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The Hard-Boiled Heavies (also abbreviated as HBH), is a group of elite EggRobos made by Dr. Eggman. They appeared in Sonic Mania, in which Dr. Eggman sent the Hard-Boiled Heavies to Angel Island to retrieve a source of power known as the Phantom Ruby. The Phantom Ruby had influenced the elite EggRobos after being dug up, giving them unique appearances and powers, but also a mind of their own.

The Phantom Ruby had eventually influenced them even more by the end of Sonic Mania, giving them more powers, and being now known as the Phantom Heavies.


Character Description
Heavy King
The Heavy King is the leader of the HBH, unusually bigger than any normal EggRobo. He commands the other elites with a watchful eye and bears a powerful scepter.
As the Phantom King, he betrays Eggman over power for the Phantom Ruby, being able to create multiple blast rays.
Heavy Gunner
The Heavy Gunner is the first Heavy to be fought. He's a loose cannon that blasts rocket missiles, provided by a trio of EggRobos, from his helicopter.
As the Phantom Gunner, he trades his mechanical limbs for giant missile launchers in order to make it rain rocket missiles.
Heavy Shinobi
The Heavy Shinobi can throw Asterons as shurikens. Anyone getting near him will be slashed by his freezing ice sword. The trick is to stun him while he's jumping.
As the Phantom Shinobi, he has become a giant eight-bladed shuriken that spins around like a circular saw.
Heavy Magician
The Heavy Magician can create powerful illusions with her hat. In her battle, she'll transform into Fang the Sniper, Bean the Dynamite Duck and Bark the Polar Bear and use their attacks and powers.
The Phantom Magician hasn't changed much in appearance, but opts to use three cups as in a shell game, with the incorrect answers shooting laser beams.
Heavy Rider
The Heavy Rider loves to race around on her giant Moto Bug Jimmy. She'll pull of dangerous stunts in order to hit her opponent.
While the Phantom Rider hasn't changed much in appearance, Jimmy has turned into a bulky motorcycle, which she uses to chase her opponents.


Sonic Forces: Exalian Cut

The Phantom Heavies appear in this game as bosses in Modern Sonic's story.

Super Speedstar RPG

The Hard-Boiled Heavies are set to return in this game, with Heavy Gunner first appearing in Chapter 5 of the story as a boss in New Donk City. Heavy Gunner acts just as cowardly as he did in Sonic Mania, and just before his helicopter crashes into the road, he is teleported away with the Phantom Ruby's power. Heavy King reprimands him for failing.

Super Smash Bros. Charged

The Hard-Boiled Heavies appear in Super Smash Bros. Charged as both Trophies and Spirits. Their Spirit Battles are all against a single character that is metal and wields an item that corresponds to their respective member. Likewise, equipping their Spirit allows the user to start the battle with that item.


  • The Hard-Boiled Heavies were originally created by Christian Whitehead after imagining Eggman entering a state of depression after the events of Sonic the Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles. Instead of continuing his evil plans, he would do nothing but lollygagging at home in his pajamas. Because of this, the abandoned EggRobos would go "a little mad".
  • The Hard-Boiled Heavies are similar to the Koopalings, the Deadly Six and the Broodals, as all three are a squad of bosses in bright colors that need to be fought, just like the HBH.
  • Although being robots, they do have assigned genders. The Heavy King, Heavy Gunner and Heavy Shinobi are male, while the Heavy Magician and Heavy Rider are surprisingly enough female.
  • Heavy Rider's Motobug, Jimmy, is named after the deceased Sonic hacker Polygon Jim. One of his most famous hacks was Motobug the Badnik in Sonic the Hedgehog, where the jumping animation of the motobug extending out his wheel is inspired by that hack. Rest in peace, Jim.