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Haukohi's Haven is a puzzle game created by Toroko for The V², featuring a original world with new original characters. The game's centeral mechanics are focused around the stacking of fruit similar to that of the Puyo Puyo or Tetris franchises, although the fruit doesn't disappear when stacked together, but rather fuses into a giant fruit. Fruit can only be removed through special fruit or Fruit Bombs. It is part of the Infinite Content branding.

Haukohi's Haven also features a new setting and characters heavily influenced by Hawaiian and Maori myths and lore.


Fruit Falling

Haukohi's Haven is focused around the stacking of fruit, which is dropped from the top of the screen and the player moves the fruit around using the control stick or D-Pad. Pressing down will make the fruit fall down faster, while the up direction can be used to rotate the line of fruit.

On the left of the screen, the player can preview what fruit row is coming next. They also have a Tiki Fruit meter and a Ka Luoo meter, which can be used to send down specific fruits that would be helpful to the player, replacing the next intended line of fruits when activated. Both are filled up by clearing fruits. These fruits also drop randomly and are used to effect or shift the playing field's current fruits. More information about these fruits are found in the Tiki Fruits and Ka Luoo Fruits sections.

Each round of the game starts at Level 1, which is the starting speed. When the player gathers 20 groupings of fruits, the Level and speed increases, as well bringing in Stainarrots and Woolberries into the mix starting at Level 3 and Level 5 respectively.

A game of Haukohi's Haven only ends when the fourth column is filled out and is unable to place more fruit, as the game drops fruit from that column.

Tiki Totems

The player can craft a 4-Tiki totem pole of each Tiki of their choosing- Taigaken is on by default at the bottom, although the player can unlock the option to take him off and play exclusively with the Tiki Fruit. Each Tiki coresponds with a fruit- or in the case of Taigaken, four. In Tales from Haven, the player will need to build specific totems for NPCs they want to help out with harvesting fruit and berries. Each Tiki has a distinct personality although this doesn't really effect the dropping of fruit- which is random and all fruit drops at the same rarity.

Size and Scoring

The size of a fruit matters on how much points you get from clearing it. The score table shows what each fruit at which size nets you on each difficulty. The harder the difficulty, the more your score is worth.

Size Easy Score Normal Score Hard Score
1x1 1 2 4
2x2 8 16 34
3x3 26 52 104
4x4 64 128 256
5x5 125 250 500
6x6 216 422 844
7x7 324 648 1296
8x8 512 1024 2048
9x9 728 1456 2912


More information on each mode coming soon.

Haukohi Mode

The basic round mode. Choose your Tikis and gather fruit until you get a Game Over.

Haukohi Mode begins with assembling the Totem of Tikis, with the player able to stack up to four tikis including the base totem of Taigken. Each Tiki adds more rules to the game, and adding many could potentially lead to a higher score. Of course, you can play with just Taigken and the Haukohi fruit.

Once the Totem of Tikis has been assembled, the rounds of levels begin. To progress through levels, the player must gather 20 clusters of fruit, which will increase the speed of the fruit dropping, as well as adding additional fruit provided Taigken is on the Totem. At the start of a new level, the meters fill slightly faster than usual, which wears off after 20 seconds.

The game is endless, all that changes is the speed after Level 5. Getting a game over will bring up the leaderboard and allow you to enter your score. Getting higher scores will net more Kaululu Krystals, which are the currency of the game.

Haukohi vs Haukohi

Go head to head against another Haukohi in this split screen mode.

Tales from Haven

The story mode of the game. Learn how to use all the Tikis as you thwart the attempts of Hewalona from disrupting your mission to gather fruit.

Client Information
Episode 1
The Teacher

The beginning of Tales from Haven explains the setting a bit, as well as the role of the Haukohi in the gathering of fruit on the island. The current Haukohi passes down the Ka-Luoo to her granddaughter Jura-Pek as she turns 18, and teaches her how to use it with the Tiki known as Taigken.
The player just needs to pass through five rounds of collecting fruit, with a new Ka-Luoo fruit being introduced in Round 1 (Fruit Bomb), Round 2 (Chamelak), and Round 3 (Rainbow Swirlaya).
Afterwards, Maata-Pek considers Jura-Pek worthy of going out as the Haukohi. Jura-Pek goes to talk to her friend Cherry Garcia about her new responsibilites, and they hear a distant cry of help from Rawiri in the distance and take off.

