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Hal is a human from the RTAverse. He is a skilled coder who likes to do most things his own way.


Hal is an average-height 21-year-old male with messy blonde hair. He wears a light blue hoodie with a black shirt underneath, black baggy jeans and red Converse trainers. His eyes are brown.


Hal has spent most of his life learning how to use computers. He was born in the Netherlands, where his father worked as a computer specialist in Amsterdam. Growing up in Amsterdam, Hal was always interested in technology, and always wanted to see how it worked. He received a computer from his father on his 12th birthday, and instantly took it apart to see how the computer worked. Hal ended up moving to Virginia when he was 14, where his father was given a job in a large corporation.

During high school, Hal continued to try and learn about how computers worked and kept on expanding his knowledge. After graduation, Hal moved to Washington, D.C. to go to college. He eventually picked up a degree in Engineering, and has lived in D.C. since. One day in the city, Hal met Skylar Quinn and Rosa Smith, daughters of the Vice President and President of the United States, respectfully. Hal became good friends with the two of them and they continue to hang out to this day.


Hal is shy and usually likes to keep quiet. He is normally not up for fighting and will tend to go for what people say, unless he feels discomfort towards something.



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