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Heart Pikmin
A Heart Pikmin
Immunity Hatred, Toxicity
Class Pikmin
Element(s) Love
Ability/ies Immunity to enraged foes and toxic elements, healing pool

Heart Pikmin are a special kind of Pikmin. They are resistant to enraged foes, meaning they will take no damage from aggressive foes and can walk through toxic substances. They have below average stats compared to every other Pikmin in almost every area, but are able to create healing puddles when ordered to that will prevent Pikmin from dying if they are standing in it.


Their appearance is similar to the average Pikmin, save for their pink skin and heart shaped bud. The heart shaped bud appears to be made of some kind of ethereal material, and has been shown to be somewhat fluid when touched but retains it's shape when left alone.


Heart Pikmin are ground-bound Pikmin that can be ordered around like any other Pikmin, but can also be told to create healing puddles. Healing Puddles are unique in that they will heal both Pikmin and Captains so long as they wade in it, with the potential to keep Pikmin alive as long as they're in the puddle.

Heart Pikmin are also immune to foes that are enraged, usually after getting their health down to about halfway. They are also immune to toxic attacks and substances, able to wade through them without really any issues. However, they have the lowest speed, attack, and health of any type of Pikmin.


A Heart Pikmin can only be obtained by finding the Heart-Spotted Candypop Bud. The Heart-Spotted Candypop Bud can contain up to five Pikmin of any color and will change the Pikmin into Heart Pikmin. The Heart-Spotted Candypop Bud withers after transforming five Pikmin into the Heart Pikmin.