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Harbor Wave: Battle for the Seven Seas, usually just shortened to Harbor Wave, is a 3D fighting game developed by Isurus Multimedia Industries. It was released as a launch title for the Nintendo Super Switch, on November 2nd, 2023, with forward compatibility for the original Nintendo Switch. In addition, for April Fools of 2023, a low-quality parody known as Hibber Wiff was released for the original Switch before Harbor Wave's launch, serving as a sort of sneak-peak for the setting and its characters.


Taking place in 2054, various aquatic creatures have rapidly evolved into humanoid, sentient forms, creating what are now known as Seamorphs. As Seamorphs spread and sea levels rose, the world took on a different form. Seamorphs became the dominant species, and humans a minority. In addition, various weird and wonderful animals have evolved as well. The Earth is now a massive untapped source of discovery, be it through ruins, new land, or new species.

The game revolves around the Seven Seas Tournament, a global, heavily-broadcasted tournament held every two years. It is hosted by the current champion, Jose Amaro Zavala - Better known by his stage name, The Eruption. Various different fighters from all walks of life, all across the world, have gathered to partake in this prestigious tournament. However, only one will be able to take home the gold...



Menu Controls

  • L-Pad - Select
  • A Button - Confirm
  • B-Button - Cancel

Battle Controls

  • L-Pad - Move
  • R-Pad - Lock-On
  • B - Jump
  • X - Striker
  • Y - Knocker
  • A - Charger
  • R - Guard
  • L - Dodge
  • ZR - Special
  • ZL - Tsunami
  • +/- Buttons - Pause



Harbor Wave is a 3D fighting game built around being accessible, but still having depth in its combat. The inputs are simple, without having complex multi-direction inputs like in traditional 2D fighters, and there aren't massive, intricate combo chains like in Tekken.

Gameplay is seen through a behind-the-back perspective, with a split-screen mode for multiplayer. Though, it can also be set to 2D or isometric perspectives instead. Like most fighting games, the goal is to deplete your opponent's health gauge to zero. To achieve this, the fighters are given four different universal attacks: Strikers, Knockers, Chargers, and Specials.

Strikers are the standard attacks, and can be mashed for a combo. These attacks also have directional inputs and a charged variant as well. Knockers are heavy attacks, breaking guards and blowing opponents across the room. They usually have normal and charged inputs, but the exact options can vary. Chargers give fighters a burst of mobility, allowing them to close the gap and follow up in combos. Like Knockers, the Chargers have varying inputs, though they usually have grounded and aerial variants. Specials are unique abilities, with the effect varying between characters. This affects their playstyle, and adds more distinction and identity to their kits.

Aside from the attack buttons, each fighter can jump, dodge, and guard. Guarding is notable, because unlike most fighting games, Harbor Wave allows the player to move around while guarding, albeit slowed and deprived of any other input. Guarding is derived from a Guard Gauge, which slowly depletes every time the Guard button is held, and loses a sizeable chunk whenever hit with an attack. Once fully depleted, you cannot Guard again until the gauge finishes it's automatic refill. This prevents players from just sitting there and not doing anything.

While not really an offensive or defensive action, one can also lock on to opponents. This causes their character to face their foe, preventing them from missing their attacks all the time. Of course, attacks can still whiff, provided the opponent is far enough away from you or moves out of the way at the right time.

Lastly, by filling up the Tsunami Meter, fighters can perform the Tsunami, an extremely powerful attack that functions as the game's "Ultimate Move." The Tsunami Meter rises when dealing or taking damage, and empties when the Tsunami is used. In addition, some characters have other criteria for filling up the meter, tied to their unique gimmicks.


Each fighter has different stats and attributes. As such, they are sorted and categorized, visible in training mode or on the pause screens. The stats listed are:

  • Health - How much health the character has.
  • Guard - How long their Guard Gauge is.
  • Attack - How much damage their attacks deal.
  • Speed - How fast they can move.

With the exception of Health, which is given as a flat number, the stats are listed on a scale of one to ten.


Outside of combat, Harbor Wave also has an in-game shop where you can purchase costumes and accessories. To do this, you require the in-game currency, the Seamorph Dollar, or SMD. In-universe, SMD is the dominant currency of the Seamorph-Era Earth, set up when the rapidly-increasing Seamorph population banded together to set up their rights and self-determination. In the game itself, SMD is obtained from playing matches, completing challenges, and competing in online events. In addition, logging in daily gives you various different rewards, with SMD being the most common. Overall, SMD is quick and easy to obtain, while still giving an incentive to play some more with what you can buy with it.


Harbor Wave has a decent assortment of modes and rulesets. While they all share the same controls and general gameplay, they each have their own unique twists and gimmicks to spice things up.

Mode Gameplay
Slugfest The most basic of modes: A match of two-to-four players, duking it out to get their opponent's health bar to zero within the allotted time limit (Assuming there is one), no frills attached. Block, strike, use the stage hazards to your advantage, do whatever you can to win.
Arcade Fight your way through a gauntlet of eight enemies, with The Eruption at the end! If you can make your way through them all, then you will receive the Seven Seas Winner award for that fighter, as well as a special ending cutscene.
Team-Up Grab a friend or set up a CPU in a 2v2 match. Here, you won't need just skill, but teamwork as well. Divide and conquer, keep 'em busy, or bust out a devastating combo attack, the choice is yours.
Pirate's Booty A departure from the standard "Deplete the health bar," Pirate's Booty shifts the focus to collecting as much gold coins as you can within the allot time limit. No need to worry about health; All you'll loose in this mode is your loot. Just punch 'em back to get your gold back, or perhaps steal some of theirs instead!
King 'o the Hill Stay on the designated location for as long as you can! The fight keeps going until the time limit runs out; If you suffer a knockout, you'll just respawn a couple seconds later, patched up and ready to get back in action!
Training Exactly what it sounds like. Get to know the ins and outs of the game, figure out how the characters work, check out the easter eggs hidden in the stages, and maybe test out some crazy new combos that'll blow everyone away.


