Half-Life 2: Frozen End
Developer(s) Dark Flame Studios 5
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) PC, PS4, Xbox One, Visus Sphere
Age Rating(s)
OFLC M rating
Genre(s) FPS, Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Series Half-Life
Predecessor Half-Life 2 Episode 2

Half-Life 2: Frozen End is the fifth main installment in the Half-Life Franchise after its predecessors; Half-Life, Half-Life 2, Half-Life 2 Episode 1 & Half-Life 2 Episode 2. It continues where Half-Life 2 Episode 2 left off and once again sees the Black Mesa Scientist, Gordon Freeman stopping the Combine from their invasion of Earth. The game sees the return of Judith & Barney; the prior previously assumed dead and the latter strangely missing from Episode 2.


Chapter 1: Skies of Hell

The First Chapter “Skies of Hell” takes place mostly in White Forest where Gordon and Alyx head towards the location of the Borealis after the encounter with the Advisors who have alerted the combine to the base and are attacking. Gordon and Alyx watch as the Vortigaunts and scientists are massacred by Striders, Hunters and Overwatch, only Kleiner, Alyx, Gordon, 5 Vortigaunts and Magnusson were able to escape due to the size of the helicopter. However this was at the cost of removing the gun on the side for more space. The level plays out with Kleiner and Alyx in the cockpit warning Gordon (who was only able to bring the Gravity Gun, 9mm Pistol and Crowbar with him) of incoming enemies to which Gordon would either shoot the Combine Pilot of the vehicle or due to a charging from to the Gravity Gun by the Vortigaunts rips of the shell of a Strider. Though Hunters and Overwatch appear in this level they cannot be killed, only Striders and Helicopters can. The group head out of white forest into a cold region and the final glimpse of the White Forest Base is off Dog riding away with an armful of scientists and rebels on a Dropship. The group land due to the danger of the cold weather on the helicopter and press forward into a cavern.

Weapons Obtained: Crowbar, 9mm Pistol & Gravity Gun

Main Enemies: Hunter Chopper, Striders

New (First appearance in Game) Characters: Alyx, Magnusson, Vortigaunts, Dog, Kleiner Chapter 2: Quaking Feeling

Chapter 2: Quaking Feeling

During the chapter “Quaking Feeling” the group lead by Gordon and Alyx take Eli to what the Vortigaunts believe is the most respectable location to be buried, at the heart of the Antlion nest. However with The Combine hot on their tails the group encounter various Overwatch and Hunters however make it through alive, coming upon a hole in the path which they pass however Kleiner believes the hole is not of Antlion origin. Alyx confused looks down and agrees that the acid spitting workers wouldn’t make such a poor quality hole. The group continue on later hearing a drilling sound, Magnusson is concerned they are being followed and demands the Vortigaunts to check the area for any activity, to everyone’s surprise a Combine Synth called a Burrower appears and attacks killing one of the Vortigaunts and nearly kills Alyx however Kleiner steps in with a fist of courage and punches the synth in the back causing it to screech out in pain causing a cave-in. Gordon, Alyx and Magnusson are separated from Kleiner and the Vortigaunts after the Burrower is buried by the boulders. Kleiner tells Gordon to guide Alyx and Magnusson to find a way around, this leads the trio into the chapter “Golden Power”.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Antlions

Chapter 3: Golden Power

Magnusson reminds Gordon that the Borealis could be overrun by Combine already and that this burial is unnecessary to which Alyx snaps at Magnusson yelling at him for being so arrogant and rude to which Magnusson shuts up for a large amount of the chapter. The player finds an abandoned Mine Shaft in this area which allows Gordon to obtain the SMG and later on the Grenades. This is also the area where Gordon first meets the Antlion Pupa. After re-activating an elevator the trio head downwards to where they see a massive chasm with a Golden light shining below, it is at this time they re-group with the Vortigaunts and Kleiner who explain that there are Guardians after the group now due to their attacks on the Pupa. The group continue on until they reach a bridge which Gordon heads across however about ¼ of the way along a Guardian appears at the other end, however right before Gordon is run over a bomb goes off destroying the middle third of the bridge leading the guardian to its death. The group look around and see Barney on a platform above who greets them and gives Gordon a weapon the miners in the cave had been using prior which he had since been using to fend off the Antlion Guardians, the Sticky Bomb Launcher. With this Gordon and the group head around the chasm using the new Sticky Bomb Launcher to clear up the cavern which Barney warns Alyx and Gordon of the likelihood of Burrowers attacking at any time. During these tunnel travels the player uses the Sticky Bombs multiple times on ceilings and bridges to kill or fend off Antlion Guards and Guardians as well as clear Antlion husks. Eventually the group get to the source of the Golden glow, the queen’s lair who lets out a bellowing screech to summon Antlions. Gordon then turns around to see Antlion Workers sealing the cavern he came from trapping the others in there. Gordon must then run around the large arena like area until he reaches a temporary outpost Barney built which contains the RPG in it. During the battle Alyx and Barney appear from several ledges to provide Gordon with more ammo for the RPG when he is far from the infinite ammo crates. During the battle Gordon must use at least 16 rockets for the Queen as well as more for the attacking guards. The Queen eventually collapses and Barney makes an opening in the wall to get in. The four Vortigaunts thank Gordon since the queen provides nectar capable of unknown power. They extract it and give it to Gordon saying that it will provide him with extra power when the time comes. They then find the giant crystal the Queen had attached to its back and rip a few chunks off. They bury Eli and the Vortigaunt and say a small Vortigaunt prayer. The Vortigaunts attempt to comfort Alyx by explaining that the earth is cold enough that his body will be preserved. The group then are led by Barney to an exit on a Northern cliff face where he points them towards where Judith’s co-ordinates were. Barney then says that he will see them again and heads back into the caves. Gordon hears him shooting his SMG and yelling at some Antlions before he hears an Antlion Guardian and runs off.

