Genre Fighting game
Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Platform Nintendo Switch, PC
ESRB Rating
Esrb m
Blood, Violence, Partial Nudity
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DLC to Heirs to the Wrath

Quotation1Havoc in the Pantheon!Quotation2
— Official tagline

Heirs to the Wrath - Super Ultra Arcade Edition is an upcoming and the second expansion pack (DLC) for the 3D fighting video game Heirs to the Wrath.

The DLC is set to be released for Nintendo Switch on 2021. It marks a change from the serious tone of the franchise for a light and fun experience, even if the HTTW Team specifies that in the next, and third, DLC, players will find again the usual darker tone, describing the Super Ultra Arcade Edition DLC as a "well-deserved break".

The biggest introductions of this expansion pack are one new fighter, a new arena, a new version for a stage and a new Bonus chapter in the Story Mode but it also adds to the original game new music tracks, new challenges for the Ascension mode and new outfits.

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The expansion pack adds several enhancements to Heirs to the Wrath, including one new Hawaiian fighter, Teva and one new arena, Flying Spaghetti Monster, a new version for the stage Sunrise Beach. There is also a new bonus chapter in the Story Mode called Ice creams melt in the sun, which takes place after the event of the Chapter 3, when the former Primordial Program members go spend some time in a retreat.

Super Ultra Arcade Edition!!! adds a new beach outfit for each fighter’s Human form, a new Deity/Titan outfit, a tanning mechanic, five new Ascension challenges, new music and a new display theme, tropical.

The DLC also comes with some character balance changes, meaning that a wave of gameplay changes were made to make the cast more balanced working on, for example, their damage value, their stats, their hitbox, their movements, their hit effect alterations and even their combo. All fighters will also receive new moves to develop the strategies around their gameplay.


One new fighter is introduced in the Heirs to the Wrath - Super Ultra Arcade Edition!!!. The game features, now, a roster of 19 playable characters.


Leila icon
Houssem icon
Teva icon

New Fighter

HttW-Teva bg
HTTW Teva00


  • Age: 14 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-usa American (Hawaiian)
  • Deity form: Kāmohoaliʻi (Shark god - Hawaiian mythology)
  • Fighting style: Lucha Libre

Teva is a crazy kid. Full of energy and malice, he’s often in trouble but always gets out deftly of the mess he created in the first place.

Teva was among the Heirs who were imprisoned by the Eighth Seal in the wait to be sacrificed to nourish Qingyun's powers. Fortunately, it just stays few days before being freed by the Primordial Program during their fight against the Eighth Seal leader.

Teva is too young to join the Primordial Program as a operational member and, in contrary to Lou, he has his parents who takes care of him with the help of the Primordial Program. But since he was saved from the Eighth Seal HQ, he hopes that one day he will join Zoya and Lou and save the world against the evil cult… he still has to wait but maybe he can try to join them much earlier… by proving them how strong and determined, if not stubborn, he is.


HTTW Teva02










Teva has great stats in Speed and Range making him a good fighter in a rushdown strategy but his very poor Health makes him vulnerable to counterattacks. As a practitioner of Lucha Libre, Teva can execute rapid sequences of holds and maneuvers, as well as high-flying maneuvers.

As a shark Deity, Teva becomes a "wereshark" gaining biting offensives, he gains as well a lot of strength making him a real threat. As he summons the sea, he gains various moves related to waves and fishes.

He is one of the only fighter to have an ability only available in Titan form. Using the Titan form, Teva can cancel almost every of his attacks to chain with another combo giving the chance to skip all recovery time after an attack. As a Titan, this ability makes him the faster fighter in the game.

ABILITY: In Titan Form Teva has no recovery time between his attacks


Teva starts a powerful grap where he chains multiple and brutal wrestling techniques as well as transforming himself in different fishes to maximise the force and the lock of his attacks. This move performance depends on the player’s reflex has they have to respond to a series of five QTE (Quick Time Events) if they miss one, the move is cancelled.

Teva summons fives geysers that spring from the ground around him. If the opponent is taken by one of this geyser, he will receive heavy damages and will get astonished.


One new stage and a new version for an existing stage are introduced in the Heirs to the Wrath - Super Ultra Arcade Edition!!!. The game features, now, 18 stages.

