Heirs to the Wrath

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Genre Fighting game
Mode Single player, Multiplayer
Platform Arcade, Nintendo Switch
ESRB Rating
Esrb m
Blood, Violence, Partial Nudity
DLC Requiem from the Dunes
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Quotation1 The Gods' Wrath Will Befall Us Quotation2
— Official tagline

Heirs to the Wrath (怒りの相続人) is an upcoming 3D fighting video game.

The game is set to be released for Arcades in December 2019 and later for Nintendo Swith on 2020. By the ESRB rating standards, the game will be rated M for blood, violence and partial nudity.

The game's story focuses on a group of fighters, who have the power to transform into a mythological deity, and their battle for saving the world from ancient gods who want the purification of humanity.

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Nature is in agony, the flora is losing its colors and the agriculture never been so low. The media calls it the Wilting and it's a slow end for the world.

Many people feel that the gods themselves backfire on humanity, they are right. Ancient gods from various mythologies decided to punish humanity and to slowly erase them with the ambition to purify the world.

Luckily, not all the gods want the end of the human race, some deities choose to fight against the Wilting but their only chance it's to act in the human world itself. It's why they reincarnate into humans, losing their memory but not their powers. Since the start of the Wilting, thirty years ago, we are starting to see simple boys and girls with the capacity to transform themselves into a god-like form, a Deity, we call them the Heirs. They have enhanced physical abilities in addition to their divine powers, making them the perfect fighters. They will fight against the other gods' armies whether they are spirits, demons or even humans.
The majority of the Heirs, as a distant descendant to a devoted believers like an oracle, a shaman, a priest or even a king, are chosen by their Deity and born with their power. If not, others were given their power as the Heirs can give their Deity to someone else but only right before dying.

Not only the Heirs are in the front of the line in this fight for the humanity, multiple governments ally their force and formed the Primordial Program. The Primordial Program is an intergovernmental operation with the aim of unifying the Heirs, finding them around the world, and stopping the Wilting. They assemble the Heirs in their headquarter in Tokyo where they learn to fight and use their power.

Unfortunately, on the other side, there is The Eighth Seal. A sinister cult composed of powerful people waiting for the divine purification of what they call a "corrupted world". They are the allies of the Wilting. Their aim varies between the members, if some of them want to help the Ancient Gods to gain their favor, other wants to become one of them. As the Primordial Program, they seek for the Heirs but manipulate them to become their weapons. There are the first enemy of the Primordial Program, the Ancient gods' servants. As an occult organization, The Eighth Seal performs devastating rituals from various ancient religions. They learned to manipulate the power of the Heirs and how to transfer a Deity to a Heirs from another person.

Quotation1 Enter the age of the divine resurgence where the future of humanity
depends on fights with mythological proportions! Quotation2

Downloadable contents

5 DLC were announced each of them will add a new fighter, a new arena, new topical outfits for the fighters as well as balance rectifications. The DLC will be release every 6 months for a still to be determined price. During the same announcement, the HTTW team stipulated that, depending on the success of the game, they have plan for a sequel or a re-release.

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Heirs to the Wrath features a roster of 16 playable characters that could be selected by the player. Each character has their own Deity transformation, moveset, personality and they are all part of the game story. A fighter, or an Heir, is a human with the ability to transform himself into a deity form giving him divine power in relation with his transformation. For example, as the Heir of Helios, Titan of the sun, Alec uses his power from the sun and can fight with a fire whip.

Depending on their story, a fighter is, sometimes, related whether to The Primordial Program, an intergovernmental operation fighting against the Wilting or to The Eighth Seal, a secret cult fighting for the Wilting.

Playable characters


The Primordial Program

The Primordial Program is an intergovernmental operation with the aim of unifying the Heirs, finding them around the world, and stopping the Wilting.



  • Age: 20 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-greece Greek
  • Deity form: Apollo (God of the Sun - Greek Mythology)
  • Alternative form: Helios (Titan of the Sun - Greek Mythology)
  • Fighting style: Kick-boxing

Alec is the game main protagonist. Despite being a very aggressive, impulsive and short-tempered man, Alec has also heroic tendencies and is caring to stop any injustice. He has a playful way to fight but can quickly lose his temper.

Alec is a student who was informed one day that his mother, Sophia, worked with a secret intergovernmental organization: The Primordial Program before dying in a mysterious accident. Hard set on finding out the truth, he set off on a journey to seek out his mother’s whereabouts as well as those of Yamatoni, the sole survivor of the accident where his father lost his life. During this very journey, Alec found out that his mother had been captured by the Eighth Seal who wanted him, her son.

In his hostility towards the Eighth Seal, he accepted to Zoya to join the Primordial Program.






















Alec has no particular strength or weakness in his stat, he is a balanced fighter. As a Kick-boxer, he uses simple and fast techniques with a large variety of punches, kicks and knee kicks.

In his Deity form, Apollo, Alec invokes the power of the sun, his deity attacks are mostly punch with incandescent fist. He gains Power and Speed making him more offensive.

In his Alternative from, Helios, Alec keeps the power of the sun but he is, also, equipped of a flame whip which helps him to gain in range.

With his offensive ability to give damage even against the opponent's guard, Alec can be tricky to defend against.

ABILITY: Alec still make (minimal) damage when his hits are blocked.

ALTERNATIVE DEITY: Alec transforms himself in Helios when he's using the Titan transformation.


Alec charmed his opponent with an incandescent stares, he then catch him by the throat and repeatedly smashes the opponent in his face before a last solar punch.

Alec invokes the Moon goddess Artemis who pieces with a lunar arrow the opponent.


Alec embarks in a chariot conducted by two fire horses, runs at his opponent, catches him with his fire whip, flies with the chariot before throws the opponent on the ground and finally tramples him.



  • Age: 22 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-came Cameroonian
  • Deity form: Oya (Goddess of the Tempest - Yoruba)
  • Fighting style: Capoeira

Amina is a gentle and caring woman. Despite being still young, she has strong ambitions and hope to, one day, have her part in the establishment of a better world.

Amina is a Heirs who choose to work as a nurse for the Primordial Program instead of being in the Operative Division. Helped by the Research Division of the Primordial Program, she wants to find the best treatments for the particularity of the Heirs, like helping them to control unstable powers or heal them when they are hit by other Heirs. She wants to find a scientific way through the surrealist world of the Deities.

One night, she found a really deranged Heirs, Darren, she tried to help him but he was quickly taken by her superior, JiaJun. Since that day, she started to have suspicion about the true activities of her organization.












Amina is a fighter good on speed but weakened by her low health and range. As a Caopeira practitioner she uses complex and acrobatic techniques with a large variety of kicks and spins.

In her Deity form, she invokes the power of the wind and is now armed with a machete and a flywhisk, her attacks increase surprisingly in range, compensating her first weakness, as each of her move are accompanied by a gust of wind.

Despite her low health, her ability helps her to make damage on his opponent even in guard mode, giving her efficient defensive strategy.

ABILITY: When Amina is in Guard Mode, she summons a tornado around her which can hurt the opponent.


Amina invokes an onslaught of rain and thunder which turns in nine electrified waterspout targeting the opponent.

Amina summons spirits of deads to capture her opponent before give him multiple hits

HttW - Lou


  • Age: 15 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-lux Luxembourger
  • Deity form: Cernunnos (God of animals - Celtic polytheism)
  • Fighting style: Random

Lou was living a carefree life before her parents rejected her when they discovered her power. At a young age, she was taken by the Primordial Program where she met Sophia who becomes a second mother for her, and the only person that she could trust after the betray of her own parents.

As her powers give her the ability to control the animals and read their minds, she quickly becomes one of the most useful Heirs for the Primordial Program when they need secret information.

Her naivety and childish nature makes her easy to manipulate and it's why the Eighth Seal secretly approaches her and are slowly guiding her to their plan.












Lou is relatively weak in her Human form comparatively to other fighters particularly as her hits gives little damage. Her unique fighting style is intended to be random, childish and overexcited. She plays by different rules than everyone else and has access to very unique options, both offensively and defensively making her somewhat hard to play without a conceptual understanding and intelligent plays.

Fortunately, she really gains her strengths in her Deity form, Cernunnos, where all her stats increases. As Cernunnos, Lou summons multiples animals into the fight, she can use rabbits as projectiles, birds as shield and can even be helped by much bigger animals like deer, wolves and even bears.

ABILITY: Lou can launch animal projectiles from behind the opponent's back even if he is in front of her.


Lou seats cross-legged and a gigantic purse filled with coin appears. She, then, launches the coin into the opponent. The effect of this Wrath move are random, it can do few damages or being particularly devastating, also there's a chance that Lou regains Health or doesn't even come back to her Human form once the Wrath move finished.

Lou takes off a torcs from one of her horns and launches it to the opponent. Through its path, the torcs will increases its size until being able to ties up the opponent. Lou will come back to her Human form but will be able to attack the fighter during a certain amount of time with him being able to protect himself (he can only move around)



  • Age: 19 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-jap Japanese
  • Deity form: Izanami (Goddess of the creation - Shinto)
  • Alternative form: Izanami (Goddess of the death - Shinto)
  • Fighting style: American Kenpo

Saeko is a young woman with a joyful but introverted personality, once she used to someone she becomes less reserved and brings an always positive attitude. She is an overthinking woman which it's why she easily worried.

She is part of the Primordial Program. Despite her worried and submissive nature, she wants to help the world against the Wilting. Four years ago, Saeko's village was, under the attack of an Ancient God, she was saved by Wei but at the price to be the sole survivor. Horrified but determined to never let something like that happens again she asked Wei to teach her his martial arts, Wei accepted and brought her in a forest where he lived as a hermit.

When she felt ready, she decided to quit her isolation with Wei and to come back to Tokyo where she could join the Primordial Program.






















Saeko has good Power and Speed making her an good offensive fighter. As a Kenpo practitioner, she uses quick strikes from all her body (kick, punch, elbow, knee) with rapid stance transitions.

In her Deity form, Izanami (Creation), is armed with a broken naginata, she becomes faster and has more Health and even stronger Speed.

In her Alternative from, Izanami (Death), which is a much darker and violent version of her standard Deity form as she invokes the power of the dead. Saeko changes her posture to be more creature-like, she doesn't have a spear, this time, but long nails looking like stakes which increases her Power.

Despite her low Health, Saeko has a faster regeneration, which can help if the player chooses some retreats to help her to regain her life.

ABILITY: Saeko has a faster regeneration of her Health as Izanami

ALTERNATIVE DEITY: Saeko transforms herself in Izanami (Death) when she uses the Deity transformation after fulling her Deity gauge with the Mercy system


Saeko attacks her opponent with multiple punches, each punch is accompanied by a marble pillar appearing from out of the scene and smashing the opponent.

Saeko's broken naginata is repairing by itself, Saeko rises her weapons and dances with it. The ground surrounding the fight starts to deform itself and to attack the opponent


The fight is plunged into the dark, we can still see the silhouettes. Saeko screams and attack violently the opponent, there is sometimes burst of light when we could see Saeko savagely hits her opponent with a horrific expression.

HttW - Inna


  • Age: 21 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-ukr Ukrainian
  • Deity form: Michael (Archangel - Abrahamic religions)
  • Alternative form: Lucifer (Fallen Angel - Abrahamic religions)
  • Fighting style: Systema

She can be stubborn at times and she always wants to dive into danger while ignoring the warnings of others. Her attitude is generally straightforward and she doesn't let anyone talk her down. Underneath the tough exterior there is a soft feminine side, though she doesn't always like to show that part of herself.

She has an unstable power as being the reincarnation of two opposite entities. Becoming uncontrollable, her family gave her to the Primordial Program. With her young age, she saw a new paternal figure into her chief, Yamatoni. One day, he and other Heirs never returns from a failed mission. Being rejected from this mission by Yamatoni, she became the sole Heir in the Primordial Project with Amina and JiaJun.

Since then, Zoya became in charge of training and leading the new Heirs into the fight against the Wilting thanks to the demanding training she received from her past mentor. She later learned that he had survived but also contributed to the fail of the mission, he was a betrayer. Since then she swears to destroy him.






















Zoya is a balanced fighter with no advantage in particular but weak Speed. As a Systema practitioner, she uses mostly punch and elbow strikes but also a large variety of pressuring grappling.

In her Deity form, Michael, Zoya invokes the power of light. She gains wings and a sword which helping her a lot with her mobility (Speed) giving her the ability to double jump and to do impressive back dashing.

The same thing happens with her second form, Lucifer, despite that Zoya gains in Power, making her a more offensive fighter. She uses more intimidating moves as she invokes, this time, the power of evil.

ABILITY: With her wings, Zoya can execute double jump and double back dashing.

ALTERNATIVE DEITY: Zoya transforms herself in Lucifer if she did enough counter attack before using the Deity transformation


Zoya throws herself on the opponent and sticks him to the ground before grabs his head and sucks is life in multiples light effects.

Zoya transforms herself into a fiery six-winged beings, the Seraphim, with two wings they cover her face, with another two they cover her feet. She, then, gains maximum stats. This form lasts until she miss a hit or a combo.


The room is obscured, you can see black goats hiding in the corners, Lucifer advances towards his opponent saying strange words with an intimidating but joyful look. The opponent starts to float and then smashes repeatedly the ground.

The Eighth Seal

The Eighth Seal is a sinister cult composed of powerful people performing devastating rituals for the Ancient gods. As their rival, The Primordial Program, they seek for the Heirs but manipulate them to become their weapons.



  • Age: 18 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-ca Canadian
  • Deity form: Amaguq (Wolf-god - Inuit mythology)
  • Fighting style: Pencak Silat

Caleb is a kind young man, though rather naive, he often finds himself manipulated by Qingyun, whom he considered as a mother. He can appear at times violent, but only doing so out of love of his "mother". Because of his upbringing by Qingyun, he always acts professional and maintains well-bred social behaviors. He has respect for the abilities of his opponents, albeit not always agreeing with their methods, and maintains a sense of honor and a code of ethics when battling them.

Caleb was adopted by Qingyun and brings to Japan to be a subject to the Eighth Seal. Since his first year, he was trained to be determined, efficient and fast. He learns during all the children about the horror of mankind and what the Ancient God is right with the Wilting. Despite having a tender nature, once the combat starts he becomes a machine and no feeling can't change his mind.












Caleb is a balanced fighter despite his relatively low Health. As a practitioner of Silat, Caleb has a variety of joint manipulation and chained movements.

As a wolf Deity, Caleb becomes a werewolf in his Deity form gaining claws and fangs, he's fast and powerful. As he invokes the power of ice and snow, he gains various moves related to the snow as he can use ice punch or throw blizzards.

His ability give him strong advantage when the fight is moved near of a wall. Caleb can jump on walls and tackles is opponent, his damage are also stronger during wall combos (when the opponent takes hit by being throw against a wall in the same time as being subject to a combo)

ABILITY: Caleb can easily do powerful wall attacks and wall combos


Caleb jumps on his opponent and savagely bites and scratches him, drawing blood.

The arena takes blue tones and the opponent exhales mist. Suddenly, Caleb pegs his claws in his opponent's heart and emerges with his soul, the opponent collapses before regaining his soul and emerges.

HttW - JiaJun


  • Age: 23 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-singa Singaporean
  • Deity form: Anito (Ancestor spirit - precolonial Philippines)
  • Fighting style: Nan Pai Tanglang

JiaJun is a member of The Eighthh Seal who stole the power of a Filipino Heir. He is a highly unstable individual, he frequently breaks the fourth wall and displays multiple potential mental disorders, including, but not limited to: attention deficit hyperactive disorder, manic depressive disorder.

Despite not being taken seriously by the rest of the Eighth Seal council, JiaJun has a unlimited knowledge about the occult arts and the science. His dream it's to have an army of Heirs and test them to their limit. He sees the Heirs as irregularities who needs to be dissected, despite being, now, one of them.












JiaJun takes advantage with his Health and Speed which compensating his low Power and Range. As a Nan Pai Tanglandpractitioner, his moves place a heavy emphasis on close-range fighting with mostly hand and arm strikes and grappling but with a limited use of low kicks. Due to his messy personality, JiaJun can have the most random and ridiculous moves to distract his opponent.

In his Deity form, an Anito, JiaJun transforms himself into a statue-like creature made of stone, his limbs become extensible providing him incredible range making his most punishing weakness into his biggest advantage.

With his ability, JiaJun can cancel any of his ongoing combo to detract his opponent's anticipation and to chain with another combo.

ABILITY: JiaJun can cancel any of his combos


JiaJun practices a ritual invoking multiple Anito, suddenly a carabao appears and JiaJun slashes its throat throwing a gush of blood on his opponent.

JaiJun severs its upper torso and sprouts huge bat-like wings to fly into the opponent and drinks his blood. As he makes damage to his opponent, JiaJun gains health.

HttW - Johona


  • Age: 26 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-usa American ( Falg-navj Navajo)
  • Deity form: Ahsonnutli (Goddess of Creation - Navajo)
  • Fighting style: Taekwondo

Johona, her real name Atsidi, is a biological man who defines herself as a woman. She is a hot-blooded, psychotic assassin working for the high members of the Eighthh Seal. She only joined this secret cult for being able to kill and not face any consequence.

Recently, she becomes the bodyguard of the most promising Eighth Seal weapon,the young Caleb, but she is also undercover to keep an eye on Qingyun and her jeopardizing secret ambitions.