Harbor Wave, like any good fighting game, has a roster of unique and colorful characters, each with their own unique attributes and abilities. As of launch, Harbor Wave has 15 different characters, though ten of them must be unlocked before they can be selected.

Captain Cousteau Kelpena Marcus Su Lei Big Bert
Alwin Elvira Silent Sting Kenton Katla
Oswald Old Relict Il Ragazzone Velzior The Eruption


Captain Cousteau

Captain Cousteau
Art by SharkLord1954
Also known as "The Toothbeard," Cousteau is a famous pirate shark from the early days of the Seamorph Era. He is adventurous and always up for a challenge, and always has the sheer physical strength to overcome it. Never being one to stay in one place, he travels the seas with his ship, the Cretalamna, and its crew. He also bears a connection to a mysterious force known as the Riptide, but never bothers to hone this ability. Not like he needs it, anyways.

  • Playstyle - Cousteau is a tanky, easy-to-use character who specializes in hitting his foes as hard as he can. He's quite well-rounded for a heavyweight, and has a simple, unobtrusive gimmick, making him very beginner-friendly. However, some of his heavier hits are slow to start and easy to avoid. Knowing the right time to strike is key to mastering Cousteau.
  • Health - 3000
  • Guard - 6/10
  • Attack - 8/10
  • Speed - 4/10

  • XXX - A gut punch, a hook strike, and a quick bite
  • X + Forward - A peg-legged kick
  • X + Side - A hookfist punch
  • X + Back - Cousteau steps back, then does a headbutt
  • [X] - A powerful chomp. Creates a Riptide shockwave that deals extra damage and stuns opponents
  • XX in the air - A punch, then a downward strike with his hook

  • YY - A heavy hook punch, then a backhanded (Backfinned?) strike
  • Y + Forward - A peg-legged stomp
  • Y + Side - Cousteau spins around and delivers a stinging tail slap
  • Y + Back - Cousteau charges up, then delivers a powerful uppercut with his hook. Launches opponents into the air, allowing for some aerial combos
  • [Y] - Cousteau winds up, then does a powerful, Riptide-infused punch, creating cracks in reality on impact
  • [Y] + Forward - A Riptide-powered slash, cutting through reality for a brief moment
  • [Y] + Back - Cousteau slams his hook into the ground, creating Riptide cracks on impact. Deals massive damage, but is also the slowest move in his arsenal
  • Y in the air - A dual-fisted slam

  • A - A rushing slash
  • [A] - Cousteau lunges forward with a powerful bite. If he connects, he'll toss his opponent into the air, leaving them upon to followups. Acts as a command grab
  • A + Back - A rising uppercut using the hook
  • A in the air - A falling ground-pound. Creates a small shockwave on impact, but leaves him open if he misses with it.

  • Gimmick - Riptide Cracks: Cousteau's charged Strikers and Knockers create cracks and shockwaves in the space around him, dealing extra damage and extending the attack's reach. In addition, the Riptide waves stun opponents with multiple weak hits and deal heavy Guard damage, allowing Cousteau to shred through Guard-happy opponents.
  • Special - Riptide Dive: Cousteau dives into the ground using the Riptide, with only his fin sticking out. He moves forward until the button is released, and can be aimed to the side slightly. Upon release, he will leap out of the ground and deliver a powerful uppercut.
  • Tsunami - Cannonball Barrage: Cousteau slashes a hole in space using the Riptide, allowing for a cannon of the Cretalamna to stick through and fire a wave of powerful cannonballs. If a cannonball hits a wall, it will release a stunning shockwave, so even if it misses a direct hit it can still help bring down an opponent. The cannon can also be aimed slightly using the control stick.

  • Kelpena

    Art by SharkLord1954
    Kelpena is the start student of Neptune Academy, a school dedicated to new recruits of the Neptune Force, an international force that acts as peacekeepers across the globe. Kelpena idolized the organization in her youth, and trained hard to be accepted. Admired as a role model by her classmates, Kelpena is serious and diligent... Or at least, that's the image she puts on. In truth, she's rather awkward and easily excitable. Not that she'll admit it, of course.

    • Playstyle - Kelpena is the most simple and balanced character in Harbor Wave, making her a solid choice for beginners. Her sword strikes have decent range and come out quick, her shield gives her a respectable Guard Gauge, and she has solid mobility options. However, she doesn't truly excel in anything, and more specialized fighters can outcompete her.
    • Health - 2000
    • Guard - 7/10
    • Attack - 5/10
    • Speed - 5/10

  • XXX - Three quick slashes; Inwards, outwards, and upwards
  • X + Forward - A quick sword stab
  • X + Side - An outward shield bash
  • X + Back - A front kick. Makes for a good spacing tool
  • [X] - A two-handed thrust. Deals heavy Guard damage
  • XX in the air - Three mid-air sword strikes

  • YY - Two forceful slashes
  • Y + Forward - A downward chop. High damage, but has noticeable start-up lag
  • Y + Side - An outwards slash, covering the area around herself
  • Y + Back - An uppercut slash
  • [Y] - A two-handed slash
  • Y in the air - A somersaulting slash

  • A - A lunging stab
  • A + Back - A rising uppercut slash
  • [A] - A rushing thrust. Travels farther than the uncharged version
  • A in the air - A falling downward stab

  • Special - Whirlpool Spin: Kelpena spins her sword around herself. Holding the button charges it, increasing the range, damage, and duration of the spin. Kelpena can be moved around during this attack, albeit barely.
  • Tsunami - Claymore Rush: Kelpena sheathes her sword and expands it into a substantially larger greatsword. In this state, her Strikers are replaced by a vertical slash, her Knockers are a horizontal slash, and the Chargers are now a thrust. While she is much slower and less versatile, the sheer range and power of her strikes make up for it. After her Tsunami Meter runs out, she unsheathes her sword again and returns to her normal moveset.

