Heart of the Hero
HOTH title card
The Master of Order and Lord of Chaos are at war.
Creator(s) Clan of Fortesque
Producer(s) Clan of Fortesque
Type Animation, Crossover
Genre(s) Action, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Original Language English
Season(s) 4
Episodes TBA
Runtime 15 min
Status Cancelled

Heart of the Hero is an upcoming animated series developed by Clan of Fortesque. The show is set across the different video game universes, featuring characters from the Legend of Zelda, the Mega Man, and the Shantae series.


The Master of Order, and the Lord of Chaos are two entities that exist outside of all universes, tasked with watching all inhabitants, both representing each side of the spirit, or soul that resides in all life. In short, they balance each other out, and if the balance were to shift in favour of one, instead of the two, it would be disastrous.

With the recent uprising of evil beings across the universes, the balance does shift, in favour of Chaos. Something that has never happened before, occasionally the balance would shift in favour of Order, but he would quickly rectify this. Once the balance was shifted, all hell broke loose, and the villains were given the upper hand, Chaos had become the dominant force for all.

Balance needed to be restored, Order needed to be restored, and in using some of the last of his power, the Master of Order sent his emissary to recruit a team of his servants to combat the Lord of Chaos, and her minions. Unbeknownst to Order's emissary, the emissary of Chaos was a destructive, insane being originating from the same universe as him.

The emissary of Order moved quickly to summon seven destined heroes to combat the forces of Chaos, and restore balance to all, but not before the emissary of Chaos gathered his own group of villains, and challenged him, he was outnumbered, and outmatched, but the folly was Chaos’ emissary this time, in gathering his team first, the emissary of Order knew exactly who to gather for his team, and he ventured forth, across the multiverse to find them.


The Knights of Order

The Agents of Chaos

The Servants of Order

The Emissaries of Chaos


See the compliation soundtrack: Heart of the Hero: Dramatis Personae.



A micro-series, consisting of 7 episodes. Each episode acts as a precursor, and/or "midquel" for the pilot episode. The micro-episodes introduce each of the main heroes in the Knights of Order, presented in a Day in the life segment, showing what they were up to before being recruited by the Master of Order, and their entry into the series.

No. Title Written by Synopsis
1 "A Day in the Life: Link" ClanOfFortesque Link, the Hero of Time, after so many years in exile has returned to the land of Hyrule, but all is not what it seems. The Master of Order dispatches his emissary to assist Link and save the Princess once again.
2 "A Day in the Life: Mega Man" ClanOfFortesque Yet another day in the life, Mega Man, the celebrated hero of Mega City, is enjoying the peaceful life after yet another defeat of the evil Doctor Wily, and his Robot Masters.
3 "A Day in the Life: Shantae" ClanOfFortesque The town of Scuttle is under attack once again from the dreaded pirate, Risky Boots, but has she had a change of heart? Shantae journeys out to sea to discover the true nature of her enemy, and the enemy yet to come.
4 "A Day in the Life: NiGHTS" ClanOfFortesque NiGHTS is trapped in some bizarre world not seen by any Nightmaren. Faced once again with Reala, NiGHTS must find hope to restore the Red Ideya that dwells inside, or else lose everything.
5 "A Day in the Life: Ulala" ClanOfFortesque ...
6 "A Day in the Life: Crash Bandicoot" ClanOfFortesque Back from the dawn of time, and in the pursuit of Crash Bandicoot, Doctor Neo Cortex leads his nemesis into a trap, reuniting with an ancient evil, now back into the world. The Master of Order sends his emissary to interfere and recruit Crash to his cause.
7 "A Day in the Life: Sir Daniel Fortesque" ClanOfFortesque Gallowmere, 1387, one year since Sir Daniel Fortesque had slain Zarok. He and his companion, Princess Kiya are now stranded in this time period, with no time machine, and no Professor, they must find a way across the deserted plains of Gallowmere and find the source of the mysterious earthquakes before the planet swallows them up.

The Master of Order takes matters into his own hands this time to face the Lord of Chaos herself, will he make it in time?

Saga One: The Chaos War

No. Title Written by Synopsis
1 "Sic Parvis Magna" ClanOfFortesque Geno, the emissary of the Master of Order, is summoned to defend his master from an attack by the Lord of Chaos. Her emissary, the insane being, Dimentio has built up a team of villans from across the multiverse.

Sparing what little power he has left, the Master of Order helps Geno escape into the other universes to build up his own team. A team of heroes, to counter the Lord of Chaos, but will these heroes be willing to work together against a united army of darkness?

Saga Two: The Last God of Chaos

No. Title Written by Synopsis
1 "Crystal Crazy" ClanOfFortesque ...

Saga Three: The Greatest Warrior Who Ever Lived

No. Title Written by Synopsis
1 "What was Lacking" ClanOfFortesque ...

Saga Four: The Lord of Chaos, Betrayal, and Rebirth

No. Title Written by Synopsis
1 "Balance Restored" ClanOfFortesque ...
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