Johona is an useful fighter for a rush down strategy as she has strong Speed and Range but low Health and Power. As a practitioner of Taekwondo, she puts emphasis on head-hEighth kicks, jumping and spinning kicks, and fast kicking techniques.

In her Deity Form, Ahsonnutli, Johona gains in health and speed. As she invokes the power of universe, she has stellar moves with impressive linking.

ABILITY: Johona can perform until 16 moves combos in her Deity form.


A dark night falls on the arena, the opponent is then attacked by two coyotes as Johona admires fiercely the scene.

Four jars appears and empty their contents on the opponent, a black, a yellow, a white and a blue clouds, as the opponent aspires the clouds, he falls suffocated and then screams in pain for, violently, expire the clouds.

HttW - Qingyun


  • Age: Unknown (supposedly) 32 years-old
  • Nationality: Unknown (supposedly Flag-china Chinese)
  • Deity form: Kali (Goddess of Time and Power - Hinduism)
  • Fighting style: Muay Thai

Qingyun is the game main antagonist. She is a cold and vain woman who sees herself as the ultimate Heir. She's convinced by the Heir superiority and by the submission of the humans.

Qingyun is presented as a Chinese woman, "presented" because she was, in fact, created by JiaJun under the order of the Eighth Seal. Qingyun doesn't know her true nature as JiaJun gave her false memory. She is still in deny, despite that she's always wearing glove on her hands and hiding her forearms because her skin is turning into blue and her upper limbs are splitting themselves in two. As an artificial Heirs like Darren, her Deity form is hardly stable.

She maybe works for the Eighth Seal, as one of their four Cardinals (their ultimate leaders), but she has her own agenda, Qingyun secretly draws a plan to put the humans under the supremacy of the Heirs.












Quingyun has a powerful human form compared to other fighter giving her advantage from the start of the match. As a practitioner of Muay Thai, she privileges the combined use of fists, elbows, knees, and shins with an emphasis on rotating hip movements with almost every hits.

In the other hand, she gains less stat after she transforms herself. In her Deity form, Kali, Quingyun gains another pairs of arms and four scimitars which gives her the faculty to strike, in the same time, with a high, mid and low attack.

ABILITY: In her Deity form, Qingyun gains multiples range (low, mid and high in the same time) attack.


Quingyun dances around her opponent slashing him multiple times with her swords.

Quingyun catches her opponents with a serpent and then smashes him to ground. As her opponent lays on his back, Quingyun steps on his torso and then repeatedly kicks it.


Some fighter has their own agenda. They could just want to have a normal life despite their power, working alone to their own mission or even going back and forth between the Primordial Program and the Eighth Seal.

HttW - Darren


  • Age: 33 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-aust Australian
  • Deity form: Mamaragan (God of Thunder - Australian Aboriginal mythology)
  • Fighting style: Pankration

Darren lost his humanity, he is now reduced to a resentful creature that is forced to live in the misery of his condition. He is violent, can't be tamed and restless.

Darren was zealous member of the Eighth Seal. He believed the Eighth Seal would contribute to saving the earth and the humanity. Though, when Darren discovered the horror of the Wilting, he choose to expose them but was quickly taken by JiaJun who made brutal magical experiments on him. The rituals converted Darren into the first synthetic Heirs who never existed. Because of how unstable the experiment was, Darren is always in a transitional form between his human and Deity form.












Darren begins with a transitional form between his former human form and his Deity form. He has incredible Power but low Speed. As a pankratiast,Darren has a variety of locking, chocking and throw techniques.

When he is fully transformed, he gains stone axes fixed on his head, elbows and knees which gave him a more violent moveset. In his Deity form, Mamaragan, Darren invokes the power of lighting. He also gains more Speed to compensate his previous weakness.

ABILITY: Darren lasts longer in his Titan form.


Darren intimidates his opponent by hissing and, then, strikes him with multiple fiery lighting spears.

Almudj, the Rainbow Serpent, flies over the fight and trigger heavy rains. During 20 seconds, all Darren's thunder attacks becomes and guard breaking and are more efficient in power and range. After the delay, he comes back to his "human" form.

HttW - Elek


  • Age: 20 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-fr French
  • Deity form: Sekhmet (Lioness Goddess - Egyptian Mythology)
  • Fighting style: Inspired by Pop dance moves

Elek-trode is a DJ but, before that she is a dreamer, she wants to be known for her music and her shows. She has an extroverted personality and don't take anything seriously. Being the daughter of a French minister has been forcing her to keep low profile in her career causing her to never reveal her identity or even her face during a show.

When Elek-trode, real name Romane choose to become a DJ, she run away from her well-off life to Tokyo but, that's not the only reason why she moved on, she also wanted to avoid the press because of her fear to be revealed as a supernatural being. She's just starting to have a name in the night community in Japan, what's despite being her dream make her nervous, that's why she's buying the service of Janka, who keeps her aware of what the others know about her.












At first, Elek-trode is a relatively weak fighter as her Human and Deity form don't have remarkable stats but her ability gives her a great advantage as she can have maximum stats in Power and Speed if she stays in her Deity (or Titan) form long enough but she will still be weak in Health.

In her Deity form, Sekhmet, she gains the power of the sand and fight with a was-sceptre. Her fighting style borrows from pop star dance moves, chaining sensual moves emphasizing hip and abdominal movements but also frantic and rapid arm dances.

ABILITY: The more time Elek-trode stays in her Deity Form the more Power and Speed stats she's gaining.


Priestesses appear. They pray and dance for Elek-trode. Elek-trode gains some life.

Elek-trode transforms herself in a wind of sand and appears near of the opponent for slashes him and throws him away. She, then, redoes it again two times with her last hit being the most brutal.



  • Age: 24 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-arg Argentinian
  • Deity form: Tau (Evil God - Guaraní mythology)
  • Fighting style: Pradal Serey

Ezequiel appears to be a vicious and calculating psychopath. He does not feel any empathy or regrets making him a very detached man.

Ezequiel, despite being a Heir, got a merciless hatred for his kind, in fact, Ezequiel is a cold assassin with the aim of eliminates all the Heirs, and then kills himself, to stop the Wilting. He is persuaded that they are the source of our perishing world.

After killing his own family, he attacked other Heirs through his way until being captured by The Eighth Seal and locked up, due to his dangerous and powerful nature, in a top-security cell. Since his imprisonment, he's quietly waiting for his moment.












Ezequiel has good Power stats from the start, as a practitioner of Pradal Serey, he has kicking techniques using mostly hip rotation and has a variety of clinch fighting techniques.

When he transforms into his Deity form, Tau, Ezequiel sees his Health stats decrease but his longs claws give him a better range in his attacks. His ability takes advantage of his clinch moves as he can absorb the Deity gauge of his opponent during a grappling technique, he can even make his opponent comes back to his Human Form if he succeeds to empty his Deity Gauge.

ABILITY: When he throws his opponent or executes a counter attack on him, Ezquiel absorbs the opponent's Deity Gauge.


Ezequiel attacks his opponent before grabbing him and launch him to a dog-like human, Luison, with pale and sickly looking skin and eyes. The dog, then, attacks the opponents biting him brutally.

An enormous serpent with two colorful antennas over his head, Moñái, catches the opponent with his fangs, before shaking his head and spitting out the opponent on the ground.

HttW - Janka


  • Age: 29 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-hun Hungarian
  • Deity form: Su iyesi (Spirit of water - Tengrism)
  • Alternative form: Od iyesi (Spirit of fire - Tengrism)
  • Fighting style: Krav Maga

Janka is an always confident and vicious woman, she is one of the best freelance secret ops spy in the world. Lot of characters will learn that they can't trust her. Her first motivation will always be the money and she will be exclusive to anyone or any organization placing her in a true neutral position.

Janka started her career as a courtesan but when she starting to get along with powerful men, she gained numerous high value information about the politic and business spheres that she could sell. Being agile and stealthy due to her Heir power, she soon became a spy and began to accumulate a global reputation.

In the fight between the Primordial Program and the Eighth Seal, Janka seems to have a lot of useful information for only who can offer her services.






















Janka has a good Speed and Range, as a practitioner of Krav Maga, she has, in her moveset, various focus on strikes, take-downs and ground works.

In her standard and alternative Deity forms, Su iyesi and Od Iyesi, Janka gains a nearly intangible body, where she can practice move normally impossible for normal human. To take advantage of it, she can extend rapidly her body to dodge hit.

As Su iyesi, Janka invokes the power of water and as Od Iyesim the power of fire.

ABILITY: Janka has efficient reflex defence, side-steps and evasive moves which help her with a good mobility.

ALTERNATIVE DEITY: Janka can transforms herself in Od iyesi after she gets hit by a combo over 10 hits.


A white goose flies over Janka and lands on her back giving her wings, Janka grabs the opponent fly with him and when she's high enough caresses her opponent's face and throws him to ground.

Janka moves seductively forwards her opponent. As she moves, water submerges the arena. Janka gently lies her opponent on the floor before, brutally, turns him over and makes him drowning in the water.


Janka disappears in flame, the opponents searches for her. She then appears behind him, he turns to her and he's hypnotized by her. Janka takes his hand and stares his opponent right in his eyes. His opponent begins to scream out his pain as he's being burnt by Janka.

HttW - Soledad


  • Age: 22 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-chili Chilean
  • Deity form: Xōchipilli (God of Art - Aztec)
  • Fighting style: Snake Kung Fu

Due to her trauma, she assisted to a massacre and was left for dead, Soledad possesses a detached, cynical outlook on life. As a result, she turned into a determined, secretive and, sometimes, rude woman. It doesn't show much but, deep down, she is still a young woman passionate by all kind of arts.

Soledad wasn't born Heirs, when Ezequiel started his rampage in South America, Soledad, was one of her victim despite being human. Left for dead by the murderer, she was rescued in time but not without aftereffect. Soledad starts to become a Heirs, gained the power of a man that Ezequiel killed before attacking her, but the worst effect that she gains a emotional link with her aggressor and can feel his presence. She choose to use this effect for taking revenge but before comes to him she has to train herself. When she was ready, Ezequiel was abducted far away from her.












Despite her low Power stats, Soledad has good Health, Speed and Range with her Speed and Range become stronger as she transforms herself. Using the Snake Kung Fu, Soledad fights striking her opponents mostly with her hands from angles they wouldn't expect with sinuous and fluid motion.

When Soledad becomes her Deity form, Xōchipilli, she uses the power of the flowers.

Soledad is the only fighter with an ability activated during her Human form as her Deity gauge fills up faster than other characters.

ABILITY: Soledad has a faster Deity gauge regeneration. She is the only character to have her ability activated during her Human form.


Soledad continuously hit her opponent, each hit make appears flowers. At her last move, Soledad invokes a gust of flowers which elevates the opponent before dropping him on the ground.

Soledad dances graciously and charms the opponent who starts to dance with her. The dance becomes more and more vigorous and the opponent panics before breaking his body.

HttW - Wei


  • Age: 29 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-tai Taiwanese
  • Deity form: Jade Emperor (High God - Chinese Mythology)
  • Fighting style: Shorinji Kempo

Good willed and well-spoken, he seeks whole-heartedly to repent for his past in the Eighth Seal. He concerns himself over other people's welfare and respects those around him.

Wei is the Heir of a powerful god, the Jade Emperor. As he travelled the world to know more about his power and the Deities, tormented by his unique power, he was approached by a member of the Eighth Seal who promised him serenity and a better world.

Wei quickly discovers the real intention of the Eighth Seal and fight against them when they tried to annihilate a Japanese village. He saved the young Saeko but the rest of the village was destroyed. During four years, he took care of Saeko, teaching her, his knowledge and martial arts. When Saeko chose to live on her own in the city, Wei stayed in the mountains as a hermit.












Wei has good Power and Health. As a Kenpo practitioner, he uses quick strikes from all his body (kick, punch, elbow, knee) with rapid stance transitions.

Wei, as his Deity form, the Jade Emperor, invokes the power of the sky using clouds and wind in his attacks. As the Jade Emperor, he also gains the ability to counter a throw attack, meaning that his counter can now interrupt basic attacks and throws.

ABILITY: Wei can counter his opponent's throw attack.


Wei chains four very powerful hit each accompanied with the apparition of a different dragon. By order: the Yelloe Dragon, the Long Dragon, the Black Dragon and, finally, the Pearl Dragon.

Wei invokes two double of him made of an orange light. The three Wei do elaborate combos on the opponent, throwing him between them or hit him all in the same time.

HttW - Yamatoni


  • Age: 43 years-old
  • Nationality: Flag-jap Japanese
  • Deity form: Odin (God of knowledge - Nordic Mythology)
  • Fighting style: Marine Corps Martial Arts Program

Though he appears menacing, Yamatoni is a kind man with great patience. He is a man whose words can bring joy and understanding to others, and he sets out to inspire others with confidence. He has strong determination and likes to be on the front lines when it comes to dealing with problems.

Before being the Director of the Primordial Program, Yamatoni was a courageous soldier, even a legend on the battlefields. During a mission, Yamatoni found a dying young man, he tried to help him until the man finally passed away but not without giving his power, since then Yamatoni became an Heir. With his new power, the Japanese government named him Director for their secret operation against the Ancient gods. One day, Yamatoni discovered the Eighth Seal, a cult working in favor of the Wilting, he launched a mission against them using the best soldiers of the Primordial Program, despite his military experience, the mission failed and he was the sole survivor of his battalion. Since, rumors are that he is now on the Eighth Seal side... For Zoya, his former protegee, Yamatoni is the man to shot down.












Yamatoni starts as a balanced fighter. As a practitioner of the MCMAP, he has large variety of chokes, holds, and throws making him a good fighter in close quarter combat.

Becoming Odin with his Deity transformation Yamatoni gains Speed and Powers he also gains new combo to his throw attacks.

ABILITY: Yamatoni can perform long and unique throw combos.


Yamatoni breathes into a gjallarhorn, suddenly an Eighth-legged horse appears and Yamatoni rides it, it is also accompanied by two ravens and two wolves. It then tramples the opponent.

Two ravens bring to Yamatoni a gigantic spear with thunder around it. He, then, elevates the weapon and throws it towards his opponents.

Non-playable characters



Sophia is Alec's departed mother. She was a scientific student when she gives birth to her unique son. When Alec begins to show his Heir's power, Sophia and her lover started to feel threatened and been overtaken by the situation. She, then, searched for help and came across The Primordial Program. She first entered in the program for her son but, soon, she became employed in the Research Division and, later, even became the Director of this division.

During her time in The Program, she finds herself attached to Lou, a very young Heirs who saw her as a mother figure.

One day, Yamatoni organized an operation against The Eighth Seal, she convinced them to accompanied the troop as a supervisor on the execution. The operation was a lethal failure as lot of the soldiers died in the confrontation against The Eighth Seal, only Yamatoni seemed to survive.

Since then, we have no clue of Sophia but there is a lot of reasons to believe that she was abducted by the enemies. This is why, five years later, her son Alec joined the Primordial Program with the aim of finding her or at least know what happens to her.


All the experiment successes of JiaJun come to one point: making Qingyun the most powerful being on Earth by giving her an artificial Deity.

Due to her luminescent Deity form, Qingyun calls herself Orion. In this superior Deity form, Qingyun has access to a larger and more dangerous moveset who makes her the ultimate fighter and a real challenge for the opponent. Her new Deity form is 3 meters-tall making her the tallest fighter in the game.


As a more powerful version of Orion, Uber Orion is a secret final boss that you can find through different modes of the game. She means to be a real challenge even for skilled players. Her damages and Health are nearly doubled.




As he is permanently in his Deity form, Janus the Roman god of Time, few it's known about his human life.

Janus is one of the four cardinals, the leaders, of The Eighth Seal with Qingyun. His great power lets him anticipated the future and know the past making him a great strategist and manipulator.

Despite being an Heirs, Janus doesn't have fighting skills but, as a planner, he is at his best behind the battlefield or in the shadows of more powerful character.

In the Ascension Mode, taking place in an alternative universe, Janus plays a completely different character as a TV reporter who interviews the champion at the end of the game.


Heirs to the Wrath is like typical 3D fighting games, it plays with 7-buttons corresponding to moves including motion, attack, guard, throw or, as we see later, transformation. As most of the fighting game, Heirs to the Wrath focus on an attack/defense strategy where the players have to take advantages of his opponent's moves to gain a chance to attack or, inversely, to anticipate a disadvantaging situation and entering in a defensive strategy.

Inspired by the Bloody Roar series, the overall fighting system is based on the Deity Transformation where the player can transform his fighter into their powerful and more agile god-like form with an extended attack arsenal. In Deity form, the player can execute a Wrath Move, the strongest attack, before come back to his Human form.

The player can also enter in Titan form, more powerful than in Deity form, where he can perform Wrath Move without automatically comes back in Human mode. In this form, the Deity Gauge is flashing and gradually fade away over time, once it's empty, the fighter back to a Human form.

Basic Commands

  • NS A Button - KICK
  • NS B Button - PUNCH
  • NS X Button - DEITY TRANSFORMATION (or Deity attack)
  • NS Y Button - GUARD (or Throw, or Counter)
  • NS ZR Button or NS ZL Button - SIDE-STEP (or Evasion)


Your Life energy indicators are separated in three zones:
  • Green is your life energy. If there's no green area, your characters collapse and you lost the battle.
  • Red area shows you the damage taken by a hit.
  • Empty area shows you your lost life energy

The Life gauges will fully recovered in each round (except in Survival)

Below the players' Life Gauge, it's your Deity energy indicator, if the Gauge isn't empty you can transform into your Deity Form.
  • In Human Form: You can fill up your Deity Gauge by giving or taking hits.
  • In Deity Form: Taking hits will decrease your Deity energy
  • In Titan Form: Your Deity energy will slowly decrease until it's empty.

