Hinata von Brandt Female
140 lbs
>3000 years old Draconian
FULL NAME Hinata von Brandt
POWERS Pyromancy
BIRTHDAY January 31st
ALIGNMENT The Descendants
OCCUPATION(S) Owner of the Dragonhorde Bar

Konrad von Brandt (father)
Reinhild Zdravka (mother)

BIRTH LOCATION Bertuch, Draconia
CURRENT LOCATION Stuttgart, Germany

Cheap thrills, violence, drinks


Corrupt people, people who bother her


Hinata von Brandt (commonly referred as Hama, her royal title as the princess of Draconia, meaning "lady of royal blood") is one of the starting playable characters for the fighting game Eternika. Canonically the oldest playable character, as it is rumored that she has been alive for centuries, although the details of her actual age are unknown, due to the records of the kingdom she once lived in being non-existant and herself not really caring much about it. She is, according to her, the last of her race, the Draconians, a species of dragon-like creatures with the ability to shapeshift.

Brash and sarcastic, Hinata is not a very kind person, at least when first met. Her long lifespan has made her distance herself to building up relationships with others, preferring to live alone and away from others. As her father was involved in the Great Battle against the Demon Beast Viubhal, Hinata holds the Royal Family Crest of Courage, dedicated by the gods to her lineage as a reward for her father's achievements in the event.

However, with the resurgence of the beast in the present day, she was one of the targets of the beast's wrath, which led to her and others be trapped in a dimension within the Beast, unable to do much to stop them outside, trapped in a reality which shapes around her fears and worries. Should she overcome these, she proves her worth to the gods as a true heroine of her own and escapes that reality and becomes part of the New Heroes that fought against Viubhal to save the world.


Hinata is the single daughter of the last Draconian royal couple - Konrad and Reinhild. Her original name was "Hama", but she picked up the name Hinata from her mentor during the time she spent in exile in Japan - Hinata Hoshi. As a child and later teenager, Hinata lived a quiet life full of pleasantry but she never wanted to be the next in the royal family and always rejected the notion of being queen. When she was a young adult, Konrad presented Hinata with a handpicked suitor to be the next in the line for the throne, but she just laughed at her father's notion that she would marry a somebody and rudely flipped the suitor off. Hinata spent more time as an adult training alongside the members of the Draconian militia.

One day, she overheard her parents talking about the line of succession and how they would have to force Hinata to marry to ensure political peace with a neighbor kingdom. Pissed off, Hinata ran for the hills, as she didn't wanted to do something out of her control. She went missing for a while, choosing to explore the outreaches of the Kingdom before coming back to nighttime. Unbeknowst to Hinata, this would the be last time she would see her parents and her people alive, as the events of the Clepysdrian - Draconian war happened, killing hundreds of Draconians and leaving Hinata as the solely living member of her own species.

Wanderless and confused, Hinata was unsure on what to do with her life. She began living in the wild, travelling from place to place in hiding from humans that inhabited the other populated lands. This process went on for a while, until she found herself in Japan, arriving it in the peak of the Meiji era. She was found out by man known as Hinata Hoshi, who was a ronin who lived in the forest. Hoshi would tell Hinata about the Samurais and trained her to fend off against anyone that could hurt her. Hoshi was a man of many enemies and he utilized of Hinata's naivete to use her as an assassin of his enemies, claiming it was training for her.

In the 21st century, Hinata is a living myth. After Hoshi's death from old age, she wandered back to where her kingdom used to be and started a reign of terror in Europe, as people became afraid of the mysterious humanbeast that lived in the wilderness, which became popular myth around the city and later the nation. She settled in the woods of Stuttgart, where once her kingdom thrived. This is where she starts off during the events of Eternika, as a seemingly immortal assasin hiding out in the wild, waiting for her next contract.


Hinata, at first, was a very eccentric girl. But growing up in an envoirment to become something that she didn't wanted her to be a part of made her grow up angry at the world around her. She began from being compassionate to being rude to others if things didn't went her way. Impatient and rude are the words to describe Hinata's personality before the events that led to the apparent death of her species. But, after that event, Hinata became guilt-ridden and depressed before learning a new way of life with Hinata Hoshi.

After Hoshi's teachings, Hinata become more composed and more of an actress. She learned with Hoshi to become more patient and more observative of not only her surroundings but the people around her. As she lived with Hoshi, she never had the chance to socialize with others and after Hoshi's death, never made much effort to be friends with others. She became a very reclusive person after leaving behind the life she lived with her mentor.

Modern day Hinata is a more confident person but more reclusive than ever. Her past as a trainee of a legendary samurai made her more cocky and sarcastic against those that tried and failed to stop her goals. She refuses any human contact unless it is to for her own sake or pleasure. She will rudely tell people off at best, at worst, they would go off without a limb. But deep down, Hinata is suffering from the lack of movement in her life - even after centuries she is still doing the same job she did and it doesn't looks like things are changing any time soon.

This revelation is what makes Hinata to be more open to a relation such as when she starts becoming closer to Lynna during the events of Eternika (which is also thanks to Lynna's effort to know more about Hinata). Still, Hinata is a cocky fighter who doesn't stands anything going wrong on her way and will make sure things are just as planned for her.