Episode 2
The Fighter

Taking off to find Rawiri, they find him try to fend off two mushroom characters known as Puna and Hale. Puna and Hale run off as they see Jura-Pek and Cherry, and Rawiri expresses disappointment that he was never considered for the Haukohi job, but he's dedicating himself to fighting now. He asks Jura-Pek to create some Metalberries so he use them to build up strength for himself. Jura-Pek agrees.
The player needs to pass through five round of collecting fruit, with the Metalberry being introduced in Round 1. The game awards bonus points for collecting Metalberries. The big difference about Metalberries that they fall faster and don't fuse together when grouped.
After collecting the fruit and berries, Rawiri is ready for his fighting career. Puna and Hale make their way to Hewalona, who learns about the new Haukohi. She orders Puna and Hale to try and steal the Ka-Luoo, as she is extremely tired of eating rats. Puna and Hale set off.

Episode 3
The Grocerer

Jura-Pek finds Aroha rather frustrated, as the Cimyulos and Pine Apples she wanted to harvest died due to the soil and she is lacking good numbers to sell. Jura-Pek offers to help, locating Cimyul-Uke and Pinaloa to create a new harvest for Aroha.
The player needs to pass through six rounds of collecting fruit, with Cimyulo being introduced in Round 1 and the Pine Apple being introduced in Round 3. Cimyulos create rainbow areas when collected that can be used to match up fruit together even if they don't match, fusing them into a bigger fruit. Pine Apples boost the Tiki Fruit meter when collected.
After assisting Aroha, Aroha sells off the produce and takes her break to go to her teaching job. Jura-Pek gets flustered when Cherry notes that Aroha is quite the looker. The two converse, managing to miss the net trap that Puna and Hale have set up without even looking.

Episode 4
The Alchemist
Anna SpindgettiPortrait.png
Anna Spingetti
Jura-Pek comes across Anna Spingetti, a alchemist who has made a voyage to the island for her research. Jura-Pek offers to help, offering to gather Akkalec, Bemmaken, and Robolono to aid in her research for the creation of gold.

The player must go through seven rounds of collecting fruit. The Akkalear is introduced first in Round 1 and the Bemmhile is introduced in Round 3, with the Metalberry returning in Round 5. The Akkalear begins larger than other fruits, making them quicker but harder to stack up in a huge size, while the Bemmhile clear fruit by creating four directional blast lines when Fruit Bombed.
After assisting Anna Spingetti, Anna manages to produce tons of gold and asks Jura-Pek if she'd be interested in gathering more fruit for her in the future to produce items to sell to Aroha. Jura-Pek more less agrees, although she isn't sure about this being a good use for the power of the Ku-Luoo. Hale and Puna attempt to set up a pit trap, but Hale gets distracted by Anna's gold and ends up falling into the pit, directly into a acid bath that Hewalona is taking. Hewalona berates Hale and realizes just how much of an idiot he is, especially after noticing Puna's sketches on the ground and begins to pay attention to Puna instead. Puna begins drawing up a master plan.

Episode 5
The Tourist
Jura-Pek and Cherry Garcia are skipping rocks when suddenly they accidentally hit someone surfing in the distance. Jura-Pek quickly swims over to them to rescue them, retrieving Gwenasis. Gwenasis has a bit of a head wound, so Cherry Garcia tells Jura-Pek that she will take care of her while Jura-Pek produces some fruit to help her in her recovery.