A round ends when either of the character’s is K.O.ed or when the time runs out. The winning character, will have a Win Mark on his counter that corresponds to how the match was won:

  • Green: Standard Victory
  • Blue: Perfect Victory
  • Orange: Time Out
  • Red: Double KO
  • White: Victory with a Wrath Move

The number of rounds per match varies depending on the settings of the match.

Basic Fight Mechanics


The overall fighting system is based on four offensive commands :

  • Punch NS B Button / Kick NS A Button: Basic attacks that are different while standing, jumping, running, crouching or near-lying and likewise change if certain directions are held or pressed in conjunction.
  • Deity attack NS X Button: Basic attacks (Punch, Kick, Weapon, Simple Magic) but only available while in Deity Mode.
  • Throw N64 Stick right + NS Y Button: Forward direction + Guard Button quickly. A grappling move who must be performed within close range of the opponent. The attack differs if you hold the opponent on his side, his back, while he's grounding, jumping, laying or against a wall. You also have Throw combo, with a special button combination to do in the start or the end of a throw move.
  • Charge attack: Hold on the last attack button pressed (NS B Button, NS A Button or NS X Button) for charging an attack and make a slow but strong breaking guard move.

The overall fighting system is based on various defensive commands :
  • Evade NS Y Button: By pressing NS Y Button just before an opponent's attack lands, the character will do an evasive or blocking move in function of the opponent high or mid attack, most of the time, shoulder and arm movements. Press Down for blocking low attack. As a light guard, the Evade are vulnerable to Guard Break attack but they are much quicker to recover from it, making the fighter less vulnerable after an evade than a guard. Evade can't be used while in the air.
  • Guard NS Y Button: By maintaining NS Y Button pressed, the character is entering in Guard mode. Guard can block various attacks, even Guard Breaks attacks, but it comes at the cost begin more vulnerable to Projection or Astonishment effect. As the Light Guard, you have to press Down to blocking low attack.
  • Sidestep NS ZR Button or NS ZL Button: There are two sidestep buttons (right/left), if you hold the button, the characters will start a side-stepping according to the direction you chose. If you push rapidly an sidestep button, the character will do a quick evasive move in the respective direction. While Ducking, your fighter will roll on the ground. A quick sidestep can be used right after blocking an attack, cancelling the recovery time after a block.
  • Counterattack N64 Stick left + NS Y Button: (High/Mid/Low) Back direction + Guard Button quickly. In a short delay, the characters could counterattack a regular attack from the opponent, the result is a armlock/leglock or judo like attack. Depending on the attack, the player will have to direct his countering move in the opposite direction (for example, for counter a high attack put: Low Back Direction + Guard Button). Some fighters have a Great Counter that can counter any attack, but with low damages, without taking account of if it is a high, mid or low attack.
  • Air/Ground Control: It allows the character to recover after being launched into the air (Air control) or knocked down (Ground control) to escape or, even, to use a landing or rising attack. You can also recover from a knock down before falling by pressing NS Y Button just when the fighter is about to touch the ground, the fighter will, then, spring back up. In certain condition, this recovery move is unable, for example, when a character is knocked into a spiral falling animation.

  • Jump NS Up ButtonNS Up Button: The character make a jump, allows him to evade low attacks and executes a landing attack (Air control) or an aerial attack.
  • Dash NS Right ButtonNS Right Button: Pressing two times in forward or backward direction in quick succession will cause the fighter to dash a short distance. It's possible to hold the NS Right Button to make the character continues his movement as a run.
  • Crouching Dash NS Right ButtonNS Down ButtonNS DF Button: You can dash but with your back bents forward to evade high attack. Like a normal dash holding NS Right Button makes the character continues his movement as a Crouching Run.
  • Backdash NS Left ButtonNS Left Button: It's also possible to backdashing where you going backward or execute a Crouching Backdash (NS Left ButtonNS Down ButtonNS DB Button). With a good timing, some characters can have a double backdashing. Backdash can't be continue as a run.
  • Ducking NS Down ButtonNS Down Button: Two times in the down direction. Ducking allows the fighter to evade high and middle attack and to access to specific offensive and defensive moves. While ducking, there is no low guard.
  • Facing Backwards: While facing away from your opponent (with your back turned towards them), the fighter has unique offensive moves while turned around. He has no guard and he is more vulnerable to damage and astonishment effect however he is still capable of dodging incoming attacks.

  • Mockery NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button: The character will make a mockery against his opponent, this move lightly reduces the opponent's Deity gauge filling. Mockeries are unavailable in Tag Battle or Typhon modes as their inputs are being used to other mechanics.

Deity Mechanics


At the beginning of each stage, both players have a set amount of energy that is used to activate the Deity mode with NS X Button, which causes the character to change into a Mythological God. Players may transform at any time as much as the Deity Gauge isn't empty (thunders will appear around the gauge). The player can activate Deity Transformation by pressing the Deity button.

In Deity mode, the "Deity Gauge" will decrease according to damage sustained by the character and does not recharge during the current round. If empty the fighter comes back as human when he is hit by an effective technique from the opponent.

When a fighter transforms, if his opponent is too near of him, the opponent will enter in Guard mode protecting himself against the violent wind surrounding the fighter during the transformation process. It's a good way to cancel an opponent's attack.

The player can use the Charging Faith by maintaining NS L Button, doing so the fighter sacrifices gradually some of his Life in exchange of fill up his Deity Gauge. This ability is not available if the Beast Gauge is complete. Be careful, you can loose a round by sacrificing all your Life on the Charging Faith.

Some fighters have an alternate Deity form and it's the player's actions that will decide whether or not the fighter will play as his standard or alternate Deity counterpart when he uses the Deity transformation.

The alternate form is more difficult to obtain than the standard. For example, the player could have to make a certain percentage of counterattack before using the Deity Transformation.

This form has mostly a similar moveset despite that the strength or the speed can drastically change. They have also an alternate version of their first Wrath Power and a new second Wrath Power. If the player makes the right actions, he can use the alternative Deity form when using the Deity or Titan transformation, except for the alternative forms that can only be obtain in Titan mode.

Each characters possess a Wrath Move, his strongest attack, which you can use in Beast Mode only, is a type of powerful and violent (sometimes gorish) attack peculiar to the personality of the characters.

If the opponent doesn't collapse after a Wrath Move against him or if you miss the opponent, your character's Deity Gauge will empty and the fighter will come back as a human in an astonishing situation.

Most of the times a Wrath Move starts with a basic first move (Punch, Kick or Grap) with different range depending on the fighter. If this move has failed or has been blocked the Wrath Move is cancelled but the fighter still comes back to his Human form. Some fighters, like Johona are multiple range or, even, unblockable first move.

With NS R Button, the fighter transform himself in his Titan form, physically like the Deity form (with exceptions) but with thunders surrounds him. He is more powerful than in Deity form, he can perform Wrath Move without automatically comes back in Human form and his recovery time drastically decreases.

In this form, the Deity Gauge is flashing and gradually fade away over time (20 seconds if the Deity Gauge was full before the transformation), once it's empty, the fighter is automatically back to a Human form. To battle in Titan form, press the Titan button any time.

If the Deity Gauge isn't full, the player will lose up to a large percentage of his health, depending on how much was filled in the beast gauge.

With his ability, Alec can access to his alternative Deity form with the Titan transformation, becoming Helios instead of a "Titan version" of Apollo.

When a fighter transforms himself into his Deity, Alternative or Titan form he gains an unique ability. Each fighters have their own ability which is mostly a bonus on their gameplay. For example, Amina can damage in Guard mode invoking a tornado around her.

Soledad is the only fighter who has an ability activated in her Human form, as she can full more quickly her Deity gauge.

The Mercy activates when a player is low on health (less than 5%), once activated, the player has his Deity Gauge fulls, giving him a last chance to transform and to return the situation.

With her ability, the Mercy System also contributes for Saeko to access to an alternative Deity form.

Advanced Fight Mechanics


Each characters have their own comboset, with an average of 70 moves per fighter, which feature :

  • Short combo: Simplistic and short-timing combos between 2 or 3 commands. Example: NS B ButtonNS Left ButtonNS B Button
  • Long combo: More powerful than the short combos, they are complex but long-timing combos mostly between 4 or 6 commands. Example: NS B ButtonNS Left ButtonNS B ButtonNS Down ButtonNS A Button
  • Critical combo: A complex, 5 commands, short-timing combo, the last move will let you set a direction to blow your opponent away but it's easy to dodge or block for the opponent (apart from astonishment situation).
  • Throw combo: When a fighter grabs his opponent during a throw move, some fighters can vary the throw move using a short combo (Example: N64 Stick rightNS Y ButtonNS Down ButtonNS A ButtonNS B Button). Some Throw combo, also, necessity particular commands before grapping the opponent (Example: NS Left ButtonNS Down ButtonNS Right ButtonNS Y Button).
  • Side-stepping strike: By pressing, at the same time, a Side-stepping (NS ZR Button or NS ZL Button) and a offensive (NS A Button/NS B Button/NS X Button) input, you can do a one-hit attack while side-stepping. Some fighters have combo using the side-stepping strike in their inputs.

Combos generally lead to Guard Break Attacks.


The fights are based on a rock-paper-scissors like interruption system, in which:

  • Regular Attacks beat Throws
  • Throws beat Counterattacks
  • Counterattacks beat Regular Attacks

When you land an attack of one type that beats another type, like landing a kick (regular attack) when an opponent tries to throw, your attack becomes proprietary and hits the, now, defenseless opponent who has his throw interrupted.

When two Regulars Attacks from each opponents meets, the fastest move will succeed forcing the receiver of the hit to cancel his move and recover from the attack. This scenario is called a Counter Hit, in this case, the damage are stronger than usual.

If two Holds or two Throws meet each other, the two moves won't land and will be ineffective.

Another particularity, it's the astonishment strategy, the fighters have some astonishing move, making their opponent confuse and unable to move. If a move lands as a Counter Hit, it also becomes an astonishing move. Less energy the opponents have more the confusion lasts.

If the player uses a Guard Break attack on an astonished opponent, the hit will be highlighted by slow-motion effects, close-up camera angles, and blood-splatter effects. Making the blow impact more dramatic and brutal.

In Deity form, and with a good timing, blocking an attack at the very last moment will result your opponent to be astonished.

If you are astonished, alternate NS Left ButtonNS Right Button to recover faster.

If a fighter receives too many hits in a row, the timing for a Counterattack is enlarged allowing a combo breaker. If you use the additional timing, the fighter doesn't counterattack but interrupts the combo with a defensive move (which can still be interrupted by a Guard Break move) and forces back the opponent.

For the juggle combo, when in the air your fighter becomes more difficult to hit (smaller hit-boxe) making harder for the opponent to keep your fighter in the air and to maintain his juggle combo.

With good timing, some combos, movements (like a jump or a backdash) and even mockeries can be promptly canceling (stop before the usual end of a movement of series of movement). This technique opens up opportunities for new attacks.

In the process of doing a combo, another combo can be performed, this is called "Super Canceling". This allows a player to string multiple combos together for monumental damage.

Most of the "cancelabe moves" can be cancelled by putting a Guard move (NS Y Button).

Each fighter has a moveset associated to specific states or stance. For example, While Running (a specific state) can make your fighter execute a tackle if he uses a punch attack.

The different states:

  • While Running: When the fighter is running.
  • While Standing: When the fighter is rising from crouch or a ducking
  • Crouching: When the fighter is crouching
  • Ducking: When the fighter is ducking (a double crouch)
  • Grounded: When the fighter lay down on the ground (change if he's face down or up and if his feet is towards the opponent or away)
  • Aerial: When your character is in the air (after a jump for example)
  • Facing backwards: When the fighter is facing away from his opponent (with your back turned towards him)
  • Behind the opponent: When the opponent is back facing the fighter
  • Off the wall: When the fighter is perpendicular and facing a high wall or half fence

There are also unique Fighting Stances, as some fighter can access to their own specific state. For example, Qingyun can transit into a state where she keeps one elbow high, giving her a specific kick moveset. In another hand, some fighter has a specific state only available in their Deity form, like Houssem who, in his Media form, can move himself without his legs (laying on his tentacles) and use the state for new attacks.

This specific states can also give more vulnerability or advantage towards hit depending on the position of your fighter.

When the opponents are about to attack but your fighter attacks with a faster strike, interrupting the opponents' attack, it's a Counter Hit.

With Counter Hits, the fighter inflicts more damage and forces the opponent into an astonishment state making them vulnerable to your next hit.

Environment Mechanics

The game presents various size of stages with constant movements and animations (spectators, background animation, weather, ...). The duels take place in interactive and highly-destructive arenas. Various arenas are evolving through a match depending on the remaining time or the fighters' life. For example, the nearer is one of the fighter to be defeated, the gloomier the background will be or an event, like the apparition of spirits, can last the whole round before being complete.

Some stages have particularity to add new difficulties or opportunities as uneven ground, walls, obstacles (like furniture), participating crowd, optical illusions, ....

Fighters are able to interact with the environment of a stage, using parts of the scenery to reposition themselves, get an extra jumps, set up a trap or using available objects as throw weapons.

When a fighter get near of a interactive zone, this zone/object will be slightly highlighted. To use it, the player must press NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button.

Some interactive objects appear depending on some action. For example, if you crash into the table in the Apartment 13 stage, you can use the table leg as a throw weapon by pressing NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button near of the debris.

The Jump wall is a particular interaction, if a player jumps on a wall, he can press NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button for execute a jump wall. The wall won't be highlighted like other interactive zones.

As a multiple tasks input, NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button, is used in priority for the Environment interaction before the Mockery or the Tag commands.

There are Death Traps in some stages. Fall into this kind of traps will show a, sometime, brutal cutscene. If your opponent falls into a Death trap you win.

In a less lethal way, the arenas can have Danger Zones (electric fencing, tree, ...) where the opponent takes remarkable damages if he hits it.

In some stage, there is a hidden floor, going through an inner-arena to another come with an energetic cutscene.

Normally, when a characters fall out the zone, he lost for begin out of the ring but in the case of a hidden floor, he will land in a new floor with his opponent joining him.

Once you are in a new area of the stage the remaining round will start in this area.

Tag Battle Mechanics


Tag Battle matches involve each player selecting two fighters to fight with. Players are able to switch their fighters out at any time pressing NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button (Mockeries are unavailable in Tag Battle), allowing the inactive character to gradually recover some life they might have lost (faster if the character is in Deity form). If the on-screen fighter gets attacked a certain amount of time and the off-screen character's Deity Gauge will gradually fill up.

The second partner will automatically be in Human form, at the start of the first round.

If your retired fighter is in Titan form, his Deity Gauge will still deflate until is empty, then, the fighter will return to his Human form even if he is out of the fight.

In Tag Battle some affiliated characters have unique and specific Tag moves together. For example, Zoya and Yamatoni have unique tag moves because of their affiliation.

Tag throws (N64 Stick right + NS Y Button + NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button) are special moves which can only be performed in Tag Battle Mode. Certain characters with affiliations have special projection; these types of tag moves generally do a great amount of damage (particularly in Deity mode) and can astonish the opponent. If the pair is not in a relationship of any sorts, the first partner will throw the opponent in the direction of the second person who then uses a counter-attack. This move ends with the off-screen fighter taking the place of the on-screen fighter.

Tag assist strike is a strike performed by the retired fighter. Each fighter has a Tag assist strike with its own inputs (generally involving NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button at some point). The fighter will jump on the stage, behind the opponent, to perform a short attack and then quickly get out. This attack can be block and the retired fighter is still vulnerable to counterattack or strike making this move useful but not without constraint.

If the two are in Deity mode you can use a Tag Wrath Move (NS Down ButtonNS Right ButtonNS Up Button NS Down ButtonNS Right ButtonNS Up ButtonNS ZR Button + NS ZL Button), as the Tag throw, certain characters have a special move together and if the pair is not in affiliations the first partner will perform his standard Wrath Move on the opponent and the second will use an effective one-move attack.

Depending one the Wrath Move, the ends of the moves can exchange the off-screen and on-screen fighters or can require a specific fighter to stay on the battlefield.