Weapons Obtained: MP7, Grenades, Sticky Bomb Launcher, RPG

Main Enemies: Antlions

Boss: Antlion Queen

New Characters: Barney

Chapter 4: Wasteland's Bones

In the chapter “The Wasteland’s Bones” Gordon and the group reach the other side saying there farewells to Barney before heading down the mountain. This proves more dangerous than anticipated as several Burrowers attack causing multiple Detours, about half of the way down the burrowers creating these problems appeared and cut off both the path ahead and behind the group and attempted to attack them however with the use of the rocks that had been broken off Gordon used the Gravity Gun to kill the Burrowers. Eventually after making it to the bottom of the Mountain, Magnusson asks what they expect to find out in the frozen wasteland. Alyx explains that before leaving White Forest they’d picked up a transmission from a base out in the wasteland which was supposedly attacked and by accessing the base they could reach communications with the other rebels. The group go through the large wasteland which is covered in the bones of large sea creatures most likely Whales. They also trek through a couple of caves where they encounter Antlions. As they reach a peak to a hill they see the base in a bad condition with nearly half of it covered by snow. Alyx also notes that there are several parts of the ceiling to the base which have been forcibly destroyed indicating Combine activity. As the group get closer they begin encountering Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies, Fast Headcrabs and Fast Headcrab Zombies which Alyx is concerned due to the likelihood of the Base being shelled.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Burrowers, Antlions, Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies

Chapter 5: The Crushing Chill

Eventually the reach the base’s entrance and the chapter “The Crushing Chill” begins. Upon entering the first building around the base, the entrance tower the group are attacked by an onslaught of Headcrab Zombies and Headcrabs and eventually reach a shell which was protected by several Toxic Headcrab Zombies. After clearing out the building they open up the gate to the main area and find that the power has been cut off by a shell and they have to redirect power by the auxiliary generator. Magnusson, Kleiner and the Vortigaunts stay in the communications room while Gordon and Alyx investigate the Power Station. Upon entering they encounter several rooms with cells holding back various zombies and ammunition. Upon reaching the main generator Alyx and Gordon encounter a mutation on the regular Headcrab due to the cold climate, the Frost Headcrab which attempts to take over Alyx by spitting the Icy Acid which Gordon cannot break with any weapons however appearing from the room above Judith brings a flamethrower and scares off the Frost Headcrab and frees Alyx. Judith apologizes to Alyx for betraying her back at City 17 which Alyx has by now forgiven her; however Judith asks where Eli is to which Alyx explains that Advisors killed him. Judith responds by explaining that after the initial attack from the Combine they left and shelled the base in an attempt to kill off the last of her team and that she was the only one to survive. The trio continue walking towards the Auxiliary Power Supply while various headcrabs and zombies attack them while Judith explains that the Frost Headcrabs were Headcrabs which got trapped in the power reactor which was using Ice as an energy supply, also Gordon will find the .357 Magnum near the corpse of a rebel. After reaching the Auxiliary Power Supply they find a dead scientist who also had a Flamethrower which Gordon takes to help Judith melt down the ice fragments on the generator. After doing this the power turns back on and Judith guides Alyx and Gordon back up to the Communications Tower where Magnusson scorns Judith for betraying them to which Alyx argues back explaining that Judith saved her and Gordon from the Frost Headcrabs. With the power on Magnusson attempts to receive a signal from all the rebel bases, out of them only 4 out of the 10 respond (Working: Desert Base, Jungle Base, Volcanic Base and Mountain Base Unresponsive: White Forest, City 17, Black Mesa East, Victory Mine, Borealis and an unnamed Base). Magnusson explains to the responsive four that he will remain at the Arctic Base while Gordon, Alyx and Judith head to the Borealis encampment to attempt to regain control of it. The Desert and Volcanic Bases explain that they haven’t had any combine activity anywhere near them and that all their outposts are fine while the Jungle Base says that it has been having trouble with Ichthyosaurs in the rivers and the Mountain Base says that it has had a few Combine encounters however has been on top of them all. Magnusson then opens several doors in the base and the Vortigaunts go into one room finding several Flamethrowers and explain that they will go clear out the rest of the base while Kleiner and Magnusson attempt to return power to the rest of the base, after this several previously inaccessible areas of the bunker are unlocked allowing Gordon, Alyx & Judith to find a garage in the bunker containing the Snow Truck, a new Land Vehicle in the game. Upon opening the blast doors to the outside tundra; Gordon, Alyx & Judith head towards the Borealis in the Snow Truck.

Weapons Obtained: .357 Magnum, Flamethrower

Main Enemies: Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies

Boss: Frost Headcrab

New Characters: Judith

Vehicle: Snow Truck

Chapter 6: Night Fighter

The next chapter “Night Fighter” starts when the trio reach the encampment, to which Alyx sees that there are many combine in the area. The group reach the entrance of the base without being detected and enter killing off most of the Combine Soldiers and Hunters however a small squad of them escape across the fissure. The group cannot find a way across due to the bridge the Combine used to get across being destroyed. They work their way down finding the Shotgun in a small section infested with Headcrabs and Zombies of all four varieties. They reach the bottom of the building and find that they set off a trap which blocks them from further access and are attacked by Zombies as well as the Gonomes making their re-appearance from Half-Life: Opposing Force. After defeating the ambush Alyx works her way up one of the walls to the control room and de-activates the field. Upon getting out they find a small boat which the Combine attacks from however Gordon quickly dispatches them with the grenades. After doing this they get on the boat and Gordon finds the Crossbow and Alyx starts up the boat which Judith explains that they can use it to find the port on the other side of the river, starting the chapter “Mr River”. 

Weapons Obtained: Shotgun

Main Enemies: Combine Soldiers, Hunters, Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies, Gonomes

Chapter 7: Mr River

Along the way they hear a roar and look behind them and see a giant Combine Synth called Serpentine. Gordon must use the Crossbow and the crate of Crossbow bolts to shoot the Serpentine in its 12 eyes before it can slam into the boat. After killing it which causes it to crash into the cliff sides preventing them from going back they hear another roar and they see two Serpentines jump over the landslide of rocks and Alyx starts up the boat again as Gordon and Judith shoot down the creatures. After both are killed they reach the port that Judith mentioned and fight off a small group of Combine Soldiers before the third chapter starts “Emancipation”.

Weapons Obtained: Crossbow

Main Enemies: Serpentine

Boss: Serpentine

Chapter 8: Emancipation

Upon reaching here they find that the gate up to the Borealis has been closed and they must turn on the power to it again. Gordon and Alyx head off and follow the power lines and eventually have to crawl through the landslides the Serpentines cause however they encounter the new Hunters in the area, the Night Hunters which attempt to kill Gordon and Alyx by crawling into the small spaces however this left them vulnerable to Gordon’s Shotgun and Pistols which quickly destroyed the Night Hunters. After a few more encounters as well as some combine they reach the power station and reach the power outpost and Gordon finds a weapon left by the Combine, the Grapple Gun. They return to Judith who explains that the gate is also being jammed from the other side by something and still won’t open. Gordon uses the newly acquired Grappling Gun along with the Gravity Gun to reach his way to an opening in the Cliffside and works his way back down encountering Night Hunters, Hunters and Combine Soldiers. Eventually finding a dead Combine Soldier at the bottom where the gate is having jammed its Pulse Rifle into the Gate’s gears, upon removing the rifle the gate raises letting Judith and Alyx through. The three then work their way up through the cavern until they reach a blockade of rocks and a burrower attacks. Using the same tactic from the mountain encounters Gordon quickly destroys the Burrower and the three head through the tunnel it made until they reach the peak and see the Borealis nearby, they begin walking towards it until they hear an unearthly sound.