Game Appearances


Hinata is one of the starter playable characters in Eternika. Her playstyle is defined as "Swift Assassin". True to her playstyle's name, Hinata is a fast and powerful fighter, taking full advantage of both of these aspects is the key to utilize her abilities at it's best. She has a decent variety of stun moves, which can be followed up with several fast hitting moves for maximum effect, her air-game is one of the best in the game, being both able to use it to continue combos or as a defensive manuever to dodge a possible comeback or counter from the opponent.

While her offensive game is on point, the area where she truly is lacking. While she can dish out damage, she isn't very good at taking it, as she is one of the most fragile characters in the game. While some of her stuns can be utilized as defensive options, she doesn't have much in defensive moves. Should a character be able to break out of her combo, she can easily lose all momentum she had all match.

She is a character that can easily win matches in a flash, but should the match be against a character who can escape or set up a counter reliably, she is basically dead on arrival, not that is impossible to win after it but difficult to do so.

Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil

Hinata appears as an unlockable character in Fantendo Smash Bros. Nil, using some of her moves from Eternika in her attack and special moves.

Incarnations: Umbral Endeavor

Hinata is one of the game's default characters. Her theme is ANTIHERO by Japanese singer LISA. Her playstyle is inspired by Incineroar's playstyle from Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, while also utilizing variations of the moves she utilized in Eternika. She is one of the few fighters that can perform multiple jumps, with the only other character able to do so on the default roster being Krillin.


  • Fireproof: Hinata is unaffected by fire, be her own fire or anyone else's fire. She can safely pick up fire if she wants to.
  • Pyrogenesis: Hinata is able to generate fire, thanks to her Draconian organs, which allows the fire to be generated from within the body and released through the mouth. Hinata can use this ability to either attack the opponent from a close range with a fiery breathe or create a fire ball. Hinata's mastery of Pyrogenesis is limited and as such, she can only generate one fire at once.
  • Pyromancy: The fire generated by Hinata can be manipulated by her, if the fire is located within a short range of her. She can manipulate the fire to take upon any shape that she wants and perform a single action, such as an combustion. Her two most notable uses of this ability are:
    • Fire Spear: Hinata changes the shape of the fireball she released into that of a spear. Hinata either utilizes this as a temporary weapon or as a projectile that vanishes once it comes out of Hinata's range.
    • Fire Grenades: Hinata separates her fireball into smaller ones and makes them combust at her own will. The series of explosions cause major damage to her opponents.
  • Partial Morphing: Hinata is able to morph parts of her body to be those of her Draconic form for a short time. This allows her to hit the opponent with strong attacks without fully morphing.
  • Full Morph: Hinata changes into her Draconic form, in which she transforms into an Western Dragon. Under this form, she loses some of her mobility of her human form but she gains a bigger firepower and incredible strength. Under this form, however, Hinata is more suspectiable to damage, as she is a big target while on this form.
  • Ignition: Hinata can "ignite" the fire of certain weapons that are blessed with the Draconian royal blood. As a member of the bloodline, she is able to pick up and ignite the flames of those weapons. So far, only one weapon of hers can be ignited - the Magma Boomerang, a rudimentary weapon that Hinata made when she was young that she accidentally spilled her own's blood on.
  • Polyglot: Hinata is capable of speakin English, German, Japanese and her own native Draconian language. She often uses the latter when talking to herself or to make sure no one else understands her.


Draconic Hinata


As with other Draconians, Hinata can switch herself to a form similar to that of a dragon. Unlike the common depiction of a dragon, Hinata's Draconic form is actually a leaner creature that assumes a humanoid stance. Her wings also double as her arms, like a bird. Hinata's royal armor is fit to adapt her draconic form and it fits her switching body. Hinata can either fully transform into this form or partially transform parts of her body into her draconic body parts. However, a drawback of partial transformation is that she will be unable to perform an action that takes longer than 1 minute before the body returns back to normal.

Hinata's Draconic skin is harder than her normal skin and takes the appearance of a steel armor that covers her entire body. As such, her skin is impenetrable. Hinata's voice is changed to be deeper and lower pitched than her normal voice. When she speaks, her normal voice is echoed alongside her Draconic voice.

Hyper Mode Hinata


Hyper Mode Hinata is set to be introduced in a yet unannounced installment of the Eternika series, unknown to be expansion pack or sequel. Like with other Hyper Mode users, Hinata unlocks her Hyper Form from the Hyper Form Orbs, which makes an appearance in the Earth of Eternika through yet unknown methods. When used, the color of her hair, armor, wings and fire shift from red to blue, which increases the heat of her flames.

She also gains a scaly skin, a Draconian tail and a Draconian helmet, which increases her defense prowness, allowing her to sustain more damage without flinching. She also gains the Unchained Blades, twin blades which shifts her moveset from a mixture of physical and projectile combat to weapon-based combat. Her Draconian form, besides the color change and the increase firepower, is unchanged on physical appearance.

Hinata's alternate universe version, Feuer von Brandt also has a Hyper Form, as per the rules of the Hyper Form Orbs, alternate versions of the same character can also unlock their Hyper Form, but Feuer's Hyper Form is yet to be seen.


Old design

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