Here is a list of all the affiliation between the fighters:

Tag affiliation Tag Wrath Move
A gigantic pillar, created by Saeko, falls from the sky. As it's falling, Alec ignites it. The fight restarts and the two opponents still fight each other with the pillar slowly falls toward them. Once it a fighter it will cause high damages.
HTTW-icon-aminaHTTW-icon-darren THUNDERCLAWS
Amina catches her opponent and summons thunders on him. Darren, then, burrows his fangs into the opponent (still hold by Amina) and adds more thunders against him.
Qingyun laughs as she's holding the opponent with her snake, like a lasso, and forces him to turn himself in front of Caleb. Caleb approaches the opponent smells him and howls before brutally biting his throat.
HTTW-icon-darrenHTTW-icon-jaijun HIT ME WITH YOUR BEST SHOT
JiaJun hits the opponents, then Darren comes from nowhere takes JiaJun by his head and uses him to hit multiple times the opponents.
HTTW-icon-ezequielHTTW-soledad DARK AMBITIONS
Ezequiel holds the opponent by behind, Soledad watches them anxious. Ezequiel then tends a knife to Soledad, she is hesitant but Ezequiel keeps his eyes on her. She then takes the knife, using a wind of petals, looks at it and shove it in the opponents' torso. Ezequiel shows his respect for Soledad.
HTTW-icon-jankaHTTW-yamatoni TROUBLEMAKER
Janka torments her opponent, hitting him and disappearing for reappearing elsewhere until he suddenly encounters Yamatoni. Yamatoni then gives an ultimate brutal hit on the opponent with his spear.
Saeko and Wei chain a long and beautifully choreographed combo against their opponent launching him between them. Their last hit, it's a double hit where Saeko uses a magically enhanced kick on the opponent's legs and Wei a jade punch on the opponent's head.
Zoya falls, as Lucifer and Gabriel are trying in the same time to control her. Yamatoni then looks at her and takes her hand until she regains the control of herself. Zoya becomes The Seraphim and will stay in this form like a normal Deity form. Her Deity gauge it's as full as the Yamatoni's one before the Wrath Move. (Zoya is automatically in the fight at the end of the move even if he's Yamatoni who had summoned the Wrath Move.)

Alternative Mechanics

In the Ascension mode, you can add Upgrades to your fighter.

Each fighter has four Upgrade slots where they can add their Upgrades which will be activated from the beginning of a fight. They also have two Deity Upgrade slots, the Upgrades in this two slots are only activated when the player transform himself in Deity or Titan form. You can't add an Upgrade that the character already have.

If, at first, you can only use Upgrades in the Ascension mode, you can, later in the game, unlock the option to play with your Ascension fighters (with his Upgrades) on other modes like Versus, Arcade or Practice.

Upgrades can increase the stats of a fighter, give him new faculties or even give him moves from other fighter. There is seven types of Upgrades:

HTTW-Red HTTW-green HTTW-blue HTTW-yellow
Increase the Power
Increase the Health and the guard
Increase the Speed and facilitate the canceling
Increase your bonus following a Diety transformation
They can't be placed on a Deity Upgrade slot
HTTW-pink HTTW-purple HTTW-Black
Add a new combo from another fighter at your fighter
Make the game easier
They are not allowed in Online fights
Give handicaps
If used during Online fights the player gains 10% more Online points for each Downgrades on him

List of Upgrades
Offensive Upgrades
Power + +10% of Power for your fighter
Supreme Power +30% of Power for your fighter during the first 10 seconds of the round (or of his Deity Transformation or Titan transformation if the ability is in a Deity Ability slot)
Chosen Power +20% of Power for your fighter but -10% of Speed too
Punch + +20% of Power for your punch attacks
Kick + +20% of Power for your kick attacks
Counter Eagle +20% of Power on attack given on a opponent in air
Wider Throw Your attack that can throw your opponents will throw them much further
Cross-ups +10% on Aerial attacks / +20% on Aerial attacks given at the back of the opponent
Defensive Upgrades
Health + +10% of Health for your fighter
Supreme Health +30% of Health for your fighter during the first 10 seconds of the round (or of his Deity Transformation or Titan transformation if the ability is in a Deity Ability slot)
Chosen Health +20% of Health for your fighter but -10% of Power too
Regeneration Gradual Restoration of your Health Points
Urgent Healing Filled up 20% of Health Points when you enter in the Mercy System (or when your transform into the Deity or Titan form if the ability is in a Deity Ability slot)
Anti-Stall Your fighter recovers faster from a hit and from an astonishment
Movement Upgrades
Speed + +10% of Speed for your fighter
Supreme Speed +30% of Speed for your fighter during the first 10 seconds of the round (or of his Deity Transformation or Titan transformation if the ability is in a Deity Ability slot)
Chosen Speed +20% of Speed for your fighter but -10% of Speed too
Virtua Jump Your fighter jumps ridiculously high
Air Cancel Any air attack can be cancelled into a jump
Cancel & Throw You can cancel an attack with a throw move
Deity Upgrades
Deity Attack + +20% of Power for your deity attacks
Faith Faster restoration of your Deity Points
King of Titans Titan form lasts longer
Capture Combo Upgrades
There is 16 Upgrades in this category, each one having a combo from a different fighter to add in your fighter's moveset.

You can't add an Capture Combo Upgrade which gives a combo from the same fighter as the one receiving the Upgrade.

Assist Upgrades
Easy Combo The Critical combo will contain simplified commands.
Easy Evade Enemy throw can be counter by a counter move.
Easy Block Guard Break attack can now be blocked.
Easy Counter Using a counter move will counter any attack (low, mid or high)
Easy Deity You start in your Deity form
Easy Titan You start in your Titan form
Human only You are unable to transform yourself into Deity or Titan.
The Wilting Gradual loss of your Health Points
No Guard You can't block any attack from your opponent.
Mushroomized Your movements are reversed (Up becomes Down, Left becomes right, ...)

Sudden Death mode is an unlockable versus mode inspired by the parody fighting game Divekick.

A player loses the round after being hit only once, there's a Double KO when the two opponents manage to hit each other in the same time.

The versus takes place in a strict 2D arena where the opponent are more distant from each other than other arenas, helping the particular gameplay.

Typhon mode is an unlockable versus mode allowing to play with an versus mode inspired by Bloody Roar 4 Health and Beast Mechanic.

the Deity and Life gauges are intertwined, meaning that if the player turns into his Deity Form, all the damage he will take will be only taken on his Deity Gauge. Also, if the Life Gauge is completely depleted, the player will automatically transform himself into his Deity form for the remainder of the round.

The player can uses Charging Faith sacrificing some of his Life for fill up his Deity Gauge, if the player uses all his Life in the Charging Faith move, he will turn into his Titan Form until the end of the round.

The player can come back to his Human form as he wants pressing NS ZR Button + NS ZL Button (Mockeries are unavailable in Typhon Mode), helping him to dealing with his Life Gauge.

As in a standard versus fight, the Deity Gauge can still be filling up by taking or receiving hits in the fighter's Human form. With the Deity Gauge becoming the Life Gauge in Deity Form, the players can extend their health and use new and unique strategies to play with.

Graphic Design & Animations

  • Physical Degradation: The fighters can bleed, get bruises or getting sweaty also their clothes can get dirty or wet during the fights as well as they rip during the Deity form and stay this way the rest of the match. The accessories like jewels, hair elastics or sunglasses can also be broken during the fight.
  • Dynamic Movement: Aerial hair, clothes dynamic and bouncy breasts.
  • Pose animations: Various victory poses and defeat poses depending on:
    • The remaining rounds
    • The last hit taken: (mid, high or low / from front, the side or the back)
    • The defeat: KO, Perfect or Times Out
    • The opponent: If he is affiliated or not

  • Hit Animations: "Air effect" with the regular hits and Blood will appears with effective hits with also strong reaction from the hit receiver.
  • Effective hit animation: The camera will zoom in on effective strikes (example: end of a Critical Combo) and go into slow mo in dramatic moments.
  • Fight Intro/Outro: Quick cutscenes before and after a fight between two affiliated fighters.
  • Between Rounds: When the opponent is taken K.O., he will tries to get up himself if it's the last round he will fail and fall unconscious. If not, the defeated gets up and the two fighters slightly distance themselves from each other ready for the next round (there is no switch into a default place like most of the fighting games).

  • The General design (menu, mode select, characters select,...): mix between an urban style and a more mythological style.
  • Choose your Fighter: When you are choosing your Fighter, you can see his stats (Power, Speed, Health and Range), his type of fighting (Offensive, Balanced, Defensive, Grappler) and how it changes after his transformation
  • Loading screen: When the game is loading, the screen shows gameplay advice to the players.
  • Choose your Stage: When you are choosing your Stage, the preview of the stage currently selected will appears taking all the background behind the fighter

Each fighter has two different outfits, for each of their form as most of the fighter change their outfit with their transformation. When you select your fighter, you can choose between two default choices which give you a pre-selected pack of outfits for the human, deity and, sometimes, alternative deity form.

Mains modes


A playable mode where you follow the adventures of various characters.

The story mode follows a linear story splits into three chapters, plus a Bonus Chapter, through a series of character swaps. In each chapter, the player will fight with different fighter against various opponents determining by the events of the story. There is multiple cutscenes between the fight as well as some CG movie during the most important moments.

You can read the complete story here.

Progressing through the story will make you play with various fighter, if you have difficulties, you can always switch to the Free Training Mode to learn about the playable fighter.

The story tells how a group of fighters with divine powers, the Heirs, has to investigate and to fight against the plan of Ancient Gods to create a new world pure and religious.


A classic Arcade mode where the player chooses his fighter and fight a series of matches, each harder than the previous one. This mode has four levels of difficulty:

  • Easy: Eighth matches the last one being against a predefined opponent.
  • Normal: Eighth matches the last one being against a predefined opponent. There is also a bonus match against an unlockable character, if the player didn't have one game over.
  • Hard: Eighth matches the last one being against a predefined opponent. There is also a bonus match against an unlockable character, if the player didn't have one game over.
  • Survival: An endless series of matches where you have to fight against each playable fighters until a predefined opponent, once this predefined opponent defeated, the row of matches starts over. The more matches you win and the less time you used will increased your final score.

Clear the Arcade mode with a fighter unlocks a little cinematic showing an important moment of the fighter's life. This cinematic can't be unlock with the Survival difficulty due to the face this difficulty can't be finished.

You can see the cinematic endings here.


Versus battle in offline modes, the player can play with another local player or with a CPU (which you choose the difficulty level between 1 and 5). You can also use this mode for watch CPU only battles.

  • VS Battle: Simple versus with one vs one
  • Tag Battle: Versus two teams of two members.


This mode presents a story in an alternate universe where the player participates to the Ascension Tournament to make his name to the Pantheon. The player will have to choose the fighter and go through 11 matches, each with their own rules and events, as well as 18 secret matches unlockable depending on the action of the player. The player can change his fighter whenever he wants.

Each matches won will unlock new Upgrades or give you Offerings for buying this said Upgrades.

The Upgrades bought can be added on one of your fighters for making him stronger.

The more the player go through the Tournament the more difficult the matches are, as the CPU opponents will not only gain in level difficulty but will also have Upgrades on their own. The rules of the matches will also gain in difficulty as the fighter can loose his defensive commands, can have to fight against three opponents in a row or can have his Deity Form deactivated against an opponent in Titan Form.

Later in the game, you can unlock the option to play with your Ascension fighters on other modes like Versus, Arcade or Practice.

List of Challenges
1st Challenge
Difficulty Easy
Condition You can only win by Ring Out
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Darren
Stage Serene Dojo
Price Updgrade: Power +
2nd Challenge
Difficulty Easy
Condition Win the fight - No one can block
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Lou
Stage Pantheon Coliseum
Price Updgrade: Health +, Speed +
3rd Challenge
Difficulty Easy
Condition Your opponent must be killed with a Wrath Move
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Janka
Stage Distant Forest
Price Updgrade: Supreme Power, Supreme Health, Supreme Speed
4th Challenge
Difficulty Normal
Condition Win the fight - Every second your speed is increased by 1%
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Saeko
Stage Cyber NightClub
Price Updgrade: Chosen Power, Chosen Health, Chosen Speed
5th Challenge
Difficulty Normal
Condition Win the fight - If you not jump when the floor is highlighted you will be astonished by thunders
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Zoya
Stage Healing Spa
Price Upgrades: Deity +
Bonus Challenge
Difficulty None
Condition You can't lose, but the more hits you get in 60sc, the more points you get. (extra for heavy attacks)
Battle Fighter of your choice vs JaiJun
Stage Outch! Ring!!
Price Updgrade: All Assist Upgrades and Downgrades (except Easy Titan and Easy Deity) appear randomly when you hit the opponent.

Finish with a fighter this challenge with the best score to unlock the fighter's Capture Combo Upgrades

6th Challenge
Difficulty Normal
Condition Win the fight - The camera is upside down
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Amina
Stage Prison Yard
Price Updgrade: Supreme Deity
7th Challenge
Difficulty Hard
Condition Win the fight - You cannot jump or duck
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Elek-Trode
Stage Apartment 13
Price Updgrade: Chosen Deity
8th Challenge
Difficulty Hard
Condition Win the fight - Both fighters lost continuously their health. Each blow landing will replenish some health.
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Wei
Stage Skate Park
Price Updgrade: Anti-Stall
9th Challenge
Difficulty Very Hard
Condition Win the tag battle - Only your first choice fighter can hit the first choice opponent (same thing for the second)
Battle Two Fighters of your choice vs Ezequiel, Soledad
Stage Sunset Beach
Price Updgrade: King of Titans
Final Challenge
Difficulty Very Hard
Condition Win the battle - 1 vs 3
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Caleb, Johona, Qingyun
If you win one of the first 3 match without loosing health, you will fight Orion in a 4th match
Stage Apocalypse Cathedral
Price Unlock: Play with Ascension Fighter in Arcade and Versus modes
Cinematic: Interview with your selected Fighter
If you win against Orion: Updgrade - Easy Titan

List of Secret Challenges
Challenge A
Difficulty Easy
Unlock Win the 3rd Challenge with an Alternative Form
Condition Arm based attacks are unavailable
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Amina
Stage Sunrise Beach
Price Updgrade: Punch +, Kick +
Challenge B
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the 4th Challenge in more than 60sc
Condition Defeat the opponent by launching them in a Death Trap
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Darren
Stage Step Pyramid
Price Updgrade: Hyper Jump
Challenge C
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the 4th Challenge in less than 20sc
Condition When in Deity Form, the opponent only loose Deity meter (not Health)
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Lou
Stage Classical Museum
Price Updgrade: Cancel & Throw
Challenge D
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the Challenge C
Condition Hit the opponent by launching an object at them
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Janka
Stage Apartment 13
Price New Costume Set (only with DLC 3)
Challenge E
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge D
Condition For your fighter, only Deity attacks land
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Wei
Stage Serene Dojo
Price Updgrade: Easy Deity
Challenge F
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the 5th Challenge with an Aerial Throw
Condition You change character every 10 sc
Battle Predetermined fighters vs Zoya
Stage Distant Forest
Price Updgrade: Air Cancel
Challenge G
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the Challenge F with Saeko
Condition When the fighter is in red, all the damages they take will be reflected back at you
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Alec
Stage Pantheon Coliseum
Price New Costume Set (only with DLC 3)
Challenge H
Difficulty Normal
Unlock Win the Challenge G
Condition Tag Battle, the fighter on-screen will slowly loose health
Battle Tag Battle: Two Fighter of your choice vs Soledad, Ezequiel
Stage Step-Pyramid
Price Stage: Step-Pyramid
Challenge I
Difficulty Normal
Unlock During the 5th Challenge do a Critical Combo and win
Condition You must win in Mercy mode
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Saeko
Stage Cherry Street
Price Updgrade: Urgent Healing
Challenge J
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the 7th Challenge with one Dowgrade on your fighter
Condition You cannot attack until you countered an opponent's move
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Elek-Trode
Stage Cherry Street
Price Updgrade: Faith
Challenge K
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge J
Condition Win by hitting the opponent 20 times in 45 seconds
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Johona
Stage Prison Yard
Price New Costume Set (only with DLC 3)
Challenge L
Difficulty Hard
Unlock In the Challenge K, hit the opponent 20 times in the face in 45 secondes
Condition Tag Battle vs 4 opponents, you can only switch your fighters if the off-screen fighter has their Deity Gauge fulled
Battle Tag Battle: Two Fighters of your choice vs Alec, Saeko, Amina, Caleb
Stage Pantheon Coliseum
Price New Costume Set (only with DLC 3)
Challenge M
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge L
Condition Tag Battle - 3 vs Uber Orion
Battle Tag Battle: Three Fighters of your choice vs Uber Orion
Stage Apocalypse Cathedral
Price Updgrade: Regeneration
Challenge N
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the 7th Challenge with two or more Dowgrades on your fighter
Condition Every attack performed reduces overall damage by 2%.
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Ezequiel
Stage Freeway
Price Updgrade: Counter Eagle
Challenge O
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge N
Condition Use your Deity form (aura, attack) to see in this darkened arena
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Darren
Stage Step-Pyramid
Price Updgrade: Wider Throw
Challenge P
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge O
Condition The opponent is overpowerful and invicible, Survive 2mn
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Lou
Stage Cherry Street
Price Updgrade: Kunoichi
Challenge Q
Difficulty Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge N
Condition Your opponent is immune to damage when they touch the ground
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Caleb
Stage City Roof
Price New Costume Set (only with DLC 3)
Challenge R
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the 9th Challenge with a Tag Wrath Move
Condition Defeat your opponent, in 30sc he will enter in a permanent Titan form
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Yamatoni
Stage Pantheon Coliseum
Price New Costume Set (only with DLC 3)
Challenge S
Difficulty Very Hard
Unlock Win the Challenge R
Condition When the opponent is in Titan Form he can win with one hit, he will start in Titan form
Battle Fighter of your choice vs Alec
Stage Pantheon Coliseum
Price Updgrade: HyperBeast


In this mode the player can learn more about the gameplay of the game and the strategy to become a better player. He has the choice between three sub modes:

  • Free Training: Practice your fighting skills with various displays: the inputs, the move's damage, the combo damage, the moves range (high/mid/low), the frame counts of a move, the possibility of the move being a tracking move. There is also other useful options: Command recording, multiple CPU mode settings and Instant replay.
  • Tutorial: Learn, as you complete various tasks, all the terms and regular strategies from the game and, to a certain extent, from the Fighting Game genre. When you failed, the game told you why you failed and what you should do for the next try.
  • Command Training: Learn and master the combos of a character. You can also see your character automatically makes the combo to have a better understanding of the timing and the movement sequences.


