In winter, Gustav! -Promo tag



They call themsevles the Crane Health Technology Research Federation... -Gustav

Gustav is the shy protagonist of the Emotion Spectrum series. Due to the promo tag "In winter, Gustav!" it is believed Gustav will be introduced in winter or will have something to do with winter. His species is simply known as Gustav's Species.


Gustav's first appearance was in the roleplay Multiverse. Here it is revealed that Gustav is a timid member of a timid race. He also can study various things and comes from the emotion Spectrum.

During the course he becomes less timid and able to converse with people he doesn't know.


Shortly after appearing in the tavern, Gustav met YoshiEgg Nook and Teardrop.


In the Multiverse, Gustav met Corpbal. Corpbal is a robot built by Tog Enterprises and the Crane Health Technology Research Federation. Corpbal wanted to trap Gustav somewhere, but a paradox caused Corpbal to shut down and explode.


A full gallery of all artwork of Gustav.

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