AGE 27
WEAPONS Universal Watch, Pistol

Hark is a character first introduced in the second episode of Fandemonium. He was contacted by Locke and Steel in hope of making a new reality television show, which was an opportunity he jumped at instantly, and no good can come from this.
Hark left Fandemonium at the end of episode 24. But was forced to start his own show.



Hark displayed psychotic tendancies in his very first appearance in episode 2, in which he bursts into the mansion and nearly kills Hiro. Ginourm develops a rivalry with him, saying in episode 5 that Hark "rubs him the wrong way" and is described has having never been seen so angry. Hark is, for a time, a rather rude and obnoxious figure. He develops no positive relationships with the other inhabitants of the mansion throughout the series and fades into the background, until he reappears in the forefront during the "Almost-Killer" story arc. When Pesh is attacked by the Almost Killer in episode 13, the group begins investigating (an investigation that continues to episode 22) and the trail leads them to an alternate dimension. There, the Almost Killer's mother, Anti-Marine, pretends to be an ally of the group, but secretly plans to take them all down one by one. Hark and Ginourm confront Anti-Marine and Clyde (who is currently working for Anti-Marine). Anti-Marine reveals (to Clyde's horror) that she has left Steel to die on the beach on the opposite side of the island. Ginourm and Hark find Steel, but he has become possessed by Sunnyscythe. Eventually, Clydebecomes frustrated with the obviously psychotic Anti-Marine and defeats her, allowing everyone to get back home.

Upon arriving home, and discovering that Steel has reappeared as a shapeshifter, Hark becomes disillusioned with Fandemonium and leaves, taking Flame with him.

Hark & Flame

Hark stars in the direct spinoff of Fandemonium. He starts by telling Flame on the plane to England, that the producers made him seem more, 'psycho' than he actually was.


Hark, as described by his colossal group of friends, is a ludicrous, psychopathic, sadistic maniac, he has no fear, which almost always gets him into trouble or danger. He was only acting like this for the show, in reality he is an enlightened, intelligent and strong "normal person" (as indicated in episode 24 when he acts completely normal when angry) from the year 6012. In his television experience, Hark has been known to "break the fourth wall" by talking to the audience or the camera.

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