The player must go through eight rounds of collecting fruit. The Hakkulapes are introduced in Round 1, the Dollops are introduced in Round 4, and the Cimyulos return in Round 6. The Hakkulapes double the rate of Ka-Luoo meter growth when bombed, and the Dollops scramble the fruit lines above them when bombed. Dollops can cause a lot of trouble in the four rounds they're in, but the Cimyulos can ease off potentially bad scenarios with their ability in the last two rounds.
Gwenasis is nursed back to health in no time and is offered a mug to drink fruit juice out of as Cherry Garcia invites her to watch the sunset with Jura-Pek and her. As they watch the sunset, Puna and Hale attempt to snatch the Ka-Luoo using a plan of Puna's where they use a long stick with sticky residual fruit goop. It almost works until Gwenasis pulls Jura-Pek aside, causing the stick to attach to Cherry instead, who breaks the stick in half. Hale and Puna run away just in time to not be noticed.

Episode 6
The Scarecrow
Episode 7
The Rain
Episode 8
The Lava
Episode 9
The Earth
Episode 10
The Villain



Haukohi's Haven is set on the island of Kaululu, a island know for it's many unique fruits and it's ties to Kanahau, the goddess of light and fruit. The island was formerly populated by Kanahau's human creations, of which were assisted by Ka Luoo to gather the fruit of the island. Hewalona, her sister, apparently eradicated many of the Ka Luoo except for one. Punished for her actions, Hewalona was exiled from the Haven realm and was forced to be mortal, although she found a way to stay immortal and has limited magical powers.

The lone Ka Luoo was then assigned to a single person to gather the fruit; this job became known as the Haukohi. The role of the Haukohi now falls on the shoulders of Jura-Pek, who must gather fruit and keep the Ka Luoo out of the hands out of Hewalona and her minions.

Tales from Haven




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Jura-Pek is the new Haukohi, having gotten the role from her grandma who is now too old to be doing the job. She has been entrusted the Ka Luoo, a magic butterfly that has a link to Kanahau, the goddess of light and fruit. She must keep it out of the hands of Hewalona, her evil counterpart and harvest the various fruits and berries with the help of the Tikis. She is best friends with Cherry Garcia. She is overall is a fearless character that follows the orders she is given with a smile, although she has the intuition to sense when things aren't right.


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Taigken is the Haukohi's guide and the provider of not just one, not three, but five fruits, known as the Normal Fruits. Taigken is always at the bottom of the totem pole, and is known as the most reliable and honest out of all the Tikis.


Robolono is one of the many special tikis on the island, being a mechanic in his former life. He is the provider of the Metalberry. Robolono talks mechanically and overall has a robotic attitude, although this seems to be an act as he drops this gimmick when tired.


Cimyul-Uke is one of the many special tikis on the island, being a painter in his former life. He is the provider of the Cimyulo. Cimyul-Uke enjoys painting, whether it be landscapes or the people of the island. He is a gentle figure, although very protective of his friends, quickly becoming angry if someone talks trash about his friends.


Akkalec is one of the many special tikis on the island, being a wrestler in his former life. He is the provider of the Akkalear. Akkalec must be rolled around as he can no longer move, as his limbs can no longer pop in and out like other tikis. He enjoys listening to music from jukeboxes on the island.


Bemmaken is one of the many special tikis on the island, being a rocket scientist in his former life. He is the provider of the Bemmhile. Bemmaken can usually be seen trying to get into space with his friend Hakkulepa, although the two seem mostly unsuccessful in all their attempts to leave the atmosphere, likely due to the Bemmhile not providing anywhere near enough fuel.


Dollakan is one of the many special tikis on the island, being a nurse in his former life. He is the provider of the Dollop. Dollakan is often seen tending to the Dollops himself, singing them songs with help from the islanders. He also is quick to soothe Franknaka's mood when he gets upset.


Franknaka is one of the many special tikis on the island, being a gravedigger in his former life. He is the provider of the Nailberry. Franknaka likes to hang out in thunderstorms, mostly to assure the safety of those caught in those storms. He can become quickly angered, but his friend Dollakan is good at calming him down when he gets into a bad mood.


Hypno-Kan is one of the many special tikis on the island, having formerly worked as a witch doctor that was actually on Hewalona's side prior to the events of the game, but has since reformed. He is the provider of the Hypneach. He comes off a bit eccentric, always controlling wild-life to do various tasks on the island while he watches TV. His solution to everything is always hypnotism, and is said to hypnotize himself to get out of bed in the morning.