Weapons Obtained: Grapple Gun, Tau Cannon

Main Enemies: Hunters, Combine Soldiers, Hunter, Burrower

Boss: Night Hunters

Chapter 9: Mother of Striders

The chapter “Mother of Striders” starts after Gordon, Alyx and Judith hear an unearthly sound and as they approach the ship are halted by a giant Combine Synth known as a Marauder appearing from the ice below. The creature blocks any possibility of reaching the Ship and the trio hide for cover. During this fight Gordon uses the RPG to weaken the creature however the ammo box is very close to the creature requiring Gordon to risk being slashed at by the Marauder. Gordon must also time his RPG launches as the Laser the creature shoots will destroy rockets and instantly kill Gordon. After destroying the creature’s appendages it lets out a screeching sound and several Striders drop down from the ship’s exterior. The creature then hides underground while Gordon handles the Striders. Though the Striders fire upon Gordon they have reduced mobility due to the snow. After destroying them all the Marauder appears again and destroys the Ammo Box with its body. Gordon returns to Alyx and Judith who believe that this is the end, however they then hear helicopters, they look out from their bunker and see 6 Helicopters flying in from the south which fire several missiles at the Marauder causing it to let out another screech and fires its laser at the helicopters destroying two of them. The remaining four fly around the Marauder and shoot at it distracting it from the massive Air Platform flying towards the Marauder with Dog on it. The Air Platform then shoots a large arsenal of Missiles one of which Dog grabs onto and flies towards the Marauder and jumps off landing near Gordon, Alyx and Judith giving them a ride. Alyx warns Judith and Gordon to hold on as Dog charges at the Marauder climbing up its body destroying various parts of it and reaches the head where it punches the creature repeatedly until the Marauder collapses and Dog beats its chest in triumph. The four remaining helicopters land as well as the Air Platform and Barney explains how the Volcanic Base sent these troops up north to help out and Barney got picked up after launching a flare out from the mountain. Out of one of the helicopters comes Kleiner who explains that Magnusson and several rebels are now stationed in the Arctic Base and have repaired all the systems to it. Barney explains that they also found Dog at a crash site of a Dropship in the Wastelands. The group then overhear from one of the helicopters that a massive Antlion army is attacking the Arctic Base which forces Kleiner, Barney, Judith and the other rebels to head back to fight off, leaving Dog, Alyx and Gordon to continue on. Dog brings Alyx and Gordon over the Marauder and onto the Borealis where the chapter “Orange Glows” starts.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Striders

Boss: Marauder

Chapter 10: Orange Glows

Upon reaching the ship’s control room after fighting various Headcrabs and Zombies protecting the area the group find a new Headcrab which was feeding off orange gel dripping from one of the pipes. It attacks Gordon and Alyx however is easily killed exploding releasing more of the Orange Gel which when Alyx and Gordon walk onto find it allows them to move faster, Alyx then wonders what Apeture was doing with these gels. The group then activate a hatch at the other end of the Borealis allowing them to get into the inside of the ship however they unexpectedly release more of the Orange Headcrabs and the Zombies of these Headcrabs where they find that the Zombie is able to sprint towards them using the Orange Gel as an accelerator. They then head down into the inside of the ship finishing the chapter.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies

Boss: O-Gel Headcrab

Chapter 11: Under Nets and Skulls

Upon arriving the “Under nets and skulls” chapter will begin where Judith contacts Alyx and explains that the teleportation technology that the Combine are looking for is located in the Storage Section of the ship. However upon reaching this area they find the massive doors to the area have sealed preventing access which Alyx is relieved about since it means that no Combine could have entered. They leave Dog to guard the door in case of Combine reinforcements and head down an elevator which is labelled Power Room. They head down and find that the area has been heavily damaged for a long time and that the several rooms have loose wiring and partially flooded forcing Gordon to open up several doors allowing save access for Alyx. After reaching the Power Room and encountering various Combine and then Headcrabs they reach the Power Room and are halted by several Blue Headcrabs and respective Headcrab Zombies which jump at Gordon forcing him to dispatch the group of attacking zombies. After killing them they find that they pulled out the power cords as well and by using the Blue Gel from the Headcrabs and Zombies, Gordon was able to re-attach all the cords and the power is turned back on ending the chapter and beginning “Frenzy Storm”.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies

Boss: B-Gel Headcrabs and Zombies

Chapter 12: Frenzy Storm

They then turn around hearing a huge explosion and hurry back and see Dog slammed into a wall and a huge hole into the storage room. Alyx hurries over to Dog who remains unconscious for some time however wakes up and hugs Alyx, the trio then look into the storage room and find that there is a large space marked out by a yellow line which is completely empty, Alyx theorizes that the portal device was moved from here and look past it and see a huge hole in the hull where they hear Combine Soldiers heading towards their location. They then fight off the Combine until they hear a large thudding sound approaching them and see several Combine Cyborgs which tower over the other Combine. They fight off these cyborgs which accidentally shoot several covered crates revealing RPG rocket containers. After destroying all the forces Gordon, Alyx and Dog work their way through the hole and into a Combine building which they find is filled with Combine units.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Combine Soldiers, Hunters

Boss: Combine Cyborgs

Chapter 13: First Scythe

The chapter “First Scythe” begins as the trio enter the Combine Base and find that there is a large complex of buildings, astonished by the massive and rather quick construction of the place Alyx tells Dog to go warn the others of the base and hugs Dog goodbye. Gordon and Alyx spot the first building they need to destroy which is a factory. The factory is building weaponry and robots for the combine. They reach the building undetected however upon entering set off an alarm alerting the Combine of their presence, they then meet a new form of the Manhack which is simply titled the Manhack 2.0, its appearance while similar to a regular Manhack aside from its Blue Eye is quickly changed when Gordon and Alyx discover the robots release shrapnel when they explode. Continuing on Gordon takes down a security room and destroys the assembly line with an infinite storage of Crossbow Bolts. After doing this they find many Combine Soldiers and Combine Cyborgs heading towards their location, to which Gordon and Alyx head to a lookout tower, Alyx uses the Minigun attached to the tower to take down most of the Combine while the ones that make it through are taken down by Gordon. They eventually appear to take down the entire Combine and head across a floating bridge however are ambushed by more Manhacks and flying synth known as a Deathclaw which Gordon and Alyx are unable to kill. They flee into a building where they find a communication station and destroy it severing any further alarms in the complex. After doing this they head towards the power generator room which starts the chapter “Linking Green”.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Combine Soldiers, Combine Cyborgs, Manhacks