This mode presents to the player multiples galleries with video, picture, music or sounds that he win during the game or that he took or recorded himself.

  • Movies: A collection of cinematic that you unlock progressively through the game. Movies includes: Openings, Cutscenes, Endings, Credit, ...
  • Hall of Fame: A presentation of each fighters with their story, their complete statistics (Health, Power, Range, Speed, Mobility, Recovery, WEighth, HEighth, High/Mid/Low Power, Throw/Counter Power, Wrath Power, ...), all their lines (as SFX sounds) and an animation presenting the fighter executing a routine from his personal martial art (a kata for example). You can pause the animation, play with the camera and change his/her outfits for a better view of the fighter. To see a fighter presentation, you have to complete the Command Training with him.
  • Artworks: A collection of official artworks that you unlock progressively through the game. Artworks includes: Concept Art, Render, Unused artworks, ...
  • My Albums: An album for your saved replays and screenshots.



  • Time Limit: Choose how much time lasts a round
    • 20sc / 40sc/ 60sc / 90sc / Infinite
  • Rounds: Choose how many rounds there are during a versus battle
    • 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5
  • Blood: Choose if some hits show spurting blood or no
    • Off / On
  • Game speed: Choose to accelerate or slow down the fighters
    • Off / Slow / High
  • One Form Only: Choose in what form the fighter will be
    • Off / Human Only /Deity Only / Titan Only
  • Walls: Choose the resistance of the wall around some arenas
    • Off / Weak walls / Final round / No walls
  • Kids Mode: Choose to distort the fighters to give them funny look
    • Off / Big arms / Big heads/ Kids


With Display Settings you have the possibility to change the graphic of various displays (Life Gauge, Deity Gauge, Fonts, ...) by switching through different visual themes (Retro, Fire, Neon, Antiquity, ...).

You will even be able to change the Gauges position.


Here are the other settings avalaible in the option menu. There are mostly typical options for any video games:

  • Controller
  • Sound
  • Graphic
  • Savefiles

Heir to the Wrath Online

With the online platform, Heir to the Wrath Online, the player can now fight against online opponents in VS Battle, Tag Battle or Tournament. You can add players in friend list and make your own tournament.

Training with online player is also available but you can also Training by yourself and use the Online mode which allow you to practice while simulating the delay you would expect at various connection strengths.

The players will earn Online Points by defeating opponents close to their rank or above (giving little to no points for beating a lower rank). The more Online Points they gain the better ranks they have. A player can loose points with abusive disconnecting. Each player can also be ranked by Connection Priority (How good their online connection is) and Disconnect Ratio (How much have they disconnected during matches).

Some online events will be also weekly appears rewarding the regular online players with a chance to gain unique prize as Online Points and pre-release DLC contents.


  • User's Profile
  • VS Battle
  • Team Battle
  • Winner-Stay
  • Tournament
  • Training


Story Mode

The story mode follows a linear story splits into three chapters, plus a Bonus Chapter.

1st Chapter - The Inner God

It revolves around Alec and Zoya and their fight against the Eighth Seal cult.
Click on EXPAND to read the complete synopsis.


Four years ago.

Yamatoni and Sophia are, accompanied by multiple soldiers, residing in a military camp above a little Japanese village. Some of the soldiers are Heirs and already in their Deity form. Sophia tells Yamatoni to be prudent, their enemy, The Eighth Seal, is waiting for them. Yamatoni says that they have no time to waste, The Eighth Seal wants to destroy the village to take the sacred ground beneath the village and the more sacred grounds The Eighth Seal possess, the closer they are to attaining their goal in purifying the Earth from humanity and giving it back to heinous Ancient Gods.

As members of the Primordial Program who fight against the Eighth Seal, Yamatoni and Sophia know that each battle against their opponent are determinant for the future of the world. Sophia is scared, she feels that they can't win this battle and as Yamatoni advances with his troops, she sadly asks him: "Now that we can believe in the gods, do we have to believe in fate?" to which Yamatoni responds "If our fate is to see our world dying, I wouldn't believe in gods, even if I were one.".

"But you are one," she whispers before, suddenly, we see a gigantic figure shining in the background. Everything in the military base starts to float in the air, including Yamatoni and a terrified Sophia. Some soldiers and objects around them are brutally set in a blue fire. From a wide shot, we see the military base camps ignited.



There are various recorded videos and TV news reports illustrating the situation of the world under, what we call, the Wilting, a slow apocalypse handled by The Eighth Seal. We see obscured natures, devastated farm families and evil spirits attacking people. We also see a conference where multiple world leaders announce the opening of the Primordial Program, an ambitious operation to counter the apocalypse. Accompanying these images, we hear Zoya who is reading Yamatoni's letter, talking about how the world changed and how he wants to take on his role against Ancient gods.

Then, we see Zoya in an acrobatic fighting training.

Alec comes to the dojo of the Primordial Program Headquarter in Tokyo where Zoya resides. She asks him to wait while she gets changed but Alec prefers a fight between them, after such a long journey to come here and he needs a warm-up. (Fight : Alec vs Zoya)

Later, Zoya and Alec drink at a bar. Alec talks about how his mother Sophia, told him one day that his life doesn't belong to him, as an Heir, a human with the power of transforming himself into a mythological god, his destiny is clear: he must serve humanity and, if he ignores it, it's like choosing to destroy it. Zoya nods, she explains that humans find themselves on a battlefield between gods who want to reset the worlds and gods who want to keep it like it is, and they use them, the Heirs, to fight each other like chess pawns. Alec seems bothered to what Zoya responds "I still understand you. Family, it's harsh... My parents were afraid of my power and left me here. After that, and despite all the deceptions, I keep searching for someone to take care of me... So, Alec if we can find your mother I will help you, you have my promise."

She continues saying that if the real enemies are the Ancient gods, they have to annihilate the Eighth Seal first, as they are the one who lead the fight of the gods here amongst the humans. She shows a picture of the Eighth Seal most recent leader, Yamatoni. Alec, confused, knows him through his mother's files, Yamatoni was a close colleague of her when she worked for the Primordial Program. Zoya knows that if Alec joins The Primordial Program, he is to find answers about his missing mother but she wants to make it clear, Alec has to collaborate, their biggest operation will start as soon as they find Yamatoni's emplacement. There's is no time for questioning, Yamatoni is a traitor and knows too much about the Primordial Program since he used to work with them, we can't let him disclose anything.

In their return, Zoya and Alec are interrupted by Johona, an assassin working for the Eighth Seal. Johona transforms herself into her Deity form. (Fight : Zoya vs Johona). Once Johona is defeated, she insults them for going against their true destiny, as chosen by the Ancient gods they have to build a new world. She especially points to Zoya: "I would like to know what Lucifer thinks about your choice?", Zoya can't keep her calm as she's starting to shiver and says "I am Michael's Heir and only his." Johona smiles replying, "How long will you hold him back before the next incident?"

Alec gets closer to Zoya as Johona disappears and, then, remarks another presence. The assassin was not alone, a mysterious guy stands on the roof above them. Alec pursues him but he is quickly taken down by what appears to be a humanoid wolf. The wolf then jumps and disappears in a sudden blizzard.


On her way to home, Amina, a medical researcher for the Primordial Program, finds an Heir, Darren, writhing in pain, he can't control his Deity form. Amina tries to help him but Darren becomes violent. (Fight : Amina vs Darren)

As Darren falls unconscious, Amina calls her colleague to come and help her but a truck stops in front of her. JiaJun comes out of the truck, gets behind the unstable Heirs and ties him up to a stretcher before he takes him aboard. Anima doesn't understand what’s happening, she tries to stop JiaJun but she's too weakened by her previous fight to do anything about it. JiaJun then finds out that she is from the Primordial Program and, as a member of the Eighth Seal himself, he decides to kill her but Darren starts to move again and JiaJun knows that he has to hurry up if he doesn't want more trouble with him.

In the truck, JiaJun tells Darren that he can't stop the experiment. Suddenly, Darren wakes up in rage, invokes thunder and the vehicle falls on the road. (Fight : JiaJun vs Darren)


Elek-trode finishes her night as a DJ. She catches up by Janka, a spy paid for her protection. Elek-trode doesn't want The Eighth Seal or, even, the Primordial Program to discover her existence mainly because of her renown father, a French minister, and counts on Janka's help. The woman adverts her that the Eighth Seal already knows her secret and now she's in the center of their plans.

Elek-trode doesn't understand how they could’ve find her but Janka confesses to be their source. For Janka, the Eighth Seal members are a better investment. Elek-trode feels betrayed. She invested money in someone who she was supposed to trust. Elek-trode could feel the anger boiling up within her. She eventually could no longer contain her rage and she lashes out at Janka. (Fight : Janka vs Elek-trode)


In a forest, Saeko is in search for Wei.

Saeko looks back on her past. Four years ago, she tried to escape her village which was being demolished by the Eighth Seal at that time. She is reminded of all her friends and family dying right in front of her and how Wei saved her. At first she was afraid, Wei was a soldier from the Eighth Seal, but he felt guilty after seeing Saeko and eventually ran away with her. During those four years, Wei - who supported Saeko’s strong desire to stop the Eighth Seal - taught his martial arts skills to Saeko in this excluded forest

Now, Saeko wants to return to civilization, she has been approached by the Primordial Program and wants to help them. Before leaving, she asks Wei to join her and the Primordial Program. Wei refuses, he can't go back to the civilization but he's proud of her former apprentice and want to see her progress. They both agree to a friendly sparring match. (Fight : Saeko vs Wei)

In a dark alley, we see Yamatoni alone. He is talking to a mysterious woman on his phone. He's telling her, that The Primordial Program are about to take action and that they need to be ready. As he's still speaking, we see lots of birds spying him, one of the birds then flies away to land on Lou's finger, Lou is one the Heirs of the Primordial Program. Lou becomes really enthusiastic and turns to Zoya saying: "He is in town! We found Yamatoni!".


We return to the dojo with Alec, Zoya, Lou and now too, Saeko. Due to the power of their Heirs, they are the four most powerful soldiers of the Primordial Project and the center of the next operation. Zoya is proud to see her new team and now that Yamatoni is localized, the operation can finally start. She congratulates Lou to have found Yamatoni, as an Heir of the God of animals she could follow Yamatoni with her servant birds. Zoya also congratulates Saeko and Alec for joining the right side of this war. She asks if the plan is understood by everyone one final time, and as everyone nods, they move to what should be Yamatoni's position.

The location is an unsteady building. Zoya isn't surprised by Yamatoni's choice which makes Alec think that Zoya knows a lot about him. They attack the place but Yamatoni was a step ahead and counterattacks with smoke bomb and traps. (Fight : Zoya, Alec vs Yamatoni)

Alec is defeated but Zoya, even while injured, swears to finish this fight. We then learn that Zoya was Yamatoni's protegee during his time in the Primordial Program. Yamatoni rejects her accusations and calls her a traitor, but she won't listen. Yamatoni chooses the hard way and transforms himself into Odin (Fight: Zoya vs Yamatoni)

Zoya beats him but Yamatoni still tries to convince her he's not one of the leaders of the Eighth Seal. Suddenly, multiple Eighth Seal soldiers surround them and Johona appears fiercely. Lou was a traitor, she revealed their operation to the Eighth Seal. All the Heirs use their power to defeat the others but, weakened by their previous fights, the Primordial Program members can't keep up against their opponents. Johona captures Alec and Saeko. Zoya successes to run away with Yamatoni.

Somewhere, Qingyun carries out rituals on an unconscious man covered in blood. She is in a place that resemble cathedral interiors. As she focuses on her ceremony, she speaks with Janka. The spy says that they may have captured some of them. Yamatoni is still on the run and now that the Primordial Program will regain their trust for him, they will soon discover who the true leaders of The Eighth Seal are.

Suddenly, Caleb enters the chamber and interrupts their conversation. Caleb confesses to have followed Johona, he wants to know who Zoya is and what the Primordial Program is. Above all, the experiments on him start to exhaust him, he wants them to stop. Qingyun loses her temper, Caleb, who she called her son, has to understand that the experiments are crucial for the future of humanity and that he doesn't have a word to say about how she's leading the mission of the Eighth Seal.

End of the first chapter.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Alec vs Zoya Serene Dojo First round : Tutorial

Only in human form

Level 1
Zoya vs Johona Skate Park First round : Tutorial on Deity form

Johona starts in Deity form

Lucifer form unavailable for Zoya

Level 1
Amina vs Darren Cherry Street Darren starts in Deity form Level 1
JaiJun vs Darren Freeway Chase Level 2
Janka vs Elek-trode Cyber Nightclub Level 2
Saeko vs Wei Distant Forest Level 2
Zoya, Alec vs Yamatoni Apartment 13 First round: Tutorial on Taggle Battle

Only in human form

Level 4
Zoya vs Yamatoni Apartment 13 Yamatoni starts in Deity form Level 4

2nd Chapter - A New Myth

Introducing Soledad, the only girl with the power to find the Eighth Seal HQ
while Saeko and Alec have been made prisoners by the cult.
Click on EXPAND to read the complete synopsis.


Somewhere in Chile, an elderly woman prays in a little chapel. Soledad appears telling her that Yamatoni has found her aggressor, the one who nearly left her dead two years ago. She now has to join the Primordial Program. The other woman, who is revealed to be Soledad's mother, consents, she will keep praying for her protection. Soledad however, doesn't need that, she can only count on herself. Her mother smiles, she always knew that her daughter would do great things, and now, with this gift she can save humanity.

Soledad asks her mother how she knows that it's not He Himself who started the end of this world to what her mother responds that He will always be on the side of his creation, like a mother protecting her child.

Soledad does not believe her and chooses to leave in silence. As she's walking, the shot moves out and we can see the Chilean village where the scene takes place, and we see more and more of the devastation caused by the Wilting.


In the Eighth Seal HQ, Lou speaks with JiaJun, now that her task is completed, she wants to see Sophia. JiaJun laughs and presents to her a skull with strange organic tissues which he claims to be what remains of Sophia. Lou, heartbroken and furious, attacks him but she is blocked by Johona (Johona vs Lou).

JiaJun explains that it was only Sophia's fault, her vanity lead her to her death. JiaJun orders to conduct Lou where she won't be a nuisance. The girl, even while injured, defends herself and defeats the men who tried to take her before Johona finally knocks her out.


In the Tokyo airport, Soledad walks down the stairs of the aircraft to Yamatoni and Zoya who were waiting for her in front of the plane. We learn that Soledad became an Heir during a massacre caused by another Heir. She was given her powers by a dying man but she was also hit and left for dead. Ever since her first transformation, she felt a strange connection with her aggressor and she can even feel his presence. The Primordial Program needs her, because according to Yamatoni's source, Soledad's infamous aggressor has been captured by the Eighth Seal. If they find him, they will find the Eighth Seal HQ.

In the Dojo, Zoya trains the already very skilled Soledad (Soledad vs Zoya). For fun, Yamatoni joins the fight on Soledad's side and Amina, invited by Zoya, joins hers (Zoya, Amina vs Soledad, Yamatoni).

They then receive a visit from a government representative, their plan of operation has been validated and they can operate as soon as necessary.


Janka, in the museum, is joined by Yamatoni. She's his source. Janka adds that Qingyun, who is in charge of the Eighth Seal here in Tokyo, is preparing something independently from the rest of the cardinals, the cult leaders. If she succeeds the consequences will be irreversible. Despite Yamatoni's insistence, Janka doesn't want to say more so Yamatoni suggests a fight. If he wins, she tells everything, Janka accepts (Janka vs Yamatoni).

Yamatoni is defeated but still has a question for Janka, as he sees her six-point star pendant falling from her neck, "A believer?" he says. Janka holds her pendant tight before responding "We are not gods, Yamatoni, these Deities, they are like us, limited to this world, somehow to this reality. I still believe in a greater force beyond all of it, He's maybe not the one who I think He is, but I know He's there, watching us." Yamatoni confesses being surprised to see some humility in a person like her.


At a night club exit, Johona finds Elek-trode, Elek-trode understands right away that Johona is sent by the Eighth Seal, she tries to run away but Johona is faster, the confrontation is inevitable (Johona vs Elek-trode).

Elek-trode wakes up in Qingyun's office with Johona, and guards behind her. Qingyun knows that she's the Minister's daughter. Qingyun goes straight to the point, she is there because they need her father to contribute to the Eighth Seal. Elek-trode refuses the imposed threats, her father won't help them, he doesn't make deal with terrorists.

Qingyun expected that, she then plays a videotape where we can see Elek-trode transform herself. The girl laughs at her, even this video won't help them, the Heirs are seen as heroes working with governments to fight against The Wilting, she will only be annoyed if her secret is out. But that won’t be suffice to blackmail her own father. Not losing her temper, Qingyun says that even though she refuses to do so now, soon enough, she won't be around to have the same conversation again.

Johona gets a call form JiaJun that something bad is happening right now at the confinement section, but nothing more is heard. Johona secretly informs Qingyun who, this time, can't control her irritation against JiaJun's irresponsibilities. She orders the guards to take Elek-trode to her cells, saying to the prisoner that if she can't use her as a hostage, she could still use her as a subject for new experiments. As Elek-trode leaves the room, Qingyun asks Johona to take care of their sudden annoyance.

