that will heal you. Super Mario Bros


Image Name Commonness Effect


The bosses fought in Story Mode

Image Name Info Franchise
XANA Donut Xana Steel Donut Steel possessed by XANA. His attacks are mostly the same as Donut Steel's but amplified due to XANA's power.  Fantendoverse/Code Lyoko
Rockoon Rockoon This guys is one tough Motherscratcher. He attacks by scratching and with bombs. Also, HE'S NOT A RODENT! TOME
Flip 1 Pilf Flip's evil doppleganger, he mostly uses Flip's moves, as well as mysterious powers given to him by XANA. Fantendoverse


There is now a sequel in the works, called Hellfire Fighters 2: Dawn of Cipher

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