Boss: Deathclaw

Chapter 14: Linking Green

In this chapter Alyx is caught by an Advisor which takes her up to a large building in the centre of the complex however Gordon is knocked unconscious by a Deathclaw and wakes up to find that he has lost all his weapons and has been put in a jail cell. He attempts to get out however can’t until the Combine Soldier protecting it is suddenly shot and dies. Gordon looks out of his cell and sees Barney, Judith and Dog run in and bust open the cell. They protect Gordon as they head to the armoury in the building and he collects his weapons. On the way out he is stopped by a voice calling out his name, he turns around and sees a door open into an unknown part of the building. Dog protects the entrance while Barney and Judith follow, upon heading inside they find many Headcrabs and Headcrab Zombies including the Orange and Blue Gel Headcrabs and Zombies. After heading quite far down they encounter a habitat filled with Xen flora and some Xen Fauna including the Headcrabs and also Bullsquids and an Ichthyosaur in the river around this area. After traversing the area fending off the various creatures and also a new Bullsquid fought in a small arena which is able to latch onto Gordon and shoot acid. Eventually Gordon reaches the source of the noise which appears to be a Nihilanth, astonished by its appearance Barney and Judith wonder how the Combine got their hands on the Nihilanth. Nevertheless Gordon fights the Nihilanth using Rockets and the Crossbow to destroy the crystal around the area and hit it. After it is killed it falls to the ground and explodes at the cranium revealing it to be a robot. This leads Gordon to a room which leads out to the open area of the complex again, however on his way out Gordon finds a Tesla Gun which he first uses to power a generator to raise a gate. He then meets up with Dog and the four find that the building where the Advisor took Alyx was has a force field up around it, which is connected to three buildings. Dog runs off into one of the buildings clearly going to destroy the power source there while Barney and Judith suggest Gordon take the middle building while they take down the third one. Gordon heads inside and begins the chapter “Core Static”.

Weapons Obtained: Tesla Gun

Main Enemies: Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies, Bullsquids, Ichthyosaur, Xen Flora

Boss: Nihilanth Robot

Chapter 15: Core Static

Gordon’s first objective as he hears over the radio from Barney is to find the power generator which has set up all the force fields and destroy it with the Tesla Gun. Gordon crosses through a maze of underground passages littered with Combine Soldiers and Cyborgs; it is at this point Gordon has to traverse some floating platforms where Gordon must use the surrounding objects to lower the platforms so he won’t die from the fall. After reaching the power generator Gordon finds it is protected by another force field, however after navigating to the control panel which has its window blown out by combine soldiers Gordon activates a lever which temporarily disables the force field giving Gordon just enough time to overcharge it with the Tesla Gun. However as Gordon returns to the platform area he finds the combine have somehow deactivated the platforms, watching the last platform fall into the pit below Gordon must go through a small complex of ventilation shafts previously blocked off by a force field and arrives back out at the entrance of the building, with the force fields down navigating to the force field generator becomes easy as there are few combine who attempt to stop him. When he arrives he can see Dog, Judith and Barney at the other generators, Dog lets out a roar and Barney radios Gordon telling him that the generators seem to have defence mechanisms which will activate when one or more is destroyed. Barney and Judith destroy their Generator first which raises a shell around Dog’s and Gordon’s, however Dog has no trouble lifting his up and throwing it into some combine below. Gordon is suddenly however trapped by a force field and a force field prevents him from destroying the last generator, Gordon then watches as five advisors descend two collect Barney and Judith flying back into the giant building while the other three attempt to capture Dog who despite destroying one of them is caught by the other two. Gordon then hears Combine soldiers running up the stairwell behind him, he turns around and one of the soldiers is carrying a strange weapon which they use to deactivate the force field forcibly. They approach Gordon sealing him in a confinement field and remove all his weapons however just after they aim their guns to finish him off time stops and the G-Man intrudes explaining that there isn’t much time as explosions can be heard from the door he entered from and he gives Gordon the Gravity Gun and disappears, without any other option Gordon uses the Gravity Gun to take the closest weapon to him, the Polarizer Gun. The weapon then immediately starts charging up and fires a small pulse which disintegrates the combine soldier in front of him. The Confinement Field then goes down and Gordon uses the Polarizer Gun to kill off all the remaining soldiers surrounding him, after this however he’s left only with the Gravity Gun and Polarizer Gun. He heads back down the stairs using the Polarizer Gun to kill off any Combine Soldiers and heads outside where he encounters three Deathclaws which attempt to swoop him however firing the Polarizer Gun, Gordon finds that he can force the Deathclaws to crash into the ground allowing him to use the Gravity Gun to throw physics object around the area at them, once all three have been killed Gordon continues into the building finding an armoury at one point and recovers all of his other weapons. Upon exiting the armoury Gordon starts the next chapter “Powerhouse”.

Weapons Obtained: Polarizer Gun

Weapons Lost: All except Polarizer Gun and Gravity Gun

Main Enemies: Combine Soldiers, Combine Cyborgs

Boss: Deathclaw

Chapter 16: Powerhouse

He finds a massive open area filled with six giant machines hammering into the ground, Gordon suddenly receives a flashback where he sees the same machine from the Citadel back in City 17 when he first entered it. Gordon then snaps back out and finds approaching Advisors where he finds none of his weapons have any affect, it is not until one uses its telekinetic abilities to lift Gordon into the air to ingest him that the Polarizer Gun is forcibly activated and Gordon uses it to send the telekinetic waves back at the advisor causing it to fall to the ground squirming and screeching before exploding. This frightens the other advisors who flee. Gordon continues and after traversing several levels to get to the top of the giant room and crossing a floating platform bridge, he finds a control room which he presses a button causing the machines to stop hammering the ground and turns around to see approaching combine soldiers, he then can either fight off the soldiers or apply gravity to the floating platforms causing them to fall to their deaths. After this however the platforms will fall due to power loss and the Control room will begin swaying from an unknown object. It then falls and Gordon still inside finds he is being carried by something and is heading upwards into a giant containment room where the room is slammed onto the floor and Gordon exits the room finding that a creature called Hybrido had caused this, it attacks him with Fletchettes and makes a loud booming sound which attracts Hunters and Burrowers and then attacks by digging up rocks at Gordon, it also can attack by charging at Gordon and shooting grenades from small attachments on its wrists. During the fight if Gordon kills off all of the assisting enemies to the Hybrido it will summon more Hunters and Combine, however Gordon eventually defeats the creature finding it has a weakness to its own grenades. After the creature is defeated Gordon watches as it walks backwards in pain and screeches before falling off the room they’re in and to its death below.

