Genre Fighting game
Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Platform Nintendo Switch, PC
ESRB Rating
Esrb m
Blood, Violence, Partial Nudity
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DLC to Heirs to the Wrath

Quotation1Divine wars never end!Quotation2
— Official tagline

Heirs to the Wrath - Requiem for the Dunes is an upcoming and the first expansion pack (DLC) for the the 3D fighting video game Heirs to the Wrath.

The DLC is set to be released for Nintendo Switch on 2020. By the ESRB rating standards, the game will be rated M for blood, violence and partial nudity.

The biggest introductions of this expansion pack are two new fighters and two new arenas but it also adds to the original game new musics, new challenges for the Ascension mode, new upgrades and new outfits.

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The expansion pack adds several enhancements to Heirs to the Wrath, including two additional Arabian fighters, Leïla and Houssem and two new arenas, Gravity Lab and Lions Court. Additionally, Requiem from the Dunes adds a new casual outfit for each fighter (without counting alternative colors), five new Ascension challenges, 5 new upgrades (with a new type: Space Upgrade), new music and a new display theme, desert.

The DLC also comes with some character balance changes, meaning that a wave of gameplay changes were made to make the cast more balanced working on, for example, their damage value, their stats, their hitbox, their movements, their hit effect alterations and even their combo. All fighters will also receive new moves to develop the strategies around their gameplay.


Two new fighters are introduced in the Heirs to the Wrath - Requiem from the Dunes. The game features, now, a roster of 18 playable characters.

Leila icon
Houssem icon

New Fighters

HttW-Houssem bg
HTTW Houssem00


  • Age: 32 years-old
  • Nationality: Maroc flag Moroccan
  • Deity form: Media (Robotic exoskeleton inspired by Cthulhu)
  • Fighting style: Drunken boxing

When the Heirs was revealed to the world, Houssem was chosen to be Media, a soldier able to fight against the Deities if they become dangerous. He was given the most advanced exoskeleton imitating the power of the Heirs. At the time, the project was financed by powerful and anonymous investors who were scared by this revelation.

The Media project was, since, cancelled as the real enemy was the Eighth Seal and not all the Heirs but Houssem keeps the armour for when it could be necessary. Later, he married a Heir, Leïla. His wife is everything for him, he doesn’t want her to be on the battlefield, this is why he protects her from the Primordial Program but also the Eighth Seal as both got their eyes one her.

HTTW Houssem

HTTW Houssem02










Houssem starts the fight with strong Health and above average Power, which can compensate his weak Speed and Range. As a Drunken Boxing practitioner, he uses soft muscular movement with the torso bent and twisted in all directions. As he keeps his fist semi-open, Houssem can easily turn a punch into a grapping movement.

In his Deity form, Houssem activates his exoskeleton, his Speed and Range slightly upgrade but, as he gains tentacles on his back, he can now use new movement while he ducks and even move himself.

ABILITY: Houssem can now lay on his back and be moved by his mechanical tentacles, accessing to a new stance with particular moveset.


Houssem launch a hallucinatory gas on his opponent. The surrounding becomes a disturbing space, where you can see Azathoth floating far away. The opponent then see Houssem going foward them and transform himself into one of this Lovecraftian Cosmic Entity: Nyarlathotep, Lu-Kthu or Yog-Sothoth. The opponent will then fall into the space and violently drop on the original arena.

Houssem catches his opponent with a tentacle and hangs him in the air head down, Houssem then launches on them plenty of explosive projectiles before smash them on the ground.

HttW-Leila bg
HTTW Leila00


  • Age: 26 years-old
  • Nationality: England British (native of Flag oman Oman)
  • Deity form: Haurvatat (Divinity of the Wholeness - Zoroastrianism)
  • Fighting style: Tai-chi-chuan

Leïla is one of the most prominent classical Arabic music songstress.She is respected through various Arabic countries, despite having flew away Oman to live in London as a child. She is a sensible woman who doesn’t seem to find joy easily. Some critics said that the sadness in her voice it’s what gives her this outstandingness.

