Zzzz… Huh? Did I sleep in class? Where is everyone? Oh, it's you. Say, what time is it?
Gus in Mushroom Academy after being rescued in Story Mode.

Gus is a yellow, young toad who is a fellow student at the Mushroom Academy and a close friend to the place in his debut game, Mushroom Academy.


Gus appears to be a slightly shorter toad with a white mushroom caps with yellow spots. He wears a red vest with light green trims, white pants, stubby brown shoes, and a blue bandana wrapped around his neck. He'd also sometimes wear a red beanie with blue stripes, especially during cold seasons.


Much like other toads, he acts jolly and helpful, yet often cowardly and childish. Being a yellow toad, he is often sleepy, has inability of long sleep, and enjoys telling jokes to others. Despite his drowsy nature, he is often quick to react to loud noises and alarms. Gus is also said to have trouble paying attention in class unless spoken to in a loud pitch. This also means he is very gullible and can easily get distracted in his curiosity.


Mushroom Academy

Making a main debut in this game, he acts as a best friend to the player, often telling jokes he made up or starting up short conversations about changing his ways and latest school trends. In story mode, he is captured by the Greylord with the others and can be rescued in the Castle of Firestone after defeating Jasper G.. After that, he becomes a playable character that can shoot out forms of lightning in his normal self. When picking up and using a Lightning Flower, it would double the power of his abilities for 30 seconds.

Captain Toad and the Divinity Stars

He appears as a cameo, being painted on the walls near the Mining Brothers with a cyan Yoshi and Jae facing Greylord and his minions as the Corra's Eye start to get worse.


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