  • Marcus

    Art by CrakaboLazy4090
    A barracuda of Coral Town, Marcus is the leader of the Ray-Finned Red, a gang of punks and delinquents. Marcus himself acts stoic and cold, but he's really a nice guy at heart. Ray-Finned Red is formed of punks and rebels struggling in life, and they share close bonds; Really, it's only a little more than a close hangout group. However, it has also formed quite a few rivalries with other, decidedly nastier gangs, including the Seamorph Mafia, forcing Marcus to be sharp and tough in his leadership.

    • Playstyle - Marcus is a rushdown character, using rough and hard-hitting attacks to whale on his opponents until they go down. His attacks tend to hit opponents hard enough to keep them in stunlock, allowing Marcus to follow up with another attack. However, he has fairly low health and only average stats, forcing him to rely on combos to deal any substantial damage.
    • Health - 1600
    • Guard - 5/10
    • Attack - 7/10
    • Speed - 6/10

  • XXX - Two swinging punches and a rough kick
  • X + Forward - Marcus quickly snaps his jaws
  • X + Side - A hook punch
  • X + Back - A gut punch
  • [X] - A headbutt
  • [X] + Back - A high kick
  • X in the air - A double axe-handle

  • YY - A heavy swing followed by an abrupt kick
  • Y + Forward - A knee strike
  • Y + Back - A shoulder tackle
  • [Y] - Marcus slams his elbow down on the opponent
  • Y in the air - A midair elbow strike

  • A - A rushing knife slash. Can be used in the air
  • A + Side - A sideways knife rush

    • Gimmick - Stunning Strikes: Marcus' charged attacks and Knockers will briefly put opponents in a Stunned state. When Stunned, opponents will take extra damage from attacks, helping Marcus start and continue long and damaging combos. The effect is especially strong with his Backstab special.
    • Special - Backstab: A downward knife strike. If used on a Stunned opponent or while their Guard Gauge is empty, the strike will deal extra damage. However, it's relatively weak without the extra damage, and it will leave Marcus open if he misses.
    • Tsunami - Beatdown: Stuns the opponent with a brutal punch. If it connects, he unleashes a vicious series of blows, dealing heavy damage and leaving the opponent Stunned.

    Su Lei

    Su Lei
    Art by CoolDetective123
    Su Lei is a catfish from the Asian Pacific (What East Asia has become in the Seamorph Era). She trains to master the art of Haiyang Jilu (Roughly "Way of the Sea" in Chinese), a Seamorph fighting style. She travels the world, fighting strong opponents to hone her skills... Though, she doesn't always win. Regardless, she never lets her losses get to her, keeping in mind that mistakes make you stronger, and instead continues to work her way up.

    • Playstyle - Su Lei is a balanced, versatile character who can alternate between hit-and-run, rushdown, or defensive counterattacks depending on the situation. She has an easy-to-learn moveset and ways to counter most approaches. However, she suffers from low attack damage and the shortest reach in the game, forcing her to get up close to fight effectively.
    • Health - 1800
    • Guard - 4/10
    • Attack - 5/10
    • Speed - 7/10

  • XXXX - Two punches, then two roundhouse kicks
  • Forward + X - An elbow strike
  • Side + X - A backfist
  • Back + X - An uppercut
  • [X] - Su Lei throws out a punch, sending out a mid-range ball of energy
  • X in the air - Two punches and a launching kick

  • Y - A palm strike
  • Y + Forward - An elbow smash
  • Y + Side - A roundhouse kick
  • Y + Back - A backflip kick
  • [Y] - A rising uppercut
  • Y in the air - A flip kick, knocking opponents to the ground

  • AAA - Three roundhouse kicks. Uniquely for a Charger, it takes the form of a combo move rather than a single rush

    A in the air - A diving kick

    • Special - EX-Charge: Su Lei focuses her energy. While the button is held, using any of her normal moves uses up half of her Tsunami Meter to perform a powered-up version of the button's held attack (Or combo string, in the case of her Chargers). Each of these moves can be used in the air.
      • X + ZR - A larger burst of energy that travels farther
      • Y + ZR - A spinning uppercut, charged with energy
      • A + ZR - A spinning series of kicks, moving Su Lei forward
    • Tsunami - Lilianjibo: (Rough adaptation of Lìliàng zhī bō, or "Wave of Strength") Su Lei charges up a ball of energy in her hands, then fires a beam in front of her. This beam hits multiple times and can cover the length of the entire arena, damaging all who get hit

    Big Bert

    Big Bert
    Art by CrakaboLazy4090
    A hulking green sea turtle, Big Bert is the bodyguard and right-hand man of the notorious Seamorph mafia Don Il Ragazzone. Not much is known about him; He doesn't speak beyond grunts, nor does he get as much attention as his boss. What is known is that he is fiercely loyal to his boss, and carries around a massive hammer made of coral to flatten anyone who might get in his boss' way. That's all he needs to work with, and all he needs for satisfaction.