As a Heir, and despite keeping it secret, Leïla was frequently asked to join the Primordial Program but she always rejected the offer. She’s living with her protective husband, Houssem, the only one with who she can be serene and happy.

HTTW Leila

HTTW Leila02










Leïla is a fighter good on Health and Range making her a comfortable choice for long and close-range battle. As a Tai-chi-chuan practitioner, she relies on extended hand movements and counter-attack.

In her Deity form, she summons the power of the water, her Health greatly increases and she gains some power.

ABILITY: When Leïla succeeds a counter-attack she regains some health.


Leïla changes her color from blue to green during 20 seconds. During this state, all of her landed hits give her some health.

Leïla captures her opponent in a water tornado then the tornado becomes a sphere. When the opponent stops floundering and starts to fall unconscious Leïla frees them and look at them struggling as they take their breath.


Two new stages are introduced in the Heirs to the Wrath - Requiem from the Dunes, from the already 16 available.

Gravity Lab


The fight starts on a metal platform surrounded by a spherical glass barrier. Beyond the glass walls you can see breath-taking cutting-edge technologies, like holograms or mechanical arms transporting androids.

The most impressive thing about this technology? There is a particular gravity in this arena as the fighters can walk on the glass barrier without having to jump!

Gravity Lab comes in two versions:

  • BASIC - The fighters can't walk on the wall.


  • Fighters can walk on the walls

Lions Court


One of the most beautiful Opera in the world, the red and the gold dominate the place with some golden lion statues. There is even a classical orchestra playing for your fight. For once, a brutal fight can be classy.

Lions Court has one unique version


New Affiliations

With two new fighters comes new Tag Moves as certain characters have a special moves together if they are affiliated.

Tag affiliation Tag Wrath Move
Houssem iconLeila icon REQUIEM FROM THE DUNES
Leïla shines and charmes the opponent. The opponent mesmerised walks toward her, until Leïla disappears and reveals Houssem behind her. Houssem then attacks brutally the opponent using his metal tentacles.

New Upgrades

In the Ascension mode, you can add now add a new type of "Upgrades" to your fighter: The Space Upgrades. This new type of Upgrades alters directly the stage where the battle takes place, bringing new mechanics to it. For example, adding Fire Trial in one of your Upgrade Slots will create fire pillars in the arena that both fighters have to avoid.

Mask orange
Create events on the fighting area

Like other Upgrades, the Space Upgrades can be activated at the beginning of the match if a fighter have it in their Upgrade Slots or activated when a player uses in Deity form if the Upgrade is in the Deity Upgrade Slots.

Mostly like the Downgrades, if a Space Upgrades is used during Online fights the winner gains 10% more Online points for each (different) Space Upgrades on both fighters.

Space Upgrades
Thunderground The ground is electric. When it shines, the fighters have to jump or they will be astonished by the following thunders.
Upside Down The camera is turned upside down.
Fire Trial Two fire pillars move in various direction through the arena inflicting damage when touched.
Blizzard Ice balls fall from the sky freezing the fighter they touch. When a fighter is freezing, he can move and it's more vulnerable to the attack. To get out of a freezing state, the player have to move in all directions.

Foods, sometimes, appear dropping somewhere on the arena from the opponents when you hit them (if they are on the ground, juggling or hit with a critical hit). Food will restore some of your health or deity meters.

List of Foods
Type Value
Croissant Restore 5% of Health
Ice Cream Bar Restore 10% of Health
Taiyaki Restore 20% of Health
Pitaya Restore 50% of Health
Mapple Syrup Restore 50% Deity Meter
Piña Colada Restore Full Deity Meter
Capture Combos Upgrades
Houssem Combo The fighter gains a new combo from Houssem's moveset.
Leïla Combo The fighter gains a new combo from Leïla's moveset.

New Ascension Challenges

Five new challenges make their apparition in the Ascension mode with Requiem from the Dune.

As secret challenges, you have to unlock them by doing specific action.

