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English logo of the HACKED series.
Developer(s) Orange Productions
Publisher(s) Fantendo Publishing Ltd.
Genre(s) Adventure/Puzzle
First Game HACKED
Wii U

The HACKED series is an adventure-puzzle game comparable to that of The Legend of Zelda series, that focuses upon Jake and his three friends as they try to save "The Game" from the clutches of the evil HAX. The series is much darker than the Game Freak series, to which this succeeds.


Game System(s) Description
HACKED Wii U The game takes place three years after the events of Game Freak: Legend of the Sea, and Jake meets the new identities of his friends and partners, and new secrets of "The Game" are revealed, including secrets that may change Jake's -- and all those close to him -- thought that this may not just be a game.
Released: 2015   Canada
HACKED 2 Nintendo Chrome The game takes place two months after the events of the previous title. After the defeat of HAX, Jake an Co. are faced with new dangers when a virus corrupts "The Game"'s data, and unleashes the E6.
Released: 2016   Canada


Game System(s) Description
HACKED II Nintendo Wii U Made for the 1st Unofficial Series Swap Day by Fandro, the game takes place an unspecified amount of time after HACKED, and introduces Akej, Jake's evil doppelgänger who works for HAX, and a new ally of Jake's: Hentis.
Released: Q4 2015   Canada


Character Description
Jake Male
The main protagonist of both the Game Freak and HACKED series, Jake is a hacker who accidentally created HAX and got sent into "The Game" to stop him. Though Jake acts like a hero, he just wants to help and often does the wrong thing.
Autores Female
The secondary protagonist of the HACKED series. A girl who once was a pirate who sailed Pixel Harbour, but now a thief who pickpockets to survive. She has a crush on Jake, who is oblivious to the fact.
Bob Male
The secondary protagonist of the Game Freak series, but one of the two tertiary characters of HACKED. Bob is one of the final two FuzzFlyers in existence and a cheery one. Similar to SpongeBob SquarePants, Bob rarely gets sad, as he is usually seen with a goofy grin on his face.
Boeb Male
The tertiary protagonist of both the Game Freak and HACKED series, and Bob's brother. One of the two final FuzzFlyers in existence, Boeb has a dark and uncaring attitude. He is very calculated and unemotional, though deep down cares for his brother's safety. Sometime after Legend of the Sea, Boeb became a cyborg for an unknown reason.
A group of twelve artificial intelligence programs created to live like humans in their own virtual worlds. The Twelve are all numbered, and consist of both males and females. Among the Twelve, Jake and Autores are members of it.
HAX Male
The main antagonist of both the Game Freak and HACKED series, and Jake's greatest hacking achievement (albeit not on purpose). HAX rules over "The Game" with an iron fist, sending the world into a grey, dystopian society reminiscent of how futuristic Earths are portrayed in pop culture.
Dr. Tsupaiku Male
The secondary antagonist of HACKED, Dr. Tsupaiku is HAX's right-hand man, who invents crazy machines to help HAX continue on with his diabolical plans. He created HAX's bio suit, which allows him to have arms and legs.
Rocky Male
One of HAX's greatest minions, and the commander of the Glitchers, Rocky is a tall, strong rock dragon. He fights using his rock-based powers, and uses two gloves invented by Dr. Tsupaiku to enhance his natural strength.
The first Glitcher ever created, Error is the insane brains of the secondary operation force, working with Rocky to command the majority of the Glitcher pawns. He fights using various glitches, and, like HAX, controls the environment around him.


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