Johona goes out the office but stops and briefly sees Caleb spying on them.

Qingyun asks why she is hesitant to leave the office. Johona feigns to not have seen Caleb and responds: "The Eighth Seal asked you to get this girl and forced her father to give us the authority to take the sacred grounds in France and you seemed to be succeeding in this task but I can't help myself to think that you have another aim in mind." Qingyun gets angry about how Johona authorizes this kind of discourse with her. Johona adds that she is not her servant, she is there, by the other cardinals' orders, to execute the plan and to see if everything goes as expected, and with this in mind, she has doubts. Quingyun says that she can do whatever she wants on her mission, she is one of the Eighth Seal cardinals, she doesn't have to wait for the confirmation of others. If she chooses to do more than just threaten a brat for the cult, she will. Johona replies that "Loki, Lucifer even Zeus... among the greater gods, there are always traitors." She then leaves and winks at Caleb.


In the dark, we can hear a man scream before the sounds of flesh being torn apart fill the room.

The scream wakes Alec and Saeko. Their awakening is brutal as they don't know where they are and find themselves completely surrounded by dead bodies. Alec acknowledges that the bodies are the men they’ve fought when they were trapped by the Eighth Seal in Yamatoni’s apartment. Judging from the surroundings, they are inside the cathedral-like building, and by the lack of windows, maybe even underground.

As they explore the place, Saeko, finally sees who caused this onslaught. It was Darren. He once again succeeded to escape from JiaJun hands. The monster stops and turns his eyes toward the two prisoners with the severed head of a guard in his hand (Saeko, Alec vs Darren). Alec is ready to continue the fight but Saeko stands between them. She thinks Darren is not their enemy and suggests that they can help him and get out of this place together. Darren stares at them quietly and eventually jumps and disappears from the scene.


In their evasion, Alec and Saeko find Lou under what seems to be ritualistic experiments. At first, despite Saeko's advice, Alec refuses to help this traitor. Lou, crying, explains that she only wanted to help Sophia. Alec understands that his mother, Sophia, helped Lou during her time in the Primordial Program and before being taken by the Eighth Seal. As they have the same goal, to find Sophia, Alec frees her.

A really angry JiaJun then appears. He is too busy about Darren's escape to see the trio. Alec wants to fight him but Lou needs her revenge on him (Lou vs JiaJun).

Suddenly, Darren jumps in the place and attacks the group, JiaJun runs away (Saeko, Alec vs Darren).

Facing Darren's pain and sadness, the group mourns, they feel sorry for him. The suffering Heir fades into the shadows. Alec and Saeko get closer as she searches for comfort from the situation.

Lou explains that they tried to make her believe that Sophia is dead but she doesn't believe it. She learns that they keep other hostages in the deepest levels of this place where they run their most horrific experiment. If Sophia is alive she must be there. In addition, she explains that there is also a dangerous prisoner there and he's nicknamed the Heathen. When Lou was still in JiaJun's hands, he threatened to give her to the Heathen if she didn't calm down.


In a forest, the rest of the Primordial Program, Zoya, Soledad and Yamatoni, locate the secret cathedral constructed under a sacred ground. Johona welcomes them (Zoya vs Johona).

When defeated, Johona flees. the group then combines power to open the ground and to create an entrance to the Eighth Seal HQ.

In her desk, Qingyun gets a call from Johona. The assassin informs her that the Primordial Program are trying to invade the HQ. Qingyun smiles and asks one of her guard to bring her special prisoners.

Hearing an earthquake, Caleb stops his experiment and gets dressed before running into Alec, Saeko and Lou. Alec wants his revenge, since their last encounter on that roof (Alec vs Caleb).

Caleb asks them to stop, he wants to join them. He explains that he did not understand what the Eighth Seal was about, they always hid the truth for him, he thought that they wanted him to save the world, not to annihilate it. Saeko asks him why they have captured Alec and her, but Caleb doesn't even know why they set a trap for the Primordial program group as the principal mission was to blackmail government representatives (like Elek-trode's father).

Another earthquake happens, Caleb wonders what could cause it? Lou answers him: “It's one of the other Primordial Program members. Zoya would never let someone being taken by the Eighth Seal.” Caleb remembers that Zoya was frequently cited by Qingyun, she even asked Johona to spy on her.

In another area of the Eighth Seal HQ, Zoya and the rest of the Primordial Program team arrive but they only find Qingyun who was waiting for them.

We return to Alec and the others. At this point, everything becomes clear to Caleb, Qingyun did not follow the Eighth Seal operations, she's on her own, an operating individual. Caleb says: "Qingyun did not care for you two. She elaborated the trap with Lou because she wanted Zoya... but she did not succeed so she took you three here to…", "Bring Zoya to this place." continues Saeko.

We now return to Zoya. Qingyun smiles and then brings forth a terrified couple and Zoya recognizes them immediately. They are her parents. They seem more afraid of their daughter than Qingyun herself, they start to scream "Devil!" at Zoya and pray to God to save them from Satan. Zoya in tears, implores them to stop, asks them to listen to her. “I can control my powers now!” She insists. As she's saying it, she hears her Deity forms Michael and Lucifer talking to her in her mind. Michael asks her to remain strong but Lucifer laughs and says that it is now his turn to play. Zoya can't bear this voice any longer and falls down.

Alec seems to now understand what Caleb and Saeko are trying to say. Zoya is the most powerful Heir in their team, Qingyun wants her powers.

We go back to Zoya. Qingyun smiles one more time and then slashes the throats of Zoya's parents. Zoya is completely overwhelmed and yells. Her almost inhuman screams fill the room as she spectacularly transforms herself into Lucifer.

As the scene shifts back to Qingyun, a small red light is seen behind her implying that a camera was running. Everything that has happened was recorded.

End of the second chapter.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Johona vs Lou Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 3
Soledad vs Zoya Serene Dojo Level 3
Zoya, Amina vs Soledad, Yamatoni Serene Dojo Level 3
Janka vs Yamatoni Classical Museum Level 4
Johona vs Elek-trode Freeway Chase Level 4
Saeko, Alec vs Darren Cathedral of Apocalypse (Empty version) Level 5
Lou vs JiaJun Prison Yard (Empty version) The fight ends abruptly, before the K.O., with the Darren's entrance Level 4
Saeko, Alec vs Darren Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 5
Zoya vs Johona Distant Forest Level 4
Alec vs Caleb Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 5

3rd Chapter - The Heathens

Final chapter, it tells the evasion of the group, the final fight against Qingyun
and an anticipated meeting between Soledad and his aggressor Ezequiel.
Click on EXPAND to read the complete synopsis.


All around the world, the video of Zoya transforming herself into Lucifer is broadcasting. Qingyun announces with usage of the transmission, that The Eighth Seal had already corrupted the Primordial Program and it's Lucifer, their leader, who will guide them through their domination over humanity. It's a lie from Qingyun but it seems to work, as all the media relayed the information. The reporters recognize Zoya as one of the most prominent Heirs working with the Primordial Program, but in front of what they call “her true face”, they come to the conclusion that, as Qingyun said, the Heirs were their enemies since the beginning, they are just evil spirits taking human form.

In downtown Tokyo, Amina watches the video transmission. She's terrified that the world is starting to fear the Heirs and as a member of the Primordial Program herself, she is known to the general public. She is starting to have the feeling that people are looking at her. Amina nervously starts to run but she soon notices that she was not the one that everyone was looking at. Darren is in front of her. He is completely lost and begs her for help. Suddenly, the Heir is brutally injured by Johona, who was chasing him apparently. Everybody, except the three Heirs, runs away in screams. (Amina vs Johona)

As she wins, Amina stops herself to execute Johona. The humiliated assassin orders Amina to kill her, she doesn't want any mercy from a heathen. Amina makes a statement about tolerance, her parents accepted her condition and never saw anything else than a human in her. Heirs aren't just a part in this war between the gods, they are humans as well, they are more than the weapons of the gods. They have their own life, their own soul. "Johona, you more than anyone else should understand that we are not defined by others, even our own body won't impose us to be what we really want to be." the scientist concludes.


As Zoya struggles to control her Lucifer form, Qingyun transforms herself into her Kali form and grabs Zoya by her throat: "Don't try to go against him, it will be less painful, give him what he wants and join us. Haven't you suffered enough?" Yamatoni and Soledad try to help but the soldiers who accompanied Qingyun block them.

A blinding ray of light invades the room, wild animals jump on the soldiers and the earth beneath them moves and captures Yamatoni and Soledad, eventually bringing them outside the room. It were the combined powers of Alec, Lou and Saeko who save them. The first thing Yamatoni sees is Caleb, but he recognizes him as Qingyun's adopted son and confronts him without a second thought. (Yamatoni vs Caleb)

Saeko and Alec retain Yamotoni until he understands that Caleb is their ally. Yamatoni then requires everyone to come back and save Zoya, but Lou already had a discussion with Zoya before about this case scenario and she knows how powerful her Lucifer form can be. She concludes: “Without a plan, we have no chance.”

Meanwhile in the other room, Qingyun is too fascinated by Lucifer to take care of the others. As Zoya is still struggling, Qingyun orders the soldiers to bring the angel to her cell and to kill the - now rendered useless - Primordial Program team. Finally, the cardinal takes her phone and asks JiaJun to move forward with Elek-Trode. Everything is going as planned and Qingyun, as she finds herself alone in the room, smiling and savoring her first victory.

A spying crow flies away and lands on Yamatoni's hand, Lou uses her power to communicate with the bird and informs the group about what was going on. Because they have to act quickly, she suggests that they should start by saving all the prisoners in the HQ. After what they did to her, she can’t let the Eighth Seal torture anyone else. Saeko agrees, there are too many tortured innocents here. They can save Zoya afterwards. Caleb informs them that a command room, where they could control all the cells in the HQ, is situated beneath them.

On the other hand, Caleb also knows that if they lose sight of Qingyun and let her tame Zoya, she will become unstoppable. As he knows where Qingyun is going now, he can still surprise her and stop her. Although the chance of finding his mother Sophia is bigger if he joins the rest of the group, Alec decides against it and opts to join Caleb on his mission.

The group argues but finally accepts to split up.


In the meantime in the command room, Elek-trode is held down by five soldiers pointing their guns at her. If she were to ever try to transform herself, they’d shoot. Elek-trode is terrified as she can see what's happening with Zoya on multiple screens in the room. An angry JiaJun then enters in the room, mumbling about how he’s doing Qingyun's job instead of taking care of Darren or doing experiments on Zoya. He explains to Elek-trode that now, everyone on Earth sees the Heirs as demons working for the devil himself. "Who could be more evil than Lucifer, am I right?!". He holds a phone in front of her and asks her if she's still thinking that she will stay a celebrity after her secret is announced.

From the phone, we hear the voice of Elek-trode's father, the french Minister.

"Oui Allô ?" he says.

"Dad?" Elek-trode is starting to cry.

"Romane! what's happening? did you see the news? Are you safe?"

"I am so sorry Dad but..."


"I..." Suddenly, Saeko, Lou, Soledad and Yamatoni kick the doors of the command room, distracting all the soldiers. The captive then smiles and says to her father: "I had to kick some asses".

Elek-trode transforms herself in Sekhmet and uses her impressive power to knock out all the soldiers, jumping around and changing into sand to navigate between the opponents.

She, then, arrives in front of the group and Saeko nervously attacks her (Elek-Trode vs Saeko). As they all settle down and finally understand that they’re all on the same side, the DJ explains that they filmed Zoya's transformation and that they’re broadcasting it all around the world.

Suddenly, a noise comes from under the command table. Saeko notices JiaJun’s presence and grabs him. He's terrified and seemingly injured by Elek-trode. Some bruises from his fight with Darren are still visible as well. Saeko forces him to open all the prison cells and while shaking on his legs, he does as he’s told. As the cell doors are opening, all the prisoners are released and bring even more chaos to the place.

We can vaguely see a strange man with an evil smile watching his cell doors open.

The group, then, leaves the command room for helping the prisoners to get out of the HQ. Except Soledad, as her teammates walk out the door, she notices the strange man on a screen. She recognizes her aggressor in him and takes this opportunity to quit the rest of the group and confront him.

Somewhere else in the HQ, Alec and Caleb come across a highly protected door. Caleb explains that they will find Qingyun behind this door, and claims that almost certainly, Zoya must be with her as well. It's a place where Qingyun goes regularly to practice her occult rituals and she will need them for taming Lucifer. Caleb interlocks the door announcing the final fight.


Ezequiel goes through the corridors of the prison, killing anybody in his way until he suddenly faces Soledad. They both do not move, as Soledad is filled with anger and fear. Ezequiel starts to vaguely remember the girl in front of him. Soledad’s angry look helps him fill in the blanks. Ezequiel now remembers and congrats her to have outlived their last encounter. He decides to not attack her as a sign of respect. Soledad shakes her head. She doesn't want to miss this chance to confront him, to kill him, to let him pay for what he has done and transforms herself into her Deity form. Ezequiel smiles and accepts the duel. (Soledad vs Ezequiel).

Soledad thinks she is winning but Ezequiel defeats her by surprise. He reaches out and takes Soledad by the hair and raises her up. A voice interrupts him. Someone in the shadows speaks to Ezequiel, asking if he thinks that any more of this cruelty will help him forget. Ezequiel looks down and then thrusts out long claws from his fingers, nearly pressing the points of his nails against Soledad's eye. After some time, Ezequiel relents and withdraws his claws, telling the voice that each murder is a short liberation and he simply walks away. Ezequiel makes his way and passes the shadow of Wei who apparently was the one talking to him.


Saeko, Elek-trode, Yamatoni, Lou and JiaJun enter in the deepest level of the Eighth Seal HQ. They come across various prisoners who run away in all directions. Yamatoni tells them how to get out, with the others helping him to guide the crowd, everyone except Lou. Lou sees a mysterious door, bigger than the rest of the doors he’s seen before. This one is more advanced than the rest. It's the only cell that did not open and the technology surrounding the door implied that it could not have been opened from the command room. She asks JiaJun if Sophia is in there, and as he nods Lou starts to transform herself immediately and summons all of her Heir’s power to break the door. She’s too busy to listen to Saeko’s warnings, who remarked her haste.

After summoning a buffalo, Lou is finally able to break the door. However, when they enter the room, it seems completely empty. As she turns around to ask JiaJun where to find Sophia, she doesn't see Zoya waking up in the shadows still in her Lucifer form. To everyone’s surprise, Zoya orders everyone to flee from her, that she can't control herself but as she warms them, she relentlessly starts to attack Lou. Lou is seriously injured in the process and blood is spilled everywhere. If Zoya is still lucid, she seems to have no control over her body anymore.

JiaJun, proud of his lie, takes advantage of the situation to run away and imprisons Saeko in the cell with Lou and the powerful Zoya. Elek-trode and Yamatoni are locked out of the room, screaming their names in terror. Saeko has to fight alone as Lou has fainted, too injured to move. (Saeko vs Zoya).

Saeko breathlessly falls down, as she defeated Zoya. The fight was so intense that it broke the walls around them. Finally, the door falls down, letting Elek-trode and Yamatoni in.

Zoya is exhausted, laying on the ground, but she's starting to laugh and progressively regains her power in front of the others. They are particularly afraid of what is coming. Yamatoni then gets up, throw himself on Zoya and tries to maintain her as he confesses a fatherly love for her. "I did not want to abandon you, I did not want to be another loved one who let you down. I have to stay dead, to know more about the Eighth Seal. I am sorry kiddo, you were the daughter I never had, please forgive me. I just want you to finally find peace, after all you’ve gone through." As he speaks, Zoya defends herself like a maniac and scratches his flesh but suddenly, she stops. Her entire body loosens. She looks dead but they can hear her repress her tears. Her wings start to grow and color themselves red, she transforms herself into a third Deity form: Seraphim. Zoya then closes her eyes and slowly returns to her human form. "You are so beautiful." says Yamatoni, completely submerged by emotions.

After a while, Lou wakes up in a puddle of blood but is still alive and directly calls for Sophia before finally admitting to the truth, she is not there and she will never find her, Sophia is dead, Johona was right. Even though she was barely standing straight, she falls back on the ground, crying. Saeko takes her in her arms and promises her that she’ll always be there for her. Elek-trode eventually joins them, binding all of them. Saeko, Lou, Yamatoni and Zoya, all of them experience a comforting moment in times of peril.


Alec and Caleb arrive in the center of a Cathedral. Qingyun is not impressed to see the two enter. She speaks: “Now that the world knows about the real nature of the Heirs, everyone will fear them. Now they can finally be what they’re supposed to be: Gods among humans.”

He asks her where Zoya is and what she's planning to do with her. Qingyun answers that the Lucifer form was supposed to be transferred into Caleb's body but now that he disappointed her, she will take this Deity form for herself. Caleb doesn't understand, she saw him steal various Deity forms for her in the past during her rituals, why does she need them? She doesn't respond.

Alec and Caleb are caught up by Saeko, Yamatoni and Elek-trode. They are visibly all ready to defeat Qingyun once for all. Before the assault, Alec firmly asks: "What happened to Sophia?" He is fed up that he and the young Lou have been played around with and he wants a real answer. The recurring answer is given. Sophia was a member here, she used to do experiments on herself but her vanity to become a real god brought her death as she, one day, went too far on herself. Alec is completely enraged and still accuses her of lying. He can no longer restrain his anger and lashes out at Qingyun (Alec vs Qingyun).