Challenge 1A - Wink
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the 1st Challenge in Mercy mode
Specificity Your opponent will, randomly, teleport himself behind your fighter.
Battle vs Houssem
Stage Gravity Lab
Price Upgrade: Banquet
Challenge 1B - Amanita
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 1A
Specificity The fighters are Mushroomized.
Battle vs JiaJun
Stage Freeway
Price Upgrade: Thunderground
Challenge 1C - Armageddon
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 1B
Specificity Your opponent, in a permanent Deity Form, will only attack with unlimited Wrath Moves.
Battle vs Qingyun
Stage Skate Park
Price Upgrade: Upside Down
Challenge 1D - Vampire Slayer
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 1C
Specificity Your opponent regains some life with each of his hit landed.
Battle vs Wei
Stage Distant Forest
Price Upgrade: Fire Trial
Challenge 1E - Are you kidding?!
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge 1C with a Space Downgrades on your fighter
Specificity The arena have Thunderground, Blizzard and Fire pillars all at once!
Battle vs Leïla
Stage Lions Court
Price Upgrade: Blizzard


New Outfit set

HTTW new outfits
Each fighter has now a third secret outfit set (a fighter's outfit set includes a costume for each of their form: human, deity and, if available, aternative deity).

Leïla and Houssem also have two standard outfit sets and a secret third one like any other fighters despite being new to the roster.

Outfit selection

Now the player can also chose which costume the fighter will wear depending on his form, as opposed of the predetermined two outfits selections in the original game.

To do that, the player has now, on the character selection screen, a fourth outfit option where he can select, through the three different sets of costumes, the outfit of the human, the deity and, if available, the alternative deity forms.

In the VS mode, you can’t choose an outfit if it was already selected by the opponent.

Caleb and Darren are the only fighter who can’t use this option as they don’t change their outfit between their form, their outfit evolves with them.


Arcade Mode

When you finish the arcade mode with a fighter, you unlock a cinematic where is shown a memory from the fighter in the form of a slide of images. With two new fighters in Requiem from the Dunes, two new endings are unlockable.



"I am the weapon" we can hear Houssem's voice. In Morocco, Houssem looks at his watch, it seems to indicate something dangerous near of him. He starts to walk faster, and active his robotic armor entering in his Media Form.

"I was trained and elevated to fight against the Heirs, to rival the gods" The display on the watch shows that a Heir is close. Houssem uses his tentacles to escalate some buildings, the population around is breathless by the spectacle.

Houssem finds the Heirs, Leïla, she is sitting pensive on the corner of a fountain. She looks at him surprised. "I know who you are... Media the soldier.", Houssem freezes one instant and then responds to her "and I know what you are..." but instead of saying a Hier, he says "the most magnificent woman that I've never had the chance to take a look at."

Leila smiles.



During a Sunset, from her luxurious balcony, Leïla looks with sadness a letter from the Primordial Program. Houssem comes to see her and when he sees the paper, he takes it away from her saying that they have to stop to insist, her place is not on the battlefield. Leïla doubts, the Heirs are born to fight against the Wilting, it's her responsibility to do it. Houssem looks at her with tender and says "If it's what you want, we will fight together but I refuse that you feel pressured to do it." She then smiles and thanks him to always be there for her. As they both embrace each other, the letter flies away.

Ascension Mode

With two new fighters in Requiem from the dunes, two new endings are unlockable in the Ascension mode.



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "I fear nothing so come see me, I need some warm-up."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • Even gods can be beating up! So don’t give up!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Anything my wife has in mind."



Interviewer tone: Flirty

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They are the least of my concerns."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • Don’t let anyone make you feel inferior, especially if you are a woman."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "There is a place, I like to go for relaxing. I will bring some friends of mine, it will be exquisite."



Houssem Leila

The Heirs to the Wrath - Requiem from the Dunes DLC offers new tracks to the game. Following the Arabian themes, most of the new musics bring classical Arabian music sounds from the typical focus on electronic beats with, among others, the use of ouds and female vocal.



Character Designs

Others Artworks

Unofficial Artworks & Fanarts

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