Hakkulepa hails from space and was actually an alien before he died and became a tiki. He is the provider of the Hakkulapes. Hakkulepa usually is helping his friend Bemmaken create a rocket to travel off the island, although these are never really successful. Hakkulepa likes to create crop circles in the jungle when he is bored.


Pineloa is the grocer that came before Aroha, known for being a big man with a big heart before he passed away and became a tiki. He is the provider of the Pine Apple. He can usually be seen at rest or watching Aroha do his former job- the two have learned enough from each other to the point where Aroha no longer needs his help. He sometimes sets up a shop filled with random junk he finds on the island.


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Cherry Garcia

Cherry Garcia is a sailor that found herself shipwrecked on the island a month ago and spends her time hanging out with Jura-Pek and her family, practically having become a member at this point. She's in no hurry to get back to her home country, due to the oppressive rule there and sees her island misadventure as a huge blessing. A little goofy and clingy to Jura-Pek, she serves as her best friend and protector, even if Jura-Pek claims she can handle herself.


Maata-Pek is Jura-Pek's grandmother, who was the former Haukohi and had to retake up the title after Jura-Pek's mother died and her father went missing. In her old age, she is finding the job harder and harder to do, and as such, is now passing down the title to Jura-Pek. She acts as a teacher to Jura-Pek, informing her how to do her job as well as giving out tips. She can be often found asleep during the day but during the night she is often seen star gazing and can point out various constellations and their stories.


Kanahau is the goddess of light and fruit, and the creator of the Ka-Luoo. She is also the sister of Hewalona, and the two worked side by side until Hewalona apparently eradicated the Ka-Luoo to only leave a single one left. She acts as a secondary guide for Jura-Pek although she is unable to attend to anything not related to the gathering of fruits by the Haukohi. She can be visited in her spring on top of the island's mountain during the day, but disappears by dark.


Rawiri is Jura-Pek's brother, who wanted to become the Haukohi but was deemed unworthy by Kanahau. Rawiri has become a fighter over the years, dealing in hand to hand combat with other combatants and is able to use fruit to utilize different kinds of power. He can be usually found training after his chapter in the story or engaging in a fight with another opponent.


Aroha is the beautiful grocer that resides on the island, selling fruit that the Haukohi gives her. She is also a school teacher for many of the children on the island when not selling fruit, making her a rather busy woman. She always appreciates the Haukohi's help and tries not to be too greedy. She can sell some stuff to the Haukohi after her chapter is done during the day when she is not teaching.
Anna SpindgettiHH.png

Anna Spindgetti

Anna Spindgetti is a scientist looking to achieve ultimate power through equivalent exchange, formerly draining the blood of the heroes trapped inside of the Paradigm. Instead of draining blood this time around, Anna wishes to use fruit and berries to create gold, of which the Haukohi can provide her with. After her chapter, she can be found alchemizing, of which Jura-Pek can assist with to create various items to sell to Aroha to make money.


Gwenasis is a tourist from another world, looking to relax and chill as usual. She is rather easy going and even kind of flirty, although she stresses her time here is going to be rather short because she does need to get back home eventually. She can be seen sometimes listening to music on the radio, which plays music from the player's V2 Library. She is wearing glasses because she lost her contact lenses on the trip here.


Oweli is a living scarecrow that both Hale and Puna are deathly afraid of, and is used to ward off their schemes and traps for the Haukohi. Oweli can be picked up by Jura-Pek and planted into the ground to ward off Hale and Puna. He wants some of the Haukohi's fruit in return.


Namake is the goddess of water and coral and can be found in the ocean surrounding the island. She is rather calm and collected much of the time, but can get intense when angry. The ocean reflects her mood, and if she gets too angry, she could destroy the island. She won't do this if she has her favorite food from the Haukohi. She is the cousin of both Kanahau and Hewalona, as well as the sister of Peleka.


Peleka is the goddess of fire and lava and can be found on the volcano in the mountain, chilling out in the pool of lava similar to Kanahau. She is actually rather calm, usually trying to repress her stress, but when she decides to release her anger, she will launch lava from the mountain and thus needs her favorite fruits to keep her stress levels low. She is the cousin of both Kanahau and Hewalona, as well as the sister of Namake.


