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The Hamstedamers are a species who reside in the Orange Kingdom. both of wich made their debut in Super Luigi Odyssey

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Hamsterdamers have orange fur with pink claws and a pink nose. they also have big orange ears along with a big,fluffy blob for a tail and some squinty eyes. thanks to their fur,they can walk through the cold of the Orange Kingdom without much trouble.

Game Appearances

Super Luigi Odyssey

They,along with the Orange Kingdom,made their first appearance in Super Luigi Odyssey. When Luigi first arrives at the hometown of hamsterdam,they're under attack by a group of Howling Chomps and Luigi must defeat the chomps in order to save their home. After the Howling Chomps are defeated,Luigi and Helmer can take part in the Ice Football minigame by Capturing one of the Hamsterdammers.



  • Both their Home and their name is a combination of 'hamster' and 'Amsterdam'. As Amsterdam is the place the Orange Kingdom is based off of.
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