Following a group of prison-breakers, Soledad arrives outside the Eighth Seal HQ but... Where are the others? She then feels a presence, she first asks herself if it's Ezequiel but this feeling is more powerful. As every former prisoner around her walks around mindlessly, Soledad knows that an immense threat is approaching.

Suddenly, Lou and Zoya appear from the HQ entrance, they had to get out because they were too weak to confront Qingyun, the rest of the group’s members are all together against the cardinal. Zoya reads Soledad’s confusion from her face and asks her what's going on. Soledad does not respond and just stares at the entrance.


Qingyun won't give up despite being just defeated by Alec. Yamatoni tells her that she is better to give up, her plan has failed, Zoya is free. Qingyun laughs. "I don't need her anymore, I had what I wanted." she tells to the group. Qingyun reveals that, even if the Eighth Seal wanted Zoya on their side, she only wanted her to terrify the world and discredit the Primordial Program. Her own plan did not fail. She doesn't need to be part of The Eighth Seal anymore, to be one of their cardinals, she uses them as she wanted and she is not scared because she knows well that she is the strongest of them all.

Out of her mind, she transforms herself in an enhanced and giant new Deity form, Orion, who doesn’t belong to any ancient or modern religions. Yamatoni recognizes this Deity, four years ago, it was this monster who destroyed their base-camp where Sophia resided.

Effortless, Orion defeats the entire group, launching blue fires towards them.

Wei appears and stops the fight, using his Power to retain Qingyun. As a former elite in The Eighth Seal, he reveals that Qingyun is an artificial being. The Eighth Seal gives her a strong body, an artificial copy of Deity, Kali, and finally trained her to be their ultimate weapon. Unfortunately, due to the unnatural process of her creation, Qingyun’s deity form Kali began to split into two forms and the latter evolved into Orion. Orion is unstable and always needs to absorb other Deities, if she doesn't absorb Heirs' powers, she will lose sanity and vitality. This is why she keeps so much prisoners here, she’s feeding on them to survive, like vampires that suck the blood from their victims. “You thought that once you had absorbed Zoya’s immense powers you would be free from Orion’s strong desires, but it will be never the case. This is the retribution to play God, this fake idol will always ask for more”.

Qingyun should have been livid to have her weakness being unveiled but she was more concerned by the first part of the revelation. Even she herself didn't know she wasn't born human and, as confused as she was, she attacks Wei (Wei vs Orion).

Qingyun is defeated. In a psychotic episode, she tears off her gloves and sleeves revealing that her arms are turning blue and her fingers are starting to split up in two. Orion is slowly taking her over. She hits her arms against the floor with such strength that her limbs break and bleed. As she looks at the blood, she whispers: "Not human? What’s the point of life if you are not even a creation from the gods? Who is looking on me?". Suddenly, she uses Orion’s power to make everyone around her levitate and creates blue explosions all around the cathedral. She then disappears behind the deflagration.

As the HQ are burning down and the Heirs fall back on the ground, Alec, Yamatoni, Wei, Elek-Trode, Caleb and Saeko know that they have to run, and fast. Alec doesn't want to leave without having found his mother but Yamatoni confesses, one more time, that Qingyun had told him the truth. A long time before her death, he had suspicions about her and he now knows, with certitude, that she was the one who made their mission fail four years ago.

An enormous fragment suddenly falls between Yamatoni and the other Heirs. Yamatoni tells them that he will find another way up and runs. Wei guides the group, the first floor is inaccessible and too dangerous, they have to go up and quick. Each of them becoming a Deity using their power to help each other in the flight upwards.


The rest of the group, Soledad, Lou and Zoya are outside in the forest, in front of the Eighth Seal HQ entrance which looks like the pit of hell. They are worried. Suddenly the others all jump through the fire. Everyone is safe except Yamatoni who doesn't seem to be with them but Zoya isn't worried. She knows about his abilities of always managing to come back.

Tired by what they all went through, they start to silently walk, with all the prisoners, in the truck that has brought the Primordial Program group here before.

Saeko, in the arms of Alec, looks with pride at her former master Wei and, without a word, thanks him to go against his value and helping them. Saeko then confesses to Alec about her anxiety for the future of the Heirs, now that the world sees them as monsters, it won't be long before they also accuse them of causing The Wilting. Alec remains speechless and can't reassure her.

In the End Credit, we see different TV News talking about the Heirs’ revelation. The animation is in a dark and disturbing tone. The final word: “Following the recent event, the international governments waive their Primordial Program. The Heirs, until shown proof to the contrary, will, now, be treated as potential threat for mankind.”


JiaJun is cutting through Tokyo buildings, à la spiderman, in his Deity form with his expanding arms. When he arrives on a roof, he calls the Eighth Seal and freaks out. Qingyun went mad, compromising everything, and the Tokyo HQ have been destroyed with his labs in it.

Far away on an isolated hill on what seems to be a Greek island, we see a man, with a two-faced Roman mask, on the phone. He reassures JiaJun, it's just a sacrifice for a bigger victory.

He hangs up and speaks to a veiled woman who carefully assembles a shrine under a gigantic and magnificent tree where an eight-pointed star is carved in the bark. He tells her that now the Morning Star is out of their plan, they have to break the last seal sooner than expected.

We see the woman turn around. It’s Sophia, alive, suddenly a lock of blue hair falls from the veil. As wings appears on her back, she's smiling.

End of the Story Mode.


Fighters Arena Details Difficulty
Amina vs Johona Cherry Street Level 4
Yamatoni vs Caleb Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 4
Elek-Trode vs Saeko Prison Yard (Empty version) Level 4
Soledad vs Ezequiel Prison Yard Both start in their Deity form Level 5
Saeko vs Zoya Prison Yard (Survival version) 2 Rounds Fight
Zoya stays in her Lucifer form
Level 5
Alec vs Qingyun Cathedral of Apocalypse 2 Rounds Fight Level 5
Wei vs Orion Cathedral of Apocalypse (Evil version) You can't win by Time Out Level 5

Arcade Mode

When you finish the arcade mode with a fighter, you unlock a cinematic where is shown a memory from the fighter in the form of a slide of images.

When you finish the Arcade mode with a fighter you can view a memory from him.
Click on EXPAND to read all each fighters' memories.


Sophia talks to Yamatoni, she is with a very young Alec, 11 years old, she says that she is scared and needs help, she can’t understand her son’s power. Yamatoni reassures her in the Primordial Program they can help any child to control their uniqueness. Yamatoni leans toward Alec. The boy, intimidated, looks at him with a ferocious stare. “I can see a warrior soul in your son’ eyes. I am sure he will make great things” declared Yamatoni .

In the present, a 20 years-old Alec, is surrounded by guards form the Eighth Seal with Saeko at his side, he smiles and then tackles on the enemies ready to fight.



Amina enjoys the sun and the people in her hometown in Cameroon. Suddenly she comes across a young man, she instantly recognizes him: Darren? what are you doing here? You are cured!”. Darren thanks her, with her knowledge and her dedication, he is now fully human. Darren tends softly his hand toward Amina’s face.

Amina wakes up suddenly in her labs, it was all a dream. She then turns over and look with sadness Darren, still in his deformed body on the medical bed surrounded by the sound of the electrocardiogram.



A young 15 years old Caleb is brought by force to Qingyun. The guards who hold him said that he is a Heirs they found in the street. Qingyun is ready to order them to throw him with the rest of the prisoners, when Caleb transforms himself in his Deity form and kills the guards. Qingyun stops him but, impressed, smiles. “I think I have better project for you, my son.” she says.

In the present, a 18 years-old Caleb stands in front of the entrance of The Eighth Seal HQ, blue flames are coming out of the pit. He whispers to the fires “Sorry mom, I couldn’t follow you”. We then hear Alec calling him, Caleb looks a moment the fire and then turns his back and joins the other.



Darren, as a human, is working on new rituals for the Eighth Seal with JiaJun, arranging stones and herbs around a totem. The ritual seems to bring a lot of powerful energy, Darren is happy that their discovery will certainly save people's lives. JiaJun loses patience, "I can't with you dude!" he screams. JiaJun then explains that he is sick to play the game to make him believe that they are a good organisation with "rainbows and puppies" adding that "We use dark magic for god's sake, what do you think we are?". Darren confused says that they promises him that his occult knowledge will serve other people. JiaJun laughs and then smashes Darren's head on the totem.

When he wakes up, naked and tied up on a shrine, Darren sees JiaJun dancing around him and play with pagan objects. Darren knows what it is for and begs JiaJun to stop. JiaJun don't listen and invokes the ritual with joy. A spirit made of thunder appears from the surrounding objects and attacks Darren who screams in pains. JiaJun, watching the scene, puts cool sunglasses on to protect his eyes.

Later, JiaJun excuses himself, the ritual did not work as planned and then he laughs maniacally. We see Darren, eyes wide open, in a new deformed body. He looks directly at the camera with no movement and a lost expression until he moves his mouth to difficulty say: "H..hel.. lp".



It is a girl band music video with Elek-trode in front runner accompanied by Saeko, Zoya, Amina, Soledad and Janka. Inspired by the Kpop, they are all dancing and singing, sometimes sensually, surrounded by a colorful place.

Back to the reality, Elek-Trode is, in fact, explaining her idea of a new girl group to the other Primordial Program’s girls. Once Elek-trode finish to tell her idea and after an awkward silence, Zoya rolls her eyes and leaves the room followed by the other girls. Only Soledad stays, Elek-Trode is confused as she seemed to be the less interested in it. Soledad, then, says with a monotone voice, “What? I like dancing.”



Ezequiel is surrounded by dead bodies some of them are in their Deity form but return slowly in their Human form. Ezequiel is covered with blood and look at his victims without emotion. “I won’t stop until the sources of our perishing world will all died and then It will be my turn. What a merciless farce that the gods put on us.”

Wei appears, in a military uniform, with other members of the Eighth Seal, he tells him that he is become a threat for their plan and it now has to pay for his blaspheme. Ezequiel softly smiles and then tackles on Wei, Wei put himself ready to fight.



At night, under a full moon, Janka comes out of the burning Eighth Seal HQ sliding on the flames in her Deity form, Od iyesi. She is holding Yamatoni before violently throwing him in the forest. As Yamatoni wakes up surrounded by flowers, Janka tells him jokingly that it's the perfect time for a date.



Jiajun is dancing like in a ballet with ritual knives around three people attached to hostels. His victims beg him to not hurt them but their supplication feels like music to JiaJun’s ears. Johona looks at him dancing and reminds him that Qingyun needs their blood quickly and that he must stop his childishness.

Then JiaJun gives three glass of blood served as fancy cocktails. There is an eye in one of the glass and an ear presented like a slice of lemon on another glass. Johona unimpressed takes the glasses and leaves. “And the tip, young lady?” asks JiaJun.



Johona takes a hot shower at her luxurious home, showing her male body. As she washes out the blood on her body, she rethinks about the word of Amina "Johona, you more than anyone else should understand that we are not defined by others, even our own body won't impose us to be what we really want to be."

Out of the shower she starts to put makeup on. She, then, looks at the mirror and smashes it with her fist. Blood is dripping for her hand. When the plan moves to her she is in her Deity form, Ahsonnutli, whispering “Not even my own body”.



The chirping of morning birds echo into her colorful room. Lou's sitting behind her desk. She's still in her pajamas and she's drawing. She talks to herself, while her pencils swiftly wander over the paper like the rivers of her ancestral home.

"Sometimes I'm still sad to be far away from my family, I miss Papp. I know it's for the better if I stay here to learn more about my abilities, but still..." Lou seems to be very talented in drawing and has a knack for art. Her room is filled with them. Sticked to the wall are all kinds of drawings.

"Being a goddess is really amazing! I am so grateful that Cernunnos has chosen me. I love to talk with the animals, even if the cats are kind of mean to me..." She stops for a minute to look outside, "and to be fair... I was sad most of the time, but you came to me. You crouched down and reached out a hand. I was the littlest thing at the time... And oftentimes I still feel like that little thing."

She puts down her drawing of herself and Sophia and after a short pause she smiles. "Thank you Sophia! I can't thank you enough. You'll always be my most cherished friend and I hope that someday we will walk through the woods together one more time."



A marble statue in the shape of Qingyun is seen in the center of a Eighth Seal lab. Janus is looking at it saying how perfect she is. JiaJun appears and asks if they can start the ritual, he is really excited about it.

Without answer, Janus steps back and JiaJun starts the ritual. The marble progressively becomes skin and hair. Qingyun is born. JiaJun, then, announces the final touch and frees a Kali spirit on Qingyun still unconscious. Qingyun wakes up, takes a deep breath and starts to glow. We briefly see Orion and then, everything explodes in blue fire.

In the wreckage, Janus wakes up, he was protected by JiaJun’s stone body (when he’s in his Deity form). Janus stands up and looks at Qingyun angrily confused in the center of the debris. She is in her Kali form. Janus asks her with concern, “How strong are you?” to what Qingyun answers with confidence “All-mighty”.



In a forest, Saeko is relaxing near of a river. Suddenly, a butterfly lands on her breast and, surprised, Saeko, gets up. She turns herself toward the beautiful sky and sees the swarm of butterflies. She then looks sad.

Four years ago, she played with a butterfly in her hometown when blues explosions started everywhere around her. She saw, soldier fighting themselves and her own home in fire, her parents was inside.

As she falls on the ground, Wei comes to her, he has a military uniform. She’s got scared and transformed herself into her Deity form, Izanami, but Wei catches her and flee the town with her transforming himself into his Deity form the Jade Emperor.

Once he put her on the ground, Saeko tried to fight him but he did not move, taken all Saeko’s hits with sadness. She, then, understood that he was saving her. Saeko started to cry and hugged him.

Other flashback, Saeko and Wei was training together in the forest.

Back to the present. Saeko takes off a letter from her pocket. It’s a letter from Zoya invited her to join the Primordial Program and to fight against the ones who attacked her hometown. Another butterfly lands on the letter and Saeko with determinate eyes, looks right in front of her, ready to fight.



“I was free” we hear the voice of Soledad as we see her walking among a crow. “Until him” the crow panics, screams. “Until that”, suddenly a man presses himself against her, both of them seem confused, but, as the angle moves back, we see that Soledad and the man are both pierced by the claws of Ezequiel in his Deity form, Mau.

“You darken my days, pierced my soul”. As Ezequiel removes his claws, Soledad falls with the other man, there are blood all over them. Ezequiel admires them, Soledad watches him right in his eyes with suffering and angriness, Ezequiel smiles and leaves.

“I came back”. We see the injured man transforms himself in a Deity form, Xōchipilli, but he is too weak to keep it up and comes back to his human form before dying. His blood starts to shine and to intermingle with her blood.

“I came back for one and only one reason” Soledad wakes up in a hospital, she looks at her skin who seems to navigate between her normal skin tone, and a more pinkish tone (the skin color of her Deity form, Xōchipilli).

“To spit on your grave” Soledad transforms herself in Xōchipilli and invoking a violent wind of flowers destroying all of her hospital room.



In the past, We see Wei in his Eighth Seal uniform, commanding his troops in front of a proud Qingyun. Qingyun goes to meet him, once he is alone, and tells him that they are going to conquer a third sacred ground. Wei looks the files and he is confused to discover that a town is on the sacred ground. “But we’ll kick people out of their house.” he said. Qingyun explains that they need this place if they want to change the world and sometimes they have to make difficult choice. Wei pretends to accept the fact.

Later, the Eighth Seal army attack the town but also the Primordial Program army who tries to defend the place. Wei leads his soldiers but them comes across a teenager girl, Saeko. He looks at her and seems for the first time to remark the horror he leaded.

In the present, Wei is seen in a forest meditating with Saeko. He is now in peace as an hermit.



We see a devastated Japanese town, there is body of inhabitants but also soldiers from the Primordial Program. There is still blue fire and smoke everywhere as the shot moves into the ruins.

We hear a feminine voice: “To the Primordial Program, If you read this message I will be no longer part of this world. He came to my attention that someone wasn’t who he was supposed to be. Numerous gods are with us but we are just human, and humans have too much love for powers. As we prepared to defend the town of Tawarano against The Eight Seal, I see doubtful things which bring me to think that this mission will be a failure because someone on our side will do everything he can do to assure this. This person it’s Yamatoni.”

We see Yamatoni, in his deity form, Odin, go out of the ruins. He looks with a deep sadness the devastation surrounding him as he regains slowly his human form. As he sees, Eighth Seal soldiers, he hides and runs.

The feminine voice takes over. “Please, stop him. Zoya you are the only one able to do that. Signed...”

Yamatoni still running, finally takes a break cleaning up his face from the dirt. He then whispers with a sad voice. “...Sophia”.



Zoya is praying in an empty church, she hears the voice of Lucifer and starts to transform into him but she begs him, she wants to be Gabriel not Lucifer. Her father enters, gets close to her and points a gun at her telling her that he could never have created a monster like that, she is not her daughter, she is the devil. Zoya, now in full Lucifer form, intimidates him until he is so scared he falls crying. Zoya afraid of herself, runs away.

Months later, Zoya finds Yamatoni, she heard about the Primordial Program and, as a Heir, wants to join them and control her power. Yamatoni asks her to transform herself, but she refuses too scared to become Lucifer and not Gabriel. Yamatoni then transforms himself into Odin and asks all the Heirs in the room with them to also transform themselves. Once done, Yamatoni says to Zoya that they are not afraid and she should not be either.

