Heart Sins
Developer(s) Zekotendo
Publisher(s) Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo Switch
New Nintendo 3DS
Genre(s) Action, Role-Playing, Open World
Series Heart Sins
Release Date(s) October 20, 2018
Mode(s) 1-Player
Age Rating(s) E10+RatingCERO B

Heart Sins (ハート・シンズ Hāto Shinzu?, lit. Heart SinZ) is the upcoming action role-playing game released on October 20, 2018 for Nintendo Switch and New Nintendo 3DS. This game is very unique that was based on any Nintendo games or erotic games with loosely elements of Persona series.



The day/night cycle exploration that the protagonist travels to the city.

School Days

The protagonist will go to school in Monday to Friday except for Saturday and Sunday.

Battle System

The battle system was similar to Persona's combat system, but it has different system for Shadomirage.

Shadomirage Bonds

These Shadomirages (referred called Shadows) are important gameplay that the player face off the boss Shadomirages.




Seven Maidens of Sins

Character Description Personifa Personaifa Based On Sin
Neena Itsuki
Protagonist (Default: Neena Itsuki)
The very poor and unlucky girl who lost her parents due to the outbreak of the disastrous phenomenon called Dark End. She was only survivor of Old Medja City that every people died. She was transferred to Nakao City and meet some new friends at Vadvile Highschool. Her Sin is the Deadly Sin that which attribute that she chose.
Ada HeartSins
Re6 ada wong professional render by allan valentine-d5980jj
Ada Wong (Resident Evil)
Deadly Sin
Kathie Caroline The protagonist's newfound friend who was from Vadvile Highschool. She is the one of the protagonist's classmate that she possesses her raw power since her younger days. Her Sin is Wrath that Kathie was enraged at the ruthless person who nearly wounded her mother.
Rao HeartSins
Rao (Okam)
Unni Yuu Aversa
Aversa (Fire Emblem)

Supporting Characters

Character Description
Shiroi Wakaba The owner of LiBanch Cafe who taking care of the protagonist who lost her parents which she was poored and unlucky person.
Mirai Mukoto
Professor Sakamoto


The Factions

Character Description
Sojirou Mayumoto The main antagonist in the game who stoles the protagonist's mother's research about Shadomirages.
Misama-no-Otonashi The true main antagonist and the mastermind who behind the events for attempt to marry Mirai who is the direct descendant of Mirai-no-Otonashi.

Major Shadomirage

Boss Description Weakness Chapter
An Shadomirage reaper who steals every person or Shadomirages' souls to store the essence for their reincarnations. Desoul see the protagonist and chase her to steal her soul before it was being attacked by the protagonist's Shadomirage: Ada.
Based on Thanatos from Persona series.
Darkness Prologue
Shadow Kathie
Shadow Kathie
Kathie's dark past self that she nearly killed an ruthless person for brutally wounds her mother. She taking the form of the nine-tailed fox Shadomirage.
Based on Ninetails from Okami series.
Fire Chapter 1 [Chapter Boss]
Dyua's Shadow Wind Chapter 2 [Mini-Boss]
Shadow Unni
Shadow Unni
Unni's dark past self that she was jealous at letting her boyfriend reveal her sister's secrets. She taking the form of the winged-centaurus Shadomirage.
Based on Aversa [Tokyo Mirage Sessions].
Thunder Chapter 2 [Chapter Boss]


  • This game has originally M Rating for sexual content and nudity, but this rating goes to T rating only later for E10+ by extending more clothes though it has partial sexual contents for large breasts.
  • This game was loosely based on Persona series due to have Shadomirage gameplay, but entirely different which is based on Nintendo game series.
    • Rarely, the benevolent Shadomirages that the protagonist's friends bonded are based on the erotic games.
  • This game was bear resemblance to Mario series.
    • The protagonist (Neena) and Mario are both protagonist where the journey their quest.
    • Misama and Bowser are both main antagonist where kidnapping Mirai and Peach; although they have opposite.
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