Weapons Obtained: None

Main Enemies: Hunters, Combine Soldiers, Burrowers

Boss: Advisor, Hybrido

Chapter 17: Deadly Attachments

In this chapter Gordon heads through a series of corridors and large rooms fighting off various Combine Soldiers and Synths as well as activating a strider which Gordon subsequently destroys, after doing so he heads into a room where he sees a massive wall with Advisor Life Support Systems all locked against the wall, an alarm sounds however and all the Advisors get out most flying off down some unseeable corridors however several approach Gordon breaking the glass to the room and attempt to kill him however using the polarizer gun Gordon once again kills off the advisors however this time he sees their ability to lift objects similar to the gravity gun and hurl them at Gordon forcing him to time his shots. After this Gordon heads onto the platform near the wall and hears a giant sound originating from the left side and sees a giant crusher heading towards him, moving nearly 3 times as fast as the one he encountered at the end of Nova Prospekt. Gordon begins running away and encounters some more Advisors however is able to quickly take care of them and reaches the end of the platform before heading into a door on the side as he watches the crusher destroy the platform behind him. Gordon heads inside the set of dark rooms which are infested with Headcrabs and Headcrab Zombies, eventually getting through this room due to Combine Soldiers blowing a hole open to clear out the area Gordon escapes through the fighting and makes it into a corridor which the path he came from collapses in on itself. Gordon’s only option is a White Door with the word “TEST” written on it, without any other choice Gordon goes inside to find a room completely white covered on all surfaces in white panels. Gordon walks around the room before the door at the other side opens and several Combine run in, Gordon without any way of attacking seems to be unable to do anything however by using the Gravity Gun on the floor panels Gordon creates a shield against the bullets and is able to drop down into one of the panels and falls towards a very small white surface, however before being killed by falling a portal appears and Gordon flies through into another room. The portal disappears and Gordon hears a noise and turns around as he sees an Advisor however it has 3 guns attached to its body. It engages a battle with Gordon and attempts to fire at Gordon with the Machine Gun attachment however after this fails 3 times it swaps to the second weapon which is a Portal Gun and attempts to ram Gordon by using the Portal Gun to create a Portal behind or above Gordon and then flying into another around the room. It is at this point that Gordon finds that the Polarizer Gun is capable of de-activating portals on the room. By de-activating the exit portal for the Advisor Gordon is capable of severely hurting the creature however it then begins firing the machine Gun through the portals and Gordon must avoid that while the Advisor also sends homing Rockets at Gordon. After it gives up and begins charging again Gordon repeats the process from before and eventually the Advisor will collapse. Gordon heads through another corridor and reaches a glass corridor where he sees below some Combine Soldiers dragging Alyx, Judith, Barney and an unconscious Dog along. Gordon however is heard by the Combine Soldiers who shoot the glass forcing Gordon to run into a ventilation shaft at a corner in the glass corridor. Upon reaching this Gordon must navigate through the shaft avoiding the combine bullets which are indicated by holes in the shaft’s walls. After getting out Gordon is confronted by the Combine Soldiers however an Advisor rams into the glass Corridor as a large group of headcrabs appears from the same origin and all of the headcrabs fall to the area below distracting the combine long enough for Gordon to run into over to Dog re-activating him with the Polarizer Gun. Dog gets up and charges into the group of Combine and Headcrabs while the Advisor is killed by Gordon after it attempts to use its telekinetic abilities. Dog then frees Alyx, Barney and Judith, after which Alyx explains that they passed a room with a giant ring which she believed, was the Portal Device. Following Alyx’s directions  Gordon and the group reach the room and find the room empty, however upon reaching the controls for the for the ring device they hear two approaching Marauders and the two creatures appear however at the same time a Hybrido appears from a room above along with several combine Cyborgs. Despite the apparent defeat when Gordon collapses Gordon is then picked up by an Advisor and sees that Combine Soldiers are charging up the Ring Device however Gordon frees himself from by firing the Polarizer Gun, this creature falls into the ring device causing it to overload. This causes the room to begin to warp slightly causing the metal to bend and devices to fuse together. It also supercharges the Polarizer and Gravity Gun. With a Super Charged Gravity Gun Gordon is capable of killing off the Cyborgs and is capable of killing the Hybrido similarly to before by redirecting its Grenades back at it. By using the Supercharged Polarizer Gun Gordon is capable of physically ripping the limbs of the Marauders off and then firing them at the creatures. After killing off both Marauders Judith approaches the Console however time stops and G-Man approaches Gordon telling him that “Prepare for Unforseen Consequences” and disappears while Gordon watches as the Ring Device is set to self-destruct by Judith who explains that the computer showed the location of an escape hatch. Upon reaching it they find there are three elevators, to which Alyx, Barney and Judith all question who would have to stay behind, Gordon then turns to see G-Man smiling and making the “follow me” action with his hand. Barney notices Gordon and suggests to Alyx and Judith that Gordon has unfinished business and tells them that he’ll make it out alive. The trio say their farewells as they head up the elevator leaving Dog and Gordon below. Dog indicates that Gordon get on his back, Gordon now in control of Dog’s movements charges through several rooms killing multiple Combine Soldiers and Headcrab Zombies on the way out, however is stopped by one last Advisor, Dog is separated from Gordon by this Advisor to which the Dog on the Advisor’s back flies into one of the walls and then upwards leaving Gordon all on his own. Gordon heads into the next room to find all his equipment. Using a combination of the Grappling Gun, Flamethrower, Sticky Bomb Launcher, Gravity Gun, Tesla Gun and Polarizer Gun, Gordon escapes the doomed facility reaching the front of the Borealis. Thankfully Gordon sees Alyx, Judith, Barney and Dog (holding a dead Advisor) on the other side of the ice sheet with the bridge lowered. They run across the bridge and Gordon follows, however upon reaching the bridge the Facility explodes with the final scenes being off Gordon flying into the falling bridge and Alyx yelling out Gordon’s name.

