The Halberd is a massive skyship belonging to the masked swordsman Meta Knight. This ship features many guns, a massive cannon combined with a mechanical claw and a laser, and housing for the Meta Knights. Meta Knight has used this ship do to both good and evil for Dreamland.



Super Smash Bros. Series

The Halberd is a playable level in multiple games from the Super Smash Bros. series. The depictions are fairly consistent.

Kirby: Onslaught

The Halberd appears three times in this adventure. The first time, Meta Knight is using it as transport for his knights in order to fight the Demons on the Wood Star. The second time, the Halberd intercepts the Hades, a Demonic ship, on its way from the Smoke Star. The last time, the Halberd attacks a Demonic fleet in order to allow Kirby and his allies to land on the Iron Star.

Kirby: Popstar and Beyond

When Jakon managed to fuse several dimensions to form Maxinum Chaos, the Halberd was consumed along with Kirby’s dimension. Meta knight eventually found it floating around, and Kirby used it to defeat Morphon. However Primal Morphon managed to heavily damage it, making it unable to battle. It eventually crashed into the ocean after Maxinum Chaos was diassembled.

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