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SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Hammer

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Some applications of the Hammer across Nintendo.
Item Type Battering
Kind of Item A tool.
First Appearance SSB Donkey Kong Series.png Donkey Kong, arcade, 1981
Latest Appearance SSB Kirby Series.png Kirby Fighters 2, Switch, 2020
Inflicts massive damage on enemies.
Golden Hammer

A Hammer is a somewhat-common item seen in multiple Nintendo franchises.

Debuting in Donkey Kong (and arguably the first power-up ever seen in the DK/Mario franchises as well as the entirety of Nintendo canon), it is commonly seen in Mario platformers being thrown by Hammer Bros. In almost every Mario RPG, Mario uses a hammer as his own weapon, while the Smash Bros. games feature the Hammer as an item and a throwback to the Donkey Kong incarnation. Super Mario Bros. 3 also featured a Hammer Suit, which allowed Mario to throw hammers.

Link, King Dedede, Kirby (via Copying Dedede or a Bonkers), and Pit have also used Hammers in their own franchises.

Fanon appearances

Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

A hammer appears in the Special Moves; Hammer Shot, Hammer Jump Dunk, Jumping Hammer Dunk, and Crafting Mushroom Dunk. In Hammer Shot Baby Mario pulls out a hammer and hits the ball with it towards the goal. In Hammer Jump Dunk Baby Mario spins and hits the ball with a hammer Baby Luigi super jumps then kicks the ball in. In Jumping Hammer dunk Baby Luigi hits the ball after super jumping Baby Mario then jumps pulls out a hammer does a flip and slams the hammer down on the ball dunking it. In Crafting Mushroom Dunk Toadette crafts a hammer and hits the ball with it then Toad jumps after it eats a mushroom turning big then butt slams dunking the ball.

Super Smash Bros. (arcade)

A Hammer is a battering item in Super Smash Bros. for the arcade. When a player grabs it, it will continuously swing the hammer for 10 seconds. It causes great damage to opponents with significant knockback and launch rate, but sometimes the head will wear off, causing its bearer to helplessly swing just the mallet. The worn-off head of the hammer can act as a throwing item and slip through nearby opponents, causing great damage.

St. Clair Publications

  • Because Donkey Kong 64 DS features a remake of the original Donkey Kong game, the Hammer appears in that game serving its original function.
  • A Hammer is an item in Super Smash Stadium, debuting alongside Kongo Jungle and acting as it does in canon Smash Bros. games. Kirby and King Dedede use Hammers as part of some of their attacks. When Pit picks up the Hammer or Golden Hammer, he uses a two-frame animation similar to his use of Hammers in the original Kid Icarus game. This animation extends to Dark Pit even though he wasn't in that game.
  • In Paper Mario: The Temple of Time, Mario uses his Hammer as he was able to in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, starting as if he had the Ultra Hammer from that game. Two further upgrades in the game include the Hyper Hammer, which allows him to bounce his Hammer off walls and ceilings to hit blocks in the air (and renders the Hammer Throw Badge useless), and the Ultimate Hammer, which allows him to break Metal Blocks.