Hedgewars 3D
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Developer(s) Hedgewars Team
Publisher(s) Internet, Fantendo
Platform(s) FreeBSB, iOS, Mac OS X, Windows, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360PlayStation 4Xbox One, Wii U, Android, HTML 5 with WebGL, PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Turn-based, artillery game, skill game
Predecessor Hedgewars
Release Date(s) July 15, 2017
Mode(s) Single player, multiplayer, online
Age Rating(s) Ratings Missing
Media Included Download
Available Input Keyboard, Mouse, Controller Pad
Hedgewars 3D is an upcoming 3D free and open-source turn-based strategy artillery game. Similar to Worms 3D series, players control a team of hedgehogs across a deformable landscape, battling other computer- or player-controlled teams. The game was started in the 3D and also featured several new weapons. Additionally, some of the weapons operations are substantially different from previous. Hedgewars versions. Hedgewars 3D is available on different platforms including Linux, Windows, Mac OS X, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360PlayStation 4Xbox One, Wii U, PlayStation Vita and the Nintendo 3DS. It was also be ported for Android and iOS. The game was initial release in July 15, 2017.

Hedgewars 3D is free and open-source software was started in the 3D mode version, released under GPLv2 license.


Hedgewars 3D screenshot

The hedgehogs is battling in the New York City but is battling in the online multiplayer.

The gameplay itself is mostly unchanged from its predecessors, with the exception of the three-dimensional view, which allows the player more freedom, and more possibilities, to complete the task at hand. Modes such as Campaign and Quick Match return from previous versions. The game also features a multiplayer feature, as well as the ability to edit and create teams. The objective of most of the matches is to eliminate the opposing forces' hedgehogs, whereas the Campaign mode gives the player sets of specific goals which he needs to complete.

The Campaign consists of 35 small missions in which the player has to utilise their hedgehogs to complete a certain task, like destroy enemy worms, collect a certain crate, or even unique missions, such as having to detonate 16 hidden landmines in a certain time.

All of the missions give awards depending on how well the player does. Gold medals usually unlock bonuses as for example maps, challenge missions, information about weapons, or voice banks.

In the Challenge missions, the player has to use a weapon/utility to collect targets that add to their timebank, which increases steadily. Getting a gold medal here unlocks maps or locked weapons.

The player controls a group of hedgehogs. On his turn, a player can select one of his hedgehogs. The player can then use weapons and tools to kill opposing hedgehogs. Killing all enemies leads to victory. The game occurs in a destructible landscape, which is altered by the use of many weapons over the course of the match. Although the hedgehogs can move, their motion is restricted by the shape of the landscape. However, hedgehogs can use tools such as ropes and parachutes to move into otherwise inaccessible areas. Turns are usually limited in duration by a time limit or the use of a weapon. A hedgehog dies when it jumps into water or when its health is reduced to zero.


PlayStation 4
PS4 Dpad
Adjust hedgehog
PS4 Cross Attack
PS4 Square Weapons panel
PS4 Triangle Select Hedgehog
PS4 Circle Jump

PS4 Circle + PS4 Left Stick
repeat pushing

Large jump
PS4 Left Stick
PS4 Right Stick Rotate camera
Select Zoom
PS4 L1 Blimp view
PS4 R1 1st person view
PS4 L2 Next Weapon Second
PS4 R2 Back Weapon Second


The weapons freatures with the old and new version of Hedgewars, but haves the new different weapons, and also it was inclueding the family weapons as rockets, trowings, fires, melees, insertables, air strikes, oters, etc.

Bazooka family Grenade family Fire weapon family Body to body family Insertable family Air strike family
Bazooka Grenade Shotgun Shoryuken Mine Air Strike
Homing Bee Cluster Bomb Desert Eagle Whip Dynamite Mine Strike
Mortar Watermelon Bomb Sniper Rifle Baseball Bat Cake Napalm
Drill Missile Hellish hand--Grenade Sine Gun Kamikaze Ballgun Piano
Mudball Molotov Cocktail Flamethrower Hearth RC Plane Drill Strike
Repeater Bazooka (New) Old Limburger Land Spray PickHammer Sticky Mine Nuclear Bomb (New)
Laser Canon (New) Air Mine Minigun (New) Cleaver
Homing Grenade (New)





Game Modes



There are the customize the hedgehogs and teams, but she looks the direfents customization and it is including hats, graves, team weapons, forts, flags, etc. And also including all the customization from the previous game, Hedgewars.


Hedgewars Soundtrack - Main Theme

Hedgewars Soundtrack - Main Theme



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  • The game looks likes the realistic graphics version and also include the HD version.
  • In PS Vita, 3DS, Wii U, iOS and the Android version touching the screen to move the camera and looking the weapon.
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