Weapons Obtained: All weapons lost in Chapter 15: Core Static

Main Enemies: Combine Soldiers, Combine Cyborgs, Combine Advisor, Hunters, Burrowers, Headcrabs, Headcrab Zombies

Boss: Giant Crusher, Apeture Combine Advisor, Marauders, Hybridos


Similar to the Previous Half-Life 2 Games, there are several weapons broken up into categories for HL2: FE. All weapons that appeared in the other two Episodic Games (HL2:E1 & HL2:E2) appear in HL2: FE as well as several new weapons that are gained throughout the storyline.

Category 1 Weapons: Melee/Spacial Distortion Weapons​

Weapons in Category 1 are Melee Weapons, the Crowbar and Spacial Distortion Weapons, the Gravity Gun and Polarizer Gun. These weapons do not require ammo however is not capable of inflicting damage to regular enemies without assistance or some situation.

Category 2 Weapons: Small Firearms

Like the other Half-Life 2 Games, small Firearms appear as a category with the same two weapons; the 9mm Pistol and .357 Magnum. These weapons work most effectively at medium to close range and have small clips. They also have shorter reload times than previous games.

Category 3 Weapons: Auto Weapons

These three weapons appear in this category due to their ability to use up a clip/ammunition in one continuous fire, unlike other weapons which have a pause between firing sequences. These weapons are the MP7, Tau Cannon and the Flamethrower.

Category 4 Weapons: Small Clip Weapons

These weapons have large damage dealt at various ranges and have the smallest clips of any category on average. There are two weapons in this category; the Shotgun and the Crossbow. The Crossbow has a piercing affect where it will now shoot through every enemy until it hits a surface.

Category 5 Weapons: Bombs

The three weapons under this category are used as bombs by which they are explosives which are either impact, timed or manually activated. They all inflict large damage however all have long reload times. The three weapons under Category 5 are the Grenade, RPG and Sticky Bomb Launcher.

Category 6 Weapons: Non-Ammo Damaging Weapons

These two new weapons utilize a non-ammo based source with the Tesla Gun using a charge meter which prevents it from overheating and the Grapple Gun having the longest reload time of all HL2: FE weapons. Both weapons can damage enemies who are capable of being hurt by regular weaponry however they are much weaker in damager mainly being used for alternate purposes.

New Weapons

Sticky Bomb Launcher

The Sticky Bomb Launcher is a manually activated Grenade which is able to stick to various surfaces and be detonated by the player at will. It inflicts the same damage as a Grenade and can destroy some platforms/surfaces. It holds 3 Sticky Bombs in its clip and has an additional 9 that can be loaded into it.


The Flamethrower is a fire-based weapon in HL2: FE which is capable of burning enemies and various materials revealing paths or secrets. It is the only weapon which frees the player from Frost Headcrab Ice Spit. It uses Gasoline Fuel which can be found in Red Gasoline Cartons and inflicts gradual damage similar to previous Fire Hazard. It can hold 20L of gasoline which can be used completely in 30 seconds.

Grapple Gun

The Grapple Gun is a slow reloading weapon mainly used for navigational purposes. It is capable of getting Gordon to locations he could not reach by normal means. The Grapple Gun is capable of damaging enemies however deals similar damage to the 9mm Pistol. It can be fired at some surfaces allowing Gordon to stay on a wall momentarily or cross certain chasms.

Tesla Gun

The Tesla Gun is a small Electrical weapon which is capable of stunning enemies briefly and has a charge meter which prevents it from overheating. It can be used to stun enemies or activate generators for doors. Its damage is the lowest of all weapons in HL2: FE and would mainly be used to stun an enemy and then swap to a stronger weapon. To reach 100% Charge the Tesla Gun must be fired for 90 seconds without pause.

Polarizer Gun

The Polarizer Gun is a late-game weapon which has several functions. It is a specialized Combine Weapon which was attempted to be a replica of the Gravity Gun. It is able to apply gravity to Floating Platforms causing them to fall; alternatively it can shift the height of a platform allowing Gordon to create a path that is safe without risk of fall damage. It can also be used to repel Combine Advisors' telekinetic abilities causing them to turn against themselves inflicting self-damage and exploding. It is also capable of Grounding flying enemies such as the Deathclaws and Manhacks, de-activating Portals and re-activating Dog. Its supercharged mode primarily allows the player to rip the limbs off of Marauders and hurl them back.


Like previous Half Life Games there has been an enemy who shows an advantage over enemies Gordon encounters prior to it. In HL2: FE most "bosses" are merely a new type of an enemy. With the exception of the Antlion Queen, Serpentine, Marauder and Nihilanth Bot all other "bosses" become regular enemies before the game ends. The player does however encounter multiple Serpentine and Marauders. The bosses and their attacks are listed below in order of appearance.

Chapter 3 Boss: Antlion Queen

The Antlion Queen is a giant Antlion which bears a resemblance to the appearance of a bloated tick. Its abdomen glows a golden colour while its thorax is long with 6 limbs each capable of swiping or crushing Gordon. It has an ability to summon Antlions through a screeching sound. It is able to attack by swiping at Gordon or smashing its fists into the ground, spitting a large acid blob into the air which crashes into the ground about 2 seconds after being spat and lastly it can release a shine from its abdomen which the player must avoid looking at otherwise they will be temporarily blinded.

Chapter 5 Boss: Frost Headcrab

This icy Headcrab has a very similar appearance to a regular Headcrab however it has two extra front claws which allow it to spit icy acid onto Gordon. It appears with its zombie encounters during the fifth chapter after a small introduction. It has a blue tinge to its body and the zombie equivalent is capable of shooting ice shards at Gordon which inflict ranged damage from a neural expansion of the secondary front claws.

Chapter 7 Boss: Serpentine

The Serpentine is a 30 feet long Sea Serpent which is found in the icy river around the Borealis, it acts as an outer guard from invading naval units. It has twelve eyes which it uses to see where it is going. It is covered in spikes and will attempt to ram Gordon's boat and is stopped by blinding it. It also has the ability to launch into the air as shown by the second wave of Serpentines.

