Developer(s) Hammy Games. Inc
Console Type Home Console
Backward Compatibility Previous Hammy Games consoles
The Hammicube is a 9th generation console produced and manufactored by Hammy Games Inc.  It succeeds Nintendo StarGame and is to rival other systems, like the PS5 and the XBOX 1020.  

It is unique as to play a game, you need to scan a tiny card with the Hammiscanner and then insert the data inside a little box on the side of the console which picks up the data and saves it to the console.  Each card holds three scannable parts unless said otherwise.  It has leaderboards in achievements, not very seen in other Nintendo consoles.  It also supports movies which can be downloaded via the Hammistic Network.

The system is portable as well but it runs on a twenty-four hour battery before it dies out.  It is therefore meant to be played in the house connected to the wall.

The controller is shaped like the N64 controller but has Wii U buttons.  The controller is usually yellow although it can come in other colors.


The console was first announced at E3 2018 when the Wii U was near ready to retire.  Games revealed included new Mewshi games and the Bowie series was announced to become one of the system's mascots, after a deal was made with Teddy Bear Enterprises.  The system was released in late 2019, four months before the Wii U went dead.  A prize given to its early buyers was a copy of AsheQuest, a spin-off of BowieQuest, and a new Mewshi game.  You also had free access to everything for a week before the system put everything on prices.  Those who joined early had unlimited access to the Internet however.


Every game is published by Nintendo while Hammy Games Inc. create the games.

Game Title Boxart Release Status
Mario Kart Hammicube -  ?/??/2017
AsheQuest -  ?/??/2017
Not Started
PokéPark 3: Double Trouble Pokepark3cover ?/??/2017
Nexus Nebula - ?/??/2017
Not Started
Celestial - ?/??/2017
Paper Mario: Shards of Hope - ?/??/2017
A Nutty Adventure: Trick Card - ?/??/2017
Kirby and the Light Shards - 5/??/2017


Name Function Image
Game Channel Here, you are asked to scan a game into the system.  Once a game is successfully scanned, it will pop up as an icon in the games area.  The system can hold one hundred and twenty games at once.  If you buy a small extension the limit can be 150.
Miiverse Works identically to the Wii U's Miiverse, but there will be more functions.
Hammistic Network Here you can view the Internet (you can customize how that works), and you are protected by the HammiProtectionSystem, which stops viruses and trojan horses.  All your windows will close upon contact with a bad site.
Movie Theater Here you must scan a movie into the system, then you can watch it.  You can hold up to 300 movies at once and 360 with the extension.
Hammishop Here you can buy old retro games for the system.  The games are from the NES, SNES, N64, Game Boy, Color, and Advance, as well as Genesis and Saturn.
Nintendo Carnival Here you can communicate with many friends and go on games which involve you!  Examples include roller coasters which you can hopefully feel and popping balloons.
Facebook Here you can use Facebook.  Simple as that.
YouTube Here you can watch YouTube!  If you log in you'll be given a piece of ham symbol next to your name to identify yourself as a Hammicube user.
Netflix Here you can watch TV shows, new and old, for a small price.  After the fee you may watch many television shows!


  • The console has backwards compatibility with the Wii U, Wii, Gamecube, and every Hammy console to date.
  • The system uses cards, which are scanned into the system to be played if they are games or watched if they are movies.



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