Heligoomba NSMBVR
Heligoomba's appearance in New Super Mario Bros. VR.
Species Origin Goomba
Notable Members
Koopa Troop

Heligoomba is a type of Goomba that has the same power as Propeller Mario. He can chase Mario, propeller up in the air, and float slowly down. He appears in New Super Mario Bros. VR as a basic enemy. They are under the command of Heliking. As with many species of Goomba, Heligoombas appear in Goomsday Wii.


New Super Mario Bros. VR

Heligoomba appears in only two levels of New Super Mario Bros. VR. In level 1-3, Heligoombas are quite common from beginning to end and in 7-5, Heligoombas follow Mario all the way to the top of the level, until he enters the Warp Pipe. Mario must then dodge one final one before the Flagpole.

Goomsday Wii

Heligoombas were created anew by Goomboss using the Scepter of Superiority. Their attack pattern is the same as before. They started out as normal Goombas, but were transformed by the Scepter's power. If self-destructed by Shadow Mario's Shadow Balls, they will drop their propeller. This can then be picked up and worn by any of the three heroes to give the same ability as Propeller Mario.

Mario & Luigi: Chicken Out

The Heligoombas make an appearance as enemies during the second visit to Vermilion Valley. They are strong enemies with high HP and attack power, and they have three unique attacks. Their first is a simple air strike attack which can be countered with the hammer. Their second attack is to swoop down at the brothers in a way similar to the first attack, although this must be jumped over. If one of the brothers lands on the propeller during this attack, they will gain the Dizzy status ailment. Their third attack is to send down micro-Heligoombas which can be hammered back by the bros.

In a cutscene shown before entering the valley for the second time, Heligoombas are seen terrorizing the inhabitants of Bandit Village, dropping micro Goombas on them and wreaking general havoc. They are reprehensible creatures.


In other languages

Language Name Meaning
EnglishHeligoombaHelicopter + Goomba
Spanish (NOA)Goomba con HéliceGoomba with Propeller
Spanish (NOE)GoomCópteroGoomba + Helicóptero
ItalianGoomba ElicaPropeller Goomba


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