Chapter 8 Boss: Night Hunter

The Night Hunter looks somewhat similar to regular hunters however instead of light blue they have yellow lights and have 6 legs which are shown to have 3 joints which allow it to crouch down to reach Gordon. When standing it fires the Fletchettes like a regular Hunter however while crouching it will attack by activating spikes on its front arm and flicking the arm at Gordon. It can be killed like normal Hunters however has a greater weakness to the Shotgun and Pistols when crouching.

Chapter 9 Boss: Marauder

The Marauder is the largest battleable enemy in the Half-Life franchise outsizing the Nihilanth, Strider and Dropships from previous games. The synth stands an impressive 490m tall (excluding unseen underground body). The creature looks like a giant yellow coloured lobster by appearance with six clawed arms, each one capable of crushing Gordon quickly. It attacks by hurling its arms at Gordon or by Charging and Firing a Laser which is capable of destroying the Rockets fired in the first battle. The creature does show weakness to rockets as when one is fired at its shoulders the arm of that shoulder will detach falling on the ice. It also attacks while underground by firing a laser below the ground which can destroy the ammo boxes for the RPG. It like the Strider from HL2:E2 are defeated by Dog destroying its internal organs however due to its massive size Dog had to hit multiple areas to find its weak spot.

Chapter 10 Boss: O-Gel Headcrabs

O-Gel Headcrabs are a new Headcrab featured in the game which previously didn't appear due to the pre-requisite that a Headcrab had been feeding off of the Gel found on the ship. These creatures have an orange glow and are capable of sprinting. It attacks the same as regular headcrabs however upon dying it explodes releasing the orange gel in its body which allows Gordon to move faster.

Chapter 11 Boss: B-Gel Headcrabs and Zombies

B-Gel Headcrabs are identical to O-Gel headcrabs except they have a blue glow and explode Blue Gel which allows Gordon to jump up very high. The zombies encountered are capable of controlling their jumps and are able to cling onto walls for a couple of seconds.

Chapter 12 Boss: Combine Cyborg

Cybernetic combine unit who was quickly built due to the losing war between the combine & the humans (on the combine side). These giants to the regular Combine are slow moving and are easy to hit with the RPG, their weakness. They have attached to their arms a Minigun and a Rocket Launcher both of which they use to fight. They can also punch Gordon if he is close enough.

Chapter 14 Boss: Nihilanth Robot

This identical (externally) replica of the Nihilanth was a combine experiment to trick the Vortigaunts that the Nihilanth was still alive. The creature uses similar attacks such as the homing energy balls and the green teleportation orbs which now summon Headcrab Zombies and Bullsquids. It also has two new attacks, a yellow energy ball attack which it fires in a small machine gun-like attack around in a circle attempting to hit Gordon. The other attack is a Red Energy Ball which has a large splash radius when it makes contact with Gordon or a surface. Once defeated it is revealed that the creature is a robot as the internal body shows a metallic skull with wiring and computer hardware inside.

Chapter 15 Boss: Deathclaw

Though appearing in Chapter 13 the Deathclaw is fightable in Chapter 15 after the player has obtained the Polarizer Gun. The creature itself looks very similar to a Pterodactyl with a dark yellow colouration and red and black spots across its back and wings. Its beak is long and lined with nearly 100 teeth, its wings have small nails on the end while it has no legs it has three tails each of which have a spur on the end. It attacks by swooping Gordon and attempting to stab Gordon with the tail spurs. It is killed after it has been grounded and physics objects like barrels and rubble have been hurled at its back where a small groove is indicating its weak point.

Chapter 16 Sub-Boss: Advisor

Appearing identical to the previous two games the Advisors have the same abilities as before which are telekinetic strength and a tongue stab which drains a hosts fluids. The creatures are weak to their own telekinetic abilities as shown when Gordon uses the Polarizer Gun on them which causes their psychic abilities to focus on their own brain causing them to squirm and then explode.

Chapter 16 Boss: Hybrido

The Hybrido is a hybrid between Synth and Combine which has attributes from Hunters, Combine, Burrowers and Deathclaws. The Hybrido uses the Hunters Fletchettes as its primary weapon firing them from shoulder cannons. Its secondary weapon is a grenade launcher in its wrists which Gordon can take the Grenades from and damage the Hybrido with. Like Burrowers this creature always appears from underground and is able to charge at Gordon like Deathclaws swoop.

Chapter 17 Obstacle-Boss: Giant Crusher

The Giant Crusher in HL2: FE is an upgraded regular Crusher similar to the one seen at the end of Nova Prospekt. It moves much faster than the previous crushers and has blue plasma running from the top to the bottom of it.

Chapter 17 Sub-Boss: Apeture Advisor

The Apeture Advisor was an Advisor Commander which underwent minor surgery which connected its nervous system to three guns, a machine gun, rocket launcher and portal gun (prototype). This allowed the advisor to use other means of defence aside from its telekinetic abilities which it has lost due to the surgery rewiring parts of its brain. The Portals from the Portal Gun can be reversed making them disappear, this needs to be done to the exit portal as the Advisor will not crash if the Entrance Portal is missing.

Chapter 17 Boss: The Big Three

The final boss to the game is a combination of enemies, primarily are two Marauders and without an RPG ammo box Gordon must instead use the Polarizer Gun and Gravity Gun to fight back. The first enemies easily dispatched are the Cyborgs which go down with one of the Hybrido's grenades (not: the Hybrido will not die until the Combine Cyborgs are dead). The Hybrido fights exactly like the previous two encounters however it should be noted that the Hybrido is much less likely to charge in this battle. Lastly are the Marauders which Dog will distract but is unable to penetrate their bodies and kill them. Instead Gordon must use a Super Charged Polarizer Gun which is capable of Polarizing the tissue on the Marauder's limbs (killing the cells) allowing them to be torn off, Gordon can then launch the limbs back at the Marauders as the claws inflict damage to the Marauder's face.

Half-Life 2 - Path Of Borealis (Full version of Triage At Dawn)

Half-Life 2 - Path Of Borealis (Full version of Triage At Dawn)

Triage of Dawn - The Game's Main Cutscene Theme


Another set of side-series games will be released after Half-Life 2: Frozen End as add-ons similar to Half-Life having Opposing Force, Decay and Blue Shift. These four games (Nocturn, Insanity Drive, Gem Force and Thorn) take place from the perspective of another four Half-Life characters.


Nocturn takes the player into the control of a rebel who after the White Forest Attack heads to the Jungle Base mentioned in Chapter 5 and helps fight off the invasive Xen species. Nocturn focuses around the creatures of Xen and only features Combine Units in the starting chapters. Nocturn does not feature G-Man and has a cameo by Gordon at the end.