Tuanuku is the only male god on the island, and is the god of earth and nature. He can be found in the tropical forest, usually helping animals or creating new plants. He doesn't really want the fruits so much as their seeds to spread across the island. He is rather calm and collected and doesn't really let anything get to him. He is the cousin of Namake and Peleka, but is twice removed from Kanahau and Hewalona.

Hewalona's Forces

Image + Name Info


The main antagonist of the game, Hewalona was the sister of Kanahau before Kanahau cast her out for misusing the power of the Ka Luoo and is the reason there is only one left. Hewalona was cast to the mortal realm and was forced to become mortal, but she found other means to become immortal through the Temple of Zarus, a ruined temple that contains vats of chemicals that are capable of restoring youth. However, she has eaten nothing but rats and monkey corpses for years, craving the berries the Haukohi has gathered for centuries, although is always thwarted to getting them. She has two henchmen that carry out her tasks known as Hale and Kuna.


Hale is a mushroom brought to life by Hewalona to try and trick the Haukohi into either giving up the fruits and berries they have gathered or to grab the Ka Luoo. Hale works in conjunction with Puna and is the only one of them that is capable of speech, although he is dumb as a brick and comes up with the worst plans, to the point where the Haukohi of the past have mostly toyed with him. Hale is depicted as a overly confident idiot, who often contradicts himself and tries to come off as smarter than he actually is. Hale is also illiterate, although he claims he can read and write- when he writes, it's in the form of poorly drawn pictures.


Puna is a mushroom brought to life by Hewalona to try and trick the Haukohi into either giving up the fruits and berries they have gathered or to grab the Ka Luoo. Puna works in conjuction with Hale and can't speak, although he is far smarter than Hale, much to his frustration. He has completely stopped caring about his mission, and spends his time reading and writing- of which Hale can't read. He is a worse artist than Hale, however, and thus can't give out plans in a form that Hale would actually understand. Puna is able gifted with claws that he can dig in the dirt with, having formed a elaborate underground home with that he spends time in when away from Hale and Hewalona, although Puna has a obligation to serve Hewalona since she brought him to life to begin with



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Pumpayas are a fruit filled with seeds and orange mushy pulp, of which can be ground up to create a spice or create tasty pies with.

Pumpayas are one of the three normal fruits that appear at the start of every round.



Eggples are rough fruits that have a rather bitter taste, although are good to use with salads and some cooked dishes.

Eggples are one of the three normal fruits that appear at the start of every round.



Mintelees have a minty but citrus taste to them, and are used to flavor fish caught by the islanders. The brown spots indicate where they were grown; closer to the shore they have less brown spots but deep thick in the jungle they can have spots covering almost all of the fruit.

Mintlees are one of the three normal fruits that appear at the start of every round.



Stainarrots have a inky juice used to write on paper or bark, as well to dye clothes jet black. They taste somewhat putrid, but their use on island life is invaluable.

Stainarrots appear at Level 3 of each round, but otherwise are fairly normal fruits.



Woolberries are rather fuzzy fruits that can be used to create wooly textile clothes. They have no flavor, but are good at soaking up juices in a dish.

Woolberries appear at Level 5 of each round, but otherwise are fairly normal fruits.

Ka Luoo Fruits

Image + Name Info

Rainbow Swirlaya

One of the three fruits offered by the Ka Luoo Butterfly. The Rainbow Swirlaya, when placed on top of a fruit, clears all types of that fruit on the playing field. If there is no fruit underneath it, looks for fruit next to it or ontop of it. If there is no fruit near it, it just disappears with no fruits eliminated from the playing field. Rainbow Swirlayas randomly appear but can also be summoned by filling up the Ka-Luoo meter and summoning it when needed.
FruitBomb Pumpaya.pngFruitBomb Eggple.pngFruitBomb Mintlee.pngFruitBomb Stainarrot.pngFruitBomb Woolberry.png