    • Playstyle - Big Bert is the archetypal "mighty glacier" - That is, someone who sacrifices speed for strength. Big Bert can't move very fast and has the worst dodge in the game, but he also has lots of health, a sizeable Guard Gauge, and massive attack damage, plus a decent amount of range on his hammer. In general, he dominates casual play, but drops off at higher skill levels.
    • Health - 3600
    • Guard - 8/10
    • Attack - 8/10
    • Speed - 1/10

  • X - A kick
  • X + Forward - A headbutt
  • X + Side - A hook punch
  • X + Back - A quick hammer thrust
  • [X] - A haymaker
  • X in the air - An aerial stomp. Grounds opponents hit by it

  • Y - A powerful hammer slam
  • Y + Back - A wide-reaching sideways hammer swing
  • [Y] - A powerful hammer uppercut
  • Y in the air - A downward aerial swing

  • A - A charging headbutt
  • A in the air - A falling slam

  • Special - Hammerquake: Big Bert winds up and delivers a mighty slam with his hammer, creating a shockwave that knocks opponents to the ground. Holding the button increases the damage output and the size of the shockwave. Big Bert can move around while charging; Due to his already slow movement, he isn't slowed down while charging
  • Tsunami - Spinning Smash: Big Bert spins around with his hammer, becoming a whirling hurricane of blunt damage for a short amount of time. He can be moved around slightly during his wild swinging

  • Alwin

    Art by IntertidalHorizon
    A pinecone fish, Alwin is among the top-ranking commanders of the Neptune Corps, second only to the Round Table, the board of decision-makers who lead the Corps. He appears friendly and a bit silly to his allies, acting as a sort of team dad to the Neptune Corps. However, he is strong, brave, friendly, loyal, skilled... A true knight in shining armor. There's a reason he ranks so high, and if the peace is ever threatened, he'll come down there and prove it himself.

    • Playstyle - Alwin is a master of defense, being built around taking hits and retaliating. His high health and large Guard Gauge gives him unrivaled survivability, allowing him to tank hits without breaking a sweat. However, he specializes in defense specifically; His attacks are somewhat laggy and deal only average damage, and he's quite slow as well
    • Health - 4000
    • Guard - 8/10
    • Attack - 5/10
    • Speed - 2/10

  • XX - An elbow strike, a punch, and an uppercut
  • X + Forward - An uppercut
  • X + Side - A shield bash
  • X + Back - A headbutt
  • X in the air - An aerial knee strike

  • Y - Alwin strikes the ground with his shield
  • Y + Forward - An arcing downward punch
  • Y + Back - A stomp
  • [Y] - A heavy shield slam
  • [Y] + Back - Alwin flips the opponent over his head with his shield
  • Y in the air - Alwin swings his shield downward, smashing opponents he hits to the ground.

  • A - A shoulder tackle
  • [A] - A shoulder charge that travels more distance
  • A in the air - A downward slam

  • Special - Shield Charge: Alwin puts his shield in front of himself and charges forward at high speeds. While damaging, it is also slow to start and highly telegraphed, making it easy to avoid. In this state, Alwin cannot be interrupted, but his Guard Gauge takes damage when he is hit
  • Tsunami - Indestructible: Alwin supercharges his armor, making him immune to flinching, he only take half damage, and his Guard Gauge becomes unlimited. In this state, Alwin is surrounded by a blue and yellow aura. After a short amount of time, the aura wears off, and Alwin returns to normal

  • Elvira

    Art by CoolDetective123
    Elvira is an explorer of the Northern Shell - Now the Arctic - A massive sheet of ice covering the top of the planet. Inspired by tales of explorers and vikings from the Human Era - Not all of which are entirely accurate - And blessed with the ability to manipulate ice, Elvira set off at a young age and has been making great progress, even being names one of the greatest explorers of the era. Of course, nothing says she can't settle down a little while and have a good scrap.

    • Playstyle - Elvira is a tanky fighter who focuses on dishing out damage. Interestingly, while her axes allow her to attack faster than most heavyweights in the game, her movement speed is on the slow side. To make up for this, Elvira plyers must make use of her unique Freezing gimmick to slow opponents down and bolster her already impressive damage output
    • Health - 3200
    • Guard - 6/10
    • Attack - 7/10
    • Speed - 3/10

  • XXX - Two alternating inward slashes, then an outward slash with both axes
  • XX + Forward - Two upward swings
  • XX + Side - Two outward slashes
  • X + Back - A shin kick
  • [X] - A wide outward slash, infused with ice
  • XXX in the air - Two downward slashes, then a downward slam with both axes

  • YY - Two powerful swings
  • Y + Forward - A downward slash with both axes, forming an X-shape
  • YY + Side - Two wide inward slashes
  • Y + Back - A double uppercut with both axes
  • [Y] - A powerful double-axe slam, creating a burst of ice on impact
  • Y in the air - An aerial double-axe slam, spiking opponents to the ground

  • A - A charging headbutt
  • [A] - A lunging scissor cut
  • AA in the air - Elvira leaps off a platform of ice, then slams her axes into the ground

  • Gimmick - Freezing: Elvira's attacks apply the Freeze effect to opponents, slowing their movements and increasing the damage they take. The effect is determined by the Freeze Counter, which increases by percentage and scales the effect accordingly. When it hits 100%, the opponent will be frozen solid. Most of Elvira's attacks only add small increases to the counter, but her charged attacks and Special can add a lot to the counter. If you are afflicted with Freeze, moving around, dodging, and using Chargers make the Freeze Counter go down
  • Special - Frostbreath: Elvira exhales an icy wind. While it doesn't deal much damage, it rapidly increases the Freeze Counter. To balance this out, it does not make the opponent flinch, and it also leaves Elvira open to attack while she uses it
  • Tsunami - Blizzard: Elvira unleashes a raging snowstorm, covering a section of the stage and deals rapid damage and Freeze to any opponents touching it. Like Frostbreath, it does not make the opponent flinch, meaning they can just walk out of it.