Flying Spaghetti Monster


In this surreal arena, the fighters are knocking each other on a giant spaghetti plate… ? Yes, you are on the head of an all-migthy god, the Flying Spaghetti Monster and he’s flying in a pink summer sky. Sometimes his tentacule eyes go up to watch the fight. Open your eyes and maybe you can see another god, the Invisible Pink Unicorn galloping through the pasta.

Flying Spaghetti Monster comes in two versions:

  • BASIC - There is no interaction possible with the surroundings.


  • Interaction: You can kick meatballs
  • Interaction: Use spaghetti when your opponents lay on the ground to strangle them
  • Interaction: Use the Invisible Pink Unicorn to charge in the forward direction, hurting and astonishing your opponents if they are on the way
  • Secret Interaction: If you use the Banquet Upgrade on this level, when the Invisible Pink Unicorn appears she throws a Pina Colada at the center of the stage.

Sunrise Beach (night)


The Sunrise Beach stage from the main game has now a new version : Night.

You will find again the soft as velvet sand, the beautiful sea and the rocky reefs but this time under the light of the full moon and ceremonial fire dancers. This version is giving you a more Hawaiian style in contrast of the Cameroonian inspiration of the original. This time the beach is not as populated and you won't see beach volley matches, crabs or sandcastles but the fire ceremony is still breath taking.

Sunrise Beach comes in four versions:

  • DEFAULT - From the main game.
  • NIGHT - During night with fire dancers, there is no volley balls to interact with.
  • BASIC - From the main game. There is no uneven ground.
  • BASIC (NIGHT) - Night version without uneven ground.


  • Victory by Ring Out: In the rocky reefs, you can win if the opponent falls in the water.
  • Uneven grounds (particularly in the rocky reefs) forcing new strategies as it can change the range of the fighters' attack.


New Affiliations

With two new fighters comes new Tag Moves as certain characters have a special moves together if they are affiliated.

Tag affiliation Tag Wrath Move
Teva iconHTTW-lou THE 400 BLOWS
The opponent is surrounded by an army of forest and ocean animals from deer, rabbits, bears to sharks, whales and jellyfish. Lou and Teva stand with pride, both of them look at each other smile and command their army to attack the opponent who then sees multiple animals jump on him and throw him all around the stage.

New Upgrades

In the Ascension mode, you have now six new Upgrades to use, for a total of 63 Upgrades.

Offensive Upgrades
Rainbow Edition Using a Guard Break Attack will launch a (blockable) projectile
Defensive Upgrades
Eye of tiger In a neutral state, your fighter will evade all hits without input from the player.
Movement Upgrades
Fluidity Any attack using no more than one directional can be cancelled into a different attack also using no more than one directional.
Favor By maintaining NS L Button in Human Form, the fighter sacrifices gradually some of his Life in exchange of fill up his Deity Gauge. Not available if the Beast Gauge is complete. You can loose by sacrificing all your Life with this ability.
Space Upgrades
Nitro Each hit on a wall will result in an explosion.
Capture Combo Upgrades
Teva Combo The fighter gains a new combo from Teva's moveset.

New Ascension Challenges

Five new challenges make their apparition in the Ascension mode with Super Ultra Arcade Edition!!!.

As secret challenges, you have to unlock them by doing specific action.

Challenge 2A - On your Left
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the 2nd Challenge in Titan Form
Specificity To win use at least 3 Side-step strikes before knocking out the opponent
Battle vs Teva
Stage Sunrise Beach (night version)
Price Upgrade: Favor
Challenge 2B - Copycat
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 2A
Specificity The opponent has the same Upgrades as your fighter
Battle vs the same fighter as yours
Stage Gravity Lab
Price Upgrade: Nitro
Challenge 2C - Counter This!
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 2B
Specificity You can only inflict damage using Counter hits.
Battle vs Zoya
Stage Serene Dojo
Price Upgrade: Eye of Tiger
Challenge 2D - Move like a shadow
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 2C with only four Assist Upgrades on the fighter
Specificity The opponent only receives damage when you evade his strikes
Battle vs Lou
Stage Distant Forest (Frozen version)
Price Upgrade: Fluidity
Challenge 2E - Big Enough
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 2C
Specificity You and your opponent are gigantic!
Battle vs Houssem
Stage Flying Spaghetti Monster
Price Upgrade: Rainbow Edition


New Outfit Set

HTTW Outfits Summer
Each fighter has now a fourth secret outfit set (a fighter's outfit set includes a costume for each of their form: human, deity and, if available, alternative deity).