FruitBomb Metalberry.pngFruitBomb Cimyulo.pngFruitBomb Akkalear.pngFruitBomb Bemmhile.pngFruitBomb Dollop.pngFruitBomb Nailberry.pngFruitBomb Hypeach.pngFruitBomb Hakkulapes.pngFruitBomb PineApple.png
Fruit Bombs

One of the three fruits offered by the Ka Luoo Butterfly. Fruit Bombs are used to clear fruits from the board and are always on top of a row of fruit when placed in the playing field. Fruit Bombs will only ever clear fruit connected to it, and will not clear fruit that does not correspond to it's fruit. Each Fruit bomb has it's unique appearance and the berry stamped across the bomb's surface. Fruit Bombs randomly appear but can also be summoned by filling up the Ka-Luoo meter and summoning it when needed.


One of the three fruits offered by the Ka Luoo Butterfly. The Chamelak is a special fruit that appears on top of stacks of fruits and changes the type of fruit to another kind of fruit. This will only effect the fruit it is on top of, but will change the fruit type across the entire playing field to another one. Fruit can only be changed to another kind of fruit as long as the fruit has a tiki totem attached to it. The type change is random, but can be used to make the fruit across the board more of the same kind of fruit so that it can be cleared easier. Chamelak randomly appear but can also be summoned by filling up the Ka-Luoo meter and summoning it when needed.

Tiki Fruits

Image + Name Info


Metalberries aren't grown like other fruits, being mechanized by the great Steel Tree. They aren't exactly edible, but can be used to strengthen metal tools.

They fall faster than any other berry by default and don't fuse together when grouped together.



Cimyulos are born out of spots where rainbows were previously. They can be used in dishes to imitate ingredients in the recipe.

They fall slower than any other berry by default, and when they are cleared off, they temporarily create a rainbow area in their absence, the size of which depends at what size the Cimyulo was cleared off at. Inside this rainbow area, fruits match up regardless with the majority around them; although this is limited to the fruits inside the rainbow area.



Akkalears grow extremely large before they go under the Haukohi's process. Some can even weigh up to 100 pounds.

They begin at a 2x2 size, meaning they take more space than regular fruits at the start but are easier to match into huge bonuses.



Bemmhiles are noted for their inherent spiciness, being quite literally able to burn people's mouths when not prepared right.

When they are cleared, they create blast lines in four directions, clearing all fruit off in those four directions.



Dollops resemble dolls and can usually be seen being played with native children of the island. They are known to twitch in warm hands, although no evidence suggests they're actually alive.

Dollops occasionally shake the fruit above them, mixing them up. The bigger they are, the more lines they mix up.



Nailberries aren't exactly safe to eat raw, but when they are mushed into a sauce mixed with spaghetti and grapes they become a gourmet meal.

Nailberries don't seem to do anything at first, but when another fruit falls on top of them they clear the entire column below them as they sink to the bottom.



Hypneaches are mixed in with glasses to create hypnotic glasses that can temporarily give a light version of mind control when gazed at, although they fade quickly.

Hypneaches change the type fruit they're on top of to Hypneaches, all across the board.



Hakkulapes are grown from a meteor that landed on the island. Nobody is quite sure how they're growing, but they have a weird crunch flavor to them.

Hakkulapes don't really have any special qualities other than their ability to boost the Ka Luoo meter at double the rate of other fruits when cleared.


Pine Apple

Pine Apples have a rough, almost sharp texture, although they have a sweet tangy taste inside. They are also used for some textile clothes for some of the islanders.

Pine Apples don't really have any special qualities other than their ability to boost the Tiki Fruit meter at double the rate of other fruits when cleared.




  • The game was created as a pastiche of the Pusher's Pile, as well to create a game with a tropical setting that Helena Harper (tbc) feels is relatively unexplored in modern day.
  • Many of the names are either a combination of English words, Hawaiian, and Maori words, sometimes all three or sometimes just a combination of two Hawaiian/Maori words, or in some cases are modified Moari/Hawaiian words.
  • Anna Spindgetti hails from Paradigm, a old community game of which Exotoro created several characters for. The decision to bring her back was linked to Chain making a return in Super Bunea World, which inspired Toroko to look into bringing old characters from Conatus and Paradigm back into future projects.