A Hammer is a common item from the Super Mario series. It is commonly thrown or used by either Mario or Hammer Bros.


Mario Hoops 3-On-3 Switch

A hammer appears in the Special Moves; Hammer Shot, Hammer Jump Dunk, Jumping Hammer Dunk, and Crafting Mushroom Dunk. In Hammer Shot Baby Mario pulls out a hammer and hits the ball with it towards the goal. In Hammer Jump Dunk Baby Mario spins and hits the ball with a hammer Baby Luigi super jumps then kicks the ball in. In Jumping Hammer dunk Baby Luigi hits the ball after super jumping Baby Mario then jumps pulls out a hammer does a flip and slams the hammer down on the ball dunking it. In Crafting Mushroom Dunk Toadette crafts a hammer and hits the ball with it then Toad jumps after it eats a mushroom turning big then butt slams dunking the ball.


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