Teva also has four outfit (including the two secret ones from the DLCs) set available despite being new to the roster.

This time, for the human form, it’s a topical new outfit set as each fighter gains a Beach outfit, wearing bikini, speedo, beach shirt, sunglasses or even solar cream marks.

For the Deity Form, each character (except Caleb and Darren who use the same outfit between their Human and Deity form) has a new Deity outfit which doesn’t necessarily follow the Beach theme.


In some stages, fighters can get gradually tan through their fight, giving them a more tanned skin color but also tan marks, when their clothes move, or even sunburns for some of them. The tan doesn’t work on the Deity Form (but will stay at the same level as left when the fighter will go back to his Human form) and can be disabled in the options.

List of the arenas with the tanning mechanic:

With his particular skin, Darren get greenish tint when tanning.


Story Mode

Heirs to the Wrath - Super Ultra Arcade Edition introduces a brand new chapter in the Story Mode working as a side-story from the main storyline. Playing with humor we see most of the Primordial Program members taking a break on a beautiful beach.

Between exhausting fights, our heroes, with their favorite swimsuit, are ready to take their annual well-deserved break in Leïla's private beach.
Click on EXPAND to read the complete synopsis.

Read the first three chapters: here


Leïla walks on the beach around a privatised and luxurious sauna. Like each year, she invites the members of the Primordial Program to have fun between Heirs. Despite always declining their invitation to join their fight, she felt she still has responsibilities towards her kind and this is why she’s organising this yearly retreat.

This year is different, the Heirs are now public enemies and a lot of new members integrated the now shut down Primordial Program. More than ever, they need it and she will be happy to welcome them, hopefully nothing bad will happen…

Somewhere in a Greek island, Alec is training while Caleb, Zoya and Elek-Trode move some stuff they steal from the Primordial Program HQ in Tokyo before it is shut down. They are moving to a new, secret HQ. There is also Lou and Teva. Teva, a new member, was taken under the wing of the Primordial Program after having been freed from the Eighth Seal with the permission of his parents, but as he doesn’t control his power well enough he can be dangerous.

Suddenly they hear a toot outside. Saeko and Amina are in a car, with a lot of beach stuff in the back, she announces to everyone it’s time to go, as Leïla is waiting for them. Amina is suddenly not sure, and Darren is still in convalescence as he needs someone to stay with him, to what Soledad agrees to do. After all, it's just for one day. Amina finally accepts. Everyone’s in need of forgetting the recent events, so it’s time to go to the spa town! Amina then uses her power to teleport them and the car to the retreat through thunder.

A music video starts: in the private spa, you see: Saeko taking a shower in bikini before being shoved by a clumsy Elek-Trode; Caleb and Alec dressing themselves in swimsuit as you briefly see Alec's buttocks; Zoya, who can't choose between her three bikinis; Amina, becoming crazy as she has to keep an eye on Lou and Teva, two turbulent children; and Leïla enjoying a massage in nude while Houssem is jealous to see a man massaging his wife, he stays in a corner angrily staring at him.


Alec and Caleb finish their time in the hot bath. As they dry themselves, they hear the laughter of the girls. Curious, they look at the wall which divides the men and the women sides and realise how clearly they can see the girls’ shadows playing around. The guys quietly sit and look at the silhouettes.

“We shouldn’t be doing that.” says Caleb as he takes a snack and shares it with Alec, who is staring at the shadows.

“Definitely not, but we have to be sure they are safe.” Alec answers.

“Oh yes. In this time of crisis, we never know when something can just pop up out of nowhere.”

As they realise their excitation both of them cross their legs. Suddenly, Amina is screaming to Teva to come back to her, while Lou tries to defend him saying that he can’t control his transformation. Just after hearing that, a gigantic shark (Teva in his Deity form, Kāmohoaliʻi) passes and breaks through the wall, before running away followed by Amina and Lou.

Elek-Trode, Zoya and Saeko see how Caleb and Alec were looking at them and accuse them of peeping on them. (Saeko and Zoya vs Alec and Caleb)

Amina and Lou continue their chase after Teva. Leïla is seeing the uncontrollable Heirs and decides to stop him before he ruins her spa day. (Leïla vs Teva) Leïla succeeds in defeating him and launches him far away using her wind power. Amina is shocked by how she treated the poor boy, but Houssem steps to his wife’s defense (Amina vs Houssem).

