Guppy Returns
Publisher(s) Logo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS Logo
Genre(s) 3D Platformer, Action/ Adventure
Release Date(s) Usa-flags April 13, 2013

Uk-flag April 19, 2013
25px-Flag of Japan July 2, 2013

Mode(s) Standard
Age Rating(s) ERating 3Rating OFLC E CERO A BBFC U
Media Included Nintendo 3DS cartridge,

Storybook double-sided optical disk

Guppy Returns is the sequel to Guppy the Shark. It will be released April 13, 2013 for the Nintendo 3DS. It is the second game in the Guppy the Shark series. The level system is similar to Super Mario Galaxys.


After defeating Nocturne, Guppy triumphantly swam back to his home. But he stopped midway. A strange sound, a sonic boom, filled the air. A loud voice rumbled, "Welcome, Guppy. Prepare to see the doom of the deep ocean blue!" Beta the Android rushed out, knocking Guppy and his friends unconscious. Guppy soon was awoken by a young shark named Angel. Together they raced off for adventure, to defeat Beta!



Image Name Description
TBA Guppy Guppy is ready to fight Beta with his Tail Swipe!
TBA Angel Angel is ready to unleash her fury at Beta!


Image Name Description
TBA Click Click, Guppy's friend, is ready to help the duo fight!
TBA Bucket Here comes Bucket, Guppy's long-time pal, to help save the day!
TBA Nippy Nippy the Seahorse is Angel's friendly rival at sports. She lends a fin to help defeat Beta.


Image Name Description
TBA Beta Can Guppy, Beta's original partner be defeated? He doesn't think so!
TBA Sprite Sprite is a tough drone to beat and Beta's most loyal minion.
TBA Virus Virus is a rouge drone who believes he's the good guy.


The Kelp Forest

Name Levels
Stickweed Grove --Tail Swipin'-You're an Angel?-System Virus-
Lake of Wind -No,it's Not a Lake-Cloud swimming-
Shocky Spout -Eel Shock Therapy-

The Coral Mountains

Name Levels
Coral Fields -Coral, Everywhere!-Ouch!!!-
Fiery Stream -Are Your Fins Burnt Yet?-It's Alive!-

The Maze o' Holes


Guppy's signature spin attack is here, and his bite, but one new attack is available: Tail swipe! Tail swipe is available when Guppy's tail energy meter fills up, but is unavailable once the energy bar is drained. Power-Ups replace Guppy's original spin.


Image Name Description
TBA Fire Fang Gives the ability to belch fire.
TBA Frost Pearl Gives the ability to blow frost.
TBA Shell Shock Gives the ability to emit electricity.
TBA Bullet Coral Gives the ability to fire away like a missile.
TBA Rocket Fin Gives the ability to swim very fast.
TBA Heavy Hook Gives the ability to grab objects.
TBA Urchan Helmet Gives the ability to throw spiky sea urchans.
TBA Eternal Duballoon Gives the ability to become in


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