Zoya becomes, for really brief time; Seraphim and them turns into Gabriel. She is all smiling.

Ascension Mode

When you finish the last challenge in the Ascension mode with a fighter, you unlock a cinematic where is the fighter is interviewed by Janus who has a different tone of voice and gesture depending on who is talking to. Depending on the fighter, he can be excited, terrified, flirty or childish.

The player then has a choice between three questions, he could only asks one.

When you finish the last challenge on the Ascension mode with a fighter you ask him a question.
Click on EXPAND to read all each fighters' answers.


Janus appears and interviews with enthusiasm the winner of the last Challenge.

“Ascension Tournament, here we are at top of the Pantheon! It was heated fight after heated fight to come here, isn’t it? I will now present an interview with the supreme champion! Okay then, I'd like to ask you something!”

The player, then, has a choice between three questions, he could only asks one:

  • Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!
  • What do you want to say to all your fans out there?
  • Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They can come! my fists are like flamboyant suns coming to their face!"

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "Stay healthy guys, eat five vegetables a day and punch the adversity!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Saeko loves beaches so I will get her vacations she won’t forget!"



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Do I look scared? Don’t come for me unless you want your ass swiped a second times!"

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "Science is great! Mythological power are better!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Oh man, I need some vacation big time! Cameroon is calling for me and I will answer!"



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Well, I guess, I defeat them once, I can bite them twice."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "Follow your animal instinct? I don’t know man, I am not good with that."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • *Howling* "Snowboarding all days and just be with my pack. It will be awesome!"



Interviewer tone: Terrified

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Eat...u... flesh… nex...time"

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "Find you… kill you…."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • ""



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They don’t have enough beats to beat me, stay at the bar there is no place for pussies on the dancefloor!"

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "My single is out kittens, go buy it, it will make you booty shaking all night!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "World tour honey! This kitty girl is going worldwide!"



Interviewer tone: Terrified

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They should be happy to still breathing."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "You are nothing, for me or anyone else."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Winning what, there is a prize ? I was just passed by."



Interviewer tone: Flirty

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They always come back for more, isn’t it?"

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "Beauty and confidence are strengths don’t let anyone make you think the contrary."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "A good bath, some french wine and classical music. Do you mind to join me? ...Just kidding! Get out of my way."



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Well I think some people just love to be fisted and it’s fine, I don’t judge."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • Great job with you last combo! Next time try" [Input for a secret combo]

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Chicks and cocaine… Oh wait can I say that on TV? I mean… Strong independent women and cocaine!"



Interviewer tone: Terrified

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Next time there will be rivers of blood."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • Try once again to send me fan letters and I will find you and I will kill you."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "MURDER! Hmm… still a new coat would be nice."



Interviewer tone: Childish

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "If they don’t have fur or feathers, I don’t have time for them."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "I am so happy to have you all! Adopt a pet don’t buy it!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Three words: Cats, Drawing and Cakes!"



Interviewer tone: Terrified

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Desperate, make me waste my time. I need to kill once for all each of them."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "If you admire me, serve me. I need servants not pitiful admirators."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Listen to me world, I will take everything you ever cherished. I am coming for you."



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "I don’t want to be disrespectful but I don’t like meaningless battle, so I have to refuse the offer."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • Gosh I feel so privileged to have fans. I am blushing just by thinking of it."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "I will need a new bikini first but I am going to the most exotic beach out there!"



Interviewer tone: Terrified

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They know where to find me, but It will be the last thing they could find."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • Don’t let anyone ruin you life. You are stronger than that."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "I have some unresolved business to take care off. You know I am talking about you."



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "They should not waste their energy on something as consuming as pathetic revenges."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "There is always a way to find fairness in this world and it’s always the hard way."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Disappear."



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "I have more important things in my mind that this frustrated losers."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "I think you have better things to do that follow a boring old man like me."

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "I am not the celebrating kind of man but I guess I could buy some really luxurious wine and invite someone to spend this time with."



Interviewer tone: Excited

Don’t you fear your rivals? They are claiming revenge!

  • "Come on guys, let’s do this mano a mano."

What do you want to say to all your fans out there?

  • "Keep fighting, if you turn your back one times, it’s over!"

Now that you’ve won, what’s the plan?

  • "Easy: Get wasted!"


When the fighter answers, Janus looks at the camera and conclude.

“Excuse my Italian, this has been a “Rocambolesco” mythical extravaganza tournament! Thank you all of you! Glory to our new supreme!”



A battle takes place in a Stage. Each stage has its own settings and, sometimes, his own rules. It can be really useful for a player to know the specificity of a stage to take advantage of it. Each stages of Heirs of the Wrath are associated to a fighter and, most of times, illustrate a part of his country of origin and the culture.

Some stages have two versions. In most of the case, it is one original version and one more basic version (with no specific gameplay like uneven ground or traps) but others has two completely different versions like Distant Forest that has a version during summer and a second during winter.

Outside the fights, the stage also appears in the Story mode and mostly serves as a decor for characters encounters.

List of stages

There are 16 stages in Heirs to the Wrath.

Apartment 13


A substandard and unsafe housing with very fragile furniture and walls. During your fight, you will crash into a bed, a closet even a toilet destroying everything all around you.

You can access to new rooms by throwing the opponent through a wall. You start in the bedroom.

Apartment 13 has one unique version


  • Danger zone: Furniture and some walls
  • Hidden Zone: Kitchen, Living Room, Bathroom
  • Interaction: You can kick on debris, throw your opponent's head in the lavatory pan
  • Victory by Ring out: Throw the opponent through a window

Cathedral of Apocalypse

  • Associated Fighter: Zoya

In a Cathedrale-like architectures. You can see strange and gigantic silhouettes of angels and demons behind impressive stained window of the cathedral overhangs you. The Cathedral of Apocalypse is evolving during a fight depending on the current winner

  • If the Player One has the more life: The Cathedral will illuminated and golden flames will appears giving birth to angels.
  • If the Player Two has the more life: The Cathedral will be darker and red-lighted, and you will see a demonic silhouette behind the stained windows.
Cathedral of Apocalypse has one unique version

Cherry Street

  • Associated Fighter: Saeko

A simple japanese pedestrian street with a row of colorful, semi-detached houses in a side and a row of cherry trees in bloom and bicycle. You can see a white tramway in the background. It's one of the most colorful and peaceful stage for a bloody violent fight. Wind animation with petal and bright sun contribute to the arena aestheticism.

Cherry Street has one unique version


  • Interaction: You can jump and catch a tree branch and then swing yourself to the left or the right for an extra jump

City Roof

  • Associated Fighter: Caleb

On the top of the world, you have a impressive panoramic on all a North American metropolis. In this arena you will be under the light of helicopters. In the last round, one helicopter will crash on the arena (under the attack of a random character), the zone will be highly dangerous, a lot of things will happen like fire, fall of the antenna, engine explosion. Be ready !

City Roof comes in two versions:

  • BASIC - The helicopter won't crash.


  • Victory by Ring out
  • Danger zones

Classical Museum

  • Associated Fighter: Lou

With a Greek revival architecture, the museum in one of the most luxurious place to fight. It is divided in two areas :

  • Classical: A platform with, painting and a long red carpet. You can access to the Last Dinosaurs zone if you throw your opponent through the entrance or to the Avant-garde zone if you throw your opponent through a window.
  • Avant-garde: You can only access to this zone if you falls through the window. The theme of this area is the optical illusion, and there's various reflections and light effects for destabilized the players' mind.

Classical Museum has one unique version


  • Victory by Ring out: In the Classical zone if the opponent fall from the high platform
  • Hidden Zone: Avant-garde zone
  • Optical illusion (Avant-garde zone)

Cyber Nightclub


It's a techno-rave night club reserved to the most underground community. There's a lot of dances, parties going on around you but you're here for the fight and it's exactly what make this nightclub than popular: the violence. You will be in a neon environments, lots of light animations, sexy dancers and all of that conducted by the Disc-jokey' mix.

Cyber Nightclub has one unique version


  • Interaction: You can jump in the crow to be carried on out the stage and immediately to the opposite side of the stage.

Distant Forest

  • Associated Fighter: Wei

Due to the numerous wind-singing bamboos and an absence of wildlife, this forest is known for being exceptionally relaxing. You can find a shallow lake in his center and a rocky cavern in the extreme left. This forest has a historic association with old demons, be careful, it is said that these ghastly spirits glide between the bamboo plants.

Distant Forest comes in two versions:

  • DEFAULT - During a sunny summer day
  • FROZEN - During a winter night and all the arena is snow-covered. On the lake now frozen, the fighters glide along.


  • Sliding zone: Frozen lake in the Frozen version

Freeway Chase


Get ready for high-speed action. You are fighting on various big vehicles dashing off on a freeway at night. The environment will change between streetlights, temperate rainforests, construction sites and highway tunnel. Beware, using your strongest moves can cause brutal accident, forcing you to jump on another vehicles. Your reflex will be tested here.

Freeway Chase comes in two versions:

  • BASIC - The fight stays on the same vehicle with no risk of accident.


  • Victory by Ring out, if the opponent falls from the vehicle
  • Quick Time Event (QTE) when the fighters have to jump from the vehicle

Healing Spa

  • Associated Fighter: Janka

A communal bath house which uses hot water from a natural, rocky hot spring in the end of a waterfall. This bath house is quite relaxing within an Art Nouveau architecture, with one large wall separating the sexes. During the fight, which take place in a deep foot sap, you can break the barrier, the result is random, which type of naked people will you surprise behind? If you begin an all-female fight, you will start in the ladies side otherwise you'll start in the gentlemen side.

Healing Spa has one unique version

Outch! Ring!!


You are fighting on the set of an overexcited game show. Colorful, light everywhere, a big audience encouraging their favorite. It is a fun and unpretentious level where a beautiful lady presenter can shows up anytime for make a commentary. In the end of the match the presenter will interview the winner and different animation will play depending of his success. (Bigger Animation if he wins all the rounds)

Outch! Ring!! comes in two versions:

  • 2D MODE - A strict 2D arena (no side-steps) where the opponent are more distant at start from each other. You, also, can't move until the "Go!"

Pantheon Coliseum

  • Associated Fighter: Alec

You will be in the center of a gigantic Greek Coliseum encouraged by a breath-taking crow. With marble, flags, sleepy big cats and gigantic statues of Olympic Gods are part of the surrounding. You can also admire in the background, the outside of the Coliseum, a beautiful Greek island landscape with white and blue houses.

Pantheon Coliseum has one unique version

Prison Yard


The sinister prison yard of the Eighth Seal. You fight in a suspended cage with esoteric lights, surrounded by levels of balcony and prison cells. A lot of evil spirits encourage the fight, and when the hits become too violent the cage starts to swing itself. Be careful when you get close of an evil spirit, he can hit you or grap you for letting your opponent some free hits.

Prison Yard comes in two versions:

  • EMPTY - Only available in the Story mode, it's the same arena but without the presence of spectators or evil spirits.
  • SURVIVAL - It's in this version that you fight in Survival Arcade Mode. Here, the more the matches carry on, the more the background becomes populated and brutal. In a certain point, they will have a pure chaos between the evil spirits. The arena will be badly light, blood will splash and spirits will jump on the cage trying to attack the fighters.


  • Danger zones

Serene Dojo


A majestic dojo with a classical Chinese architecture. There's a lot of statues, engravings who recall ancient gods from various mythology. If you throw the opponent through the paper wall, you will fall into the wood bridge.

Serene Dojo has one unique version


  • Victory by Ring out: If the opponent fall from the wood bridge in the water.
  • Hidden Zone: Wood Bridge

Skate Park


Graffiti, smoke, police sirens, rusted containers or trolleys, posters, garbage containers this place is unsafe and unwelcome. When you're fighting more and more skaters, punks and other misfits will assist to the match and cheer their favorite with flags.

Be careful when you get close of the crowd, they can hit you or grap you for letting your opponent some free hits.

Skate Park has one unique version


  • Danger Zone: The crowd



The fight start at the summit of an Aztec pyramid where you are above and surrounded by a dense tropical forest. If the fighters fall too much on the ground the roof where they fight will collapse and the fighter will fight in to bottom of Pyramid. The interior of the Pyramid is an Aztec temple with lots of engravings, statues and even a throne. The vegetation spread all over the place as there are a lots of enormous tree roots and luminescent fungus which light the place.

Step-Pyramid has one unique version


  • Victory by Ring out, if the opponent falls from the top of the Pyramid
  • Hidden Zone: Pyramid interior
  • Death Trap: Trapping pit in the Pyramid interior
  • Interaction: You can open the Death Trap with the lever

Sunrise Beach

  • Associated Fighter: Amina

Relaxing is easy on this Cameroonian beach during a sunrise: sand soft and white as sugar, brilliant sunshine and azure waters abound but you're here for the fight. While you try to beat each other, you can see various animations like Beach-volley, sandcastles and crabs. If you go to the extreme right, you reach the rocky reefs and their wild waves.

Sunrise Beach comes in two versions:

  • BASIC - There is no uneven ground.


  • Victory by Ring out. In the rocky reefs, you can win if the opponent falls in the water.
  • Uneven grounds (particularly in the rocky reefs) forcing new strategies as it can change the range of the fighters' attack.
  • Interaction: You can kick on beach balls (even the ones thrown at you)

Sound Design



Inspiration - Hiers to the Throne OST

The game soundtrack ranges from gentle house to IDM trips through raucous synth melodies and hip-hop loops showing a variety of beats packed, all of which help to bring out an emotional and dream-like dynamic in opposition of the high energy tunes of most of the fighting game scores.

HTTW - Battle

If the score mostly focus on electronic beats, there is sometimes classical music elements (choir, cello and violin) and heavy metal elements (riff with electric guitars, distortion sounds and vigorous vocals) adding variety and powerness to the soundtrack.


  • Voice acting incorporates accents depending on the origins of the character speaking.


Logos & Box Art

Character Designs

Others Artworks

Unofficial Artworks & Fanarts

Thanks to all of you who took the time to draw the characters of Heirs to the Wrath! If you did an art about this game and want me to share it here just post it in the comments.


With the revival of the fighting games market since the release of Street Fighter IV, the HTTW team wanted their own license able to stand out among the 3D fighting games represented by a very limited number of series (Tekken, Soul Calibur and Dead or Alive).

Taking inspiration from the changing form gameplay of a Hudson Soft fighting game series, Bloody Roar, the HTTW team developed the idea of Heirs to the Wrath with strong emphasis of a modern gameplay aiming to the esports tournament market.

An intriguing storyline, charismatic fighters and attractive design were developed so that the game can appeal to both casual gamers and the Western audience as well as garner a fanbase.

For the design, the HTTW team wanted the characters to have an impression of realistic proportionalities in anatomy but with slightly alteration (more slender, less broad shoulders, ...) to give them attractive bodies. Also, their physical traits must have corresponded to their nationality.

Secrets & Unlockables

Heirs to the Wrath is a game which encouraging the player to follow particular steps to unlock the totality of the game. This a list of all the hidden content in the game and how to unlock them:

New Fighters

New Stages

  • Classical Museum: Finish Arcade mode once.
  • Outch! Ring!!: In the Arcade mode, you have 1/30 chance to fight in this area. Win the match in it without loosing any round.
  • Step-Pyramid: In the Ascension mode finish the secret Challenge H.
  • Cathedral of Apocalypse: Finish Arcade mode in Hard with Qingyun.

New Fighter-related bonus

  • Alternative colors for costume 1 & 2: Finish Arcade mode (in Normal or Hard) with this fighter in less than 15 minutes.
  • Memories video: Finish Arcade mode with this fighter.
  • Available in the Hall of fame: Complete the Command Training with this fighter

New Options

  • Kids mode (little body, big feets, hands and head): Play 10 hours of game
  • Bounce mode (bouncing breast and buttocks): Finish the Arcade mode with all the fighters
  • Bloody mode (lot of blood in each hit): Fight 500 battles
  • Play with an Ascension Fighter outside the Ascension mode: Win the final challenge in Ascension mode

Uber Orion

You can fight against Uber Orion with specific actions

  • In the Arcade Mode: Start the Normal or Hard mode in Tag Team (with two affiliated fighter and each controlled by a different player). During the route do a least 2 perfects, 3 Wrath Moves (with at least on Tag Wrath Move)
  • In the Ascension Mode: Unlock the Secret Challenge M
  • VS Mode: Once you finish the Story mode, play against a computer. In the Character select screen, when you have to chose your opponent Highlight Alec 3 seconds then, highlight Saeko 3 seconds then, highlight Qingyun 3 seconds then press all 4 buttons (Kick, Punch, Beast, Guard) on the Random Option.


  • All the Wrath Moves are directly inspired by legends and myths surrounding the Deity.
  • Lots of deities was considered for the fighters, even Deity from less conventional mythologies as Cthulhu or the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
  • From this survey, Elek-trode is voted first favorite fighter from the players as she gains 32% of votes. The second being Darren with 16% of votes.
  • You can read on Alec's pants δύναμη (dýnami) meaning Force in Greek.
  • The subtitles for each chapter are the translation of the title in another language: Japanese for the Chapter 1, French for the Chapter 2, Russian for the Chapter 3, Hebrew for the Memories and Inuktitut for the Interviews
  • The Chibi Wallpaper is now featured in the Fantendo Hall of Fame of Image, thank you for your votes!


Thanks to the people who helped me in this project, I am glad to have you!

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