Elek-Trode and Zoya are outraged by the boys' behavior and choose to go for a massage to relax, but the masseuse has just one table left. (Zoya vs Elek-Trode)

Saeko is walking on the beach enjoying the sun when Alec comes to her. He wants to apologize for what happened, but suddenly Teva, taken away by Leïla’s power, falls on Alec’s back. Alec’s head falls in Saeko’s cleavage. She is furious (Saeko vs Alec). After Saeko wins, she drags Alec by his swimsuit to the sea.

“Now we are going to enjoy the waves!” she claims.


As the sun sets, some members are creating their own sandcastles: Alec and Caleb build a gigantic castle, but they fail in comparison to the sand reproduction of the Trevi Fountain that Saeko and Amina built. But both of the teams finally lose out to the out-of-this-world sandcastles built by Lou and Teva. Leïla is sad, as she could only make a ridiculous sandcastle and her teammate Houssem did not help her much. Houssem, angry to see her wife like that, decides to viciously blow away all castles. The kids’ team see him do this and they are not happy. (Lou and Teva vs Houssem)

Saeko is outraged that Houssem fights against children and everyone starts to lose their mind, until beautiful fireworks appear in the night sky. Everyone then calms down and admires the spectacle, getting closer to each other and sharing ice creams.

Somewhere on a hidden cliff near the beach, we see Janka and Yamatoni having a romantic moment. Janka in her Diety form, Od iyesi, is the one who created the fireworks.

“Such young souls” she says before kissing Yamatoni.

End of the Bonus Chapter.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Saeko, Zoya vs Alec, Caleb Healing Spa 2 Rounds Fight
Teva stays in her Deity form
Level 4
Leïla vs Teva Sunrise Beach 2 Rounds Fight Level 4
Amina vs Houssem Sunrise Beach 2 Rounds Fight Level 4
Zoya vs Elek-Trode Healing Spa 2 Rounds Fight Level 5
Saeko vs Alec Sunrise Beach 2 Rounds Fight Level 5
Lou, Teva vs Houssem Sunrise Beach (night version) 2 Rounds Fight
Houssem stays in Titan form
Level 5

Arcade Mode

When you finish the arcade mode with a fighter, you unlock a cinematic where a memory from the fighter is shown in the form of a slide of images. With one new fighter in Super Ultra Arcade Edition!!!, one new ending is unlockable.



Teva is looking at the TV news, he watches overzealously the last fight between the Primordial Program Members and the Eight Seal members. He is so excited, he can’t control his Deity Form from transforming him into different anthropomorphic sea creatures.

He then runs into the beach in front of his house and screams, with a heroic pose, that one day he will be part of the Primordial Program. You can then hear her mom screaming back at him “Finish your math first young boy! Your homework won’t be done by themselves”.

He then stares, with a more quiet look, the sea and whispers “Today the algebra, tomorrow the world.”

Ascension Mode

When you finish the last challenge in the Ascension mode with a fighter, you unlock a cinematic where is the fighter is interviewed by Janus who has a different tone of voice and gesture depending on who is talking to. Depending on the fighter, he can be excited, terrified, flirty or childish.

The player then has a choice between three questions, he could only ask one.

With one new fighter in Super Ultra Arcade Edition!!!, one new ending is unlockable.



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "I am waiting for them! I need to practice my Estacas, Tijres and Gory Special on someone!"

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • I have a message for my number one fan: Hi mom! Look at me! I am on TV! You were right my lucky underwear are really working!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Becoming the leader of the Primordial Program! Beware Zoya I’m coming for you!!."



Teva Theme

The Heirs to the Wrath - Super Ultra Arcade Edition DLC offers new tracks to the game. As expected from the lighter tone of this DLC, most of the new musics give upbeat sonority. the HTTW Team Composer describes it as having a different sound and relating it to indie rock in Los Angeles.



Character Designs

Others Artworks

Unofficial Artworks & Fanarts

Thanks to all of you who took the time to draw the characters of Heirs to the Wrath! If you did an art about this game and want me to share it here just post it in the comments.



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