  • Silent Sting

    Silent Sting
    Art by CrakaboLazy4090
    The Silent Sting is an agent of TOXIN, a secret organization of spies. They work in the shadows, investigating questionable going-ons and thwarting evil plans. Under their watchful eye, many a conspiracy has been toppled. Silent Sting is the most elite member, with a spotless track record and many years of experience under his belt. With his quick thinking, sharp aim, and unrivaled skills, if there's a plan that needs investigating, he's your guy.

    • Playstyle - Silent Sting is a mid-range zoner character, using his pistol and tentacles to keep opponents at bay. He doesn't have much health and most of his attack are fairly weak, but those attacks come out fast and act as good poking tools. His gun moves deal more damage, but they are held back by the reload gimmick, which forces him to play defensively.
    • Health - 1800
    • Guard - 6/10
    • Attack - 4/10
    • Speed - 7/10

  • XXX - A series of tentacle strikes
  • X + Forward - An elbow strike
  • X + Side - A roundhouse kick
  • X + Back - A low sweep kick
  • [X] - Silent Sting grabs his opponent and throws them to the ground. Acts as a command grab
  • X in the air - Silent Sting spins around, effectively doing a rapid series of spinning kicks with his tentacles

  • YYY - Silent Sting fires a shot from his pistol. Can be done up to three times in rapid succession, but leaves him open after it finishes
  • Y + Forward - Silent Sting fires a shot at his feet
  • Y + Side - Silent Sting fires a shot to the side
  • Y + Back - Silent Sting fires a shot upwards
  • [Y] - A more powerful shot
  • [Y] + Side - Three shots, moving from the right to the left
  • Y in the air - An aerial shot towards the ground

  • A - A cartwheel. The end can be canceled into other attacks, making it a good combo tool. Can be used in the air

  • Gimmick - Ammo: Silent Sting's Knockers require Ammo to be used, measured by a number near his HUD. He starts out with 12 Ammo; Uncharged Knockers use up one point of Ammo, while the charged Knockers use up three. His Special, Reload, is the only way to refill his Ammo
  • Special - Reload: Silent Sting reloads his pistol. By default, it fills one point of Ammo, but holding the button can increase that number up to three. However, Silent Sting is left defenseless and vulnerable while using this move.
  • Tsunami - Sharpshooter: Silent Sting coolly enters his custom flying car as it flies behind him, then draws out a sniper rifle. A reticle appears on the stage; The control sticks aim the reticle, and pressing any of the attack buttons causes him to fire a powerful, piercing bullet, dealing massive damage and breaking any Guards. Silent Sting then returns the stage.

  • Kenton

    Art by UnidentifiedFroggy
    A boxing mantis shrimp, Kenton was a rising star. Making use of his kind's natural strength, he quickly rose through the ranks, winning title after title, award after award. However, an accident left one of his powerful punching arms broken, putting a wrench in his conquest. Never one to be held down, Kenton took his injury in stride, switching to a fighting style that adapts to only one knockout punch and continuing his career. As of current, he hasn't been showing any sign of slowing down.

    • Playstyle - Kenton is a fighter built around getting in his opponent's face and whittling down their health while tanking through their hits. He's more defensive than offensive, with rather low attack power and a respectable Health Bar and Guard Gauge. In addition, his special Cross Punch allows him to counter an opponent's attacks, allowing him to reverse their offensive into his own.
    • Health - 2400
    • Guard - 8/10
    • Attack - 4/10
    • Speed - 6/10

  • X - A jab with his left claw. Can be spammed
  • X + Side - A left hook
  • X + Back - A left uppercut
  • [X] - A heavy punch
  • X in the air - A downward left punch

  • X - A straight punch with his right claw
  • X + Side - A haymaker
  • X + Back - A heavy uppercut
  • [Y] - A bolo punch
  • Y in the air - A downward right punch. Knocks opponents to the ground

  • A - A ducking headbutt. Can dodge under attacks
  • A in the air - A two-fisted diving slam

  • X + Y - Kenton performs a clinch, briefly stunning the opponent and leaving them open to attack.
  • Special - Cross Punch: Kenton throws a powerful cross with his punching club. This attack deals extra damage if the opponent is performing an attack of their own, encouraging the player to use this move as a counterattack.
  • Tsunami - Megaton Haymaker: Kenton stretches his clubbed arm, then performs a devastating bunch, dealing massive damage and releasing a shockwave that can damage nearby fighters. The screen will slow down to emphasize the impact. While it's the easiest Tsunami to miss, it's also the single most damaging Tsunami in the game.

  • Katla

    Art by SphealingBlue
    Katla is an elite fighter of the Neptune Corps. Skilled with the bow and arrow, she is a highly effective sniper, combining her precision with her natural gifts as a flying fish to weave around opponents and shoot them down from afar. In contrast to her partner, Alwin, Katla is cold and serious, scolding teammates who are goofing off and ending fights as quickly as possible. I wonder if there's a way to make her defrost...

    • Playstyle - Katla is a zoner supreme, using her bow to snipe at opponents from afar. Her glide special gives her unparalleled aerial mobility, and her speed lets her duck and dodge around foes. However, she suffers from low survivability and kill power, forcing her to keep moving all the time if she wants to come out intact.
    • Health - 1400
    • Guard - 5/10
    • Attack - 3/10
    • Speed - 7/10

  • XX - Katla stabs the opponent with an arrow
  • X + Forward - An upward sweep with the bow
  • X + Back - A crouching sweep with the bow
  • [X] - Katla strikes the opponent with her bow
  • [X] + Forward - A downward swing of the bow
  • X in the air - Katla twirls an arrow in front of herself

  • Y - Katla fires an arrow from her bow
  • Y + Forward - Katla fires an arrow at the ground in front of her
  • Y + Back - Katla fires an arrow in an upward arc
  • [Y] - A powerful, piercing arrow
  • [Y] + Forward - Katla fires three arrows in front of her, spreading out to the sides
  • [Y] + Back - Katla fires an arrow in an upward arc
  • Y in the air - Katla fires an arrow diagonally downwards