Insanity Drive

Insanity Drive has the player control a scientist, the same Dog rescued at the start of the game. The scientist makes it to an abandoned aircraft base after fighting off hordes of Headcrabs and Zombies and upon reaching this location finds many helicopters and an Air Platform, soon after the Scientist is joined by a small force of rebels, linking in to the 9th Chapter. The Scientist does not talk to G-Man however several "events" force the scientist through certain areas forcing the player to solve more complex puzzles than the previous games, as the game nears its end the player does hear G-Man calling out to the Scientist saying "Find them... the guard... the loyal" hinting towards Barney and Dog.

Gem Force

The third game Gem Force takes place with Barney soon after the events in Half-Life 2: Episode 1, making it occur during the events of Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and Frozen End. It is the longest of the four add-ons encompassing 16 chapters in the main series. The player helps Barney navigate the rebels with him to a small outpost in the forest which had been turned into a village. Along the way he encounters Combine and Xen Creatures. After this he heads into some Antlion Caverns after fending Antlions off from the village with a minigun. Inside the caverns he helps a small mining group get out and heads deeper and builds some small fortifications around a giant pit later revealed to be the Antlion Queen's den. From here Barney follows on a similar path to the Frozen End Chapter 3 in which he follows the sounds of voices however before encountering Gordon and co. he is told by G-Man to "act with courage and determination". From here Chapter 3 occurs and the start of Chapter 4. After being chased by an Antlion Guardian appears and Barney is chased out of the mountain-side where he spots a radio tower figuring he could contact other survivors he reaches there by a Snowmobile abandoned in the snow and reaches there and contacts the rebels and scientist from Insanity Drive. After being told that he was a person they were told to pick up Barney fights off some headcrabs and zombies which break through the fencing around the tower and Barney eventually climbs the tower running out of ammo but is saved by a helicopter with the scientist on it arriving just in time and he escapes as the screen fades to black leading into the 9th Chapter in Frozen End.


Thorn is the first Half-Life game which has the player control a non-human character. In the game the player controls Dog, the faithful companion to Alyx Vance. The game starts off in the same location as Half-Life 2: Frozen End begins, which is during the attack on White Forest. The player (Dog) is told by Alyx to go rescue as many scientists as possible. Dog in the game features several attacks other Half-Life 2 characters don't have. Dog has the Gravity Gun in his hand as well as being able to swap to a melee punching tactic and charging (hold shift in PC), later in the game Dog is given several hand upgrades one of which is shown during Half-Life 2: Frozen End, called the Puncture Point. The game has Dog travel around the White Forest complex rescuing various scientists and leading them to the evacuation vehicles however when bringing the last group Dog is halted by a Gunship which destroys the truck for the last group and instead decides to pick up the scientists and chases the Gunship eventually catching and riding over the mountainside, from here he sees a safe drop point and pulls the gunship down still holding it with one arm he leaves the scientists there as they thank Dog, previously having explained their destination to Dog. Dog then is launched back into the air and lands on the Gunship which has called back up forcing Dog to make the Gunships shoot each other until one remains. After Dog crashes the Gunship into the ground he begins searching for human activity. During this time he stumbles across a small shack which contains some Zombines and Headcrabs, Dog unable to kill all of them so he attaches two circular saw blades to his wrists by using a spring-loaded activation Dog cuts up the enemy zombies before finding a small radio. He attaches the radio to his Left Arm. He continues to search for other communication devices gaining a hammer fist for his left hand, a shoulder Gatling Gun and the Puncture Point which fires a spike which is capable of breaking through metal and a kills an Antlion Guardian with this weapon as well as during his travels several striders and combine. Dog finds a Television, Satellite Dish, Microwave, Magnet and Blender and using his robotic wiring turns them into a beacon which attaches to his left arm. From here he wanders towards the sound of gunfire and sees the Arctic Base later meeting up with Kleiner and Magnusson who had received his beacon. They then hear a report about some approaching Helicopters and Barney calls in to inform them that they need to borrow the missiles at the Arctic Base and Dog, ending the game with Dog hopping onto the Aircraft Carrier heading towards a shadow of the Borealis, leading into the 9th Chapter of Frozen End.


Achievements Like previous Half-Life Games there are various Achievements involving situations where the player excels in a certain aspect of the game. They are listed below as well as their requirements.

That Bridge - Complete Half-Life 2: Frozen End

She'll be Jelly - Kill the Antlion Queen without missing a Rocket Launcher Shot

Winter Guard - Find and Kill all the Frost Headcrabs in the Arctic Base

My Hero - During the 1st Chapter kill all the Striders and Hunter Choppers without missing a single bullet or Gravity Gun Use

Night-hood - Complete the Game without taking damage from any Hunters

Lies - Find the hidden Storage Weight Cube in the Combine Base and place it on the red Pressure plate found in the escape sequence

Mighty Morphin’ Gordon - While controlling Dog in the escape sequence kill every enemy that appears up to the Advisor encounter

Oh the Headcrabmanity - Kill all the B-Gel Headcrabs and Zombies in the power generator room without missing a shot.

Whiskers - Find the hidden Porcelian Cat in the snow 5th Chapter

LEMONS! - Find the secret White Gel Tube in the Combine Base

Titan's Grip - In the final Battle kill the Marauders without missing (The player only needs to kill these two Marauders without missing, the other enemies don't apply)

Mission Wall - Successfully kill the Apeture Combine Advisor without taking damage and having a 100% rate of making it ram into a wall

Alpha Male - Kill all Combine Soldiers only using the Pistol and/or Crowbar

Can't Touch This - Complete the game without taking Damage

Kin-Dead - Kill an Antlion Guard/ian and then kill all the Antlions that were with it before Alyx or Barney can

Cool Guys - In the final section where Gordon is running from the Borealis, do not look back at it when it explodes

Every Time - Die once to every enemy in the game (this includes the Hunter Choppers from Chapter 1 but not the Dropships or Gunships since they aren't fought, this also excludes boss creatures)

STRIKE! - kill 10 Combine Soldiers with the Super-Charged Gravity Gun in 5 seconds

Dino-sore - Kill the Ichthyosaur that lives in the Xen Habitat River, just because you can

Capital - Use every weapon available when fighting the first Marauder, regardless of the fact that the Rocket Launcher is the only weapon that works

My Better Half - Only attack enemies when Alyx is behind you

Byee - Destroy all of the Antlion Bridges when the Antlion Guard/ian is about to reach Gordon's Side