  • A - Katla dashes forward, bow outstretched. Can be used in the air
  • [A] - Katla rushes forward, swinging her bow in front of herself

  • Special - Glide: Katla rises into the air slightly and glides in the inputted direction, with forward being the default if no direction is inputted. While gliding, Katla's descent is slowed, allowing her to gain control of her air movement in ways no other fighter can. Katla can still attack in this state

    Tsunami - Arrowstorm: Katla fires a barrage of arrows into the air. The arrows will spread out and rain all over the stage in random places. The arrows are weak on their own, but so many are fired that you can still take a lot of damage if you get hit by too many of them


    Art by MetaNite64
    Oswald is a human born in the West Coast, now it's own nation in the Seamorph Era. From an early age, he was fascinated by the Seamorphs, their culture, and their history, and always desired to know more. However, the West Coast was one of the most human-centric parts of the world, and he could only go so far in there. As such, he built a specialized suit that would let him go underwater and partake in the Seven Seas Tournament, a crossroads of all sorts of different Seamorphs. Sounds like a good jumping-off point as any.

    • Playstyle - Oswald is about stage control, utilizing moves that focus on impeding the opponent's movement or setting up traps rather than dealing direct damage. Most of his stats are average, save for his sizeable Guard Gauge, and it's a bit hard to get a hang of him. However, if you can figure out how to play Oswald, you'll become the untouchable master of the stage.
    • Health - 2100
    • Guard - 8/10
    • Attack - 4/10
    • Speed - 5/10

  • XXX - Two weak punches and a knee strike
  • X + Forward - An elbow strike
  • X + Back - A crouching kick
  • X in the air - An aerial kick

  • Y - Oswald fires off a harpoon
  • Y + Forward - Oswald deploys a fishing rod, reeling in anyone he hits
  • Y + Side - Oswald swings out a fishing net, dragging in opponents caught
  • Y + Back - Oswald lets out a spray of bubbles, which float upward. Weak, but good for interrupting aerial approaches
  • Y in the air - Oswald drops a weight directly downwards

  • A - Oswald propels himself a short distance into the air with jet thrusters A + Forward - Oswald bursts forward with his jet thrusters A + Side - Oswald rushes to the side with his jet thrusters

    A + Back Oswald dashes back with his jet thrusters

    Special - Landmine: Oswald plants a landmine, which activates whenever someone steps on them. Oswald can have three mines on the field at once. These landmines give him great setup ability and stage control, making up for his middling stats. However, they take a second to explode, meaning a well-timed dodge or guard can easily counter them. After a short amount of time, the mine will explode automatically. In addition, another mine's explosion will set off a mine

    Tsunami - Mine Grid: A large grid appears around Oswald, with landmines appearing where the lines meet. Up to nine mines can be spawned, functioning identically to the Landmine special, but much more numerous. While easily avoided, if Oswald can catch an opponent in the chain reaction, he can dish out massive damage

    Old Relict

    Old Relict
    Art by SharkLord1954
    The Old Relict is, as his title suggests, a very old individual. Not much is known about his past, but he is believed to have been one of the first Seamorphs. He doesn't get involved with the world's affairs, preferring to lead a hermit's life in isolation. He doesn't have much belongings, just his walking stick and a trio of spirits that grant him their power when he needs them. The spirits are just as mysterious as he is; It's rumored they used to be friends of his, but nothing concrete has been said...

    • Playstyle - The Old Relict is a stance-swapping character, using his different spirits to change his stats and attributes depending on the situation. If need be, he can go from dishing out heavy hits to bolting around the arena. While it may seem rather complicated compared to someone who's decent all-around on their own, mastery will allow Relict players to excel in every area.
    • Health - 2400
    • Guard - 7/10 (HS), 5/10 (PF), 3/10 (HF)
    • Attack - 3/10 (HS), 7/10 (PF), 5/10 (HF)
    • Speed - 5/10 (HS), 3/10 (PF), 7/10 (HF)

  • XX - Old Relict swings his walking stick twice
  • X + Forward - Old Relict pokes his walking stick forward
  • X + Side - Old Relict swings his walking stick to the side
  • X + Back - An elbow block
  • [X] - Old Relict swings his walking stick upwards
  • X in the air - Old Relic pokes his walking stick downwards

  • Y - Old Relict raises his walking stick, summoning the spirit he has equipped
  • Y + Forward - Old Relict thrusts his walking stick forward, sending his spirit forward
  • Y + Side - Old Relict swings his spirit around himself
  • Y + Back - Old Relict points his walking stick upwards, sending his spirit upwards
  • [Y] - Old Relict summons his spirit, leaving them to linger in the spot they were summoned and deal extra damage
  • Y in the air - Old Relic sends his spirit towards the ground

  • AA - Old Relict dashes forward so fast he becomes a blur. This move sends him through opponents and is hard to interrupt, making it a good evasive move. However, it also deals low damage and has a fair bit of endlag, meaning it must be used carefully. Pressing the button again summons a spirit where Old Relict was standing.

  • Gimmick - Spirits: Old Relict has three spirits to aid him in battle; A horseshoe crab, a paddlefish, and a hagfish. Each spirit has different attributes:
    • The horseshoe crab increases defense, decreases strength, and gives his attacks super armor
    • The paddlefish increases attack, decreases speed, and gives his attacks more range
    • The hagfish increases speed, decreases defense, and adds extra hits on to his attacks
  • Special - Spirit Swap: Old Relict changes the spirit he has equipped.
  • Tsunami - Spirit Summon: Old Relict summons an apparition of the spirit he currently has equipped. This spirit will move across the stage, dealing heavy damage to all who come into contact with it.

  • Il Ragazzone

    Il Ragazzone
    Art by SharkLord1954
    Ampelio, better known as Il Ragazzone, is an infamous and powerful figure in the Seamorph Mafia. Born into the Seamorph Mafia, Ampelio worked his way up through intense training and his natural leadership skills to become the powerful mafia don he is today. Cold and efficient, Ampelio is also known for being an honorable and fair leader. In fact, rumor has it the Neptune Corps leave him be out of fear his replacement will be much less generous than he is.

    • Playstyle - Il Ragazzone is a slow heavyweight character built around tanking hits and dishing out devastating counters, using his powerful Counterattack special can crush an opponent's offensive. On the flipside, his low speed and attack forces him to rely on his counters, making it tricky to get a hang of him.
    • Health - 3600
    • Guard - 7/10
    • Attack - 4/10
    • Speed - 4/10

  • XXX - Three quick punches
  • X + Forward - A headbutt
  • X + Side - A sweeping hook
  • X + Back - An elbow strike
  • [X] - A shoulder tackle
  • X in the air - A downwards punch

  • Y - A straight punch
  • Y + Forward - A hammerfist
  • Y + Side - A swinging punch
  • Y + Back - An uppercut
  • [Y] - A two-handed hammerfist
  • Y in the air - A two-handed hammer blow, knocking opponents to the ground

  • A - A powerful shoulder charge
  • A in the air - A falling smash

  • Special - Counterattack: Il Ragazzone strikes a pose. If hit in this state, all damage taken will be negated, and he will instead perform a devastating punch.
  • Tsunami - Tommy Gun: Il Ragazzone whips out a tommy gun and starts firing bullets, shredding everyone caught in the gunfire. While devastating, one can also easily jump over it. After a short amount of time, Il Ragazzone will put the tommy gun away and resume fighting as normal.

  • Velzior

    Art by SharkLord1954
    Velzior is a mysterious figure from an isolated yet advanced civilization known as "The Deep." Living in the deepest parts of the sea, away from the surface-dwellers, The Deep works in the shadows. Velzior is their "Surface Operator;" A Seamorph assigned to observe the surface civilizations and enact The Deep's will. Regardless, he's quite cordial and polite to everyone he speaks with, and he's known Cousteau for quite a while. In fact, it's said that Cousteau is the only surface-dweller to know his true motivations...

    • Playstyle - Velzior is a tricky zoner character, working best from a distance. His scythe strikes are wide and sweeping, but are slow and laggy as well. In addition to his scythe, Velzior also has powerful magic attacks that can counter just about any approach, but leave him open after using them. Lastly, his Special unorthodox Chargers give him great defensive options, making him hard to pin down.
    • Health - 1800
    • Guard - 5/10
    • Attack - 7/10
    • Speed - 4/10

    X - Velzior holds his scythe out, then brings it back. Holding the button has him continue to hold out his scythe while moving, allowing for setups

    • XX + Forward - Two forward scythe slashes
    • X + Side - Velzior swings his scythe around himself
    • X + Back - A sweeping upward slash
    • X in the air - Velzior swings his scythe down

    Y - Velzior shoots a ball of magic fire. Holding the button allows him to generate up to four balls of magic. Can be used in the air

    • Y + Forward - A burst of magic fire
    • Y + Side - Velzior creates two orbiting balls of magic fire around himself
    • Y + Back - A pillar of magic fire

  • A - Velzior teleports a short distance in front of himself. Can be used in the air. Using this move warps him to the ground, regardless of if he's in the air or not
  • A + Side - Velzior teleports to the side. Shares the same properties as his standard Charger
  • A + Back - Velzior teleports behind himself. Shares the same properties as his standard Charger

  • Special - Reflector: Velzior conjures a mirror-like barrier. Any projectile that hits it will be reflected, and physical attacks will be negated. Releasing the button causes the barrier to shatter, dealing increasing damage to opponents based on the amount of damage the barrier has blocked. However, this drains Velzior's Guard Gauge faster than a normal guard and will not deal damage if the opponent doesn't hit it, meaning timing is crucial with this move
  • Tsunami - Maw of the Deep: Velzior opens up a black whirlpool on the stage. Massive tentacles then reach out of the stage, lashing out at nearby opponents and dealing massive damage. After a short amount of time, the whirlpool closes and the tentacles retreat, and the battle returns to normal

  • The Eruption

    The Eruption
    Art by SharkLord1954
    Real name Jose Amaro Zavala, The Eruption is a famous and accomplished professional wrestler. Born to a rich family of Seamorphs, he trained his hardest to join the wrestlers he had always admired. Now, he is known not only for his strength and skill in the ring, but also his generosity outside of it, regularly donating to charity funds and scientific expeditions. Always jovial and ready for a good fight, The Eruption was, in fact, the one set up the Seven Seas tournament in the first place.

    • Playstyle - The Eruption is the local grappler character. He's slow, short-ranged, and hits like a truck. While he has a couple good combo tools and approach options, his main focus is getting in close and getting the opponent in one of his throws. Combined with his Taunt Special, and he becomes a high risk, high reward fighter.
    • Health - 2800
    • Guard - 4/10
    • Attack - 10/10
    • Speed - 2/10

    X - A chop

    • X + Forward - A palm strike
    • X + Side - A lariat
    • X + Back - A shoulder block
    • [X] - A double axe handle
    • X in the air - A splash

    Y - A chokeslam

    • Y + Forward - A running cutter
    • Y + Side - A giant swing
    • Y + Back - A German suplex
    • [Y] - A backbreaker drop
    • Y in the air - A piledriver

  • A - A dropkick
  • A in the air - A diving cross chop

  • Special - Taunt: The Eruption taunts the opponent, increasing his already massive attack at the cost of decreasing his defense and Guard Gauge. This effect can stack up to three times, with the third and final taunt removing his ability to block entirely. Notably, The Eruption has unique lines for every character
  • Tsunami - Ultra Volcano Bomber: The Eruption grabs the opponent and throws them into the air, triggering a cutscene where he leaps after them and propels them further into the air with a flurry of blows, ending with him grabbing the opponent and piledriving them into the ground, creating a fiery explosion.

  • Stages

    Harbor Wave, like any fighting game worth it's money, has a wide variety of stages. Some stages are merely there to look cool, while others have unique gimmicks and hazards to shake things up and add tension to the match.

    Name Description
    Sea Arena The glamorous venue of the grand tournament, where all the fighters gather for regular duels. Located deep within space, the Grand Stadium features a large battlefield at its center, with spectator stands located all around it. The glass dome ceiling provides a picturesque view of outer space.
    The Cretalamna Cousteau’s pirate ship. An oblong arena with the mast in the center, the ship’s crew watches from the higher parts of the ship. Occasionally, they’ll fire a volley of cannonballs into the ring to spice things up a little.

    Home stage of Captain Cousteau

    Neptune Academy Court The training grounds of the prestigious Neptune Academy, where young recruits train to join the Neptune Corps, peacekeepers of the globe. A large square with various pieces of training equipment, this stage is the ideal place for practice

    Home stage of Kelpena and Alwin

    Coral Town Demolition A coral reef that has grown above the sea level and developed into a bountiful Seamorph town. Among the biggest stages in the game, here you can fight along the streets and crash through houses (Don’t worry, this section was set for demolition anyways)!

    Home stage of Kenton and Big Bert

    Oil Rig You get what you see; An oil rig. Fighting atop a decently-sized platform, the oil rig is littered with various bits of machinery, canisters of oil, and flowing tubes. One punch is enough to set it all up in flames. Makes you wonder why people still use crude oil this far in the future...
    The Northern Shell Formerly the arctic, the Northern Shell is a massive, untamed sheet of ice situated on the top of the world. The stage starts out as a large and barren ice sheet, but as the fight goes on it starts to crack, opening up holes in the stage.

    Home stage of Elvira

    Fossilized Forest A forest of fossilized but somehow still living kelp, home to many ancient and bizarre life forms. While this space has been set up with repellents, they can still be seen lurking in the background. You must weave your way through the kelp to fight; They’re much too thick to cut down.

    Home stage of The Old Relict

    Torpedo Train A high-tech combination of train, boat, and submarine, the torpedo train is the transportation form of the Seamorph Era. While fighting, you can knock each other across the units, each with their own items and payloads to mess around with!
    Deepsea Observatory A mysterious, mystical dome, with various high-tech contraptions hanging from walls that mimic the night sky. The stage has varying gravity levels, from floating zero-G to so heavy you can’t even jump. Gravity vortexes that drag you towards them are fairly common as well

    Home stage of Velzior

    Dragon River A long, branching river that goes through what China has become in the Seamorph Era, named after the massive serpent that carved it out. The fight is on a raft floating down the widest section of the river, but you’d be forgiven for stopping just to look at the architecture and wilderness.

    Home stage of Su Lei

    New LA A futuristic human city, and the largest predominantly-human city in the Seamorph Era. Technology has advanced quite a bit, and you can see sleek, shiny buildings, glowing lines, and even some flying cars (VERY expensive ones, mind you). The stage itself takes place on the peak of a towering skyscraper, allowing you to look out at the entire city.

    Home stage of Oswald

    El Grande's A popular and successful restaurant, esteemed in the Seamorph World. This branch is closed, so you can wreck as much as you’d like, knocking over tables and smashing around the kitchen. However, little does anyone know, the restaurant's owner Ampelio is actually the infamous mafia boss Il Ragazzone…

    Home stage of Il Ragazzone and Silent Sting

    Mount Explosion An active volcano, given an… Accurate name by the Eruption himself. Things start heating up here, with lava spouts and falling rocks bombarding the crumbling stage. This stage is sure to keep you on your toes

    Home stage of The Eruption

    Rising Tide The arena of the final battle, the Rising Tide is a simple, circular platform with walls on the sides, held in the air by a large pillar of water. There are no tricks or gimmicks here, just pure skill. May the best Seamorph win.


    • The game's title is derived from the English translation of tsunami, which is a Japanese word.
    • Harbor Wave is an art collab, as a result of people offering to help SharkLord out with his drawing issues. As a result, the page now has a unique blend of art styles and designs.
    • Harbor Wave is Isurus' first original IP.
    • Harbor Wave was originally going to have items. SharkLord didn't have any ideas for how they would work and found it to be a rather underdeveloped idea, and so it was scrapped.
    • Numerous fighter ideas were left on the cutting board, including:
      • Crocodile hunter. Cousteau's rival, traveled the world fighting various wildlife. Was going to use a whip, then a shotgun
      • Arctic tern. Would introduce the seabird Seamorphs, which like in high-tech flying cities. Fought with a spear
      • Ghost wobbegong shark. Wore a torn cloak, carried around an axe
      • Eel assassin. New to her guild, was kinda hesitant about her job. Rival to Kelpena, used knives
      • Chimaera samurai. Immortal(?), walked the earth. Has a katana (Or three)
      • A team of Seamorphs that just became big and intelligent, but not anthropomorphic. I could not decide on the exact team combination at all
      • Chef grouper. Would've tossed a bunch of stuff into a pot and saw what happened. Later relegated to a side character in the lore, with his diner being a neutral zone where nobody could fight
      • Ninja oarfish and glaucus assassin, later merged and became the eel assassin
      • Someone who built a mech to fight; Planned ideas were a lanternfish, a sea otter, and a torpedo ray